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Worcester, MA


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1970's Coke double sided sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Marlboro Man Metal Sign - Signsin Signs
Tile sign 1950's - Signsin Signs
Public Telephone sign - Signsin Signs
Mobil headquarters sign - Signsin Signs
Coca-Cola Lamp Shade - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer Shadowbox - Clocksin Clocks
Budwieser 1980's sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
1950 Coca-Cola portable cooler - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Bell Systems flange sign - Signsin Signs


  1. I just found a beautiful 1915 Oilzum wooden thermometer in the wall of a place I bought in Worcester. All original and works!
  2. Very cool! I just got a No-Nox one as well! Whats your e-mail?
  3. It's time, Trey. I'm ready to let it go...
  4. Hey Trey sorry you got burned on your purchase man, been there before lol. How can I get in touch with you about my bell flange that I'm ready to maybe let go of??
  5. Found that this would be posted outside of an oil well that was rented by Mobil
  6. Cool piece!
  7. Love the sign! Can't believe there are still examples in this condition out there! Would love to hear more about the sign! Nick
  8. Hey Mike, love the sign!! I have been looking for an Oilzum piece since I've started collecting. Being from Worcester, MA its always great to see these signs around. Would love to see more pictures an...
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. Great sign! Colors and border are fantastic!
  11. Thats awesome!!
  12. Very cool Trey, I have never seen one of those before. Good luck with the resto!
  13. Love it!
  14. Thanks guys!
  15. Great article Ben, thanks!
  16. Awesome sign!
  17. Thanks, almost have all the walls filled. Searching for certain pieces here and there. Actually picked up a hard resin plastic lamp shade with no markings other than- Drink Coca-Cola (no tulips). Ill ...
  18. Thats awesome, thanks Dave!
  19. HELP!! Need to find out about this sign!!
  20. Always wanted one of these, those are in amazing shape!
  21. I think it looks great with the yellow bottle holder
  22. I had no idea, that would explain why the clock keeps precision time
  23. Thats awesome! If you want to sell, I have a good spot for it in the garage lol
  24. Very cool. I have a In Bottles one, looking for a white one now
  25. Thanks everyone! I was thinking of maybe putting it to use this summer...
  26. Lol, thanks!
  27. Thanks Edison! Daddy_Nobucks, what would you place this value at?
  28. Thanks Scott!
  29. No one has any info on this sign? Anything would be appreciated!
  30. Thanks! I appreciate the love guys!
  31. The red is sick, talk about grabbing your attention
  32. If I find another one up north, Ill send it down to you
  33. Yeah, it was one of my first pieces and I just had to have it!
  34. Thanks vintage! And yes I agree!
  35. Thats beautiful! I have one with the stamp underneath as well.
  36. Thanks Trey!
  37. It was a short lived brand from what I was able to find out. The detail in the piece is so cool and abstract.
  38. I have sent them an e-mail about 2 months back and never got a response
  39. Thanks bud! I'll post more of my hockey stuff, I've been collecting that longer than anything!
  40. I like the style and font of this one
  41. Thats sick, Trey! I like the color of the border, definitely makes it a standout item among the red.
  42. Great collection, I hope to be there someday!
  43. No kidding right? Thanks guys!
  44. Thanks!
  45. Thanks for the love guys!
  46. Awesome!
  47. Thats unreal! Great job!
  48. Beautiful cooler! Acton did such a great job with their coolers. I have a regular sized one with the sandwich tray and original box.
  49. I love it! Now I see what you mean about the yellow case
  50. Love the colors
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