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I collect anything and everything Coca Cola. I'm a young collector just learning as I go. Just in the last year is when i really have started to collect major itemsI collect anything and everything Coca Cola. I'm a young collector just learning as I go. Just in the last year is when i really have started to collect major items. So i do not know much yet but hope to get more knowledge as i collect longer and learn from other people. (Read more)


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Coca cola items - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
two old trays - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Miscellaneous Small Coca Cola Items - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Question on getting a sign - Signsin Signs
Candy ~ Cigar Coca Cola Sign and Flange Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Warship Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Merchandising Handbook literature - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Matches and Fans  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Carriers - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
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  1. Oh I see, that makes sense. Thanks for the info Daddy_Nobucks!!!
  2. What had me confused was that the year on it is 1912 not 1913 like I thought it was suppose to be. I'm really happy that its real! I got both trays with a cooler too. So I think I got a really good de...
  3. Yea, i like it to. Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks for the tip pickrknows!!! I will have to give that a try. Signaholic thanks for the comment!!!
  5. Thanks Daddy_nobucks. I have tried that but it did not get the brown off of what is suppose to be white.
  6. okay so I got the sign. What would be the best thing to clean it with? It has little black dots all over the sign and they won't come off with the cleaner that I used.
  7. I just tried your advise but the guy told me he deals signs. So that make sense why he is selling it for almost retail. He doesn't sound like he will go down on price to much. I told him what I though...
  8. Okay the guy wants almost what you said the retail value is of it. Its a cool sign though. Thanks for the info!!
  9. Oh wow I did not know that the sign would of been that much bigger. I really wish the sign would of never got cut down. It still looks cool I think till I find one like it that is the full sign and re...
  10. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks, blunderbuss2 and Signaholic!!! I am going to keep looking for the ship element for the sign but who knows how long it will take to find one. I have already put the sign up on my ...
  11. Thanks TGBWC, Signaholic, Bellin68, Officialfuel and Walksoftly
  12. I just posted some pics of the handbook.
  13. Oh really, I was at first not planing on going as high as I did on the item. It ended up being worth it though. It has a lot of pictures of different signs and the frames they came with along with the...
  14. Yea I know thats what had me mad. If it would of been on the newer ones i would not of cared as much. But the bottom one of the two was the only one that was damaged I will post a pic of it later on t...
  15. Okay thats what I was wondering. Now I know what to look for in the sign to tell if its a repo or not. Thanks for the info Signaholic!
  16. Yea Signaholic, I really hope you get everything fine and in the condition it was in. I did not mean to scare you. Sorry. TGBWC, I should have told the worker that told me it would come off just fine ...
  17. Thanks Trevor, I did not bid on the Christmas carrier but yea that did not go for much. TGBWC the answer to your question is that yes it did end up leaving a mark on the carrier. When they brought the...
  18. Yea I think I will do that next time I bid online.
  19. I think it is on page 203 the repo pic is on 608. Yea after I got Petretti's guide I figured it was a repo. It looks exactly like the one in ur pic so it probably is a repo then. So are the signs wit...
  20. I noticed that the sign in Petretti's guide 12th edition shows the the bottle in the first sign with no white lettering on the bottle. So are the ones with white lettering on them reproductions or not?
  21. Thanks Signaholic!
  22. Thanks Signaholic!
  23. I always bid the last couple minutes of the auction ending. Your way would be better and easier.
  24. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks.
  25. Yea I only live and hour away from there. Yea hopefully you get everything this time. Oh that matchbook holder was cool. I was going to bid on that but ended up forgetting to. I had to many other thi...
  26. Yea it is that one. It sounds like you got a lot of good stuff. I was probably biding against you on some of those things lol. I just pick the stuff up today, stood in line for 2 and a half hours just...
  27. Signaholic what all did you get from the auction? Spriteboy thanks for the comment and I have not bought any syrup cans before now so idk.
  28. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks
  29. Thanks TGBWC, tommy1002, pickrknows, coke.trevor.cola, mikielikesigns2, officialfuel, EJW-54
  30. Yea, Daddy_Nobuck's thats exactly how it is lol. Thanks for the comment!! Coke.trevor.cola this is my second pilaster sign the other pilaster I put a button on too. I will have to post pictures of all...
  31. Thanks BELLIN68, kerry10456, EJW-54 and pickrknows!!!
  32. Thanks for the tip Trevor I will have to try that. Yea, I have one 16" button that has the original bracket on it but it has the arrow on that right now. I might Just take the arrow off and put the bu...
  33. What is the best way to clean signs? The pilaster sign has some marks were it looks like rain water ran over it and left the marks. The marks come off mostly with a wet towel but not all the way. I ju...
  34. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks!!
  35. Thanks crabbykins!!!
  36. Well it does not say "1946" but it does say AM 9-46 which i just thought that means September 1946. Thanks for your insight on the sign Signaholic.
  37. Yea, I noticed that on page 203 it has the trademark in the tail and thats what makes me think its a repo. Then when you look on page 39 about the trademark from 1930-1941 they had the trademark in th...
  38. Thanks for the great pointer Daddy_Nobucks!!! I think I'm going to hold on to it for a little while. When I do sell the plate it will be a good return on what i spent on it. I will take any pointers/a...
  39. Thanks Spriteboy42!!!
  40. The reason I think the one is a reproduction is because it looks like the one on page 608 of Petretti's guide 12th edition. I'm not sure of the exact price but it was under $350 for the pair of them. ...
  41. oh really! I paid way less then that for the plate. Thanks for the info Daddy_Nobucks.
  42. Thanks pickrknows, coke.trevor.cola, trukn20!
  43. Thanks Signaholic and officialfuel!
  44. Yea TGBWC, I am new to collecting old Coke items. I just started last year. I found a collector in Minnesota that is selling some of his Coca Cola items. He has pillar sign with a 16" button on it th...
  45. Thanks for the information. I'm new to collecting old Coca Cola items so i don't have to much knowledge on this yet . I just ordered the Petretti's Coca Cola Price Guide 12th Edition. I hope it will h...
  46. Theses button signs are awesome. I have been looking for the bigger version of theses signs but i have had no luck yet. Thanks for posting.
  47. I think the the thermometer is from around the late 50's or early 60's. I'm Pretty sure that it use to have a hanger tab on top. It that looks like it broke off and someone made the hole that it is hu...
  48. Thanks!! I got it rewired and everything actually works on it.
  49. Thanks coke.trevor.cola and earlycoke for the info on the sign!
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1942 Coca-Cola Salesman Book Coca-Cola cooler w/ box Coca-Cola Bottler's Banner, 2-sided, 60"x15" Coca-Cola Carriers Part Two Coca-Cola Carriers Coca Cola Carrier Collection A Few More Carriers 1947 Coca-Cola French Palm Push Huge Coca-Cola Tin Sign ( Its The Real Thing ) TUESDAY is Button Nite at CW!!!!! 1956 Coca Cola Bottle Bullseye Sign Huge New (2009) Coca Cola Neon Sign & Clock


"Have a Coke" large "Sprite Boy" sign Metal Coca-Cola & Hires R-J Root Beer signs 1960's Coca-Cola Tin Sign 50's-60's Bottle Signs Coca Cola Buttons


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