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Wow, what do I collect? It might be easier to list what I don't collect! My two largest collections are Pez and Paint by Numbers!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Nice job!
  2. We are still waiting for the monkey post! :o) Just got back to the hotel and need to start with my photo taking, then I'll be posting to my blog and think I have a challenge for you! Stay tuned...
  3. I know, right eye? She doesn't even tell us about the monkey! I just got finished posting, how did you get there so fast? LOL! Okay, off to my blog.
  4. Oh my, I guess I was distracted by the other shiny things in the photo, I missed the Georges Briard! They are wonderful! BTW, I love what the 8 yo did to Noel! That way, you can leave them out al...
  5. I am so into Christmas ornaments these days. I found some on Thursday and now I can't stop looking for them. I'll have to pull some photos off my blog and post them here. I love your finds! Cong...
  6. Well AmberRose, you really did it! After resisting for over a year, I broke down and purchased 2 Shiny Brites today (couldn't resist the prices) and that was quickly followed by numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6...
  7. LOVE this!
  8. I love Shiny Brites! Trying really hard to NOT become a collector of them! Check out this link!!
  9. No, the eyes are hand painted.
  10. potpourri pot?
  11. It's surprising how many paint by number items are out there! In the metal alone, there's tissue boxes, planters, trash cans, desk caddies, magazine racks, wall pockets, large trays, tip trays etc.
  12. Thanks bratjdd! Please check out the other ones I've posted!
  13. Thanks bellin!
  14. Thanks Amber!
  15. I am excited to have this and sure do wish I had the truck it belongs to! I'd like to think it's a Buddy L but wouldn't it be marked if it was? I think I saw the Buddy L hand trucks were marked on t...
  16. Thanks for the like, ho2!
  17. Thank you ROBinHawaii, I'll give that a try!
  18. Awesome! Good thing I didn't spy it on eBay or we would have been bidding against each other! :o)
  19. I could easily start collecting old TV lamps but am trying hard to resist them! I admit, I do have one more and one of those weird moving pictures where the water "looks" like it's flowing.
  20. Hi Phil, I've never tried it on frozen butter, the slices you see in the photo were softened a little when I used it.
  21. Stunning!
  22. Have you checked Opalescent glass? That's what it looks like to me. It's a pretty piece! Congrats.
  23. Can't wait to see the whole thing!
  24. I don't know why, but my very first thought was Time To Eat.
  25. Paint by numbers are still being produced and are very popular!
  26. Congrats!! This is awesome!
  27. I had no idea there's a tool box! Must check it out. Thanks!
  28. I love this set! Awesome. Sorry I can't help you with the value.
  29. Thanks for the love!
  30. Thanks for all the love!
  31. I'd be proud to own this, too! Congrats, it's a beautiful piece
  32. Thanks for the love!
  33. Thanks for the love and comments!
  34. This is absolutely beautiful and worth SO much more than $10! I wouldn't sell it for under $100.
  35. Maybe I'll come across the ones you sold, wouldn't that be fun? Your cover is blown, are you hiding from photographers now? It's nice to meet you, I'm Karen.
  36. Thanks Trunkman and Jason! Jason, now I must find more to match it, I had no idea there were others. Thanks so much for the information and how cool is it that you got a comment from a family me...
  37. Thanks Lori! I'm glad you'd leave as is, that is the way I was swaying. I've tried researching it without any luck!
  38. The two packs with blue labels on the tops say "Dummy Packs"
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