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I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family I come from a long line of collectors of antique weaponry, growing up with suits of armor and had my own collection of Civil War bullets. I did continue the family tradition for a while with WWI collectibles but have move onto pottery, furniture and jewelry. I absolutely love to thrift and sneak it into my schedule whenever possible. I used to have a booth at an antique mall but am now am looking for a new outlet for all my collecting. I have two great children, a lovely husband whose only flaw is that he doesn't "get" thrifting. Feel free to email me at: (Read more)


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  1. Oh wow! Super nice!
  2. Really weird but think it's old. First cigarette case...who has those anymore. Second. Obvious wear. But I don't know. My guesses
  3. Hey Mike, looks like Isreal to me
  4. Hello! Hope you are well
  5. Hello lovely, hope you are well. Fab find!
  6. Really looks Italian to me
  7. Hello Sweet. Hope you are well. Suffering on the beach still? Still freezing here
  8. She makes jewelry, figurines, purses etc. lots of influence from Bali. There are collectors, really popular in the 80s
  10. Definitely cool. Hello, doing a quick pass through. How are you Darling?
  11. Hello lovely! Got your email, thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I will answer tomorrow. This is amazing!
  12. Sounds like she had a great life with you.
  13. Wouldn't that be a great place? Lid replacements...Million dollar idea! Don't think real though, just going to have to call you Lidless Loumanal!
  14. You just crack me up.
  15. Welcome babes. Hope you are doing well
  16. Wore this at my last show. Loads of folk made me stop so they could read it. Several took a picture of my...ummm....central area...
  17. Seriously no idea.
  18. Flipping cool!
  19. We have similar taste here!
  20. Eye, I think you can go both ways on the name...seen it both ways. Might be a regional thing. Amour, it's hard to say when not marked. I think your knife rest are not part of the original set. Polis...
  21. Jeweler didn't tell you when repaired? It's just grand. Mega pearl
  22. These look like they sound great...if that makes sense
  23. Knife rest is called dog bones
  24. Of course you needed them!
  25. Just beautiful!
  26. Not sure but cool
  27. I have a weakness for 50s bar ware. It rocks on the rocks!
  28. Thanks for the love and nice comments everyone.
  29. Yep, sure was!
  30. Hi Austro! These look fantastic, comfortable? I like that long snake-y couch! Question...those J Bang canisters I have sent are missing the smallest??? If so, guess what I found!!
  31. Thank you everyone for the loves and nice comments!
  32. Just awesome!
  33. Quite perfect!
  34. You had me at Putz :))
  35. Kyratango, I actually noticed that when I posted. Not as apparent in real life. Going to check out that lead now! Thanks! AR, your funny. Eye, it's Riot Fest
  36. Hahaha! I've had many thrift adventures. Lots to share. On a weekend away to see some bands and hang with hubby.
  37. Hello! Found at a SArmy on half price color! They were pulling it to "recycle". This SArmy is moving so it's really weird there now. Think they are initials. Has that quality feel. It's a nice p...
  38. Hey Babes! I will have to rotate these tomorrow...on iPad and they are the right way in the files. Yes I think this is a good one just as we discussed. Thanks!
  39. Mike, if you google Victorian cut glass perfume bottle you will see a zillion images like this. Sweet!
  41. Fun fun!
  42. I adore vintage cards. I have tonnage. A lot of people look for these for scrapbook ing.
  43. I love it! Hilarious!
  44. Hi V! Great piece! Really like that pattern. Hope you are well!
  45. Wow, those are really different! I haven't seen the pale version, ever. So now I'm concerned...however, I don't know. (They look suspicious).
  46. Super cool
  47. It looks more like crystal to me. Let me sniff around
  48. Ahhhhh, fab!
  49. Why do you think 30s? Seems older
  50. I like candy. Candy is good...and tasty!
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