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New Iberia, Louisiana


  1. Merry Christmas from Cajun Country.
  2. Whew, your collection is so much of my past and very impressive. Probably good that I do not live closer. Yep, would bother you to try to get a tour. Thank you for sharing. Without people like us it w...
  3. Michael, I have always been impressed by your finds. That is the way to do it. Enjoy them.
  4. It came out beautiful. Great Job.
  5. Great Find. Makes me think of all the things we will never see again once in the scrap yards.
  6. Thanks and yes, much better days.
  7. Thanks Guys
  8. New and innovative space saver of it's day.
  9. Thanks, Guys
  10. Man, Thank You All for the Love. Does my heart some good.
  11. Thanks, Jewels
  12. Thanks, Windwalker
  13. Thanks, Vermont. Something I enjoy doing.
  14. Man, you where a busy person yesterday.
  15. That is a very nice addition!
  16. I really like the shading outline on your name. He did a very nice job.
  17. Thanks for sharing this with us. Helps us to share with the younger generation how it was. Thanks.
  18. Thanks epson233
  19. No second guessing. We all wonder if what we payed was fair. If we bought it , we must have wanted it.
  20. Thanks packrat-place
  21. Thanks fourpeepsake
  22. Thanks officialfuel
  23. Thanks mrmajestic
  24. Wow. Had one along time ago. Could not keep them all. Love them.
  25. Thanks officialfuel
  26. Thanks BELLIN68
  27. Thanks shughs
  28. Thanks Marc 112
  29. Thanks Manikin
  30. Thanks pw-collector.
  31. Thanks fourpeepsake. The site was correct. I had looked but could not find it.
  32. Nice start. A few dozen more.......
  33. Thanks ttomtucker. Quite a really nice telephone collection. Might need to add on to the house.
  34. Thanks mikielikesigns2
  35. Thanks walksoftly
  36. Thanks pw-collector
  37. Thanks miKKoChristmas11
  38. A very good start. Now you have me trying to remember where my collecting began.
  39. Thanks officialfuel
  40. Thanks trunkman
  41. Nice. Very well done. Being my birthyear and a lover of ElCaminos, I am presently restoring one.Body is ready. Frame has all suspension and steering back on. Time to put the pieces back together. Saw ...
  42. Thanks miKKoChristmas11
  43. Thanks pickrknows
  44. Thanks, packrat-place
  45. fhrjr2, thanks. got it down tonight and looked everywhere and did not find anything.
  46. Thanks pickrknows
  47. Thanks trunkman, walksoftly, miKKoChristmas11, officialfuel, packrat-place, and Vontrike
  48. Thanks mrmajestic and ttomtucker
  49. Thanks Vontrike, packrat-place, officialfuel, miKKoChristmas11, walksoftly, and trunkman.
  50. Thanks packrat-place
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