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Hamilton Ohio

Love old Bikes


  1. I would leave it origanl looks great!!
  2. I don't have any info but cool piece of history !!
  3. Wow a lot loves thanks everybody!!
  4. Thanks guys wish I could figure out how to not have upside down pic?? Lol
  5. Thanks r 4 and the likes/loves!!
  6. Thanks fuel not sure what the pics turned upside down ??
  7. Thanks guys put this on a couple years ago glad to get some loves!!!
  8. Nice barn find congrats!!
  9. Hey frisco I don't collect tools if this is something you would want in yer collection and is worth the price of shipping its yers?
  10. Thanks for the loves and info also anyone that wants to upright the other two pics please do!! ????
  11. Very cool gotta love the old Brits!!
  12. Thanks guys and no that's not the orig miles but the top end only has a few miles on it !
  13. Thanks Windwalker glad ya like her!
  14. Speedo is VEGLIA!
  15. True but the memoies PRICELESS!
  16. Thanks guys will check on instruments tomorrow !!
  17. Thanks for the loves and info,but still havent seen one just like it? Mark
  18. Very Cool!!
  19. Thanks for all the loves,and no its Only a 50cc motor.
  20. Yep had the badge and the white strap and belt to wear it on.
  21. You own the real munster coach? I grew up in fairfield on Anthoney Wayne drive graduated in 1975.Thanks to all the loves and likes!!
  22. one word......AWSOME!!
  23. My first HD was a `71 kick only chopper that I loved sold it to get a house after I had my first son. I guess most of us grew up on the sportys they where fun!! Nice bike and pics!!
  24. I was in the paving world for 20 years looks like a very early asphalt roller to me .
  25. Would have gave my right arm for that to be under my tree in `68! Nice piece of muscle bike history.
  26. It is a road grader looks likr the blade is missing ?
  27. Very Cool would love to own one!!
  28. Thanks for the reply it really helps ti finally find out what it was givin for!
  29. Thanks really glad you have that info I would love for it to be older but the lady I bought it from said 1950 and my grandaughter could care less what year she rides the heck outa it! Its gonna be her...
  30. Thanks for the info ridingtoy Im sure your more educated than me on these bikes but the 1950 models Ive seen were painted and everything else like the 1950 madels but did not have the springer type fr...
  31. Never saw one before but very cool!!
  32. Nice nuttin` like a home built Shovel!
  33. Guys none of the value part really matters I dont collect Knifes and I`m not selling this it was give to me and my grandkids will get it someday.If someone said it was only worth $25 would be OK with ...
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