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uld call it home of the great white fater as the indians woi

been collecting "things" for many years. I have many small collections which include: Bohemian art glass, American art glass, Contemporary art glass, American brillibeen collecting "things" for many years. I have many small collections which include: Bohemian art glass, American art glass, Contemporary art glass, American brilliant cut glass, pottery, Wall pockets, Nippon, Clocks, Carnival glass and Cambridge, Fostoria, Morgantown, Roycroft And many other things that hold my interest or catch my eye ...(see les (Read more)


Zippo.... - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. see the hole'''
  2. I see the hold know. .cut a patch if you don't weld plenty of fabricators out their that can fix that right in your yard .... ...
  3. here take 10 mins every day and see if you can match it up ... looks like a old jeep wagoneer cap...go...
  4. I remember my old dodge pickup had a cap just like that.... wonder if that's the one I lost ...'-))
  5. Did you look through these to match the weave for a lead on the maker ..
  6. So are you going to braze up the damage... or replace the parts..?
  7. Very cool...........
  8. BB why would they do that, just stay home and watch for the mailman
  9. cool find....
  10. nice looking bird, don't see many red ones ...very nice...
  11. grew up with a kid across the road from me named Danny Cormier when i was a boy used to play cards in his basement for smokes cool post to bad it got away... but they say things happen for a ...
  12. pretty cool...
  13. pretty little thing ... nice find .... '-))
  14. can you make a sound like a dolphin cute one.. Later
  15. loving sister has a few large one's....later
  16. look at that storm of color...that burst in to a flower ... cool find, later...
  17. thought you were holding a" will work for food sign " on the corner like they do round here but I was wrong...later
  18. just lovely ....
  19. lol fhrjr2 , glad you keep me straight on which windows , ya I always used a regular square putty knife on hundred of windows I puddy while playing painter they tell me its a art ..,.. not including ...
  20. for shucking sea shells .. like clams, scalps, would be my guess
  21. very nice collection ...
  22. I have a amber one as find...
  23. looks like I walked in to a museum..... or something ..very cool for sure.. have a good day..
  24. how did I miss this.....pretty little thing ...u ever where these..or buy just to collect or resale.... enjoy the day..
  25. love the color....
  26. E I E I OOOOO...
  27. Sweet ..nice write up....
  28. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this one is so coooooool...have a great day....
  29. i need one for my melons.....good post..
  30. always nice to have good neighbors fhrjr2, no matter who or where they are from ..I'll have to look into them more, not crazy about fried food ...just good food .. '-)) thanks bud ...Dave we are wai...
  31. potato balls ..? never herd of them I herd of blue balls ,corn balls ,snow balls, meat balls ... .... bet they taste good ,you must fry then up . fhrjr2..?
  32. what other kind with out balls are meat balls ..hmmmmmmmmmmmm scratching
  33. nice write up...
  34. used these all the time when i worked at my summer job ...I Hop...smiling
  35. sweet ,,nice photo's
  36. i can bearly look nice bear ..just getting ready to post mine ..
  37. Very nice post....
  38. love it,... i think i have a couple by Wedgwood Glass....bears .. there so cute ..
  39. lovely color and only 5 '' tall with all that detail..nice score...
  40. Nice..................................!
  41. yup ....
  42. ya ya ...had a few hanging out back growing buds while living in calif....and playing .
  43. yip works for me ...
  44. have fun...
  45. I see a AILEE M.BONNOT listed on the bay only 96,000 you still have time to jump in rich for my blood .. '=)) enjoy the day ..nice score Arrow Car Mascot Signed By Darel....
  46. first time i saw one of these ...very cute to say the least...................nice score ....
  47. nice eye candy.....
  48. You have a great collection of phone's and such,thanks for sharing ..
  49. cause we stuck them under the wood stove for a 100 bought them cheap the at the hardware store...and if you didn't try'en split wood on them they last forever
  50. pure & sweet eye candy......
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