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May the 4th Be With You! - Moviesin Movies
Painting by Claudette  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Masonite and wood folding table with floral design   - Furniturein Furniture
Japanese Carmelite Jesus and Mary painting on silk - Asianin Asian
Carl Schlieper “German Eye” multitool pocket knife  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Shur Wood Designs modernist ashtray  - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Antique Au Depart trunk and provenance - Furniturein Furniture
Goldfish painting - signed C. Yund?  - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Looks like the same artist here:
  2. The same Al Smith was governor of New York State and later president of the company that built the Empire State Building. The Longchamps chain signed a lease for a location in the ESB in December 1937...
  3. I’m sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute and legacy you’re carrying on.
  4. Possibly Viarme (France)?
  5. Cool! Happy to help solve a mystery.
  6. The writing on the front says “kotobuki” which means longevity and is used as a salutation like “to long life” (like “salud”) or “congratulations.”
  7. The signature is A. J. Barrish SM. That’s Brother Joe Barrish, a Marianist Brother, artist in residence at St. John Gallery in Dayton OH, and assistant professor of fine art at the University of Dayto...
  8. A total wild guess here, as it’s hard to assess the age, material, etc. from the photo, but I wonder if NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. The company sometimes puts out pins and other coll...
  9. That’s an Italian National Fascist Party symbol, a fasces and an axe.
  10. You can find some information on E. B. Shuttleworth and a few other vintage or antique glass bottles from his pharmacy online. His was the first pharmaceutical company in Canada, founded in 1879. Not ...
  11. Thank you very much for the replies. I do think it’s a giclee and still hope to find more about this artist and work.
  12. There are a few like it posted various places online that identify it as from the 1920s/Jazz Age. I hope that’s helpful.
  13. It looks like a British Royal Marines cap badge
  14. There’s an Argentinian artist named Elena Castellanos with depictions of similar gaucho subjects in the same style online.
  15. This site offers an appraisal service, separate from the show & tell.
  16. It says “mercurial ointment”
  17. There’s an artist named Ali Golkar who sometimes went by Alireza. His current work looks much different but this yours is early and might have represented a different style for him. It’s worth reachin...
  18. I agree with AnythingObscure’s opinion- those are Art Deco elevator doors. Beautiful hippocampus motif. Great find!
  19. Yes, that’s a vintage GM Pontiac Indian Head hood ornament/radiator cap.
  20. Thanks dav2no1. The image is nearly identical but the signature appears very different between the two. Do you know anything about its origin?
  21. That’s not Einstein’s trunk- it’s Amelia Earhart’s! At least we’ve found her luggage...
  22. Thanks guys. I’m glad the brand is back. I’ve added an update on the trunk’s provenance above.
  23. Thanks Newfld!
  24. Thanks guys!
  25. Quite possibly. There are large Japanese and other Asian communities in the area where I picked it up, and the painting does seem to have an Asian influence. Thanks.
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Longchamps Restaurant Matches "May 21, 1937" Photograph Titled "The Visitation" UNKNOWN SILK SCREEN ARTIST Beautiful antique brass trunk lock Barrington & Sons Illegible Signature on Mid Century Modern Prints (???) - Seek Help in Identifying The SPENCER TURBINE COMPANY "ORGOBLO" What is this Artwork? Brass Decorative Panels Albert Einstein's Trunk -- no provenance French (Cube) Trunk marked Malle Elyse'e  Early 1900s to 1910s Au Depart French antique trunk "Au Depart" Trunk (Paris circa 1925) Au Depart cabin steamer trunk Continued  Au depart  Lausanne P.H. Lehmann & Co. Au Depart Trunk