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All metal hand truck - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Wrought iron swivel chairs from Angelica Kitchen in NYC - Furniturein Furniture
Herkimer diamond  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
MTV Destiny’s Isle box - any information? - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
David Collier kaleidoscope  - Toysin Toys
Canco Keglined Beer Can and Bottle Opener - Jacob Ruppert Brewery  - Baseballin Baseball
Seerite opaque projector  - Electronicsin Electronics
Floral Archway Painting - unknown signature - Fine Artin Fine Art
Glass rooster - any information? - Animalsin Animals
Aluminum 7 Eleven sign - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks Dav. I was thinking the curvature might suggest barrels or large bottles but sacks is a possibility too.
  2. Lemuel Newton was a member of a group of African American landscape artists known as the Florida Highwaymen who were active from the 1950s through the 1980s (and some beyond that). His brother Harold ...
  3. Another resource you could check is the Providence Art Club website. Charles G. Calder is listed in their archives as a member in 1880. Maybe someone there could help you with your search.
  4. Thanks Dav. I always enjoy what you can learn through collecting. I found out that the American Can Co was part of a conglomerate that became Primerica, which through a merger became Citigroup. That’s...
  5. What a nice thing to have! I don’t know about rodent urine stains in particular, but in general you can use a mild dilution of dish soap and water to clean trunks. Make sure it dries off completely. A...
  6. Charles G. Calder was a prominent art supplier and dealer in Providence in late 1800s to early 1900s. Here’s some history:
  7. It’s called a clapboard, clapperboard, or slate
  8. No idea who the artist is, but there’s a pretty clear Picasso influence. The male figure looks like his Guernica era work and the female figure looks like his line drawings.
  9. Martin Maier is a well known and high quality Detroit trunk maker that was in business in from 1865 until about 1910, and it moved to 102 Woodward Ave in 1873. There’s a lot of information about the c...
  10. And for those who prefer not to follow links: it’s a stencil wheel used on wooden boxes, canvas bags, etc., invented by Eugene Tarbox, patented on August 11, 1868 (and renewed on May 30, 1871), and ma...
  11. The style and markings are consistent with handmade folk pottery made via the Cyprus Handicraft Service:
  12. One more link:
  13. Looks like it is a stencil. Here’s one that’s cleaned up: And some history:
  14. Sol. Block & Griffin (1894-1915) was a pre-Prohibition era distiller on Delaware St. in Kansas City MO. It succeeded Sol. Block & Co. (1887-1893). This is a bottle for their Winchester Club Rye Whiske...
  15. That seems like a correct assumption. Hatch was the assignee of Teets’ patent:
  16. This is very much a guess and might not be much help but I think the last name on the right side may say Flannery. (I’m sure you already traced the left side note as referring to Henry William Banks D...
  17. From image searches of antique milk cans, it seems a lot of tags were welded on, so there are no perforations for mounting.
  18. Brevete means patent in French. Augis Lyon is the keychain’s maker. My guess is the NHCP means Nouvelle Compagnie Havraise Peninsulaire (de Navigation), a ship line formed in 1920 (and later renamed N...
  19. Hatch & Co. started in the dairy supply business in 1843, and in 1909 it was incorporated into the Wisner Manufacturing Company (“Everything for Dairymen Always in Stock,” “Peerless Creamery Equipment...
  20. On the far right side: Seiichi-shi (I suppose your relative’s name) Right, nearer to his image: 1965 and possibly a date On the far left side: Hakone Kowakien (a hot spring or onsen in the town of...
  21. Shoun, with a bar over the o; it rendered incorrectly in my prior comment
  22. The signature in the lower left photo looks like Yamamoto Sh?un.
  23. It looks like the signature is E. Köller (with an umlaut over the o), and the partial words on the back look like they may say “Ein zufriedener…” or some variant thereof. My total wild guess is the re...
  24. The signature is M. Harold. There are a few examples of his work in different styles including other postings on this site, but there’s not much info about the artists.
  25. Thanks for the input Newfld and nittygritty!
  26. They’re traditional Chinese characters (hanzi), which could mean it’s either Chinese or Japanese using kanji. Unfortunately I can’t read it. The first image is upside down though (and revered left to ...
  27. Chicken of the woods. Nice! (Disclaimer: always positively ID any mushrooms before consuming them, even one of the “foolproof four”)
  28. All these Staten Island picture of make me want to head out to Tompkinsville or Stapleton for some Sri Lankan cuisine, then maybe Arthur Kill Road for a Charlotte Russe after
  29. Thanks for the input, fhrjr2 and Congcu. Good points on those details. I have no idea if the top lock and handles were original or added later on. Anyway I’m quite happy if it’s a home-made or custom...
  30. It’s a 10 krona (one dollar, more or less) gaming chip from Ecman Casino in Stockholm, Sweden.
  31. The C inside a triangle with rounded corners logo was used by the Consumers Glass Company of Canada from 1962 to the 1970s. They may have made this bottle for Heinz (which produced its own glass bottl...
  32. Search jade gua sha facial massage tool. You’ll see that exact shape.
  33. This was likely from Ernie’s Take Home, a restaurant in Burnaby BC that was basically a KFC franchise. Its old address of 4605 Hastings St is now an A&W. Apparently Buckeye Root Beer was a product of ...
  34. They look like singing bowls, often referred to as Tibetan singing bowls, though many are also made in India.
  35. It’s a painting. I’ve added another photo to show more detail that I hope helps (though still not with the best lighting or resolution)
  36. The CAA on the blade likely stands for “Couteau des Armees Alliées” (Allied Army Knife in French). “Pur aluminium” is French for pure aluminum. There’s a similar one on another forum but not much info...
  37. I can only make out some of the Russian words. At the top it says Kizhi (the name of an island). Under that it says “fragment bell tower,” a reference to the historic Kizhi Pogost site. At the bottom ...
  38. The painting is Sonata by M. Ditlef
  39. Looks like it says R. Honymar. There’s an artist named Richard Honymar but not much info about him online.
  40. Apparently it’s a thing, but what it means depends on who you ask. I like the warding off evil spirits theory myself; it’s got more mystique than lint, mice, or bugs. https://www.appalachianhistory....
  41. I’m by no means an expert, but my first thought is maybe coprolite?
  42. P. 88 of the pdf I mean; p. 82 of the catalog itself
  43. It looks like the jewel case portion of the “jewel case and toilet combined” (item 01232, on p. 88) of this order catalog for Meriden Silver Plate Co and other products. It seems a perfume bottle sat ...
  44. The signature looks like P. Bennett rather than Barrett.
  45. Looks like the same artist here:
  46. The same Al Smith was governor of New York State and later president of the company that built the Empire State Building. The Longchamps chain signed a lease for a location in the ESB in December 1937...
  47. I’m sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute and legacy you’re carrying on.
  48. Possibly Viarme (France)?
  49. Cool! Happy to help solve a mystery.
  50. The writing on the front says “kotobuki” which means longevity and is used as a salutation like “to long life” (like “salud”) or “congratulations.”
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