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Presidential Portrait - Politicsin Politics
Foo Dog - Asianin Asian
Poggi of Paris - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Perfect Match - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Danish Deluxe Dining set - Furniturein Furniture
Et Vous  - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Melting Ice - Glasswarein Glassware
1950s Shuttlecock Container - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Retro Paper Weight - Animalsin Animals
Mid Century Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. History like this should be handed to a war museum. This is so we dont forget.
  2. Its from the 70s. TheSAS on the ogo indicates this period. I love it. I just found one myself.
  3. Is this a Chinese marking or Japanese?
  4. Thank you, very much.
  5. I love your style Sean!
  6. Thanks Sean You're a valuable source of information! Thank u.
  7. Sean, I absolutely enjoy your finds..
  8. Yes, please!
  9. A TV antenna. Kidding!
  10. Thank you, very much.
  11. Hermes can be in all capitals but, look for the copyright c in fabric..
  12. Looks Genuine, rolled, fabric good, washing instructions looks good.. i follow a hermes fb group which helps autgenticity..
  13. Thanks everyone for your informative comments.
  14. Thank you for your knowledge regarding the foo dogs.
  15. Thank you so much for all your research. I really appreciate your knowledge.
  16. Thank you my friends. Youre all the best, Im so excited...
  17. Wow, the first post matches it perfectly. (Disappearing pic) You're a great researcher..
  18. Thanks so much for yor reply ...
  19. And, your information is invaluable. Thank you.
  20. In your opinion, does the ice bucket look like a niva? Theres no sticker and I am yet to find an example on line. The above items came as one for fifty cents.
  21. Super post.
  22. Thanks for your suggestion.
  23. This is a fine example!
  24. Merry Christmas to Sean and Racer. Thank you. Both for sharing your wonderful purchases. Ive learnt so much! Suzanne.
  25. Liquid! Gorgeous.
  26. Thank you! It's a lovely coffee pot.
  27. Excellent image.
  28. Lovely purchase. Beautiful case.
  29. Yeah!!!
  30. Thanks so much. It's really, really gorgeous.
  31. Excellent. It was in a shoe box and they thought it was New Zealand pottery. Thank you both.
  32. Really, you had to be a contortionist to use this little gadget. They were a big hit at the Big Pineapple in Queensland. Isn't funny how pineapple is not used as much in today's cooking. I well reme...
  33. Possibly a composer?
  34. I try Racer. That's the fun bit! :)
  35. Thank you very much! I love photography too.
  36. I've just uploaded another image of an example of the pages. The bottom left image is
  37. Thankyou Paul. Funny, I was researching a photograph from the album last night. It's a beautiful album and I bought it in a country second hand store. At first, I thought it was an old bible.
  38. Thanks everyone. It didn't cost a lot, but, I thought it looked a great plate for entertaining. Yesterday, I bought a beautiful vintage shell trinket box.
  39. Sean, thank you ! Fantastic design. It's addictive!
  40. Sounds like a shot of vodka. LOL
  41. Ha Ha! I learn something everyday too!
  42. Thanks everyone!
  43. Thanks Racer. It didn't cost a lot, however, it's worth preserving for others to enjoy.
  44. Thanks Racer!
  45. Thank you, Chris Sue.
  46. Hidden away in a little page. History has a way of showing itself. Thank you, Paul.
  47. Thanks Scott. Libby prison is very interesting to see.
  48. Scott, The area in which it was found used to be a gold mining area around . Many Americans crossed the ditch in search of gold. The Australian album is fascinating with carte de visite portraits,...
  49. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. I was on Australian time. Thank you Valentin for your assistance.
  50. Hi Scott, This is my first post here but I'll quickly try to work out how to upload a couple of examples for you. I'm not sure how I can add to the album image with examples if you could assist. T...
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