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As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold. :) (Read more)


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Glass vase by Josef Schott for Smålandshyttan, ca. 1960s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mid-Century cabinet with broken knobs - Furniturein Furniture
Cesca chairs - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Art Deco Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Allan doll box by Mattel, circa 1963 - Dollsin Dolls
Nautical cross-stitch poem - Sewingin Sewing
Sputnik Souvenir Cigarette Case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Children's Glassware Set with Small Spikes / Hobnails - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Bar Cart - Kitchenin Kitchen
Blue Cat Pitcher by Kaj Franck for Arabia - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Wow, I would have that appraised to verify if it's an authentic original rather than a reprinted poster. Very cool!
  2. Actually, Marüshka was an American company! Based in Michigan. :)
  3. What era is this from? Lovely design and color!
  4. How big is it?
  5. Thanks Malkey! :)
  6. Thanks nutsabotsa6! I admit I used photoshop to clean the images up haha. Thank you to Newfld, antiquerose, and racer4four for the compliments and everyone for the loves. =) <3
  7. test link:
  8. Looks like it could be a Hunzinger Lollipop chair. Check out this article for more info:
  9. Hey Ben, how's your friday? :)
  10. I believe it says Teodoro. If you google that name, you'll see a few other cats... :)
  11. Agree it appears to be a Rebus: I --- Pan ?
  12. What a great lot! The glass UFO reminds me of old glass reflectors used on roadways/signs - can't tell if they are quite similar or more finished like jewelry. ;)
  13. reminds me of a butter churning tool, how big is this? Did it have a jar or barrel with it?
  14. reminds me of ice block tongs, though clearly more complicated:
  15. Very cool. What does the note say?
  16. haha thank you Coopergirl! It is pretty fanciful :)
  17. thanks Elisabethan! :)
  18. Thanks for the comments y'all! I have looked around online and can't find anything wood that matches the backplate/conical knob style. There are some brass versions, but they're different sizes (and ...
  19. thanks Trey! I love it.
  20. Reminds me of the popular Takahashi birds, though I believe they were wooden (and the feet look a bit different): Your bird is not a brooch, correct?
  21. Love the one with the crescent-moon shaped opening!
  22. thanks Sean, you too! Hope you have a great new year's :)
  23. pps. Manikin I believe that was actually breakfast. ;)
  24. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! SpiritBear—We definitely agree that people hate change, but this acquisition should offer us the chance to finally address many long-running concerns that we h...
  25. Beautiful detail work - what are the dimensions? Any markings inside or underneath, or interior details for usage? Looks like a travel kit of some sort...
  26. let's try this again
  27. Did you ever find out more about this piece?
  28. My first thought was of a small indoor fountain we had in my house as a kid—with copper "petals" that poured into one another and then into a larger bowl. Possibly this was just a water feature?
  29. Thanks quantumphysica! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...and the carpet is from CB2 - very affordable vintage inspired designs. :)
  30. Great thoughts @quantumphysica—I was looking for an acrylic or white table, but they all seemed cheap or damaged. Then I found this expandable Danish modern one on craigslist (refurbished by the selle...
  31. Guess you'll have to fill it with tootsie rolls or some other fun treat. ;) great find!
  32. Thanks Cindyjune :) I ended up scooping three more up on craigslist so I could repair the ones with torn cane seats, so I should take a new pic now that the group of 6 is setup in my new home...
  33. could be a Hunzinger—look beneath the seat and arms/sides for a manufacturer's label
  34. I hear ya! Lots of design changes coming to CW in the next few weeks to make the site more mobile-phone friendly...if there's any issues, features you'd like improved, etc. feel free to send a note t...
  35. Fun poster! Visual Arts is now Fine Arts. :)
  36. Vetraio's leatherworking suggestion is interesting too. I guess they could be a piece of jewelry, but they look too specialized to me not to have a particular use...
  37. Fascinating. I don't have much info, other than the fact that their elegantly shaped points don't resemble locksmith tools / picks. The edges seem ornately shaped to create a delicate edge, like on mo...
  38. A little more here on Seuss and Flit:
  39. Also maybe the Ladies' Charitable Society? Louisville Charitable Society? lots of options. ;)
  40. Wonder if it was a Charitable Society (hence the helping hand image?) - like the Lincoln Charitable Society or something...just an idea!
  41. There's a little info on the Rootstein company in this CW article: YOu might try reaching out to ChadMichael Morrisette, whose c...
  42. Hi PP: Would you be interested in doing an interview on your collection for CollectorsWeekly? If so, shoot me an email at :)
  43. Sure thing - glad y'all enjoyed it. :) Hand-painted signs are the best; I'm glad they're making a comeback.
  44. Love this stuff! Have you read the CW article about sign painting?
  45. Great chair groveland! With the patented duplex spring rocker, too. And thanks for reading. :)
  46. Mid century seems right to me. I believe the mark is for Reichenbach Porcelain, and here's a stock photo with the date marked as 1964:
  47. I've used a kintsugi kit on broken mugs and plates before, but I'm not sure I would use it on something so old (I'd be worried it would damage the clay and destroy its integrity/value). But for future...
  48. it looks like a shaving brush to me - is the "hair" part soft bristles or solid?
  49. I think this might be a Hunzinger chair - see more here: You'll have to upload some clearer photos from all sides and underneath for us to get a good look at it.
  50. appears to be an easel.
  51. See more


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