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As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold. :) (Read more)


  1. Super cool Kelly - what a memory!
  2. Wow Sierrafallon that's very cool! I think I still have this print somewhere - it got damaged when the frame broke. If you're interested, I could probably mail it to you—shoot me an email at hoatmanst...
  3. Hi BasqueCO, send me an email at! I think I have this stored away and would be happy to send it to you. :)
  4. Wow - send me an email jgerold! I was just talking about this bit of family history with my mom, Tamra Oatman (Karen Kay's first cousin). :)
  5. Wow, thanks for the comment Debmae - was that in Detroit?
  6. Love the shape and colors Mani - great find!
  7. HI Mani - nice to hear from you! The lamp is safe and sound at my dad's house, and I haven't gotten out to do much thrifting lately. Hope all is well with you! :)
  8. Have you tried doing a rubbing of the area to see if the indentations show up more clearly? I'm seeing an "N" at the end. As in "CAB__EN". Good luck!
  9. beautiful pieces. I love Scottish agate and malachite!
  10. The third photo appears to say "I love a rose but I love a maden with Rosey Cheeks still more d---." B J Witmer (?) Thinking the misspelling might mean this was the work of a teenager. ;) Unde...
  11. If it's truly identical to the Merry Widows tins, then it was likely used for condoms:
  12. This site might be a better resource if you are looking to date labels, however, most of their catalog is aimed at designers/popular brands rather than generic t-shirt makers. https://vintagefashiongu...
  13. Hi Sandra, Thanks for getting in touch - amazing to hear from you! I'll send you a note. ;)
  14. Perhaps a child's play set?
  15. Glad you noticed TallCakes and sorry it took so long!
  16. Could be for a candle? The arm is not hollow I assume?
  17. the middle part appears to say HAND CARVED
  18. Thanks Newfld! :)
  19. And here's another!
  20. Ding Ding Ding I think kwqd is right! Check out the signature of Frank's here:
  21. Par---litano?
  22. they look mid century to me - late 1960s - 70s.
  23. yay great! :)
  24. Ah I see—I have a similar one but the date is on the base and has a large screw to open it with. The photo side of the brass frame doesn't pop out from the rest does it? Seems like that would be the o...
  25. How exactly are they upside down? The calendar frame part should fit on the rack between the two pens, and you rotate it to see the photo.
  26. Wow, quite the find! Looks like these beauties go for quite a pretty penny, depending on age:
  27. Very cool, great cover too!
  28. Super cool - definitely thought it was Mexican / Aztec upon first glance.
  29. Thanks Mani! It was a good adventure...hope you're having a nice April. :)
  30. I believe "Réservé" means "reserved" in French. So this is likely a Coke-branded table-reservation card. My guess is napkins and straws fit into the bottom portion... :)
  31. Aha! Thanks for the update—still beautiful. :) If you're looking for a valuation or insurance appraisal, you can try Value My Stuff:
  32. Gorgeous - Mexican cactuses? can't quite make out the pattern. Can you post a larger image of the front of the pieces?
  33. good luck! It's a lovely painting. :)
  34. Found him ;) Sorry couldn't resist the joke! Kén (with an accent) seems a pretty uncommon way...
  35. Just fixed 'em for ya this time.
  36. Tyler, S&T doesn't recognize the automatic phone rotation. Unfortunately you have to open them on your desktop, save in the correct orientation, and then upload if you want them right way up. :/
  37. yeah the bottom makes it appear to be a repro to me too.
  38. Love it :) how do you melt wax off pottery?
  39. thanks Sean :) hope you're doing well!
  40. hey BB, thanks for the love ;) HI Jacky!
  41. You too, Sean!
  42. thanks autumn :)
  43. ;) Glad you identified it - very cool chair!
  44. Thanks Vetraio! Happy New Year to you, too! Hope you're having a nice summer down under. ;)
  45. Haha yes, Elizabethan, I love it Swedish. :)
  46. Oops, and somehow got out of order - thanks fortapache and happy holidays to you, too, Officialfuel!
  47. Thanks IronLace, Broochman & Mani for the kind words! Have a very Merry Chrismas all. :)
  48. Thanks Gillian - same to you! :)
  49. Hahaha thanks BB2. And you too, Newfld! :)
  50. love that wrapping paper! and the vegetable ornaments! =^) Happy Holidaze...
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