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As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold. :) (Read more)


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Merry Holidays & Happy Xmas! - Christmasin Christmas
Glass vase by Josef Schott for Smålandshyttan, ca. 1960s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mid-Century cabinet with broken knobs - Furniturein Furniture
Cesca chairs - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Art Deco Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Allan doll box by Mattel, circa 1963 - Dollsin Dolls
Nautical cross-stitch poem - Sewingin Sewing
Sputnik Souvenir Cigarette Case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Children's Glassware Set with Small Spikes / Hobnails - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Bar Cart - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. You too, Sean!
  2. thanks autumn :)
  3. ;) Glad you identified it - very cool chair!
  4. Thanks Vetraio! Happy New Year to you, too! Hope you're having a nice summer down under. ;)
  5. Haha yes, Elizabethan, I love it Swedish. :)
  6. Oops, and somehow got out of order - thanks fortapache and happy holidays to you, too, Officialfuel!
  7. Thanks IronLace, Broochman & Mani for the kind words! Have a very Merry Chrismas all. :)
  8. Thanks Gillian - same to you! :)
  9. Hahaha thanks BB2. And you too, Newfld! :)
  10. love that wrapping paper! and the vegetable ornaments! =^) Happy Holidaze...
  11. My guess is this was part of a set depicting different eras in tennis or other sports. Agree with Scott that it's probably latter half of 20th C. :)
  12. Thanks Sean!
  13. I assume this is the swedish listing you're referencing? Definitely has a deco 1920s-30s vibe!
  14. Do you think it's supposed to resemble a pastry crust? remarkable dish. :)
  15. Om my gosh that TINY MUMMY! Amazing find; can't believe it's still intact.
  16. Great finds! CW did an article awhile back on feature matches (with the ads printed onto the matches themselves):
  17. Looks like *ceramic* glazing meant to imitate graniteware (which is enameled metal).
  18. Probably something like hte middle one of these three—seen lots of bullet planters with the tripod style stand. Great find!
  19. Wow, I would have that appraised to verify if it's an authentic original rather than a reprinted poster. Very cool!
  20. Actually, Marüshka was an American company! Based in Michigan. :)
  21. What era is this from? Lovely design and color!
  22. How big is it?
  23. Thanks Malkey! :)
  24. Thanks nutsabotsa6! I admit I used photoshop to clean the images up haha. Thank you to Newfld, antiquerose, and racer4four for the compliments and everyone for the loves. =) <3
  25. test link:
  26. Looks like it could be a Hunzinger Lollipop chair. Check out this article for more info:
  27. Hey Ben, how's your friday? :)
  28. I believe it says Teodoro. If you google that name, you'll see a few other cats... :)
  29. Agree it appears to be a Rebus: I --- Pan ?
  30. What a great lot! The glass UFO reminds me of old glass reflectors used on roadways/signs - can't tell if they are quite similar or more finished like jewelry. ;)
  31. reminds me of a butter churning tool, how big is this? Did it have a jar or barrel with it?
  32. reminds me of ice block tongs, though clearly more complicated:
  33. Very cool. What does the note say?
  34. haha thank you Coopergirl! It is pretty fanciful :)
  35. thanks Elisabethan! :)
  36. Thanks for the comments y'all! I have looked around online and can't find anything wood that matches the backplate/conical knob style. There are some brass versions, but they're different sizes (and ...
  37. thanks Trey! I love it.
  38. Reminds me of the popular Takahashi birds, though I believe they were wooden (and the feet look a bit different): Your bird is not a brooch, correct?
  39. Love the one with the crescent-moon shaped opening!
  40. thanks Sean, you too! Hope you have a great new year's :)
  41. pps. Manikin I believe that was actually breakfast. ;)
  42. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! SpiritBear—We definitely agree that people hate change, but this acquisition should offer us the chance to finally address many long-running concerns that we h...
  43. Beautiful detail work - what are the dimensions? Any markings inside or underneath, or interior details for usage? Looks like a travel kit of some sort...
  44. let's try this again
  45. Did you ever find out more about this piece?
  46. My first thought was of a small indoor fountain we had in my house as a kid—with copper "petals" that poured into one another and then into a larger bowl. Possibly this was just a water feature?
  47. Thanks quantumphysica! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...and the carpet is from CB2 - very affordable vintage inspired designs. :)
  48. Great thoughts @quantumphysica—I was looking for an acrylic or white table, but they all seemed cheap or damaged. Then I found this expandable Danish modern one on craigslist (refurbished by the selle...
  49. Guess you'll have to fill it with tootsie rolls or some other fun treat. ;) great find!
  50. Thanks Cindyjune :) I ended up scooping three more up on craigslist so I could repair the ones with torn cane seats, so I should take a new pic now that the group of 6 is setup in my new home...
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