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I've been an obsessive collector since childhood, and still have most of my early collections. What I collect now, primarily, is old movie memorabilia, anything relI've been an obsessive collector since childhood, and still have most of my early collections. What I collect now, primarily, is old movie memorabilia, anything related to jazz, swing, or big band artists of the 20's-40', vintage posters, and anything advertising related, or actual products like tins, boxes, cans, etc. I also collect just about any antique there is to collect. I live and breathe antiques, even down to my only car...a 1961 Plymouth Fury. I have a very understanding wife, a wonderful 12 year old pit bull named Anakin, and I'm employed as an onsite IT administrator for a PR firm in the wharf area of San Francisco (it's an old warehouse built in 1908, so I even work in an antique). By the way, a lot of my items are actual working antiques. They're employed as wall decor, desk items, and so forth. I am a preservationist at heart, but believe that keeping things in boxes is sad. (Read more)


  1. I was basing my info on the Tommy Dorsey biography "Livin' In A Great Big Way", which does list an opening date, however you are correct. It did exist as far back as 1930 according to http://www.ocean...
  2. Vermont Country Store still sells these and Charles Pretzels in a tin, and they also sell Charles Chips in the bag (for refilling purposes). The original tins of varying ages sell on Ebay fairly cheap...
  3. I'd love to see the bar prices! The dates you refer to sound solid to me, which is why I have a hard time with the dates scrawled on the table card. The folks on Antiques Roadshow often state that wh...
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I do feel very lucky to own it.
  5. I'd love to know who you use. I've been using Studio C in Vista, California for many years. They've done some tremendous restoration work on a lot of my posters in addition to really nice linen backi...
  6. Thanks for the kind words. It is in great shape. I'm actually on the fence about linen-backing simply because I have so many posters that are ahead of this one for that same process. I may just leave ...
  7. I watched a later production of the Popeye cartoons as a kid and that never swayed me. My mom (this was the 70's) would heat up canned or frozen spinach as a side for dinner and recommended a splash o...
  8. I just assumed all newer flashlights were the annoying LED type now. They say "No. 49 Radio" on one end of the box, which seems kind of odd to me. Just now noticed that.
  9. When it comes to things like this, older often is better. I've never actually seen the Bates hand grip before. That's wild!
  10. Beautiful.
  11. In the Mid-West this was brewed by Falls City Beer, and probably tasted no different than their other brews (which is to say, not good).
  12. They were called the "Asian Andrews Sisters". Pretty much adorable on every level.
  13. Yes, it's a great graphic representation of cacophony! Popeye and Olive Oil have very distinctive voices, so one can only imagine them singing together (terrible!).
  14. Thanks! No better animation than the Fleischer brothers!
  15. I've got one of these that is the standard peanut color and have seen many in blue, red, and yellow, but NEVER this color. This is amazing. Oddly enough, one of my great uncles worked for Standard B...
  16. Regardless of the identical O's, it still could be hand-illustrated. Even if it was silk-screened, someone probably did the art by hand unless someone else knows how things were illustrated and typec...
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=076OAOvEMJI
  18. It's got that Q-bert background going on. So fun.
  19. Just re-read, and yes...Cora was a woman.
  20. Yes, it all comes together now. I like Red Foley's version! I'm really hoping this one is in Japanese though. That would be more. I have an old Japanese vocal group called The Peanuts singing "The ...
  21. I guess their record labels do have some elements in common, but this is King Records. Still one of the largest record companies in Japan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Records_(Japan)
  22. Thanks. I continued to use the color wheel that came with it throughout high school because it was powerful enough to light my entire bedroom in a wash of blue, green, red, and orange. That was pitc...
  23. I heart Mothra and the twin fairies. This poster really makes me smile.
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Please help me! I don't know where I came from! Original Thurston "She Floats" Stone Lithograph Window Card Original 1940 Dante The Magician Window Card Avon Bottle shaped like VW Bus Original "Victorina" Stone Lithograph Poster Original 1928 USSR Dante The Magician Lithograph Poster Peter Ganser Brw'g. tin sign-Owatonna,MN. My mass mix of military! Mr. Peanut spoon WW II German U Boat Badges


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