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  1. Yes I do.
  2. Glad you posted this,as I just bought one of these last night myself. Had never seen or heard of one before this. An amazing neon-what craftsmanship!
  3. The word "brew" was often non-alcoholic or used during and after prohibition. Not sure if you can read the fine print on the bottle,but this is probably near-beer.
  4. Sure-from my neck of the woods here in Minnesota. These were outdoor metal signs used for tavern/building advertising in the mid to late 1950's. This logo matched the one used on the flattop can and ...
  5. Very cool-looks like the Bud is a pint can and the Falstaffs may have been cones.Around 1950ish era. This was common to re-use sheet metal in ductwork.
  6. I have this same sign,but yours would be a major upgrade for me. I'm a Minnesota beer collector. Joseph Wolf went out of business when prohibition started in 1920. They now have a restaurant and coffe...
  7. This is the large version,and fits the SABROSA neon. A west coast version which has plastic (rather than paper) bricks. This version flashes HAMMS then goblets whereas the smaller version only has gob...
  8. Nope-made for the west coast market,specifically,the hispanic market of southern California and other areas where spanish/mexican beer drinkers would buy Hamm's.
  9. It's an outdoor porcelain sign from the 1930's.Came in a double sided version also.In that shape,500-700 or so.
  10. 100-125
  11. Just amazing. If you ever care to part with the extras, I'd give them a loving home with plenty of company.
  12. I paid 60 apiece for mine.
  13. They also had a leather catchers mitt and softball imprinted with the Hamms logo. They were put out in the late 1960's as part of their "Heavy Hitter" ad campaign.
  14. This...is just a beautiful piece. I love it!
  15. From the mid to late 1950's.80-100 knob retail.
  16. Great can sheets.Thanks for sharing...If you ever get tired of them,I'd give them a loving home.
  17. Its a fairly tough New Jersey tray.If it were mint,a few hundred bucks. In this shape,around 100 all day long.Thanks for sharing!
  18. Independent was located at 586/612 North Halstead Street in Chicago and operated until national prohibition was enacted in 1919. They changed their name to Primalt products until 1925 or so. Great tra...
  19. Akron,Ohio-your light was made around the late 1950's.
  20. Beautiful...if you ever get tired of the old broad hanging around,I'd give her a loving home here in Minnesota.
  21. Krylon Triple thick spray
  22. The gold bracelet was earned through a recognition and sales program called "Hart's Desire" which Ralph Hart (president of Heublein Co.) began in...1967? The bracelet was for ladies, and men could ear...
  23. If you'd ever consider parting with it,I'd love to have it.I have one...and the glass BROKE. (it broke my heart along with it)
  24. These are coldboxes. The interiors should have densely coiled tubing that would be covered in ice,so the beer would be cold when served from them. What brand is the circular tap knob?
  25. Its pre prohibition. From around 1900-1912 or so. Can you send a picture of the backside to oldbeer@gmail.com? The other ones I've seen are wood.
  26. Beautiful sign!
  27. Great sign-this was made in 1965 for Hamm's 100th anniversary.
  28. Mark- I doubt you'll see this,but your email is no longer valid. If you get a new internet provider/email,let me know!
  29. Stromboli-I believe you called me about these.Can you take a picture of the case too? If you ever part with any,keep me in mind! Great score.. Barry ibuyoldbeer.com
  30. This is called a "bullet light" and dates to the later 40's. Can you send a picture of the back side to oldbeer@gmail.com Thanks!
  31. Both of your beer signs are from the mid to late 50's. This comes in a version without the guy toasting in it also. 250-300 if it works.
  32. Jim It is a lithographic printing stone. One was created for each color when printing a poster or, in your case,a label.
  33. I'd say they are reproductions,based on the sheen to the paper,the fact the product (bottle graphics) are cut off (this was never done-your products were the most important part!) and they look much s...
  34. Looks like Dad had a Midwest (or even Minnesota) connection. Quite a few plastic 70's signs and lightups in there. A few gems in the Hamm's signs. If any of them aren't working-shoot me an email. I ha...
  35. Its in nice shape. A pre prohibition tray-should be 200 in that shape.
  36. A cool sign.I'd think 100ish. The Kings of Rhode Island breweriana are Greg and Ed Theberge,I'm sure they'd know.
  37. Made in the 30's-a curved porcelain sign meant to hang on the corner,and could be viewed from multiple sides. oldbeer@gmail.com
  38. It has the IRTP (Internal revenue tax paid) statement on it,which dates it to pre 1951,so 1948 is probably right.This can has a book value of 55.00 in the USBC guide-nice find!
  39. Yes,Fremont Brewing existed from 189i until prohibition was enacted in 1917. They tried to reopen afterwards,but never did. The diamond shaped hole is called a prestolite key. Prestolite developed a p...
  40. Contact Steve at miner@bevcomm.net and he can set you up with a new logo piece.This is the large version of the Hamm's Starry Skies sign,which has PLASTIC bricks. The smaller version doesn't have the ...
  41. Wonder what ever happened to this guy???
  42. This type of sign is called a "charger" The derivation of the term "charger" actually pre-dates the invention of the lithography onto metal technology, and was coined in the 1840's to describe a new t...
  43. Great example! Thanks for sharing.
  44. Meyercord used a "sticker" type applique they applied to wood to make these types of signs. Meyercord existed over 100 years,I think they finally went out of business in the late 1990's.These applique...
  45. These were usually torn out pages from Will Anderson's BEER POSTERS book,or,reproduction posters that were burned/torn on the edges (sometimes) and laid flat on grape drying boards. (the wood base) Th...
  46. Its a Schaefer woodgrain can from the early to mid 50's.
  47. They have matching mugs too.Its part of a set...
  48. Whats the unsolved mystery here?
  49. This was a "stock sign" where brewers could personalize it using the same inner scene and just change the wording to make it their own.That way they wouldn't incur the art charges and setup a custom s...
  50. The blue bordered bear is harder to find than the red lettered version.If you need to know more,email/contact me through ibuyoldbeer.com.
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