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Always had an interest in history, antiques,sports and the like.My family has owned an English Pub for over 30 years.So what I have shown comes from a combination ofAlways had an interest in history, antiques,sports and the like.My family has owned an English Pub for over 30 years.So what I have shown comes from a combination of the above. Collectors Weekly has revived these interests and given me new ones to explore. Has me feeling like a kid in a candy store,hence the profile picture. Been lovin every minute. DMK678 (Read more)


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  5. I LOVE IT!!!! Rest In Peace Mom. Love, The The Whole Family.
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  10. Who Built NASCAR ?? Thanks for sharing.... a... Gem. Cheers!!!
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  14. cheers!!! Oil Cans Or....?.... Cans Of...?....B--rs. Dmk 678
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  16. Thanks for Sharing. Mine is somewhat Green. Hemingray 42 Cheers!!
  17. Wud up? dmk678
  18. Greatness!!! Thanks For Sharing. Cheers!!!
  19. I'm not one to harbor certain....?...Feelings :) But I Will admit too a little momentary envy. Good Stuff.... Gotta Love The Kids!!! Cheers!!!
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  22. Don't know much, but I do Have Somewhat Similar Shared On My Page.Mine Are Animal Shaped or Sculpted Toys. Hope any info you find through mine is helpful. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!!
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  38. Yabba Dabba Doo Too.... Forgot About Good Ol' Gomer....Great Stuff..A Classic Cheers !!!
  39. What Do I Think?... OK.... I think......If I were the lucky one...I would want to use it. Thanks For Sharing. Cheers !!!
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  41. Great Stuff....The Collection And The X-tra Story. Thanks For Sharing. Cheers To Taking Dares....Your Collection & Good & Bad Breath. DMK
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  46. I Like......... &......."Most Nasty Flavored Cardboard".... Ha !!! Thanks for sharing Cheers !!
  47. I Like....... The Hires Draft especially Thanks For Sharing.
  48. Thank You Boxlunchkiller. Glad You Enjoy. Have Plenty of the like In the same Condition. If You Like Let me know. Good to meet you. Thanks For Stopping By. Cheers !!!!
  49. This Buckle Is Great- The Comments As Well -"All the cool kids wore them in high school" Ha!Aha! We Can't Go To School With Out Going Through Metal Detector's. Ha! I guess Many Of Missed Out On Some...
  50. Thank You senor_trunk
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