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W. Walworth N.Y.

I work on chairs I refinish and put new seats in them. I don't do upholstery. I cane, fiber rush, splint, rattan, shaker tap and fiber board. I collect edged weaponsI work on chairs I refinish and put new seats in them. I don't do upholstery. I cane, fiber rush, splint, rattan, shaker tap and fiber board. I collect edged weapons, ordinance, guns and old stuff that catches my eye. I should have talked my wife into buying a large farm house. Our ranch keeps getting smaller all the time. I'm sure I sell more than I keep...?..??.... (Read more)


  1. I'm surprised you could get this. Most KKK items are normally kept a watch on and when the person that owns them passes KKK members move in and snag them up . I was told that is because the KKK doesn'...
  2. From the pictures it looks like all you have to do is buff it out. Nice lookin' truck.
  3. Did you refinish it? Looks great
  4. My money is it was always a wall hanger. I can't see the back but there are no holes on the sides of the frame. Not being able to see the back of it if there are no holes on the back that would indic...
  5. Great firearm sorry you live in a tough state. We're livin' in sad times.
  6. What a sweet deal.
  7. These are hard to come by. You hardly ever see clan anything for sale or shown in this type of forum. I don't like it from a clan stand point. I like this it historical perspective. People may look at...
  8. bjwater you can get new claw and ball feet, or get use ones on Ebay.
  9. Thanks AR8Jason
  10. These sat aren't cheap to fix. If they are real rush you need to redo the whole seat. If it is fiber rush maybe able to repair it but it may not look very good as the shellac won't match and the thick...
  11. You live in a great area. My wife and I just got back from Middlebury, IN. Had to get the camper fixed at the Jayco factory. Had a great time and would like to go back and take more time there. I'd li...
  12. The knitting or nursing rock is real nice. It looks to have been refinished, it looks like Maple with black walnut burl vainer design at the top. I don't believe your bent woods are very old it's hard...
  13. I think you've got it. I don't believe that a wooden stick was used with this. Nothing I've would indicate that. I've got 13 of them I guess now I've got to find some of the others that are out there....
  14. The Marks on the back say it's a maker in Birmingham. You should be able to find out more from this website. http://www.silvercollection.it/englishsilverhallmarks.html
  15. This is great. I like seeing things with the instructions.
  16. Now I've got to get me one. I've got some big scissors that need sharpening. I use them to cut my mate cane when I do pressed can chair seats.
  17. It looks like it is a metal band saw chop saw. My dad has one a lot like this in his barn. The big black metal plate had a motor mounted on it and drove it with a belt. It looks like you can lift the ...
  18. I'd like to see your sharpener It would be nice to see the whole thing in working order. Thanks I'm sure the friends of my dads will flip. We're sure they have no ideas what this is either.
  19. By hand?
  20. Unfortunately you know what I know about this. All we got was this picture. From what we could see of the markings on the base it says PAT. PEND. 1910
  21. No wounder they came out with NURF. Those wood bullets had to be tuff on windows :-) Great toy.
  22. I've never seen on like that but it could be a fishing rod holder it would clamp on the handle? It is made mostly of brass so it wouldn't rust up and become inoperable. It looks like the other end has...
  23. And I think your chair is nicer looking.
  24. http://cgi.ebay.com/130513355470#ht_500wt_975 Here you go JSW14.
  25. Victorian, Eastlake time period. Yes I've heard of them as parlor chairs. They are called such if they went with a love seat and maybe another chair. It also would be referred to as a side chair if it...
  26. http://www.gunsamerica.com/976855050/Guns-For-Sale/Gun-Auctions/Pistols/Antique/Williamson_Derringer.htm It says this listing has been sold. I would have to think this is a good indicatio...
  27. Have at it! You only go around once Live it & Love it! Sounds GREAT stay safe my friend.
  28. All ADZ I've used or have seen have a hoe type blade with a sharp edge a few such as in some of these pictures have a spike on the back but all have had had a square handle hole also. I have one in my...
  29. Thanks it is an eye catcher.
  30. Mine has a golden dragon and a lotus blossom carved into it. I have no idea where mine was made either. They did mark it anywhere and all labels are gone.
  31. DMK678 Thank you. It's nice to see you have an appreciation for all antiques. Some we treasure because they bring back fond memories. Others we admire for their beauty. But mostly I feel we can...
  32. Tamara I hope you can find it. I have been looking for a good copy I have missed out on three of them. Good luck
  33. Thanks. It'll be a lot nicer when I get the time to restore it. I've got so much going on right now. And summers coming the wife will want to go camping. And I'll have more people wanting me to work o...
  34. The area I live in people come to buy. It really isn't a sellers mark here so if I gave you a price it would be low. Ball park $225 - $450+
  35. Yes it could be a strap cutter. Hadn't thought of that and I do leather work.
  36. They could also be the adjustable stop blocks for an old wooden bar clamp.
  37. You may be correct the sliding part is sharp like a knife blade.
  38. A friend of mine has one of these he and I are hunter safety course instructors. He said he bought it years ago from Winchester to use as a teaching aid. This is the only other one of these I've in th...
  39. It is either a FID or a corn husking tool http://www.earthlypursuits.com/Vegetables/CornCulture1918-3a.htm The above page has one that looks a lot like yours.
  40. That is pressed cane. It is hard to tell what a chair or set of chairs is worth without looking at them. Because even though they look like the one in the picture. There are chairs that seem similar b...
  41. Is it pressed cane or hand woven cane?
  42. My wifes uncle gave me all of his WW II Marine gear just before he past away he was 83. Thanks for your service I pray for our troops every night.
  43. I just see so many things happening around the world that are just continuances of things that have happen in the past. Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina you would think after 600 yrs. they wou...
  44. It looks great
  45. As I said I don't agree with that mind set. It is history and I agree with you in the respect it is history. It should be remembered it should all be seen. Hiding it and hoping it all goes away does ...
  46. I would think it has something to do with the Swastika. As detestable as the Nazis were in the 1940's it is a part of history that should be remembered in all its infamy as those who forget it are dom...
  47. Thanks John
  48. John........ E mail me at jim.boerman@gmail.com my wife got to my bags after I got home and I can't find anything I brought home now.
  49. I've got a set of these and the rungs on the front of them were broken too I think it maybe people would hook their heels on that then put to much pressure on it and brake it. What does that other cha...
  50. The chair in my picture is a smaller chair. These are caller Ladder backs I'm doing a set for my parents. They were my grandparents chairs. Your look to be fiber rush and yes they would be have been m...
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