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Arlington, TN

I have loved old things ever since I was a little girl and would visit my great aunt and uncle's house, who lived up the road from me, and would admire all the vintaI have loved old things ever since I was a little girl and would visit my great aunt and uncle's house, who lived up the road from me, and would admire all the vintage and old things my Aunt Fannie had. I particularly liked an old doll she had in it's original box that she would always talk about. Since then, I have always known that I wanted to hunt for great old or vintage things of value, and I have had fun doing it for years. (Read more)


  1. These are wonderful! I have one of her dolls as well.
  2. Well congratulations, that's great Stillwater! Hope you get all that you want for it, and great find:).
  3. Just curious- how did your appraisal go?
  4. Thanks Ms. Ward for the information you gave me and good to hear from you again:).
  5. Thanks Moonstone for the recent love:).
  6. Thanks geo26e for the love:).
  7. I love Anita Baker- good pieces that you have:).
  8. Thanks claudia for the love:).
  9. Thanks for the love Moonstone and Claudia:).
  10. Thank you ho2cultcha for the love:)))).
  11. Thanks Scottvez for the love and comment:).
  12. Thanks PhilDavid for the love and glad to know I have a rare piece. I trust your evaluations about items based on the beautiful things you have and the knowledge you give in relation to your items- ...
  13. Thanks Moonstonelover and Agram for loving my ring. One of my favorites:).
  14. Thanks for all the recent love for my vase!
  15. The style looks art deco to me. Just my humble guess.
  16. I like the new CW design and I agree with Mani, Bellin, and Brat- no dislike button- there are some great, kind people with a lot of knowledge here and the only site I come to the most because of what...
  17. Thanks everyone for the love- and no need for envy Bellin with all the treasures you find- I need a Goodwill in my area that has those kind of treasures but the thrifts here are terrible- picked over ...
  18. Thanks everyone for the love of my Jensen brooch:).
  19. Thanks all for loving my bracelet:).
  20. Thanks artislove- I just love it- it caught my eye immediately. Also thanks vetraio for the love as well:).
  21. I know that antique store well! I am from the area and I am usually out hunting the yard sales and sometimes estate sales with the booth sellers in this antique store, lol! Wow, that you found these ...
  22. Thanks Vetraio:).
  23. I learned that if you look at the style of clothing then this can be a clue as to the date of some pieces.
  24. This is just wonderfully done! I love art too, and wish I could come across pieces like this again- I used to be able to find great pieces like lithographic prints and paintings, but it's been a whil...
  25. Thanks Strawberry and welcome to the site:).
  26. I agree with Ho2cultcha.
  27. Hi loved and nl- yeah, I did well that day:).
  28. correction *of any future awkward conundrums*
  29. LOL! You can call Woman or perhaps Lisa would be better to help you out of the any future awkward conundrums, lol.
  30. I so love this! You have some beautiful things, and I go crazy over anything Art Nouveau particularly. Hope to find a beautiful Art Nouveau piece of jewelry. Yours is truly lovely:).
  31. Love this also!
  32. Thanks so much Bellin, it my favorite piece of all that I have; Art Nouveau no doubt my favorite design period.
  33. Looks art deco to me.
  34. Again, something great in my favorite color. Great piece:(.
  35. Wow again, lol.
  36. Had to add another comment- the black piece is just amazing.
  37. Wow! Lovvvveee this collection! So beautiful.
  38. Thanks AR8Jason for the love.
  39. Thanks for the love everyone! It was raining and cold yesterday, and I almost didn't go to any sales, but finding this made it worth it; I had this constant nagging inside me to go which usually does...
  40. The style of this seems to be Mid-Century modern. My guess is that it is a magazine rack from that time period.
  41. I would wear this set in a heartbeat, Agram, your fine jewelry collection just boggles me with all the beautiful pieces you have.
  42. I so want to find something like this at a yard sale, lol. I laugh because I know what the chances of that happening are, but hey, that isn't going to stop me from keeping an eye out;).
  43. Hi Amber Rose, I have this exact carafe, same color and everything. I found mine about ten years ago from a little mom and pop antique site online. I paid $14 for it, but I'm sure you paid nothing ...
  44. They look to be depression glass, but I couldn't tell you the pattern. Try some of the depression glass sites and maybe you can find out more about what you have.
  45. Update: I recently sold this pot to a gallery in California for $400; I could have gotten between $600-$800 had I let them sell it on consignment, but I took the outright purchase price because I nee...
  46. Thank you Bellin as always. I love this vase, too, so much. It's the thing I love the most that I own as far as possessions.
  47. Thanks ho2cultcha for the loveeee- haven't had any on my girl for a while:).
  48. Hi Stillwater- I do believe this is the real thing though. I checked many sites that have her pottery for comparisons on style and signature. This came from a house that had lots of old and vintage ...
  49. I'm lovin' it (and I aint talking about McDonald's):))
  50. Your welcom, Furee- keep us posted on what you find out about them:).
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