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Hi folks my name is Mark and I have a passion for junk.Ive been buying selling picking and collecting things since the age of 10 I'm now 60 and still out there amassHi folks my name is Mark and I have a passion for junk.Ive been buying selling picking and collecting things since the age of 10 I'm now 60 and still out there amassing more stuff. .Im also an online seller and consign items locally to finance my junk hunting.Its been working out well for me for the last 30 years plus I am my own boss and keep my own hours. I love sharing my finds with others and enjoy seeing theirs as well (Read more)


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  1. What a fantastic piece of art deco pottery. I love it
  2. Hi, I purchased all 3 of these at an estate sale for 5.00 each.I havnt seen any listed for sale anywhere. I saw several that were sold on a site in the UK but they didnt give the prices.
  3. Thanks to you all for the comments and help with this.I will have to take it apart and examine it more throughly. Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting everyone!!!!
  4. Great item i would have purchased him as well
  5. Beautiful home exquisite taste thank you for sharing!!!
  6. Shes a beauty!!!
  7. A very nice collection you have there.Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hi thank you again for your help.
  9. Wow thank you for the information.I guess i got a very good deal.
  10. Hey Sean, I never get tired of looking at beautiful objects and you certainly have the knack for finding them.Thanks for sharing your finds with us, Mark
  11. Very nice item and what a deal
  12. Very nice antique ivory piece
  13. Thanks for the comments.The painting isnt out of focus.Thats the way it was painted.
  14. It is L E Smith. I have two matching loving cup vases that match your piece.Your piece is called a window box vase.They also were made in a cobalt blue.
  15. It looks to be from the 1920s art deco period and probably made in Italy
  16. We have some great ones here on the beach.I had to go out and buy more stuff for my upcoming neighborhood sale the first week in November.
  17. Thanks for the love... Im on the east coast of Florida
  18. Yes they are. People come down to Florida to retire and bring their best stuff with them.We have a lot of retired military folks here and they have collected all sorts of great things from their time...
  19. Thank you all for the loves!!!
  20. Thanks you all for the loves and the info.Ive looked these over very carefully and there are no impressed numbers or marks anywhere. I was thrilled to get them to add to my ever growing collection.
  21. Here in Florida it was a treat to go on the A&W on payday which was Friday Dad mom and us 4 kids would pile in dads big old 57 chevy and go there. The root beer came in 3 sizes as did their burgers th...
  22. Thanks i was thrilled to get them
  23. Thank you I was thrilled to get it
  24. Your books are very nice and what a bargain.I bought 3 originals from the early 1900s at an estate sale for 15.00 and later Ebayed them for 150.00 each
  25. Thanks for the loves on the lamp.I have an update to share with you all .I took the lamp to a local dealer who tested the metal and turns out this one is solid bronze.
  26. Wonderful collection. I used to own a close to 400 figurines and had Turner prints and mirrors as well The looked good in my circa 1920s Spanish house on the river
  27. It probably was made for a church interior.
  28. Very Nice!!!!
  29. Thanks for the info as always!!!!
  30. Thanks i added another siganature , im trying to get used to my new phone
  31. Very nice. Thank you for sharing
  32. What a great story and good finds as well,,,Down here in Florida I run into to these deals all the time!!!
  33. The frame is painted wood
  34. Good morning I added a few more pictures
  35. Thank you for the information on this print .I took it apart to clean the frame and and it seems to be printed on a silk type fabric.I never knew the name of it.
  36. Thanks me too I have several different varieties of these in my collection
  37. Hi sorry about the bad picture....It is much brighter in person and is a signed MP print.I took the picture with my phone as it was laying on the bedroom floor
  38. Thanks for the kind words.I was lucky to find itPeople were following me around the store hoping that I would put it down.
  39. Good morning that is a puzzle ball stand
  40. I think it a fertility figure as well.The paperwork did not come with this.
  41. I think it's great as well!!! Thanks
  42. Thank you Happy New Year to you as well
  43. It's a crying Buddha pendant.Ihave a large one carved out of wood
  44. Thanks for the info I really appreciate it
  45. Hi thanks. I was the first one there!!!! Got 34 grams of gold
  46. Thank you so much for the information!!!
  47. Thanks I've never seen one like it before either.It is unmarked
  48. Very nice!!!!!
  49. Thank you for the info!!!!
  50. Thanks for the help
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