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St. Louis, MO

I collect costume jewelry, hand painted porcelain (Chicago studios - Pickard and competitors) and paperweights. I like art glass


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Trifari Demi Parure Meteor Collection from 1949 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Victorian Revival Style Art signed Resin Cameo Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Nancy Ann Story Book Doll 5 and 1/2"  - Dollsin Dolls
3 J Crew Necklaces - Future Collectibles? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Glass Vase by Colleen Ott A Recent Find - Art Glassin Art Glass
Scottish Luckenbooth Brooch 19th Cent. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Trifari Fur Clip and Earrings with Enamel Ribbon and Topaz Stones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Cartier British War Relief Society Pin 1940 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Accessocraft Bundles for Britain Pin 1940 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1957 Trifari Allure Rhinestone Circle Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Got your message Eileen, see your email Sorry I missed your message earlier.
  2. LaurenRedmond- Thank you! I have a hand stand I bought at Michaels, but it has a broken finger. This one was another 'find'. I love that it is different and pretty. Photography is always a challenge,...
  3. Eileen, Thank you for the love and comment. I was also happily surprised at the condition of the pieces. Baby tooth Sorrento Trifari pieces are exorbitant. I wonder how many people actual pay that muc...
  4. Early 20th century. Made in Japan. After 1923, the set would be marked Made in Japan. so this set is from before then. Lovely hand painted decoration. Very nice find.
  5. lol that's no worries. more typos from me. lol.
  6. Hi Searching1. I love this set. Actually I have this set, too. So beautiful, so elegant! I know many people call this design grapes, but I think the leaves to do not look like grapes. Actually, the p...
  7. Daisy1000 thanks for lovely this brooch and sending it up to the top. What a nice surprise. Eileen, You are so supportive and I always love reading your comments. I feel a bit self-conscious respon...
  8. Hi Eileen, Thanks for giving this brooch a boost! Maureen
  9. Searching1 thanks for your comment. I love the orchid, too. Also thanks to rancherswife catteannr Searching1r Daisy1000 Manikin aura RichmondLori dav2no1 fortapache For the Love! I appre...
  10. Eileen, You are so right. Great workmanship in such a small space.
  11. Hi Mrstyndall, I think like D&E or Rice Weiner or scores of other manufacturing jewelers, or even Henkel & Grosse in Germany, my bet is that Hermann Schwager designed and produced as a special label ...
  12. There is a beautiful orchid very similar to this one in the Luxury for Fashion Internationaler Modeschmuck Der Fior Collection London 1950-1990 catalog. This was an exhibition in Germany of jewelry fr...
  13. Hi Eileen, Thanks for eloquently commenting on her fine points. I remember Jane Clark at Morning Glory antiques has a pink one of these on her website. She felt it was one of the best faux cameos she ...
  14. Hi Eileen, Happy Mother's Day to you. Now that would be a fun thinkg to do, to go back and buy up all the jewelry. Best we an do is buy stuff now ( lol). Best to all my collector friends for a H...
  15. Ah Watchsearcher, what a lovely way to brighten things up! Love that creativity! Thanks for love and great suggestion. Also thanks to Manikin WhenIsraelbelieves Alfie21 Vynil33rpm auraaura S...
  16. Hi Daisy100o, I think your brooch might be an unsigned Schreiner. I would try worthpointcom and see if you can find a signed one there. The construction says Schreiner to me.
  17. Hi Relivingthepast. This is a beautiful brooch but I don't think it is Schreiner. First, looking on the back, the disc and covered rivet head are construction techniques not associated with Schreiner....
  18. When Nixon opened up the U.S. market to China in the early 1970s, the imported jewelry was the rage. I remember my mother buying several pieces and I remember the displays in the stores. I'm guessing ...
  19. Looks like this is American glass by Colleen Ott. Need to revise my title!
  20. Hi Rancher'swife, Didn't see your comment until now. The metal is silver and there are no marks. Early Scottish jewelry often doesn't have any. And to the collectors who loved this piece, I thank ...
  21. Thank you, I hadn't noticed that. I uploaded a better picture. I think it is OTT 78 or GTT 78. It's exciting to see a signature. I hope someone can enlighten me on who made this. And thanks to ...
  22. I'm sure we'd enjoy seeing some close-up posts of these lovely jewels. And the buttons, too. Welcome to CW!
  23. Lovely brooches. If you search on morning glory you can find old Trifari ads with the names of the lines. These look like Gems of the Seas, but not sure if these designs are in that spec...
  24. What wonderful crystals in these beauties. But, they don't say Miriam Haskell to me. Her vintage pieces were mostly not for pierced. In fact, It looks to me like the crystals were added to the pierc...
  25. Eileen, Thanks for your comment and love of this set. I do love Trifari, but as you've said old pieces are way harder to find now. Still we look! Is everything online now?? MrsT, Lori and Mary, than...
  26. Jenni, Your collection of figurals is just outstanding!! Love this beautiful dog! What's your favorite, dogs? frongs? bugs?
  27. Beautiful brooch! The tiny ring was for a tiny chain, on the end of which was a small silver pin that acted as the safety catch for the brooch, since it only has a "c" clasp. I have one on a Scottish...
  28. In the early 20th century, blank white china was imported and painted in the US. Is there a signature on the painted part?
  29. Emily2562 - Thanks for the appreciation and love. Also thanks to the other collectors for your love!
  30. Sanguineandsage, Thank you for identifying the probable maker! Avon, a company I know next to nothing about. It is a smart looking necklace. Something to research. I'd like to know the designer behind...
  31. Emily 2562, Thank you! And thanks to the other collectors who loved these earrings. I had forgotten I posted this. Searching1 MALKEYMALKEY loves this. worthit2 Elisabethan Daisy1000 aura val...
  32. Love Accessocraft. Thanks for posting the history of the brand. I didn't know they lasted as long as they did!
  33. Hi Eileen, You're spot on. There was an ad published in 1967 with the copy Enamels,. Here..There And everywhere. You can see it here:
  34. Eileen, So nice to hear from you Many thanks for the love and comment! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all my collector friends.
  35. Gillian, Thanks for your appreciate comment. I think the leaves look so frosty. And thanks to the collectors RichmondLori fortapache Vynil33rpm vetraio50 dav2no1 Manikin for the love. Merry Ch...
  36. I love this tea, but did you know they still make this tea and sell it these tins?
  37. RichmondLori and Mrstyndall, thanks for the love and an appreciative comment. He's not antique but cute. Do you collect twenty-first century jewelry, too? And thanks for the other collectors who lo...
  38. I'm no expert and I suggest you consult other sources like the book Jewels of Miriam Haskell, by Deanna Farneti Cera. I think the mark and design date it to 1950s - 1960s. Her designs got simplified ...
  39. Tried to love this again. I adore Miriam Haskell. This is so wonderfully unusual as many of her designs used the pearls. It would be helpful to see the mark, that might give a clue to the dating.
  40. Hi HadesHnds, What type of plastic did the seller say your necklace is? Please post it with your questions and someone will probably answer.
  41. Stunning fabulous collection. For me the scenic and florals are my favorites, but the other beauties are fantastic, too. Looking forward to seeing more as your collection evolves.
  42. Andreamw and Eileen, thanks for the love, comments and pop to the top! Maureen
  43. Eileen, it is a little embarrassing how you keep popping up my old posts, especially when I've been remiss in thanking the collectors who gave it a love quite awhile ago. So for those collectors who c...
  44. Eileen, you are a dear, always pushing up my posts to the top!
  45. Eileen, I thought you had loved this before. Time to get out the red and green brooches for upcoming festivities!
  46. Hi Eileen, Tacky talk is fun. I know those keystone brooches are super rare. Didn't know they went for that much! And wow on the prices your friend got, too. I knew Schreiner had a following but wow...
  47. Hi, Welcome to CW. The circle you see is a rivet like piece that is actually part of the pin mechanism and is the way the pin was attached to the rhinestones. Nicely prong set stones. Lovely to have ...
  48. Usual design. Very modern. Love it! And in such pristine condition, too. Wonderful find!
  49. That's a beautiful find! I love the glass jewels and the very dimensional fobs. Do you think it could be Middle Eastern? Wonderful charm bracelet. Congrats!
  50. Eileen, Your Valentino turtle was a fabulous find such a sought after designer! And the price you won't see again that's for sure. Thanks for your kind comments. I'm just an avid collector,and enjoy ...
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