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Trifari Rhinestone Brooch circa 1948 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Panetta Rhinestone Pearl Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Early Trifari KTF Signed Rhinestone Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Christian Dior Rhinestone Blue Crystal Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Pearl Rhinestone Brooch & Earring Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old Glass Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Enamel Bug Brooch & watch holder - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Crystal & Rhinestone Brooch circa 1940 Unsigned Mazer? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Fruit Salad Bracelet Circa 1938-1942 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Victorian Hand Painted Porcelain Dog Rose Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Hi. I would date your clip from the 1930s. Victorian Revival was Popular. The clip has two rivets which are the round things on the back. Common method used for a cold bond in jewelry. The clip was pr...
  2. Hi Jenni, Thanks for the lovely comment. Your collection is so fabulous, the brooches you've posted are just outstanding. I have one similar to one of yours. Our taste seems to run parallel. Also t...
  3. tharless62, Awesome for you if you do. Thanks for the love to the other collectors who have stopped by.
  4. What a beautiful black opal! They were often set in lower carat gold because the opal stones are soft and the lower carat gold is harder and gives the stone more protection. Looks Edwardian era, given...
  5. Old, rare, and wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more of your Trifari collection.
  6. Hi Eileen, Nice to hear from you and I couldn't agree more. I hope someday to find the bracelet!
  7. Searcing1 - Yes he did work for Trifari in the 1930s as a model maker. Thanks for the love and comment. And thanks to vetraio50, aura, Ben for your love!
  8. So delicate. Just lovely!
  9. Tried to write I'm with Jenni in regards to Basil R.
  10. Was the original owner a member of the Baker Street Irregulars? I'm Jenni, I love Basil Rathbone as Sherlock, not to slight the others, of course.
  11. Congratulations Eileen! Can't wait to see your seahorse. I'm sure it will come bobbing along. Persistence pays off. Beautiful bright collection of spectacular, rare brooches.
  12. Eileen, Always love hearing from you. Thanks for your appreciation of this special bracelet. I agree a grande dame must have owned this originally. I am merely the caretaker although I might wear it f...
  13. Hi Mary & Gillian, thanks for your appreciation and love. This bracelet is pot metal with rhodium plating. Thanks, dav2no1, for the love.
  14. That is rare! Wonderful bird and in pristine condition! Fabulous jewel for any collection.
  15. This brooch has the earmarks for the 1940s. It might be silver. During WWII the lack of imported rhinestones forced American manufacturers to develop crystal manufacturing. The style for the stones, ...
  16. Eileen, You know me. Yes I found this jewel at the furniture thrift. They do furniture, rugs, art, jewelry and some ceramics/porcelain. Jewelry has just recently been expanded back to pre-pandemic le...
  17. That's a fabulous collection. Welcome to CW!
  18. Richmond Lori. Lol, so true. Thank you for leading off the comments. Thanks also in addition to Lori, to Newfld raven3766 ttomtucker Vynil33rpm for the love!
  19. This is a stunning set, museum worthy. KJL over the top fabulous.
  20. Great finds! And lucky you to find the matching bracelet and earrings together for a great price.
  21. Thanks for posting the biographical information about this artist.
  22. Rare to find that signature. What a beautiful bird!
  23. Just found a lovely Wynken Blynken and Nod by Eugene Field, illustrated by her. Love her work! You have a beautiful collection.
  24. I love Art jewelry. I think the company was very creative. This is an excellent example of that. cute, colorful, a bit of whimsy.
  25. Yes they're all beautiful, but my favorite is the jelly belly swallow.
  26. Celiene, You're right of course, it is a fur clip.
  27. Gillian, Thank you. Also thanks to Fresh Air and Eileen. I do have a soft spot for Trifari pearl jewelry. And they made so many designs! Thanks to all the collectors who gave this a Love! I do ap...
  28. ho2cultcha, Thanks for the compliment on the photography and the love click, too.
  29. Thank you Andreamw! Thanks for loving this set and the Mother's Day wishes.
  30. Just lovely! The workmanship, detail!
  31. Hi Fresh Air, Yes that's possible. Another possibility is that the this was a combination of two patents. The patent pending mark was commonly used whether there was a patent application or not. Tri...
  32. Hi Fresh Air, You're right about the center element and the general design, but the stones are a different shape. They are oval in the drawing for the patent you cited. Those clever Trifari jewelers t...
  33. Hi That's a gorgeous necklace. I can't believe you found that on Craigs list. Awesome! Your necklace appears to be a version of an Alfred Philippe patents, number 165,548, dated December 25, 1951. The...
  34. Lori, Of course, I loved yours then! Really a gorgeous piece, Thanks for the love. MrsTyndall, Thanks for the love and comment! Also thanks to vetraio50 dav2no1 AdeleC aura for the love!
  35. What a lovely find. I think this dates from the WWII era. Silver was allowed for jewelry production, because base metals were for the war effort. Coro as well as other manufacturers made shell casin...
  36. Hi Mrstyndall, Really dramatic and pretty. I agree, I don't think these are the Sorrento baby tooth pearls. The shape is slightly different. Also, from what I've seen of that line, they were always ...
  37. Hi Phil, Andreamw and Alfie21, Thanks for the lovely comments and love for the bracelet. Love to hear from other collectors. Eileen, Thanks for your complimentary comment, too. This was found at my...
  38. Hi Eileen, you could be right, but this type of painting wasn't so stylish then. Also that super long pin pretty much disappeared from all jewelry after the turn of the century. Perhaps it is from th...
  39. I didn't realize I hadn't come back to thank you, Mrstyndall, LaurenRichmond, Mary, Jenni, PhilDMorris, FreshAir and Andreamw. for your comments. Glad it brightened your day. Eileen, So nice to hear ...
  40. This is fantastic Art Deco piece but not French. The hallmark on the back is the signature of Fishel Nessler & Co, NY, NY. The company was in business from 1885 to around 1936. Just fabulous. Stunning!
  41. I love the green strawberry on the left. Unusual colors on such a beautiful design. Great finds!
  42. Jenni, Thank you!
  43. This is my guess. The M is the stone setter's mark. The 935 is a marking designating silver content higher than sterling as Jenni indicated. I think that small imprint mark is probably a European, (F...
  44. Thank you FreshAir, I found them years ago a couple of thrifts and small antiques mall. It was pure serendipity. The pricing was just a lovely surprise. I hope you'll find them, too. You never know wh...
  45. Wow that's a really pretty set, top maker and in superb condition! Welcome to CW!
  46. Yes it is silver. Isn't it marked 925 or 950 under the Made In Israel? If I were you I'd polish off all that tarnish. It's a nice piece and probably belongs in fine jewelry.
  47. The form of the brooch looks like lily of the valley and spring, but the colors say Christmas. A great find. It is gorgeous!
  48. The patent has slightly different tails on the birds, but I think that' s the date for this and the design provenance and origin.
  49. Hi Jenni, You lovely Duette dates from 1941. The Duette is in the Brunialti book American Costume Jewelry Art and Industry 1935-1950, Vol A-N. The design patent is 127,909, the clip patent is 179,8867...
  50. Eileen, He is beautiful. So glad he's in your costume jewelry stable. He is a stunning piece and to be an early KJL signature piece. Wow! Kudos to you for snagging this outstanding piece, which looks ...
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