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Trifari L'Orient Enamel Lizard Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old Italian Micro Mosaic Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Art Deco Rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Joseph Wuyts' Patriotic Rhinestone Bow Brooch for Trifari - 1940 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boucher Bird Brooch with Blue Cabochons, Rhinestones, and Red Enamel - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Long Dangle Fur Clip  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Deco Drop Pearl Pave Rhinestone Brooch Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Warner's Prong Set Rhinestone Circle Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Rhinestone Figural Cheetah Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boucher Rose Brooch Number 8371P  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Hi salome000! Eileen said to stop by so here I am. I suggest you look at the book Schreiner Masters of Twentieth-Century Costume Jewelry by Carole Tenenbaum and Eve Townsend. Carole Tanenbaum is the u...
  2. Awesome! I believe that is an Australian black opal. Impressive and fabulous. I'm sure a rel expert will identify it.
  3. There are companies that will authenticate the handbag for you. Looks like a beautiful bag. Good luck
  4. Love that you have the original ad, too! Beautiful pair.
  5. Mary I can't love a post a second time, although when I see one I have loved I reflexively try to. I think you have to comment, that's what does it. So thank you! six-o-one Thank you for the comme...
  6. I must thank my collector friends for loving this lizard! MALKEY Mary glassiegirl aura dlpetersen Jenni, Thank you!
  7. Mary - So true! I have a bracelet here and a brooch there, but not many matching sets. six-o-one Malkey Eileen Aura fortapache Mary Jenni and Hel1 Thanks for the love! I added better photos...
  8. Eileen, Another appreciative comment! Thank you. I thought the stone unusual and of course, red!! Thanks for pushing this to the top again. Mary-I can't either when I see them online! Thanks to MA...
  9. Eileen, You are a dear to periodically push my posts up to the front. I love looking for, talking about, and collecting vintage. So fun. Thanks for being a collecting friend to share that fun.
  10. Wow! I appreciate all the loves this piece got. Thanks to Watchsearcher Mrstyndall Ms.CrystalShip Everlastinglovevintage kyratango Manikin blunderbuss2 lrizek vetraio50 kwqd racer4four fo...
  11. I've never properly acknowledged the love and comments from these wonderful collectors. Thanks for the love and appreciation! vetraio50 clockerman kyratango Mrstyndall MALKEY aura valentino9...
  12. Hi Eileen, Thanks again. I love early Trifari, as you well know!
  13. I'm voting for the Coro trembler! Gorgeous design!
  14. Beautiful bird in flight. Love the textural look that the different rhinestone shapes give.
  15. Eileen, Thank you, I think he's pretty cool, too. Don't know how rare, but I haven't seen more than a few of these. His eyes are his charm:) Thanks for the love! Thanks Jenni for the admiration and ...
  16. Thanks six-o-one, I love Trifari! But I know you do, too. Thanks for the love. Thanks to kwqd vetraio50 for the love, most appreciated!
  17. That is just adorable! Love it! I didn't know Boucher did dogs. Your collection is just awesome.
  18. Yes, Coro had unsigned pieces. Not many were unsigned, but when you can find a patent, that's the strong evidence of the design's pedigree.
  19. The color is just awesome. D&E could really create a stunning palette of color. Beautiful and justly in a fabulous D&E collection.
  20. Hi Eileen, I tried to love this again ad I couldn't:) Superb piece! Love it and love it again!
  21. Jenni, six-o-one, foseatme, & Valentine97 - thank you for admiring this brooch! Valentino97, I didn't know they were shipped here, except in the 1960s, but by the the tiles were bigger. But it makes s...
  22. Wonderful restoration! That is so much work to set all those stones. I can't image what it was like to be a stone setter and do that meticulous work all day.
  23. Love those pastel colors. Lovely set!
  24. Lovely jewel! And the coat sounds wonderful, too. I didn't know Regency went for out-sized pieces. Stunning!
  25. six-o-one, No special eye here, just luck of being there on the right day. Thanks for the love and comment. Jenni Thanks for the appreciation and love. foseatme - That's what I thought when I saw ...
  26. Eileen, that would be so fun! I would love to show you around. Right after the lock-down ended and things were slowly opening with social distancing, etc, I went to the thrift and the brooches and bra...
  27. I love the big swirls of the Art Deco brooches. This is such a gorgeous example. Thanks for sharing this lovely brooch
  28. carmenisacat - Thank you for the appreciation and love! Daisy1000 - thanks for the love!
  29. Thanks for the appreciation and love, Eileen, I hope you've recovered from the holiday:) There were tons of fireworks here (mostly 'free-lancers')! Daisy1000, thanks for the love!
  30. Stunning brooch. I love the color combination. Super find!
  31. This is a famous design. I love it! Great find!
  32. Very fun! Love the gold filigree. Adds such a bit of whimsy and sass. Happy 4th!
  33. Jenni, Mrstyndall, thanks for the love and kind comments. LaurenRedmond -I agree, they are definitely a pair! Thanks for the love, too. Eileen, This is the best thrift in town right now. The st...
  34. six-o-one Thank you for the comment and love. Happy 4th! LaurenRedmond thanks for the love and happy 4th!
  35. Thank you, Jenni, for the best wishes and love!
  36. six-o-one Thank you for your compliment and love.
  37. Wonderful piece of history. Happy 4th!
  38. foseatme - Thank you for the comment and love. six-0-one - I totally agree, that was one of Trifari's strong suits. Thanks for the comment and love. Thanks to kwqd, inky, and Daisy1000 for...
  39. Eileen, Thanks for coming back and posting such kind, friendly comments on my posts. You are so gracious , welcoming and encouraging to new collectors. Plus your collection is awesome:) I do apprec...
  40. Trifari! Red Cabochons! Love it! Can't I love another 20 times? It is just top notch. So glad it is in your collection.
  41. Thanks, RichmondLori, Happy 4th!
  42. Eileen, Thank you for giving this post a boost. I'd so love to go antiquing with you some day. So many collectors have come by and given a love to this brooch. Hi to six-0-one JohnstonJewels B...
  43. Beautiful! Great finds, they were supposed to be together:)
  44. Gorgeous colors and an impressive large size. Great find. Welcome to CW!
  45. Adorable! Great find. Welcome to CW.
  46. Definitely Alfred Phiippe. This design is the patent is 115,128, dated June 6, 1939. He is listed on the patent. the round circle on the back was the way they anchored the spring of the trembler. The...
  47. Eileen, That's gorgeous. Do you wear it often? Very striking design.
  48. The first one is exquisite, beautiful glaze.
  49. Hi Karen, Very cool definitely. I'm with Eileen as I love the dangle type design, so that's my favorite! But the red one is really gorgeous, too.
  50. valentino97 - Some of our thrifts are open. This is in Missouri.
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