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1930s Large Trifari Flower Brooch with enamel, rhinestones and a tear drop pearl - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Handpainted Stouffer Studio (Chicago) Edwardian Era Torte Plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Old Unsigned Coro Rhinestone Flower Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Crystal & Rhinestone Brooch Possibly Unsigned Pennino - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Alfred Spaney Red Rhinestone & Enamel Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ornate Art Rhinestone Brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old Vintage Rhinestone Flower Brooch circa 1940 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rummage Sale Trifari Fur Clip circa 1941 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Rhinestone Starbust Cockade Brooch with Blue and Clear Stones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Patriotic Flag Jewelry Happy 4th of Jewelry Trifari, Carolee, Eisenberg, Monet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Elisabethan, Thank you. And thanks to the other collectors who clicked their appreciation!
  2. Hi Valentino97, So glad you enjoy. I love seeing the collections posted. They are amazing. Thanks for the appreciation! And thanks to Valentino97 Newfld Hel1 antiquerose fortapache MsCrystalSh...
  3. Ken, Thanks so much!. Your collection is so complete, I thought you might have one in this series. I have only seen one other online this large, a different design but a large single flower. Best, Mau...
  4. Hi Eileen., Glad you stopped back and left an appreciative comment. Everyone has their favorite thing and I think this time period and style is mine. At least for now, subject to change, :)
  5. That's an awesome piece. Such beautiful blues! Glad this popped up so that I see it now.
  6. That was in a jar? Wow, I'm so impressed. This a just a beautiful, beautiful jewel. Congratulations!
  7. That last necklace with the gold /glass beads is just exquisite! Love them.
  8. nutsabotas6 - Thank you! And thanks to fortapache, Newfld, and Watchsearcher for the vote of appreciation.
  9. A lovely memento from a lovely trip!
  10. Ken, What a deal! And as others have noted, the condition is wonderful. Your collection is certainly museum worthy.
  11. Ken, Love this set. I think it is one of the best pearl rhinestone designs Trifari did. I always thought it was supposed to represent wisteria, but then I looked at a picture of them and realized that...
  12. I didn't know that some of these were signed. That's fascinating. Do you know anything about the various artists? The painting is fabulous.
  13. So gorgeous and rare. Red is a fabulous color. These brooches look like they are in mint condition. Kudos!
  14. Hi Madam Misty. That is so awesome to receive a gift like that! And Eileen, I'd love that sterling deer by the waterfall too. I hope we both find one. Thanks for the loves racer4four , Broochma...
  15. Hi Eileen, I'm following Bluboi and just went and looked up the figurals. They are outstanding. I have seen the ram figural in one of the lots of the Southeby's auction catalog of Marilyn Alsdorf's c...
  16. Beautiful Belle Epoch! What lovely garlands creating an elegant jewel. Breathtakingly gorgeous.
  17. I think bakelite is so interesting. This is a great find. The metal findings are definitely vintage, I think. They look like the links on an old Italian glass necklace I inherited from my mother. Lov...
  18. These are very pretty. Hardly ever see old plastic bangles, they are rare here.
  19. Ken, Eisenberg! Hadn't thought of that, but makes perfect sense. Will try to find more early Eisenberg images and learn a bit more about them. Newfld, I agree, it does look like a bouquet! Maybe that...
  20. Ken, I am so impressed you always seem to have the matching earrings with the brooch. Is there some method, do you find them together, or just luck?
  21. I love the designs with both the polished and brushed gold finishes. I think it really adds to the design quality. Elegant set!
  22. Love the set and love MsCrystalShips comments. I think I have seen a related design but not this exact one. Always a huge plus to have the earrings, too. Super find for your collection.
  23. Eileen,So nice to have a contact like that.Good luck, I hope she spots something great for you. $225 for a rhinestone necklace ( prom wear, no less), who is doing their pricing? That's outrageous!
  24. Hi Eileen, There are two antiques malls in my area that I frequent semi regularly. The invisibly set circle came from this mall that is just full of junk. It's funny, because one of the sellers has bo...
  25. Hi Eileen, The only problem with Art is the lower cost method of handling the pin. Other than that they are great. And about the thrifts. Yes they are usually barren of anything. Goodwill puts ever...
  26. Gillian, Good point! The brooch is 3 and 1/8" tall by 2 and 1/4" wide. Thanks for your juicy appreciation. Thanks Newfld and Broochman! So glad you're Trifari fans, too.
  27. So much expertise went into that ring. A truly artisan piece. great find. Kudos!
  28. Hey Billretirecoll, No worries. Nice to be mistaken for Eileen! Thanks for the comment. I'll take royal any day. Broochman, Yes, when I first saw it I thought is this signed? But no. I did a quick...
  29. Hi Eileen, yes they call these fruit salad stones and they did make colors. You can see a bunch of different ones on the morning glory antiques website. I like the clear also, but I would take any I f...
  30. Hi Eileen, You don't like rivets? Thanks everyone, for the loves and appreciation.
  31. Thank you Ken. I haven't found anything really old at thrift in a long time. I think you have quite an eye, too. Your collection is awesome. I love to follow what you post.
  32. Hi Eileen, Thank you. Maureen
  33. LaurenRedmond, What a beautiful picture you paint. They are amazing to watch in an aquarium as they float around in a slow majestic manner. You wouldn't see them in the coral reefs, though, as they...
  34. Hi Newfld, Thanks for your beautifully descriptive comment. I did write a book on Trifari. It's available on the Amazon Kindle. I don love the Trifari brand. I also have written on costume jewelry, ...
  35. Elegant set. As Newfld said, in great condition. Often I see these pieces with pearls that are damaged. Your set looks pristine. Beautiful!
  36. Really stunning brooch. I agree with you on the age, but the maker? I wish I knew.
  37. I would never have guessed this is Sarah Coventry. I didn't know she did such witty designs. Very cool.
  38. Love that banana charm on her tail. So cute. The color is awesome, too. Super find!
  39. Regency always had such beautiful color combinations. Love this one.
  40. Thanks Mrstyndall, I agree. Eileen, I love your stories of Rummage Sales of yore. They sounded like they were so much fun. I can only remember a couple, athough my mother did also go antiquing on o...
  41. I love seeing the brooches, but really think that turquoise necklace is stunning. Love that piece, too. :)
  42. Okay I posted a comment on another post about that blue leaf with red accents brooch. Now I see it much more clearly. Gorgeous. I also love that bird next. That's adorable. Great finds!
  43. Hi I'm voting for that one int he shadows, The blue with red accents brooch. Is that a clip or just a pin brooch. Hope you'll take an up close photo of that one. I think is is really beautiful.
  44. I love the nature inspired designs of Trifari's pearl sets. And to have both the brooch and earrings is so fantastic. Lovely set.
  45. Eileen, Ken, Raven3766 and all CW friends. I would love to go rummage sale shopping with you. The problem is. The sales are few and far between, as we all have lamented. I only know of one I would l...
  46. Eileen, That is a simply fantastic bird. Love those red teardrop stones. Love the pose and it is so large, I think that really big size is circa 1939-1941. What do you think?
  47. Love this. Gorgeous. Fabulous find:)
  48. Love your stories about rummage sales. They were special and these ladies are really trying to keep up the standards:)
  49. Hi Broochman, Eileen, and Newfld, Thanks for the fun comments and loves. Rummage sales like the thrifts seems to be falling by the wayside. But this was from last fall's sale where I found the Miriam ...
  50. These are beautiful. I inherited 2 operculums that I want to make into earrings. This is a wonderful find!
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