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Art Deco Rhinestone Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Polcini Rhinestone & Red Crystal Brooch ca 1960s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Iconic Trifari Baroque Pearl Rhinestone Sorrento Set Bracelet, Pins, Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My favorite Anne Klein Necklace of Faux Pearls and Enamel - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Pearl Rhinestone Necklace and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Green Rhinestone Bracelet for St. Patrick's Day - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Trifari Necklace with Italian ( Murano) Glass Beads - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Valentine Card - Cardsin Cards
Trifari Heart Fur Clip Happy Valentines Day - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Rose Necklace with Rhinestones circa 1940s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. This picture popped up again and I tried to love again. LOL. I still love it! Too bad it doesn't register multiple clicks from an enthusiastic admirer.
  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for that comment. I looked at all your glass, it's beautiful. I started my career at a design company that worked for the little glass companies in Pennsylvania. Love glass. I digre...
  3. Hi Daisy1000, thanks for the love!
  4. Jenni, thank you for the message and love. I love your taste in jewelry! Ken, No need to apologize for misspellings. And that was such a sweet comment. Thank you and be well. Eileen, Thank you for y...
  5. That must have a been a one in a million estate sale. Such fabulous finds. This piece is beautiful!
  6. Super brooch Jenni. Just wanted to add my appreciation. What a gorgeous green!. Just lovely!
  7. Ken Thank you I know you have a discerning eye for quality. Jenni I admire your collection immensely. It is just such fun to connect with costume jewelry aficionados. Thanks for the love! Karen, N...
  8. Jenni, So adorable! That baby elephant is too cute! Great find!
  9. Beautiful and timeless. A classic design that looks totally contemporary! I love clear rhinestones.
  10. Beautiful Colors! That's an outstanding brooch. I love the stones on the outside frame. Great find!
  11. Ken, Thank you for that compliment. I just love to see what you'll post next as your collection seems second to none.
  12. Jenni, I agree! Thanks for the love to Elisabethan Jenni MALKEY fortapache Watchsearcher
  13. Eileen, That for the love and the encouraging comment. I keep looking, That's the fun of the hunt. Ken you have the necklace! Yay! That's cool and the price you got it for was a total steal! That...
  14. Daisy1000 LaurenRedmond Radegunder RichmondLori Mrstyndall PhilDMorris Thanks, Collectors, for giving this bracelet a love!
  15. Just wanted to chime in, this is just so elegant and beautiful. Fabulous design and the workmanship of manufacture is so high quality.To quote the wordsmith Eileen: 'Stunning piece of Trifari!!'
  16. Aura, Daisy1000, and fortapache, thanks for the love!
  17. Hi I don't know the order of your brooch, but then it might not be an order. After WWII heraldry symbols were very popular as there was admiration for the British and their stand against Hitler. Acc...
  18. MALKEY and Jenni, Thanks for the Comments and love. Eileen, This was a school rummage sale. I've found some lovely things there but not usually jewelry. The event is so huge and the crowds crazy th...
  19. Jenni, Ken and Eileen, Thanks for your comments and love. I always love hearing from you. You are my collecting friends. And thanks to my other CW friends who loved this post valentino97 Daisy10...
  20. I love Symmetalic. Their pieces are very Art Nouveau inspired. Looks like it was a fabulous lot! Great finds.
  21. That's a lovely old brooch. It looks great now.
  22. Thanks to Jenni, Eileen, and Manikin for the comments and love. Also thanks to Mrstyndall, PhilDMorris, racer4four, Brunswick, valentino97, Ken aura, Watchsearcher, fortapache, MALKEY, ...
  23. I love this design. So elegant. And you found this at a thrift store? Wow that's awesome. Such a gorgeous piece.
  24. Eileen, Such a perfect set. And those ruby stones are magnificent. This set is just exquisite. Perfect condition.
  25. That's stunning a museum worthy parure! Congratulations, and Happy St. Patrick's Day.
  26. Jenni, Thanks for the comment and love. Eileen, Do you think it is unsigned Kramer? Wow. I am far from an expert on Kramer. I don't see it here at all and consequently, just don't know what to look f...
  27. What a beautiful color! You seem to have the best of Lisner. Great find!
  28. Eileen, I just see junk, real junk, worthless junk most of the time. just like you do. The thing that is weird is that someone buys that stuff, too. LOL It is surprising when there is something tha...
  29. How did I miss this? Just gorgeous. Yes the color is fearless, fabulous!
  30. Elegant, sophisticated, beautiful set. Just a fabulous find. Never heard of this company but would love to see more of their work.
  31. Look at all the facets on that center stone! Just a gorgeous sparkler! Love 'em all!
  32. Hi I can't see the markings you are talking about in the photos. I agree it is definitely circa 1940 and it is totally adorable. I would suggest you consult the Brunialti books as they really cover t...
  33. Bravo Ken, Another spectacular Trifari brooch. I second GlaorouslyRefinedFun, your collection is awesome.
  34. Brunswick, MrsTyndall, Ken, Eileen, Jenni and GlamorouslyRefinedFun, Thanks so much for your comments and Valentines wishes and love click, too. Glad you liked this piece as much as I do. To: Mani...
  35. Thanks to GlamorouslyRefinedFun dlpetersen Ken fortapache Jenni kwqd racer4four (so true about living and learning) AdeleC Eileen and Aura(again) for the love!
  36. Tharless62, In my opinion the scratches are some type of initial from a previous owner or someone trying to test the metal. Trifari used stone setter's marks in the 1930s and early 1940s but pretty m...
  37. Wow!! So gorgeous. The colors, the stones! Love it! That is a fabulous collection!! ahh! wonderful to admire. Best of luck finding the crystal set this year.
  38. What a beautiful brooch. Such detail and attitude. Enjoy the search and all the memories it brings. Love it!
  39. Eileen, Thank you for your comments and compliment. When I first started going to the thrifts regularly15 or so years ago, Trifari was everywhere. I bought it and sold it online without thinking the s...
  40. Nantucket baskets were popular handbags in the 1960s. In addition, where I grew up, it was the custom (according to my mother) that you didn't give someone a purse without putting a penny in it.
  41. What a wonderful old brooch. Great find!
  42. Absolutely looks like Murano glass. I'm relatively new and didn't see your first post. Glad you found the maker. Research rules! Enjoy, It's a great piece.
  43. Love charm bracelets. That's a lovely collection. Great theme idea. Looking forward to seeing your next project. I love to collect the charms, too, but don't find too many. Definitely out of style b...
  44. Gillian I agree. Thanks for the love and comment:)
  45. Ken, Jenni, Valentino97 and GlamorouslyRefinedFun thanks for your comments and Loves. And thanks to the other 13 collectors who also loved this piece. Many thanks!
  46. My observations, not an expert, just a student. The back of this piece is stamped 925, that is a relatively modern mark. The hook to wear as a pendant is also relatively crude in construction. The be...
  47. Hi Valentino97, Yes I saw there were 3 on eBay. That's why I think this is a reproduction. There are too many. Also, I think it is Lucite and I'm sticking with it. Lucite was created by DuPont in 1...
  48. Really? It didn't test as Bakelite with metal polish. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go look for it. I'm not an expert on Bakelite.
  49. Written by the great Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by the equally great Garth Williams. Love her work - Good night Moon. Love his work - too many great books to mention but let's start with the ...
  50. Love the Brunialti books. Thankfully, my library had them. beautiful Boucher! Really fabulous condition, too.
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