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 Art Glass Vase Czech? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Basket in Amber - Art Glassin Art Glass
(Possibly) Schreiner Large Brooch with Pearl Drop - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Trifari Pearl Rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Barely Vintage Dragon Rhinestone Brooch ( A copy of Butler & Wilsdon) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Leaf Rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old Pawn ? Zuni Petit Point Silver Turquoise Cuff Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Trifari Enamel Flower Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Jomaz Invisiblely Set Green Glass & Rhinestone Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Peapod Pearl Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Beautiful!
  2. Hi Ken, I love how the earrings are little palm fronds. So cute. Great find. Very unusual. And sounds like you got a great deal, too.
  3. That enamel is so unusual. Love the tie-dye effect. Effervescent, fun, cheerful. Everything a flower power brooch should be. Love it!
  4. A truly gorgeous set. I think it is worth to spend the big bucks ( especially when I'm not doing it) lol. Just mean. You'll enjoy it, you'll wear it. and the synergy of a multi-piece set adds to the ...
  5. Oh that is such a beautiful and rare Trifari design. Just love the detail, the mix of pearls and red and clear rhinestones. I'm sure you can get it fixed. If you contact they can give you...
  6. Alan2310 Gosh, that's awesome. Looks like I need to edit the title here and change the category.:)
  7. Hi sklo42, Thanks so much for your opinion. Czech? So happy to hear that. I love art glass but am just starting to learn about it. My mother collected mostly porcelain, but also glass, too.
  8. Those are beautiful. Great detail and beautiful pearls. We had apple trees growing up, too.
  9. renedijkstra, Thanks, I'm glad you concur. I'm always a bit nervous buying an unsigned piece. Thanks for the love, too. Vynil33rpm, thanks for the love.
  10. Jenni, Ken, MrsTyndall and Eileen, thanks for your appreciative comments. Eileen, I didn't know all the stones came from Germany. They are outstanding in Schreiner pieces. But I did learn that the ...
  11. Wow that's really a big bird. Love the pose and enamel decoration. Stunning piece.
  12. That's gorgeous. Just want to echo everyone else's sentiments. :)
  13. Ken, That is quite a compliment. Thank you for the appreciation!
  14. Love the blue stones. So pretty. Great find, no matter who created it.
  15. "There's always another piece"..Isn't that a good thing? :) Love your collection.
  16. How did I miss this? It's a great piece. Sassy design and RARE! Kudos, Ken!
  17. Thanks Eileen, Jenni, Ken, Valentino92, and MrsTynadall. Appreciated your comments. Trifari made such a plethora of pearl and peal/rhinestones designs. It really boggles the mind. It would be hard to ...
  18. Thanks aura fortapache lisa Ken Eilenn Manikin Jenni valentino97 AdeleC kwqd for the loves.
  19. Hi. These are beautiful. Love the turquoise and silver combination. Even if they aren't Native American, they are great design.
  20. Valentino97, thanks for your comments. I will enjoy wearing it.
  21. Eileen, Your mother has excellent taste. I hope you inherited all her wonderful pieces. I love the southwest jewelry.
  22. 6"? Gosh, that's really large. And wonderful, and beautiful and .. the list of superlatives could go on and on....:)
  23. Thank you Jenni. I seldom find these Native American pieces, I really love it when I do. Do you collect southwest jewelry, too?
  24. Such an unusual color. Very beautiful! And top notch designer, too.
  25. Okay I'm totally guessing, but I think these might be Italian glass. Italian glass was big in the 1950s, when Italian design, movies were making a splash culturally.
  26. They're wonderful. The colors are fantastic. I keep staring at the photo, which is my favorite? So hard to say as they are all fabulous. But I'm leaning toward the banjo.:) Can't wait to see your ne...
  27. The colors are lovely. I love the pheasants, too. Thanks for all the information on the company.
  28. Never knew about D&E musical brooches until I started seeing your collection. This is beautiful and as Jenni says the condition is mint! Wow!
  29. Just want to second eveyone's comments. Just spectacular condition and color.
  30. That's adorable!
  31. Wow knockout colors on this piece and it is so big, too. A real statement piece! Love it.
  32. As Jenni says, that is a spectacular piece. The pink! So pretty, feminine and combined with a crab. D&E was so witty and sassy in their designs. Congratulations in adding a rare rare brooch to your co...
  33. Eileen and Jenni, Thanks for the comments. Love to hear from you, I know it is something good when you leave a note. Ken, Just a tease in my description. I just think you have an amazing collection! ...
  34. Exceptional bracelet. Beautiful find.
  35. This is downright amazing. The haul you described in a costume jewelry stash is totally crazy. Was this an estate sale, auction, buried in a treasure chest on a desert island? Wow, just wow. Congratul...
  36. I agree with Buckethead, you have an amazing collection. Never seen this design. Really another outstanding set.
  37. Love Jomaz! That faux coral is so elegant, Love that color scheme. Great find.
  38. Hi Jenni, I love the green stones. And Pennino is a top designer. Beautiful piece.
  39. Eileen, Thanks. I love reading your comments. I know some jewelry, but not all. I can look back and think of the things I passed on because I didn't know - arggh! I'm still learning.
  40. I keep coming to look at the rare beauty. It is so elegant and beautiful. REally a show stopper piece. A masterpiece, for sure!
  41. I'm having trouble with the photography, so I put up different photos. Hope they show the bracelet in a better light.
  42. Hi Eileen and Jenni ( I don't now everyone's names Is Newfld Jenni?), Thanks for your comments. If you ever come to town, this is a must see thrift. It is set in the oldest part of the city near the ...
  43. Thanks Gillian, aura fortapache Newfld Ben Broochman Ms.CrystalShip For the loves and Comments. I think Broochman is spot on with the history. Because it is later, there is no patent that I h...
  44. Would turn a costume into 'couture'. Classic and fun. Very pretty.
  45. Truly a rare find! So glad you got it, that's a collection star if ever there was one.
  46. Early Kenneth jay Lane is awesome. Reading his book, he was so creative! Looking forward to your future posts. Best, Maureen
  47. Totally adorable and so detailed! Wonderful piece.
  48. Hi Ken Wish I could love this twice! The design is so beautiful. I would love to find one of these. So fabulous. Love, love love it! Best, Maureen
  49. Elisabethan, Thank you. And thanks to the other collectors who clicked their appreciation!
  50. Hi Valentino97, So glad you enjoy. I love seeing the collections posted. They are amazing. Thanks for the appreciation! And thanks to Valentino97 Newfld Hel1 antiquerose fortapache MsCrystalSh...
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