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Old Sterling Green Rhinestone Fur Clip  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art Deco 1930s Red, White, Blue Enamel Rhinestone Brooch with Perfume Vial - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old Kerosene Lamp with Brass Base - Art Glassin Art Glass
Trifari Rhinestone Brooch from the 1960s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Baguette Rhinestone Bow Brooch circa 1960s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Sterling Mistletoe Brooch circa 1940s. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A  Red Trifari Bow  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
 Art Glass Vase Czech? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Basket in Amber - Art Glassin Art Glass
(Possibly) Schreiner Large Brooch with Pearl Drop - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I Love Arthur Pepper - Art! So Renaissance style. Beautiful design. That's awesome!
  2. Thanks Ken and Gillian for the comments. Yes it is surprisingly in good condition. And thanks to Brunswick and Ken for the loves, too.
  3. Eileen, I think you're absolutely right on the purpose and history. I thought it might also be used for smelling salts. The thing that amazed me about this piece is that the vial just sits between tho...
  4. Jenni, Thanks for the comment and love. Also thanks to the other collectors blundrbuss2, Fortapache, and Vynil33rpm for the loves.
  5. I love these old brooches. The Maryanne Dolan book Collecting Colored and Rhinestone Jewelry has a large section on old jewelry marks. I would look there for a reference. The enameling is in great con...
  6. Love your band. Awesome! Yes, yes let us edit the comments! Happy New Year Eileen! :)
  7. I love these old pieces too. So lovely. Beautiful find.
  8. Very classy bird. D'Orlan? I would agree it is. Copies usually cut corners in some way and this bird is too beautiful. Wonderful brooch. Love your posts.
  9. Love all the beads, stones. Awesome piece!
  10. Love the color! It id gorgeous. Doesn't have to be signed or attributable to a famous maker to be beautiful. Happy New Year!
  11. This is so rich and wonderful Love the brilliant red! I'm just wondering isn't there some way you could repair the green brooch? Maybe low temperature solder, or the adhesives. it wouldn't be perfect...
  12. Beautiful. A lovely treasure. Welcome to CW. I agree with valentino97, the clasp is probably Peking glass.
  13. Beautiful roses. And the gold scrolling is exquisite. What a wonderful find. Happy New Year!
  14. This is a very unusual design. I love the counter compliments of the oval base and curved agate detail. Really lovely example. Kudos.
  15. Wow looks fabulous, would never have guessed it needed all that care. It looks pristine like the day it was made. Gorgeous find!
  16. Cheers! Sparkling fun brooch is a great design. Enjoy!
  17. That's gorgeous! Love your taste. Best for the New Year.
  18. Merry Christmas, Ken! Best for the New Year.
  19. Christmas tree pins are just so adorable. Whoever thought them up was brilliant. Best to you and your for the holidays and the year ahead. Looking forward to your posts.
  20. Do they still make Bakelite? I love these earrings and always associated Bakelite with the 30s and didn't realize they made it into the 60s. And beyond? Eileen, love your stories. Such great memor...
  21. Eileen, I don't think Trifari actually ever sold their designs. The most recent corporate ownership was by Kate Sapde. Monet and Trifari are part of the Adelington Design Group a division of Kate Spa...
  22. Ken and Eileen, Thanks for the appreciative comments. As discerning collectors, I love hearing your thoughts. Also thanks for the loves from Manikin Ms.CrystalShip aura kwqd Broochman fortapac...
  23. Thanks Jenni for the love and comment!
  24. Jenni, Thanks for love and smile comment.
  25. That's wonderful Juliana set. I'm sure MsCrystalShip will weigh in on it. You can get a replacement stone at Gorgeous stones, design. and the fact you have a set!- Awesome.
  26. Elegant and beautiful. Love Trifari!
  27. Ken, Aww that is so adorable. Never seen those in person, Do you have other breeds from that line? Best, Maureen
  28. Ken, Jenni, Eilenn, Mrstyndall, and Jewelryantiqeulover thanks for holiday spirit comments. And to the other collectors who gave this piece a love - many thanks!
  29. Trifari pearls! Another outstanding design. Elegant, timeless.
  30. That is a rare find. So beautiful! Museum worthy. Congratulations.
  31. Lovely green treasures and so beautifully displayed. Love it.
  32. Love the boxes, love the shoes. Val was a dear.
  33. Beautiful!
  34. Hi Ken, I love how the earrings are little palm fronds. So cute. Great find. Very unusual. And sounds like you got a great deal, too.
  35. That enamel is so unusual. Love the tie-dye effect. Effervescent, fun, cheerful. Everything a flower power brooch should be. Love it!
  36. A truly gorgeous set. I think it is worth to spend the big bucks ( especially when I'm not doing it) lol. Just mean. You'll enjoy it, you'll wear it. and the synergy of a multi-piece set adds to the ...
  37. Oh that is such a beautiful and rare Trifari design. Just love the detail, the mix of pearls and red and clear rhinestones. I'm sure you can get it fixed. If you contact they can give you...
  38. Alan2310 Gosh, that's awesome. Looks like I need to edit the title here and change the category.:)
  39. Hi sklo42, Thanks so much for your opinion. Czech? So happy to hear that. I love art glass but am just starting to learn about it. My mother collected mostly porcelain, but also glass, too.
  40. Those are beautiful. Great detail and beautiful pearls. We had apple trees growing up, too.
  41. renedijkstra, Thanks, I'm glad you concur. I'm always a bit nervous buying an unsigned piece. Thanks for the love, too. Vynil33rpm, thanks for the love.
  42. Jenni, Ken, MrsTyndall and Eileen, thanks for your appreciative comments. Eileen, I didn't know all the stones came from Germany. They are outstanding in Schreiner pieces. But I did learn that the ...
  43. Wow that's really a big bird. Love the pose and enamel decoration. Stunning piece.
  44. That's gorgeous. Just want to echo everyone else's sentiments. :)
  45. Ken, That is quite a compliment. Thank you for the appreciation!
  46. "There's always another piece"..Isn't that a good thing? :) Love your collection.
  47. How did I miss this? It's a great piece. Sassy design and RARE! Kudos, Ken!
  48. Thanks Eileen, Jenni, Ken, Valentino92, and MrsTynadall. Appreciated your comments. Trifari made such a plethora of pearl and peal/rhinestones designs. It really boggles the mind. It would be hard to ...
  49. Thanks aura fortapache lisa Ken Eilenn Manikin Jenni valentino97 AdeleC kwqd for the loves.
  50. Hi. These are beautiful. Love the turquoise and silver combination. Even if they aren't Native American, they are great design.
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