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St. Louis, MO

I collect costume jewelry, hand painted porcelain (Chicago studios - Pickard and competitors) and paperweights. I like art glass


  1. Thank you for loving my brooch. Trifari made so many pearl broches, that I guess they get a bit mundane. I'm always thrilled to find one. Thanks vetraio50, DejaVu2, Jenni, fortapache, Watchsearcher, d...
  2. I really haven't been paying attention. All you collectors giving my necklace a love and I haven't responded. Thanks Eileen for checking in with a comment and to Jenni and RichmondLori, racer4four, an...
  3. Many thanks to Jenni, Daisy1000 and Raven3766 for giving these brooches your love. So nice to hear from you!
  4. Jenni, Thanks for loving this brooch!
  5. Jenni, So true, I would love to have a dress for it and an occasion for both! Thanks for the love and comment! Eileen, I am not sure I know the difference between a second hand shop and a thrift. ...
  6. High quality has staying power. You pay for the design, construction and quality! So it lasts and looks fabulous for decades. Awesome!
  7. Hi TD1290 and PHeobe1980, Is it Schreiner? There are several Schreiner characteristics that say it could be. They are the white cabochons set with dog tooth prongs, rhinestones on wire stems and if I...
  8. Jenni, I knew Searching1 had left, but I was surprised MsCrystalship had also. Thanks again and best to you for a wonderful holiday! Maureen
  9. Newfld, Thanks for loving my big cat! Have you noticed that McCrystalShip has not been on CW for quite awhile and I can't find her posts. Has she left CW? I hope she's okay.
  10. DejaVu2 Since you posted that ad on another post, I searched a bunch of them. I see this brooch figures prominently in an add from 1961, as seen here:
  11. Hi DejaVu2! Thank you for posting the ad and the love! I see this brooch is from the Pirouette series. I also have the Stardust bracelet. So fun to see the ads. This add says it is from 1954(looking a...
  12. That's an unusual design. So sculptural! Just love it!!!
  13. Hi Jenni, Thanks for the comment, love,and news. Too bad as searching1 was an enthusiastic poster. Also thanks to vetraio50 fortapache dav2no1 Watchsearcher for the love!
  14. No doubt about it! They are on the website as verified Schreiner. And the photo reference there is from Caole Tanenbaum, who wrote the book on Schreiner. What fabulous colors! Great fin...
  15. No doubt about it! They are on the website as verified Schreiner. And the photo reference there is from Caole Tanenbaum, who wrote the book on Schreiner. What fabulous colors! Great fin...
  16. Searching1 My collection is not for sale, it is against the rules to post items here that are for sale on other platforms. Besides, I enjoy them too much to sell them:) Thanks Dawnlady1, I really ...
  17. Searching1 The short answer is yes! My photos from my collection. Why do you ask?
  18. Thanks collectors for loving this Nippon Vase. Do you collect Nippon. I often see the little plates but rarely do I see the big vases. Daisy1000 SpiritBear kivatinitz Newfld fortapache Watchsea...
  19. Daisy1000 Thanks for the Love!
  20. Rhineisfine Thank for the love and admiration for my Haskell set. Good luck with your collecting!
  21. Hi Phoebe 1980 Many thanks for all the love for my posts. I see you loved many today and pushed them up to the top. Thanks for loving what I love, too. Do you collect jewelry? Hope you'll post!
  22. Awesome fur clip! And even more special as it is an inheritance. Welcome to CW, hope you'll post more treasures.
  23. Thank you maryh1956 and vetraio50 for the resources on dating and identifying this porcelain. You know such much about antiques! Also thanks for the love from these collectors. I love hearing from ...
  24. Madam Misty, what a great idea. I'll have to try that! I don't want to lose any others. PhilDMorris Thank you! I know you have a keen eye for quality. Jenni Thanks for the comment. I love the pastel...
  25. Many thanks Collectors for loving this post! Belatedly I'm acknowledging you. I do appreciate hearing from you! raven3766 Newfld Gillian KarenLR71 TassieDevil auraaura
  26. Apostata, thank you for loving this brooch and weighing in on the historical period. Very good point, there is always overlap and borrowing.
  27. That's a gorgeous snowflake brooch on the left. It looks like an unsigned Schreiner. Wow! Wonderful and if verified worth $$$! Enjoy!
  28. Searching1 Thank you! That's exactly how I felt when I found it. Sadly this thrift closed 5 or 6 years ago. It was a fabulous place while it lasted. Thanks for the love, too. And to the collectors...
  29. Beautiful micro mosaics! I'm wondering if the the bottom one is a reconstructed Parthenon? The remains don't have their end triangular lintels currently, but basically it was that shaped building.
  30. Just found a beautiful brooch by this maker. This is a lovely example of his work. So elegant, I had to love it!
  31. Thank you Searching1 for the love and compliment. Trifari really had topnotch design and production. I think I'll try wearing this with the back as the front. Love Trifari! And thanks for the lov...
  32. Submit them to for verification ( free). The site is a great data base of Schreiner brooches, belts, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, everything! I would say the clips look like Schrein...
  33. Daisy1000 Thank you for the love! I saw a pin like this one at an antique store the other day. It was in a beautiful setting and the price was ridiculous! Of course, almost everything is now. So glad ...
  34. Thank you to the collectors who keep popping this post up to page one! They are: Cisum Daisy1000 raven3766 Newfld ho2cultcha You know I love your posts and I'm really flattered you like this...
  35. LaurenRedmond Spaniels are so sweet. They do have a way of communicating! I had a cocker spaniel growing up. Now I have a terrier mix who has floppy spaniel ears.
  36. Jenni, Thank you for the sweet comment and loving my posts. This doggy does have a friendly silly expression. LaurenRedmond Thank you for comment. It made me chuckle. I think the brooch does look sp...
  37. Thank you to the following collectors for giving this pachyderm some love! Leelani vcal kwqd fortapache vetraio50 dav2no1
  38. LaurenRedmond Yes they do me too. Like the old brass rubbings they used to sell. Thank you! And thanks to Ben kwqd fortapache dav2no1 vetraio50 Vynil33rpm for the love!
  39. Jenni Thanks for the love! And many thanks to all the other collectors you gave this a love, also. They are Daisy1000 Mrstyndall RichmondLori aura vetraio50 Searching1 Watchsearcher Gillian ...
  40. Hi Rhineisfine, Thanks for the love! And Mrstyndall and Andreamw, thanks for the love and compliments on this set. Plus I want to thank the collectors who have loved this set! Newfld RichmondLo...
  41. Hi Cisum, and the other collectors! I have not acknowledged your love this sweet old brooch. I haven't been around much, but was thrilled to see it bounce up again. Thanks also to Newfld Agram.m ...
  42. MrsTyndall, Many thanks for that comment and love! Sorry I'm late thanking you. That also applies to Eefj95 and Alfie21. Thank you for the I love. I appreciate it!
  43. Thanks to AntigueToys Sunmoon2679 Lady_Picker! I didn't realize who had loved this brooch. So glad it caught your eye!
  44. Thank you Rancherswife for the love! I don't know when you posted but thanks for looking and loving this set!
  45. Got your message Eileen, see your email Sorry I missed your message earlier.
  46. LaurenRedmond- Thank you! I have a hand stand I bought at Michaels, but it has a broken finger. This one was another 'find'. I love that it is different and pretty. Photography is always a challenge,...
  47. Eileen, Thank you for the love and comment. I was also happily surprised at the condition of the pieces. Baby tooth Sorrento Trifari pieces are exorbitant. I wonder how many people actual pay that muc...
  48. Early 20th century. Made in Japan. After 1923, the set would be marked Made in Japan. so this set is from before then. Lovely hand painted decoration. Very nice find.
  49. lol that's no worries. more typos from me. lol.
  50. Daisy1000 thanks for lovely this brooch and sending it up to the top. What a nice surprise. Eileen, You are so supportive and I always love reading your comments. I feel a bit self-conscious respon...
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