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Trifari Rhinestone Starbust Cockade Brooch with Blue and Clear Stones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Patriotic Flag Jewelry Happy 4th of Jewelry Trifari, Carolee, Eisenberg, Monet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Clipmates (Duette) Brooches  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Coro Sterling Jelly Belly Angel Fish Duette - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Tiny Jelly Belly Turutle Brooch iwth Enamel and Rhinestones - Possibly Coro - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
An Americana Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Inspired 1940s Trifari Rose Fur Clip with long dangles. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Coro 1941 Moon Glo  Cab Rhinestone Dress/Fur Clip - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Gold filled Bangle Bracelets signed Dunn Brothers - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Coro Bird Cage Brooch from 1950  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Love your stories about rummage sales. They were special and these ladies are really trying to keep up the standards:)
  2. Hi Broochman, Eileen, and Newfld, Thanks for the fun comments and loves. Rummage sales like the thrifts seems to be falling by the wayside. But this was from last fall's sale where I found the Miriam ...
  3. These are beautiful. I inherited 2 operculums that I want to make into earrings. This is a wonderful find!
  4. Hi Valentino97, Love your spirit. Of course, everyone does have their nose in their phone. So true and funny. And thanks to collectors officialfuel jscott0363 valentino97 fortapache aura fo...
  5. Gosh, this is a really beautiful set. I love this company, but rarely, rarely find anything by them. Lucky you! Happy 4th!
  6. Hi Newfld and Toyrebel, Thanks for the Happy 4th appreciative comments. Eileen, Ha! Love your posts. I don't see anyone wearing brooches anywhere. I do wear them occasionally and used to every d...
  7. Hi Jenni, Thanks for the comment and love. Maureen
  8. Eileen, You're awesome! Thanks for the love and the comment. Love chatting about jewelry with you as you are so knowledgeable, witty, and enthusiastic. Actually, I have another clipmate brooch that i...
  9. Has an Art Deco look to me. Very elegant but not stuffy. Love this design.
  10. Hi Eileen, These clips are not marked, except sterling. However, only Coro put rhinestones into the jelly belly. Trifari never did that. Trifari also standardized the clip mechanism, while Coro made...
  11. I love the tiny plastic? dog charm. Also that black heart. Wonderful collection. Sweet and adorable!
  12. Hello Tharless62 and Eileen, I finally found this piece. How do people find things on this site? But this possible Schreiner brooch is the topic today. The stones are right, and it is true they didn'...
  13. Hi I agree with Ms.CrystalShip. Trifari and Coro used numbers for the stone setters, but Boucher used letters. However, when Boucher got the patent for the duette clip mechanism he was working for Ma...
  14. Eileen, A Trifari turtle? Too cute. I love turtles, too. Thanks for the kind words. Thanks for the love fortapache and Newfld.
  15. Eileen, That thrift was legendary here. It was my favorite thrift and probably will always be. It was well known that the donors also shopped at it and most of them came from the wealthiest zipcodes....
  16. Truthordare, I do enjoy looking at it. I wear it around the house. Did you post your char bracelet? Thanks Newfld, Manikin for the appreciative comments. Thanks to Aura, fortapache, watchsearcher, an...
  17. Old photographs are a treasure trove. Is this a commercial postcard or a personal photo? That's a huge fist!
  18. It's beautiful. I think Miriam Haskell had repeat designs and then unique creative ones. This is an elegantly creative design that's just gorgeous.
  19. Hi Freiheit, Gorgeous piece. When I first saw that circle of wire foundation, I thought that's maybe a Schreiner, but they didn't use that bar construction for the pin either, so pretty sure it isn't ...
  20. Hi Eileen, What a stunner. Love the red stone glimmering in the green. Beautiful.
  21. Newfld, Broochman (Is that Ken?) and Eileen, Thanks for the comments. It is so fun to share my pieces with the collectors here and to learn about others' collections. You see some amazing items poste...
  22. Right now Victorian is not popular. That's my take. But I think it will have a revival sometime. because the design is handsome. Some pieces like this one are very well made, and have easy to live wit...
  23. That deep amethyst purple is so regal! Gorgeous color and a timeless design.
  24. This is a beauty! You have such classic pieces in your collection. Timeless!
  25. These are beautiful. The round grapes pin in really elegant. I personally like a little patina on the pieces, but not so much that they are totally grungy. I like the look of that a jeweler's cloth ...
  26. Correction here. That 750 means 18K! Even better. Totally fantastic find. Congratulations!
  27. Where are these fabulous thrifts? I don't see anything like this is my area at all! ( I'm echoing Eileen here.) I guess I need to travel more.:)
  28. Whoa! what a find. VCA Van Cleef & Arpels!! 750 =14K gold!! That's fabulous. They are stunning.
  29. What is the stone in no3? It looks like a type of opal? These are stunning,
  30. Total Trifari fan here. Their design was always superb, color, balance and they also executed the designs with so much attention to detail, their work really can pass as 'real jewelry'.
  31. Love Art! Great Find!
  32. My favorite is the garnet brooch on the left just above the scarab pin. I think that is stunning, although actually all of them are really great in their own way. :)
  33. That is an awesome bracelet!
  34. Broochman and Eileen, Thanks for your kind comments and loves. And thanks to aura, Mary-N, and kwqd for the loves. It is really fun to share my collection with you and see your collections and finds....
  35. Hi You all have the info about dress clips and duettes or clipmates as they are called. Looking at the old movies is an excellent source for seeing how they were worn separately at the shoulders or to...
  36. Eileen, Really happy to hear you think it might be older. I don't know anything about this company and seldom find this bracelets. I think you have excellent taste and knowledge and the design doesn'...
  37. Beautiful!!
  38. Ok, this is probably crazy, but those navettes on the leaves that are poking you, are supposed to be a bug? They kinda look like one to me.
  39. Beautiful!!! Happy Mother's Day!
  40. Fabulous find. The verdigris is easily removed. If there are no pearls near by, a gentle wiping off with white vinegar should remove it. Research is the key, but surprisingly some of sellers do not b...
  41. Very cute and fun!
  42. Hi Eileen, I'm sure you aware that in most of the old pieces the pave stones are glued in. However, in some cases the little bead of metal that looks like a fake prong at the side of the setting was...
  43. Thanks for all the comments and loves. I love reading your reactions.
  44. Valentino97, Thanks for the appreciation.
  45. Rockit, Thanks, I do try to welcome it. Really I hardly find anything anymore, so when I see something interesting I don't pass it up:) Thanks for your encouraging post. We have to stay open to what c...
  46. Also, I looked in the Maryanne Dolan book She dates the rooster from the 1940s, so I guess they are not Art Deco.
  47. HI Broochman and Eileen. Thanks for the comments. I think the duck has a cute hat, but his beak is so large. I think he came out of the mold wrong:)
  48. Thanks for the feedback and loves: Newfld, Broochman, LaurenRedmond, Mrstyndall, Minikin, Ms.CrystalShip, arua, Purvis, Ben, Fortapache, Hel1 lisa. Thanks so much.
  49. Hi Eileen, I think the number is the identification number for the stone setter. I know both Mazer and Trifari used those numbers. Maybe others did also. I would like to change out the rhinestone...
  50. Trifari fan here. Love these! Beautiful.
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