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D&E Juliana Fall Color Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings - Wish I had the brooch, too! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1940s Sterling Marcasite Heart & Love Birds Brooch - Happy Valentines Day ! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
DeLizza & Elster Juliana Brooch, Bracelet & Earrings Set - Baroque Style - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Juliana Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Modern Porcelain Chocolate Box painted in the Antique Style - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
A 1930s Salt Shaker - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pickard Handpainted Torte Plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Trifari L'Orient Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Blue Enamel, Rhinestone and Pearl Brooch, circa 1960s. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari's  Sterling Rhinestone Pearl Shell Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I agree with nutsabotas6 - big is better. I think this fabulous brooch is from the late 1930s, maybe into 1940. The enamel, size and construction say that to me. It does have great design, but whose? ...
  2. Gorgeous! No tags? I'd research design archives. Maybe Gucci, Oscar di la Renta, or somebody else. Top notch find.
  3. Yes the white one is awesome. I'm voting it might be Schreiner. Here's a sold one on etsy. There are signed ones in other...
  4. Hi Mary, have you tried google arts and culture? You can search by museum, artist, or medium. Some museums have exhibitions up virtually. There's lots to see there.
  5. Hi Mary, Thanks for looking out for that. Lots of places open here, and we went through the limited people thing last summer. Really there aren't that many people going to some stores. Restaurants are...
  6. Eileen, I saw your cute story yesterday and thought I had commented. I guess I didn't hit the submit button. That is so sweet to have a four-legged friend up the road. I hope you'll be able to go up t...
  7. Over the top wonderful find. I love this designer and the stones are so coveted. Wow all around!
  8. Thanks Eileen, for all that good history. Now I know!
  9. Love learning about the company from you and the other collectors here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  10. Eileen, Good to know. I knew D&E manufactured for many companies. I didn't know Juliana was such a short lived line. So the Juliana jewelry on the isitjulianajewelry is not all Juliana. Interesting....
  11. I think it looks like early Mazer Bros. It's a beautiful brooch. I agree with your conclusion of the time period.
  12. Stunning detail with those tiny tesserae. It's beautiful.
  13. Hi Eileen, No trade secret here. I went to the antiques mall I rarely go to. I hadn't been there for months. Not surprising in 2020, right? A new dealer was there and her stuff is fabulous, and surpri...
  14. Thank you Jenni. I was surprised to find these as I haven't seen that many Juliana ever!
  15. Eileen, Do you know how they made the pink spots on the black beads look sugared? They really look like icing! Happy to push this back to the top, too.
  16. Awesome set and you have the original tag! Kudos on a great find.
  17. Awesome brooch! Welcome to Collectors' Weekly, too. Kramer of New York is a top designer. He designed for Christian Dior in the early 1950s. MsCrystalShip can tell you more. I think these are the alex...
  18. Eileen, I do have a guest room and it is waiting for you! I paid a pittance for this set, about 12% of what you suggested it might be worth, which is why I bought it. It was filthy when found, but di...
  19. Is that not so sweet. I love the adorable figurals. The expressions on the cats are so charming. Great find.
  20. What a fabulous antique! Thanks for posting these museum worthy objets d'art.
  21. Hi Mary, I'm the artist. A few years ago at an illustration workshop, ( I used to illustrate children's books) we had to do a mash-up of a favorite artist ( Kandinsky, for me), a favorite object ( for...
  22. Just as Eileen notes, this brooch is such an unusual design. I love the clear rhinestone pieces, too. I think they are timeless classics. Great find!
  23. Very elegant butterflies. Do you wear them all together? The Panetta is totally outstanding with those lovely cabochons. Beautiful!
  24. Thanks Jenni, I do love the convenience of looking on the site to see all the wonderful designs, and verify what you have. You don't have to go to the library to get the book. Lauren Richmond, Now th...
  25. I love those sugar beads. I saw a flower with them recently but the paint looked worn. This guy looks like he is in perfect mint condition. Brava! Another wonderful post.
  26. That's gorgeous, Love the red hearts. And a perfect valentine!
  27. Beautiful bracelet! I have the earrings that match! Well, pretty close. I'll post them.
  28. I think this is middle-eastern. I reminds me of the large pendants on Yemeni headdresses and necklaces.
  29. Lammerts - a St. Louis, landmark, and tradition for decades. Pretty set of furniture.
  30. What a beautiful display of gorgeous jewelry. I hope you find them all!! Wear them in good health always. Best, Maureen
  31. Eileen, You're so right. Klipphahn did the flowers, but someone else probably applied the raised paste which is the base for the design on the border and after that was fired, the gold was applied an...
  32. Vynil33rpm - what a poetic way to describe it. Thank you for that post and the love. Eileen, She is a little dear. Thanks for your comment and love. Always so nice to hear from you. Also thanks to...
  33. Eileen, Thanks dear friend. I paint better thank I write, that's for sure. Your Mother was a artist, that must have been fun! Have you posted the Wild Rose China?
  34. Coufall's grapes! Wonderful vibrant color! Beautiful Pickard plate, fabulous find.
  35. Gillian, I totally agree! Pickard Studio was the leader in the early 20th century. Many thanks for loves to fortapache Watchsearcher vetraio50 aura Newfld
  36. Thanks Jenni, I think she's cute and of course, she reminds me of my grandmother's wonderful country home. I appreciate the comment of love.
  37. Hi Gillian, I posted my 'signature'. Thanks! Jenni- Thanks for the love! and sweet comment!
  38. Love intricate charms. Fun to imagine the stories behind them.
  39. Gorgeous!
  40. Great brooch. It looks like it could be Juliana to me, but the experts will weigh in definitively, I'm sure.
  41. Love this turtle. I recently found a Gem-Craft bird. Thanks for the info on the mark. It will help me date my piece.
  42. Gorgeous brooch. I love the aquamarine stones!
  43. nutsabotas6 - Thank you so much for the comment and love. Yes, Trifari had some very high quality pieces. I see I'm missing a stone on the brooch, though! Got to get that replaced.:)
  44. Eileen, That snake clamper would be phenomenal to find. Never seen one in person, (yet!). Always hoping! Lori, Thanks for the love for this post, it is much appreciated!
  45. Wow, I just want to second everyone's comments. Truly a museum quality piece. Just awesome. Love your collections. Always learning something here! Thank you.
  46. MrsTyndall, Thanks for the lovely comment and click. Eileen, Thanks for the sweet comment and love.
  47. Hi Eileen, Glad to here you've been getting out. Thank you for the compliment. Yes the ad on is the same series. That is the only ad I've seen for the L'Orient series and I k...
  48. Nutsabotas6 - I have only seen one L'Orient ad which has the white enamel and coral cabochons. Have you seen other ads that have this brooch in it? I'd appreciate it if you could point me to them. T...
  49. Nutsabotas6 - Thanks for the info ( and love).
  50. Hi Mary, I don't know much about this design. It is from the 1960s so there is no patent reference. In looking through the patents, I see an early patent that seems to have a similar flower and leaf ...
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