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(For available jewelry, kindly visit: I'm a vintage costume jewelry collector and dealer who loves em' big and bold! I will (For available jewelry, kindly visit: I'm a vintage costume jewelry collector and dealer who loves em' big and bold! I will be sharing photos of pieces that are part of my personal collection and sold ones from my shop, The Opulent Hippo. Happy browsing and thank you for your time! (Read more)


  1. Hi Eileen @Ms.CrystalShip! I can't tell you much unless I see a photo of the hallmark itself, but I do believe if there are no copyright marks accompanying it and if the piece isn't too perfect, you s...
  2. @Ms.CrystalShip This was one of my favourite brooches, and I do regret selling most of them. But hey, I gotta eat and need funds for more jewelry! :P I'm sure it is the same for the company, but I'm g...
  3. @Ms.CrystalShip they've always been so expensive! I don't look for Hattie Carnegie jewelry often enough, but I have a weakness for rams :D
  4. @Ms.CrystalShip Thank you for your kind words! I haven't been posting because I have been moving around a lot, but I recently settled and will be slowly posting again eventually :)
  5. @Ms.CrystalShip Thank you hahaha
  6. Thank you, @Ms.CrystalShip!
  7. Hi catpony14, the only info I have is that this watch was featured in a magazine advertisement as KJL for Sheffield with a few other designs, but I'm not sure if they made the red-eyes version! Could ...
  8. Thank you, @bijoucaillouvintage!
  9. Thank you @lentilka11! Wish I had a better camera, but it's amazing what natural sunlight could do to an iPhone photo!
  10. @bijoucaillouvintage haha thanks!
  11. @antiquerose haha thanks! I never saw it that way, but what an interesting way to describe it!
  12. Thank you @kyratango!
  13. Hi nutsabotsas6! Unfortunately I don't; I feared losing those beads!
  14. Hello! I sold mine (a full crystal rhinestone version) awhile back for $1100; some rhinestones were missing but there were no major issues :) it is definitely worth more, but it really depends on the ...
  15. @YAYvintage LOL I wished I sold it for an arm and leg! It's a beautiful set, though :)
  16. Thanks @valentino97! Not yet; I bought it in preparation, haha!
  17. I'm taking a wild guess here, but your necklace could have been made by Roger Jean-Pierre due to the construction of the chain :)
  18. Thanks @inky and @racer4four!
  19. Thanks @TheNapierExpert! Thanks to your book, it is one of mine, too :)
  20. @Zowie thank you!
  21. @CindB it's a seal!
  22. Hi @heatherNS, I hope your friend loves it! It's a fantastic vintage piece!
  23. @racer4four Thank you!!!
  24. Thank you @SEAN68!
  25. Hello there! I actually have another version of that Florenza necklace for sale now. Email me at or just visit to see the necklace :)
  26. @nutsabotas6 thank you! Your goal is the same as mine; I adore the very ornate ones :)
  27. @TheNapierExpert THERE IS A MATCHING BRACELET?! I hope you find it soon!
  28. Me too, @FanciGirl!
  29. Thank you @racer4four!
  30. @valentino97 I have it in my instagram! Follow me @sammypong
  31. Thanks @valentino97! It looks so much better when worn :)
  32. Thanks @VirginiaIron! Yes, I was surprised at how new it looked too :)
  33. @nutsabotas I love Trifari for the many beautiful designs to choose from :)
  34. Thank you, @nutsabotas6 :) I try to pick great ones for my shop, The Opulent Hippo!
  35. Thank you, @nutsabotas6!
  36. @nutsabotas6 yes it is!
  37. Thank you @nutsabotas6 :)
  38. Thanks @AmberRose!
  39. Thanks @AmberRose!
  40. @nutsabotas6 Thank you! @valentino97 Glad to be able to share them here :) Thank you for looking!
  41. Love this article; so useful to identify Jonathan Bailey's work. I am a huge fan and recently acquired another bracelet and ring :)
  42. Thanks, @DrFluffy!
  43. @VirginiaIron thank you for the info!
  44. Thank you @Manikin!
  45. Seasons greeting to you too vetraio50! :D
  46. Thanks @inky! :) It is really nice!
  47. thank you @vintage1507!
  48. Hi @valentino97, thank you for the suggestion! That's brilliant!
  49. I thought so too @davyd286 because the tassels made it look like it has a mane, but the face has stripes! Perhaps it is a hybrid hehehe
  50. Thanks @valentino97!
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Things are looking up! My First CINER Find - A Large Blue Cabochon Jelly Belly, Rhinestone & Enamel Bee Hattie Carnegie Anteater Brooch Pin Trifari finds. CASTLECLIFF VRBA PENDANT