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I have always loved Antiques,Art and Jewelry. I mostly collect jewelry and love the older Costume Jewelry pieces. I have just started collecting Costume jewelry so mI have always loved Antiques,Art and Jewelry. I mostly collect jewelry and love the older Costume Jewelry pieces. I have just started collecting Costume jewelry so my collection is kinda small but love learning about it. I also became a new mom about a year ago to my beautiful son so this is a fun hobby for me when Mom needs or gets a break haha (Read more)


  1. David286 I'm sorry if my comment was confusing what I mean is it would help to know the era of the piece of jewelry when it was made... As some types of turquoise was more used in different eras. And ...
  2. The stone in the ring could be Spiderweb Kingman its very hard to guess ,there are so many types of American Turquoise mines and it would also depend on the age. Some mines are no longer active.
  3. Such cute Pictures ! Much love to the kitties!
  4. I'm thinking it could be a Schreiner pendant?.
  5. I love the old 9 ct jewelry Also the stones I see in the older 9ct seem to be of very good quality.
  6. I love these!
  7. Dang Stillwater NICE!!!
  8. That totally screams imperial topaz it has that perfect imperial color,I love citrine but the imperial topaz is just stunning. Beautiful find
  9. Looks to be old mine cut,very speacial indeed
  10. Could it be Carnelian?
  11. Stunning!
  12. The heart stones look like a Gem called Rhodonite.
  13. Would love to see close up pictures if you get a chance.
  14. Schreiner was famous for its bib necklaces, and if the clip backs have donut hole back im betting it Schreiner
  15. Its Beautiful! Im not sure about your box But I think your necklace could be by schreiner which is very sought after!
  16. That is so Pretty!
  17. Aww this is so Sweet, Thanks for posting and glad to have you on CW !
  18. Omg I thought it was a Moonstone at first when I saw picture! So Pretty!!
  19. Adorable!
  20. Beautiful!!!!!
  21. Moonstone you are so right about opals not being bad luck i have read the same and also i have heard indeed debeers did participate with that ridiculous rumor because they.wanted diamond sales not to...
  22. Wow Love it! I always know when you post jewelry im gonna love it
  23. Totally love it!
  24. Beautiful
  25. Awesome find and the pin looks sherman to me
  26. Click on the spare room under first dibs it will show price
  27. Awe your such a Sweetie! Thanks for posting and having great taste in jewelry!
  28. Sure I love it talking bout jewelry never bores on store above it I believe it will show price
  29. I Love the color of these stones also.I'm sure this ring is even better in person!
  30. Its a website called first dibs and they have different vendors that sell antique jewelry.So on the search just type in antique chrysoberyl ring. Its very comparible to yours I think. I'm glad I could...
  31. Ok I just saw one simlar to yours on first dibs they are asking almost 7,000
  32. The Malachite looks to be very high quality dont you think?
  33. Hey thats Awesome! Im no jewelry appraiser but I think this ring would be worth at least 5,000. I remember seeing something similar like this and it was quite a bit.
  34. I would consider this ring a great Cocktail ring you could dress it or up or even wear it with jeans and a tee. Its sure to start conversation.
  35. Rare piece and I love the grape jelly color that the Amethysts have, You dont see it that much. I also love the purple ring box!
  36. Yea I agree with valentino97!
  37. You should do a jewelry book with your collection . I would buy the book. I love jewelry books with great photos and there arent enough out there!
  38. Coral or conch shell? Hmmm
  39. Antique Amethysts are the so pretty! Love this
  40. Agram.m im not sure about why there are six instead of 5 but I do think its a georgian piece.
  41. Awesome cant wait to find out! You have great rare finds!
  42. Have you noticed sometimes how a jewelrystore owner wont know what stone it is and will say something other then another jewelry store says. It always good to get a few opinions as I know you as a jew...
  43. Could be color change Sapphire or Alexandrite. Whatever stone it is its very pretty!
  44. Moonstonelover21 I to am single mom and my son is 2 dont you love those deadbeat dads out there! Its ridiculous !but I have such a respect for single moms raising their children we moms are all ar...
  45. Your twelve year old is a smart girl! I agree with the rules of giving it out, I to have lost jewelry not being smart selling when I was younger for nothing or a few rings my mom gave me and I lost t...
  46. Sure anytime! Thanks for sharing your beauties on CW and I bet your daughters love looking in your jewelrybox and seeing the jewels they will inherit!!
  47. Yes Moonstonelover this is a Beautiful ring and when I first saw it I thought georgian chrysoberyl!
  48. Im wondering if the stones are actually chrysoberyl which are pretty rare and were used in Georgian pieces.?
  49. Could it be a Georg Jensen piece?
  50. This is really Beautiful
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