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I love things with a history and a story to tell; objects of beauty, unusual things, as well as kitchy and fanciful things.


  1. Thanks Dav2! I checked out elizabeth lamont website. Great find!
  2. Stunning!
  3. Just lovely!!
  4. Hello Agram! Your collections have grown! and they are very fine! So many micro mosaics! Thought I'd say hello and wish you well.
  5. Hi Hedge! Hope you are well! Just wanted to say hello. You were way ahead of your time with the glowy glass. As you must know it is so popular now! I have a few pieces of my own now. I always admired ...
  6. Tricky to photograph but you were able to show us the stunning enamel detail. It's a keeper Vetraio!
  7. Thanks Nicefice! The kitty is feisty...
  8. Thanks nicefice! She is a tiny terror ;)
  9. Good to know, thanks Celine!
  10. Could be Celiene, thanks. Wish the one on the right wasn't missising a piece :( Can't think of an inexpensive way to repair that... Happy New Year!
  11. Adorable. Happy New Year Hedge!!!
  12. Amazing!
  13. Happy New Year Vetraio!!!!! (The emoticons didn't register properly above!)
  14. Happy New Year Vetraio!!????
  15. Ho2, thanks!
  16. Happy New Urars Hedge my friend!!! Hope all is well :)
  17. Seasons Greetings to you dear Vetraio!
  18. These Jensen earrings are amazing!!
  19. I love this!
  20. Glad you like it Katherinescollections! Thanks :)
  21. Thanks Ozmarty! Will check out your link and let you know if they come up with anything. Thanks Agram. Good to hear from you! Happy New Year.
  22. very nice Hedgewalker! Happy New Year!
  23. Thanks fhrjr2 maybe that's what it is. Seems a bit small for wooden matches though. Was yours that small? Thanks Vetraio and Racer4!
  24. Those question marks were supposed to be a smiley emoticon :)
  25. Hi Sean! nice to hear from you. Hope you are well! Happy Holidays to you????
  26. Hey Hedge! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Hope you are well old friend.
  27. Thanks for your input Spiko. Good to know! The pug looks exactly the same quite right.
  28. Thanks Vetraio! Warm and merry wishes to you as well!!
  29. They are gorgeous!
  30. Great, enjoy it!
  31. Nice find Amber!
  32. Amazing story. How lucky you were to have grown in such an interesting place. Thanks again for sharing.
  33. Thanks Musikchoo! I checked out your abalone opera glasses, very nice, I love the purple case!
  34. Love the Maxfield Parish and the bowling pins and love the heart diagrams! It's all great, thanks for sharing.
  35. Thanks Toolate2, A&RJason, Mikko, Vintageangel, Crabbykins, Amber and Bellin for your comments and love!
  36. Birdie, thanks for your kind comments! Thanks Vetraio and Mustangtony for the love!
  37. Haha Oz, who's harem?
  38. Back at ya AmberRose! Thanks Disneypoppop! Thanks Angram.m!
  39. I agree Amber, this is great!
  40. Hey AmberRose! Many Happy Wishes to you for the holiday season!!
  41. Hi Jim, I really appreciate your input. I had not one clue about this vase, which by the way I have no plans to let go of. You have given me some valuable information! You and others who are so gene...
  42. Sorry, Jim, I should say :)
  43. Jwendell222, Thank you so much! Do you know if it was common in the early 1900's for repro Chengua pieces to be made?
  44. Well done Tamara! Beautiful set.
  45. These are stunning Vetraio!
  46. Bellin, Thanks, you are a sweeetheart! Hugs.
  47. Thank you so much Vetraio and same to you my friend!!
  48. Pretty Hedge!!
  49. Hey Mikko, Thanks for your response and observations. I bet your era guessing is correct. You have a good eye. I will try to get a close up of the settings and clasp up soon. Thanks again!
  50. Thanks Kerry and Birdie for the loves!
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