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Eastern Massachusetts

Hello! I've newly discovered this community, and what a terrific find...a diversified network of folks, who share in a common passion, for all things, "old". PleaHello! I've newly discovered this community, and what a terrific find...a diversified network of folks, who share in a common passion, for all things, "old". Please bear with me, while I become settled in, and make more contributions, while also exploring, the many wonderful finds, and collections, shared here! (Read more)


  1. Greetings, fellow lamp collector! I noticed your lovely lamps, and thought you may like to know, that I have a newly emerging lamp group, dedicated exclusively to fine & higher-end, Victorian era O...
  2. Thanks, Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  3. Thank you so much, CindB!
  4. I am hoping to confirm attribution, for this example. I have been advised, from a knowledgeable Bohemian Glass group on FB, that any sort of publication, which depicts any pictorial reference to thes...
  5. Thank you, SEAN68!
  6. @ packrat-place: Thank you, for stopping by, & expressing your appreciation!
  7. @ Pop_abides: I simply, LOVE stats!! Thank you, for sharing that link! @ packrat-place: What a terrific periodical! Have you ever, flipped through, it's contents? I'm curious, as to what sorts of...
  9. Addendum: last one, I promise : ) Gorham "Chantilly" 1895, did produce a "Beef fork / small size" in 6 1/4". The final, determining factor, as to which fork it is, would be on how wide, the tine-sp...
  10. Addendum: More specifically, an "individual" salad fork, which measure on average, of 6 3/8", as compared to, a "place size", salad fork, which are a bit longer, than "individual", and average 6 3/4".
  11. Hi Bootson...this service piece, is a salad fork. I too, collect older Gorham, ["Lion - Anchor - G"], mainly, in the Buttercup pattern. Gorham's salad forks, are denoted, by their 4th, wider / scoop...
  12. Thank you, michelleamieux, for your appreciation!
  13. Hi Bernie...this is a pretty piece, indeed! : ) Here's what I think...quite often, [when it comes to Repousse], if the piece is not sterling, then in most cases, the piece is silver-on-copper. I c...
  14. The Gothic "S" represents the assay mark, for Sheffield, England. Below, is a great resource, for identifying hallmarks, for English silver plate / electroplate on nickel silver. http://www.silver...
  15. The gram weight measurement, simply refers to the standard of plating used, in the Netherlands. Similar to, Meriden / Wilcox, CT, using the term, "Quadruple Plate", here, in the U.S. I think it's ...
  16. Thank you, so much, again, bratjdd : )
  17. Thank you, bratjdd!
  18. eyesopen: Thank you, for your comment, & luv : ) [Dutch ash tray]. Your cup/saucer set, is of silverplate, made by Gero, [Gerofabriek], Zeist, Netherlands, which was founded in 1909, as M. J. Gerr...
  19. @ Bernie: Thanks again! On pieces, similar, the hallmark, is usually discretely placed, near/amongst the depicted scene. Sometimes, it blends in, so well, that you can easily miss it!
  20. Thank you, pickrknows, for the love!
  21. Gearpunk...thank you, so much, for the love. What a beautiful collection, of pocket watches, you have! Very, very, nice, indeed!
  22. Oooooo....I so need, one of those!!! Super find!!
  23. P.S. ~ You may wish to relocate this listing, to perhaps, the "Kitchen" catagory, as this is the "Sterling" category, & your piece is Pewter.
  24. This is a pewter mug, from Wilton Columbia, Pewterers. The company, now goes under the name:
  25. Aztecrob: providing a photo, of the stamped info., on the back of this piece, would be extremely helpful.
  26. Good morning, vetraio50, & thank you, for the love! I know, the dating & assay, are true & correct, as I made a note, when I first acquired them, but didn't note the initials. At the moment, I just ...
  27. Well, I'll be darned, Hedgewalker....then it is true...this piece would be, right at home, within the best of man-caves!! : )
  28. Lol! Thank you, Bellin68...if it wasn't for the "lacey" edging, it would so be, a "man" piece! : )
  29. Why...thank u, dear : )
  30. Thanks, Love.anything.old!
  31. Every time, I look at this sign, it invokes a smile...thank you, for that! Sharon
  32. Thank you, Michael! ; )
  33. Thank you, pickrknows!
  34. Ah do have another one! lol This is a newer one, changing "gas" to "oil". This is great! : )
  35. Wow!! My Dad, would have LOVED this sign! He virtually spent, his entire working life, at Mobil, East Boston. It's not "rough" has character, & it's very cool!
  36. More sincere thank u's, go out to: Deanteaks | Hedgewalker & officialfuel...I just happened to be checking in, here, when I noticed, that you all had stopped by. You guys, are just great, for showing...
  37. Sincere thanks, Hedgewalker, for showing so much love!!
  38. Thanks, Hedgewalker!
  39. Wow! Stunning! I'm so sorry, you had to let this treasure go : ( What a difficult decision to make, indeed.
  40. @ Deanteaks: Thank you, again : )
  41. Thank you, vetraio50 & vintagemad!
  42. Thanks for the love, Deanteaks!
  43. Hello Deanteaks! I happened upon this listing, and thought I'd share this resource w/ you, [and any others, who read this], in case you haven't already bookmarked it - comprehensive, sterling, world-...
  44. Thank U's to: nwclocks | pickrknows | bratjdd | stepback_antiques | timbaran - for all of your likes & loves, and dropping by!
  45. @ Bellin68: Thank you! ; )
  46. I just love, seeded glass...very nice piece!
  47. Hello, AnnieinTX: I too, collect select pieces of silver plate, from Meriden. The Meriden Silver Plate Co. was founded in 1869 in Meriden, Connecticut by Charles Casper. They were one of the ori...
  48. I sure do, wolcott1...I sure do. They are the only thing, which I have of her, sadly, so when I do wear them, it helps me...remember...
  49. @ scandinavian_pieces | toolate2 | vintagemad: Thank you, kindly, for the love!
  50. @ Manikin: Wow!! You did solved this mystery, and I can now, mark this listing, as "solved"! Well done, Manikin, and thank you, ever so much!! : ) Whoo hoo!!
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Bradley and hubard lamps  June, 1906 issue of "The Musician" magazine Sterling? Ashtray Hampden  Watch  CHRISTIAN F HEISE SILVER STRAINER 1929.  Outstanding Antique Tiger Oak Hotel Washstand Serpetine Front Antique Oak Two Door Cabinet...Beveled Oval Mirrors...Two Drawers With Key Fenton Fern and Daisy Lamp Silver tray Daum + Nancy France c.1935. Faux pearls by Marvella Late 1800's Pie Safe Early 1900's Hanging Spice Cabinet 1890's American Victorian Stained Glass Window


Mobiloil...Porcelain Double Sided Pedestal Sign...Three Colors Mobilgas Socony Vacuum...Double Sided Porcelain Sign...Three Colors...1939 A month of searching and polishing Navette peasant silver brooch 6 Sterling Dessert Spoons Continental (Europe) Renaissance Rivival not antique, vintage OR collectible...just fresh snow


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