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Rhode Island

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I started my business in 1984, and have built this business on a national reputation of quality craftsmanship with a special sensitivity towards the finishing of eveI started my business in 1984, and have built this business on a national reputation of quality craftsmanship with a special sensitivity towards the finishing of every piece. I have repaired & reconstructed everything from historically important tankards, tea services, and tureens to disposal-damaged and dishwasher-dulled flatware. You'll appreciate my spotless dent removal. Will I repair or polish a single spoon? Absolutely! I consider myself an environmentalist, using the safest, non-toxic, organic products available. My workshop is state-of-the-art in safety and cleanliness. Before I started my own business, I worked at Gorham as a designer, sample maker, and technical illustrator. Upon leaving Gorham, I took a position at Pilz Ltd. where I learned the fine art of restoration, and fabricated mass-produced ecclesiastical ware. I earned a BFA degree in silversmithing and jewelry making from Maine College of Art in Portland, where I studied under Harold Schremmer and Ernest Thompson - two outstanding designer/craftsmen. I am the founder of the Society of American Silversmiths. (Read more)


  1. kyratango, I use liver of sulfur gel, but better to leave this type of work to the pros ;~). This is the product I use:
  2. It appears to be white metal or pewter.
  3. Very nice! You can clean it with hand sanitizer so it gleams again!! Check-out The Care of Silver which will guide you through cleaning, polishing, storing, and protecting your silver: https://herman...
  4. For polishing, take a look at my Silver Care Guide:
  5. Nice repair!
  6. Stillwater, dirty silver is as appealing as dirty paintings. Silver is meant to be seen as silver and not a golden color.
  7. This is definitely a bon bon spoon. I was unable to find a comparable spoon back in my search. I doubt there was a monogram on the back because but you'll notice there is a monogram area on the front...
  8. Removing tarnish will not harm the value. Removing applied patina or patina that has built up over the years is the problem. The cup on the left is considered dirty in the world of conservation. Even ...
  9. Thank you all for the compliments!
  10. The piece wasn't vandalized! It had chased lettering, probably done at Jensen, and I filled it in (see left image).
  11. May I ask where you brought the piece to be repaired?
  12. Did they say why they removed the rim? And, I hope they didn't charge you for the cleaning.
  13. Thanks to all of your heartfelt comments.
  14. Another hearty thank you for the the additional compliments. Please let me know if I can answer any silver-related questions you may have.
  15. AmverRose: Keep complimenting me like that and all your restorations will be free ;~) Happy Holidays to you, too.
  16. scottvez: When you have 27 years of experience and the right tools, the process can move pretty quickly.
  17. Thank you for the compliments! The entire set ( ran about 20 hours in labor.
  18. How did I get into repairs? How about if I just cut-and-paste my "about me" shpiel: I started my business in 1984, and have built this business on a national reputation of quality craftsmanship wit...
  19. Thank you all for the kind compliments! I love what I do and can't wait to get to the workshop in the morning. I hope your lives are just as fulfilled.
  20. Please feel free to contact me if you can't find answers to your questions on my Web site:
  21. Hi Mike, Since you're just starting to collect, you may want to read my Silver Care Guide: My guide will eliminate any confusion as to what polishes to use, an...
  22. Use a 10x loupe and look over every square inch of the piece. I'm 99 percent sure it's Mexican.
  23. That's one gorgeous piece!
  24. If it's sterling, it would be hallmarked or have sterling, .925, or 925/1000 somewhere on the piece. Use a 10x loupe and inspect every inch of the piece, even inside the top collar.
  25. What information were you looking for?
  26. Hello Joyful, I assure you, those spoons definitely were not manufactured that way (you can see an image of one here:
  27. That's a beautiful ewer. It's sterling and made in London. Unfortunately, the other marks are too faint to make out. The ivory "inlay" are actually insulators used to keep the handle from getting too ...
  28. Thanks for the compliment! I've been smithing since high school - 37 years. Check out my Web site: It was a fairly easy job, but very time consuming. Jensen silve...
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Georg Jensen Tankard Restoration STERLING BOWL bailey and co large silver pitcher