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Never judge a book by it's cover and this goes for collecting things...One man's trash is another man's treasure


  1. Oh thats a shame, it shows a flight attendant wearing them and the date. I will try to find the other site for you.
  2. Hi, I think the shoe is from 1991 if you check out the link below you will see it looks like the shoes towards the bottom under 1991. Hope this helps, I may have another site to look at if I can find ...
  3. Oh thats similar to my red one, love it.
  4. Oh my god this is super , love the colour it really pops. Awesome...
  5. Hi everyone just wondering if anyone could tell me more about this item :)
  6. Just wondering if anyone was able to provide more info on this item :)
  7. this is to die for - love it
  8. Love this as well my parents have the same one in their sauna.
  9. Thank you Manikin
  10. beautiful , I love would love this piece - great buy.
  11. this is lovely
  12. beautiful love the colour
  13. Yes I sort of recall my grandparents also having a tray that was made the same way and my mum had a red and white tray. I really like it for some reason.
  14. Thanks racer4four I love it too the centre section before the rim is pretty narrow and I think thats what makes it more appealing to the eye.
  15. Beautiful colour
  16. This is one of my favourite tea pots from Arabia - Finland. My mum has the complete set . It actually can be used for coffee in Finland (very strong coffee).
  17. Sorry racer4four thought I had uploaded these two additional pics not sure if these will help at all. The rim has a little crack as seen in the picture.
  18. Thank everyone and thank you Trey
  19. Thanks Efesgirl so informative
  20. Thank you Virginia.vintage
  21. Thank you Efesgirl and Sean68 I think its beautiful as well its so bright
  22. Thanks Efesgirl again for all the information
  23. Yes the glass bubbles are inline with each other Geodejem and I do love it kennethblanc
  24. Thank you Efesgirl and antiquerose for the information
  25. They are very simple but I love them Sean68
  26. Divine
  27. Beautiful
  28. This is to die for you are very lucky. This exactly what I have been chasing for myself as I have some seats in my lounge with a similar colour, All I can say is beautiful and I love it
  29. Thank you everyone and yes it was a nice birthday gift. I am in the process of doing up a nice little bookcase and trying to find a radio chair I like and will combine the three in the house somewhere.
  30. Yes I did but I couldn't find anything with the same logo as the one on the bottom
  31. Thanks nutsabotas6, yes 50 cents was a great buy and its a lovely little piece.
  32. Thank you again racer4four
  33. My grandmother is from Finland
  34. Thanks, are these old or something that is still being used?
  35. Thank you racer4four, I am very new to this . I have however collected lots of bits and pieces over the years and I am sure some ( maybe most ) of it is just rubbish with no actual value but I just li...
  36. The height of the vase is almost 27cms
  37. Thanks antiquerose would you know what year this would be from?
  38. love it
  39. Love this piece nice purchase
  40. Thanks TallCakes
  41. Thanks Efesgirl I like it too, I seem to be finding everything in greens and oranges lately. It sits in my front hallway as I think its too pretty to tuck away in a bedroom.
  42. Can anyone tell more about this , also I forgot to mention it has a silk lining.
  43. love , love this .
  44. Love these
  45. Oh thank you Efesgirl I like it to. I don't mind if my random things I find or are given aren't true antiques as they do have some value to me. Everything I have got has always popped out at me in som...
  46. Hi yes there is on the spoon , as I have terrible eye sight I will need to ask someone to have a look for me.
  47. Sorry I can't see what it says I will have to ask someone to look for me again, I have an autoimmune disorder so my vision is shocking even with glasses..
  48. Thank you I did actually read that site once before, I will need to have a good read again.
  49. The stone itself has two little sections that have a little bit missing otherwise fine the stone is not smooth like a pearl or polished gems its seems like a lot has not been done to it.
  50. Hi, it could be 15CT my vision is not the best and I asked someone else to they said the same as me. However I have had a look again and I think it is 15CT. Just wondering if it is worth anything and ...
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