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Never judge a book by it's cover and this goes for collecting things...One man's trash is another man's treasure


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Table lamp - Lampsin Lamps
70's Drinking glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Pottery Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Unknown Vase  - Potteryin Pottery
1968-Beswick-Apollo-Footed-Preserve-Jam-Pot-Cup-White-Blue-No-Lid  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Peek Freans Biscuit Sign - Signsin Signs
Blue iittala candle holders - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mini Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Rose coloured glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Oh thats a shame, it shows a flight attendant wearing them and the date. I will try to find the other site for you.
  2. Hi, I think the shoe is from 1991 if you check out the link below you will see it looks like the shoes towards the bottom under 1991. Hope this helps, I may have another site to look at if I can find ...
  3. Oh thats similar to my red one, love it.
  4. Oh my god this is super , love the colour it really pops. Awesome...
  5. Hi everyone just wondering if anyone could tell me more about this item :)
  6. Just wondering if anyone was able to provide more info on this item :)
  7. this is to die for - love it
  8. Love this as well my parents have the same one in their sauna.
  9. Thank you Manikin
  10. beautiful , I love would love this piece - great buy.
  11. this is lovely
  12. beautiful love the colour
  13. Yes I sort of recall my grandparents also having a tray that was made the same way and my mum had a red and white tray. I really like it for some reason.
  14. Thanks racer4four I love it too the centre section before the rim is pretty narrow and I think thats what makes it more appealing to the eye.
  15. Beautiful colour
  16. This is one of my favourite tea pots from Arabia - Finland. My mum has the complete set . It actually can be used for coffee in Finland (very strong coffee).
  17. Sorry racer4four thought I had uploaded these two additional pics not sure if these will help at all. The rim has a little crack as seen in the picture.
  18. So many beautiful pieces in your collection.
  19. Love this think my mum may have this one - beautiful
  20. Thank everyone and thank you Trey
  21. Thanks Efesgirl so informative
  22. Thank you Virginia.vintage
  23. Thank you Efesgirl and Sean68 I think its beautiful as well its so bright
  24. Thanks Efesgirl again for all the information
  25. Yes the glass bubbles are inline with each other Geodejem and I do love it kennethblanc
  26. Thank you Efesgirl and antiquerose for the information
  27. They are very simple but I love them Sean68
  28. Divine
  29. Beautiful
  30. This is to die for you are very lucky. This exactly what I have been chasing for myself as I have some seats in my lounge with a similar colour, All I can say is beautiful and I love it
  31. Thank you everyone and yes it was a nice birthday gift. I am in the process of doing up a nice little bookcase and trying to find a radio chair I like and will combine the three in the house somewhere.
  32. Yes I did but I couldn't find anything with the same logo as the one on the bottom
  33. Thanks nutsabotas6, yes 50 cents was a great buy and its a lovely little piece.
  34. Thank you again racer4four
  35. My grandmother is from Finland
  36. Thanks, are these old or something that is still being used?
  37. Thank you racer4four, I am very new to this . I have however collected lots of bits and pieces over the years and I am sure some ( maybe most ) of it is just rubbish with no actual value but I just li...
  38. The height of the vase is almost 27cms
  39. Thanks antiquerose would you know what year this would be from?
  40. love it
  41. Stunning piece and I love your collection some really beautiful pieces many that I would collect myself ( if only I had the know-how). Thanks for sharing all the things you have , I am so glad I came...
  42. Love this
  43. Love this piece nice purchase
  44. Thanks TallCakes
  45. Thanks Efesgirl I like it too, I seem to be finding everything in greens and oranges lately. It sits in my front hallway as I think its too pretty to tuck away in a bedroom.
  46. Can anyone tell more about this , also I forgot to mention it has a silk lining.
  47. love , love this .
  48. Love these
  49. Oh thank you Efesgirl I like it to. I don't mind if my random things I find or are given aren't true antiques as they do have some value to me. Everything I have got has always popped out at me in som...
  50. Hi yes there is on the spoon , as I have terrible eye sight I will need to ask someone to have a look for me.
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