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FOUND: Lionel 2023 SP Orange Passenger Set  - Model Trainsin Model Trains
FOUND: Rörstrand Weedpot (Vase) by Gunnar Nylund  - Potteryin Pottery
Niels Jorgen Haugesen Chairs Model OD80 Produced by Oddense Maskinsnedkeri - Furniturein Furniture
1965 Magnavox Micromatic Console Record Player - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
* S  T  R  E  S  S  L  E  S  S  *  - Furniturein Furniture
Doyle Lane Sweetheart Weedpot  - Potteryin Pottery
Paul Hanson Desk Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Walter Lamb or Kipp Stewart or ??  - Furniturein Furniture
Anchor Hockings' Fire King Turquoise - Glasswarein Glassware
O'Dell Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you Gentlemen - I agree!!!!
  2. Nice Research - Thanks you for sharing !!!
  3. :))) Best Regards!
  4. The room is slowly coming together - we moved from an early 20th century farmhouse with the many parlours and enclosed rooms, into a 1962 Mid Century Ranch - could NOT ignore the open architecture and...
  5. Kuura - designed by Tapio Wirkkala ??
  6. Hahahaha, you and about 40 other people who had all pulled up chairs around the house picking through the boxes, tables, and more boxes of the stuff !!!
  7. Ohhh yesss ... that Salisian piece is lovely, great find! I like the thick glaze on these pots. I recently found an Arch Pike piece which also has this style glaze - but because he fired his work in a...
  8. These are capturing many peoples imaginations of late @ho2cultcha - Doyle Lane produced some amazing work during his life, and his story of living in east L.A., creating his art during the turbulent m...
  9. Thank you @amatoorPikr for the very cool definition ... perfect for these typically small vessels with just enough room to hold a single flower or two. I love the glaze on this one too!
  10. Thanks for the guidance, Sean. It seems that company was in existence for a long time and over the years produced a lot of product. BTW - love your Iittala vases - beautiful!
  11. Maybe you are right ! An alloy of copper and tin is called bronze. An alloy of copper and zinc is called brass. Hmmm ...
  12. Keeping my eyes open !!!
  13. Thanks! You know these are mid century Thonet loungers (with original upholstery) !!
  14. Thanks for the hint @ho2cultcha !!! Yes, yes just checking if you guys actually read these posts :) This old box had the ice on the bottom and it seemed weird it was designed that way given the phys...
  15. 10' woofers and a sound that can't come from a small box enclosure. Yep, Perry Como's christmas has never sounded so good :)
  16. I thought so too, the chrome polish pulled years of oxidation off the surface of the trays leaving them shiny and bright. I particularly like that they re-used old bits of odds and ends to such wonde...
  17. Thanks Gillian - I spent last Sunday perusing a few of the catalogs to no avail and read many, many of the various requests for information about bentwood chairs on the web; of course this style has ...
  18. Nice !!!
  19. I was referred to the Thonet website, forwarded pictures and a request and received this today from Thonet: Dear Robert, Your beautiful chair No.393-S3 was produced around 1900 in one of the TH...
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