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avid collector of everything and anything, i do like the odd and the wierd


  1. looks like bone or ivory but could turn out to be resin, run it under the tap and or wash in water with a touch of washing up liquid, this wont hurt it. a lot of this kind of statues are found in the ...
  2. Another thing I have noticed, unlike most spoon warmers, this one does not have a lid, there is not a place to add one and no signs of hinges ect
  3. thankyou, it's a good looking and interesting item.
  4. Really nice looking figure. I have one but in a different pose, i'm also unsure of the wood, so i shall watch for answers :)
  5. love this, really interesting. ian
  6. ty shawnl86 its a really interesting piece.....
  7. Hi Its been a while since i last commented.....but since then i have researched my own one of these and now much more about them. They tend to be Peruvian in origin and can date back as much as 1000...
  8. really good looking collection.
  9. :) ty Bellin68 for the comment, its a good saying :)
  10. ty lundy they are depicting the mayan calender....and of particular interest now that we have reached 2012.....i believe they date to approx the 1970's. ian
  11. its mayan in my opinion and is so good looking :)
  12. the film is called " the man who saved christmad " 2002 tv film, its about ac gilbert and his life :)
  13. if you have not seen it have a look for the christmas film about him and the erector set, its excellent.
  14. gladstone leather bag is probably GPO or Doctors approx 1930's
  15. looks to me like a Chinese bronze...
  16. hi thay are very nice looking, but i have my doubts on wether they are ivory, a lot of this sort of ware is produced in ox bone and resin, a hot needle test would be a help. Find an area that is hidd...
  17. hi, thats a beautifully displayed set, I would however not say that they were that old, maybe 10/15 yrs maybe. I have the same set myself although mine are not in such a nice display box. It would be ...
  18. how strange but fantastic at the same time
  19. wow love it, i have a part of one that i've had for years and didn't know what it was
  20. what a wonderful item, would love one
  21. wow if its the same as i saw on google then its worth a lot
  22. thats a beauty
  23. hi i have one thats very similar, the headdress on mine is more of a scorpians tail, but they appear to come from the same place
  24. these are great
  25. mmm smoking could be, there could of been pipes comming out the four holes.......but that wouldn't explain why it has the flap system underneath, the flap blocks objects but wouldn't stop smoke filter...
  26. thanks for that info....its great to find these things out cheers ian
  27. i will get some close ups....
  28. i will take some further pictures of mine which will show the rough workings. I am just so so pleased to have something similar to mine after searching for so long. tHE MAIN PROBLEM I HAVE HAD IS NO...
  29. since i started my researchi have found that mine is 19th century and possible comes from kazikstan or a region around there. i have been lead to believe that it is some sort of alter piece but this i...
  30. wow sorry i'm just so so thrilled to find such similar items....are you in the uk or america.....i have a few questions regarding yours if you have the time....
  31. hi please check out my items on here i have a similar item, mine looks more advanced but i have been searching for two years for an answer to its use and proper origin ian
  32. chemicals were not always used to make is a link this explains the procedure including using a pan to melt and pour liquid...
  33. i would say it was used by chemists...the mixture was heated via the base and then poured into moulds.....they made supposettries and alike this way....
  34. really love these
  35. apparently this particular set has four in it, but they have produced hundreds of different items like it.
  36. hi he's a Bisque 'Schaffer Vater' vesta holder and ashtray, when you put a cigarette in his mouth smoke comes out of his ears......
  37. thanks, i will take some later...
  38. lol thanks for the comment, he is rather wierd...not really officer material but might be a desert fox :)
  39. very nice indeed
  40. thankyou, didn't think it worth much but i only paid £1 so not bad.....wont worry about fixing it up cheers for the info ian
  41. great item
  42. they look like ox bone to me
  43. looks real enough to me, they produce a lot of these in Indonesia
  44. ahhh makes sense, thankyou very much ian
  45. hi many thanks for the information, can i ask what makes you think that its 1900 or before.... ian
  46. hi thanks for the comment, the maker is meopta praha and is made in czechoslovakia
  47. great looking object, i reckon either for a candle or matches
  48. hi they could be carbed bone but would need some close ups to really tell but they could also be resin, i have a couple of chinese figures on the same bases as yours and they are a resin
  49. love this
  50. as far as i'm aware these are incense burners from india, they use a black sticky incense and these are held and waved from side to side, i have one very similar to these, i'll get a picture later and...
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