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roxboro, nc, USA

My grandfather was a furniture maker and I was always intrigued watching him. Unfortunately I was to young and not smart enough to learn his trade, or take the toolMy grandfather was a furniture maker and I was always intrigued watching him. Unfortunately I was to young and not smart enough to learn his trade, or take the tools when they were offered to me. (I do have his hand made tool box though, still smells like whiskey). Now I'm 56 and find myself unemployed, I've done some buying and refinishing furniture (mostly cedar) and actually sold a few pieces. A few months ago I ran across a couple of old trunks at an estate sale (one being the blue monitor I did for my daughter) bought them for 25 bucks and just became spellbound with them and the history. So I've been doing research and picking the brains of people like trunker marvin and now I'm hooked. I've got a nice little collection going and am now refurbishing a few. Hopefully I can make a little money, but if not at least I've kept my brain fresh and my body active. "Refining Yesterday For Tomorrow" (Read more)


  1. Be glad for you to have the trunk if you can arrange pickup. I've had several surgerys lately so not getting around well Senor_trunk
  2. Trunk man, did the key I sent work. That lock was just like the one I had on my Jenny Lind, same manufacturer, looks like from between 1850 and 1870 Senor_trunk
  3. thanks everyone. Imagine what a great surprise to see that beautiful mahogany under all that black paint. I gave these tables to my son as a house warming gift, however I have seen them selling on e...
  4. my great aunt had a similar phone in her house, luv it
  5. thanks kyratango, love bringing old things back to where they should be
  6. do any of you railroad people know where I can get a green lens and burner/kerosene font for this lantern
  7. thanks trunking, not quite the gentleman yet as I have not been able to get this thing packaged and shipped yet. Just recently had surgery, so its even harder to get it boxed up and to a fedex store ...
  8. I will be happy to ship it and glad to get it into the McQuinn family again. I won't be able to do it next week as my son is getting married and we will be out of town. I will make arrangements for ...
  9. not good news, if I estimate 40 lbs and the measurements I gave you, the cheapest fedex shipment is 191 dollars. post office maybe 120 if they will mail it
  10. packing it up and shipping prob ups. im guessing a trunk this size 60 bucks, maybe more. i can investigate to where PA
  11. i'll have to measure, but guessing 3 feet long 2 feet wide 3 fee tall, will measure it when i find my tape. I live in north carolina, near virginia border just south of danville, va
  12. Mr. Mcquinn Thank you for the information. Your grandfather made a very nice trunk. when i restored it i was able to save most everything, including most of the original nails. i did have to put n...
  13. it is very hard to do without removing the hardware. they make special tools to pull the nails, just have to be very patient. straighten them first, clip them and the remove. this was the first tru...
  14. wow haven't been on this sight in a while, that is really cool information. your great great granddaddy made beautiful trunks
  15. trunkman, i just love coming back and admiring this trunk. my facorite ever. the trunk i redid has the exact same lock on it. do you have a key for yours, if not i have an extra that will work and...
  16. What abeautiful trunk. I redid one about a year ago that had 5 bands, and originally the black leather. Although I like the way mine turned out I wish I could have seen this one first I love the lea...
  17. wow is all i can say
  18. ive always said tungseed, but the container says tung as you said thanks for the comments. its one of those pieces that can be shared with alot of people
  19. It is a drink vendors carrier. My great aunt had one though. She was one of the people that had become addicted to coke or "dope" as she called it, back in the day when it had cocaine in it. She li...
  20. I used to be that milkman that delivered for meadow gold, I remember those boxes, I also remember delivering those glass bottles that had the paper pull out top. Those bottles would always have a thic...
  21. well bahamma id say you were right it did it 50 and now pulled back to 35, looks like an opportunity to me, what do you think about going long on silver futures
  22. you damn right thanks pop
  23. luv the slot machine, but facinated by the beer analyzer. what did it analyze? color? sp. gravity, alcoho; content?
  24. everything original is so cool. amazing how well everything held up. beautiful trunk as usual
  25. thank you i'll search that name
  26. thanks trunker, looks like i'm going to have to find a piece of leather to cover the whole thing why would the handle be on the front and not the top?
  27. thanks for the comments
  28. thanks for the comments
  29. thank you definitly a labor of love
  30. very nice, another wonder from the mysterious mayans. just kidding of course, but i bet the guys from hooters would love to have this:)
  31. saw this on ebay, appears to be just like your trunk
  32. hope you got your answer. I really don't know alot about trunks. Just picked up the hobby when I got laid off about a year ago. Everything I've learned has been through books, or papers written by ...
  33. inside was covered in sometype of cartoon wall paper, i've removed most of it and will recover in linen. found a reall nice heavy duty handle for it, but having trouble locating the brass tacks/rive...
  34. good point
  35. looks like soda in that picture to me
  36. yep definitely a capper i saw one when i worked for Miller, they had one in the old plank road brewery. without knowing the maker, that type capper could have been used in production from the 1800's...
  37. cant decide if its the fat fingers or the blown mind
  38. i love mysteries tyian-tai is a Mahayana Budhist sect of China and Japan. Maybe it has something to do with them. My first thought was a Minorah, then the openings confused me, especially the charr...
  39. I have a friend in Milwaukee that has that sign. You would think being practically across the street from each other Miller and Harley would have done more advertising together
  40. Again, something from my childhood. My mother used to save these from Raleigh cigs. What a skeem to get you to smoke more
  41. thanks pop, tailgating will be alot more interesting with this
  42. yale and towne locks have been around since the mid 1800's, can you find a number on this one, does it use a flat key or barrell. you say there is roundness to the top of the trunk? looks flat to me...
  43. i am certainly no expert, trunker marvin is definitely the guy for any real information. however, if i could get a closer up picture of the front, side, back and inside, i could give you some idea. ...
  44. I'm glad that there are alot of people out there like the folks on collectors weekly. Nothing wrong with holding on to a piece of the past. Since I've gotten involved with the trunks and other thing...
  45. I was know as the just plain "Indian Boy" loved getting out in tobacco fields after they were plowed, hunting relics. Found many arrowheads and one very large spear head. That was a lot of fun. If...
  46. ive always loved any burl furniture very nice
  47. great memories, i see a hula popper, rebel, 3 jitterbugs, plastic frog, spinners, deep diving minnow very nice
  48. well said bahamma boy. "Refining Yesterday for Tomorrow" Thats my motto, it may not make me rich, but keeps me active, keeps me learning and feels great when something comes out looking good
  49. thanks maple and destiny thanks for looking
  50. thats really neat. i've never seen one, but will keep my eyes open when searching
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"Bottoms Up!!" OR "Put Your Bottles Up" From A While Back Tin Made In England old trunk and quija board old trunk Mystery Bottle Full Of Memories  Some of my favorite items in the garage Old Weathervane A True Antique...Just Another Old Trunk Civil War period square Trunk


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