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West Virginia

I have been a collector of Fenton and Blenko glass for years. My other interests are in advertising signs, soda, oil, gas, ect. My main focus for years has been coI have been a collector of Fenton and Blenko glass for years. My other interests are in advertising signs, soda, oil, gas, ect. My main focus for years has been collecting Stihl chainsaw promotional items . Member of which has over 3,000 members, and growing everyday. My son who is 11 years old (sodapopkid2000) has picked up a interest, so I now have a partner to pick with. (Read more)


  1. Very nice piece my friend.
  2. I agree, beautiful design on this stove.
  3. The area under the bottle Ar8jason is referring to should have sign manufactures name something like Robertson - Dualife - Springfield, Ohio, MCA, something to this effect, sometimes has a date also....
  4. Great piece. It does not matter to me if it is a reproduction or not. I appreciate it for it is.
  5. You are very welcome. Hope you have a great week my friend.
  6. I have to agree with oilman and rocker-sd. I have been collecting advertising signs for over thirty years and have never seen a original Indian sign made by Indian like this. The Indian signs I hav...
  7. Velvet tobacco has been around for decades and as far as I know is still made today. It is a very popular pipe tobacco as well as some using it to roll cigarettes. It is in the same category as half...
  8. I love the first two pieces and the color on first one is striking, it looks like carnival. But I am definetly no expert by any means when it comes to glass. There are some great glass collectors on...
  9. Your sign is definetly 1940's. The bottle on sign is the old 10-2-4 bottle from 40's. As far as value it is in the 400-500.00 range, it could be more or less. I do not like to give values because i...
  10. Great Sign!
  11. Thanks advertisingfan
  12. Thanks Advertisingfan
  13. Thanks advertisingfan
  14. Thanks advertisingfan
  15. There are three variations of this can. If it says Kendall Ref. Co. it dates to 1964-65, Kendall Ref. Co., Div. of Witco it dates to 1966-72. The 1976 version lacks the PGCOA #3 identification
  16. This is sweet little gun. Feel free to donate it to me. I use Rem-Oil made by Remington on all my guns, I always wipe them down after handling. I have never had any problems with rust.
  17. That is a 1960's Royal Crown logo, so machine would date somewhere in this time period.
  18. Thanks oilman514
  19. Thanks Officialfuel, Kerry10456 and oilman514
  20. Thanks Oilman514, Kerry10456 and Officialfuel
  21. I missed this one somehow, great sign.
  22. Thanks Officialfuel, Kerry10456
  23. Very, very nice!
  24. great photo!
  25. Very nice!
  26. Very cool that it is from WV, my state.
  27. senor_trunk, Very Nice!
  28. WOW! electo, That is what I call a serious collector. Great!
  29. Great advice on the silver.
  30. You have quite a collection of rocker cans, very nice as well.
  31. Very, very nice, a very classy watch. Kerry, you have some fine jewelry.
  32. Officialfuel, Very well said. I have had some of the same experiences as you commented above. I have interests in certain area of collecting, as most collectors do, however I can and do appreciate o...
  33. Always have loved the amethyst stones.
  34. Very nice!
  35. Thanks Artstudio
  36. Kerry, you hang in there my friend hopefully things will get better soon. Times are tough for a lot of businesses. It is very hard to work for someone else once you have been self-employed. It woul...
  37. Very interesting to me especially since Native American is part of my ancestry. Bahamaboy, correct me if I am wrong, I think you mentioned in a post you did construction. Hope you do not mind me ask...
  38. My uncle, the same one I commented to you about on the Velvet can used thses double edge razors. He passed them on to me. I have used them a few times over the years. I will tell you this, they w...
  39. Thanks bahamaboy
  40. Great Sign!
  41. Bahamaboy, You are very welcome. Same here, I love jewelry, but with the kind of business I am in, I am afraid to wear it for fear of it getting damaged or lost. so therefore I only wear a gold chai...
  42. A very nice piece of art. When I was looking through your items this jumped out at me. I have always had a interest in art since Elementary school. My teachers always wanted me to go to art school....
  43. You are very welcome. I hope my info. was of some help to you.
  44. Enjoy your journey, it will be a geat accomplishment with a lot of memories that will be with you for a lifetime.
  45. It does not necessarily make it more value if that is what you are asking, it just helps to date it. It is collectable in itself because there are automotive collectors out there that would like to h...
  46. dalet007, Yea, no reason to feel guilty, he did not know and neither did you. Advertisingfan I do not see any items in your profile.
  47. I tried to hint to you it was great find. Do not be ashamed, feel good about getting a good deal. Everybody needs to score big every now and then, keeps you motivated.
  48. 250.00 is what book value was on sign 8 years ago. the last one I seen sell about a year ago was a little over 300.00.
  49. Thanks officialfuel, jcollier83
  50. I see you have the same addiction I have, but I love this addiction.
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