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  2. LOL yon know us old tom cats always all ways in the dark on the prowl...smiling ..Hope things are well with you ...'-))
  3. you didnt look,... found yours on the second post right here ....
  4. might look around in here ....
  5. plenty info out there if ya look ...smiling
  6. Nice one ..girl out in the flats ....smiling,.. Hey ya Phil did a swell job for ya .. '-))
  7. Like everyone who ever dealt with one of these their's a story..They are a piece of history in so many ways ..nice save
  8. lol it just seem like they went together like a ham and cheese sandwich when I saw your post ...later ,,stay well..
  9. I see the makers name on it in the inside...? ...
  10. well they didn't get electric in old Salem till 1920's.. so work from there ...smiling
  11. there's a group in F B I use time to time... nice people ,good group .. its called "Japanese Glass" good luck ..
  12. Very Nice and looks like a lot of love went into it wife has many and she always patching them cause we use them .. '-)) enjoy the day
  13. lol so whats the name of your band ....smiling,.. you must be a rock star ... '-))
  14. Nice thread, enjoyed it much .. (I found this vase, unidentified, early in the summer, and have spent the last several months on and off researching who could have made it. I have to say that it w...
  15. "renedijkstra, 2 mins ago listen kid go play with someone else , there is no big action house who will guarantee this painting, what is the sweat ? the big auction houses got there own appraisers an...
  16. Out standing Collection you posted ..
  17. Lovely..
  18. lol made me think of this ...smiling
  19. well I guess looks as tall as the buildings around him ..'-)) nice photos,.. nice glass ...later
  20. Looks like it needs to be sent out to be cleaned ,,, cool find.
  21. very cool..
  22. ya .... just needs a little back ground tunes ...later bud 14:12
  23. I like what she did with her hair ...smiling
  24. I like your Fritz Heckert collection...fritz's painters were 2nd to none ...
  25. Go Naveyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  26. how cool is this ....smiling ..very !!!!
  27. Nice...
  28. always nice to peak in on you to see how you frame your next picture and its location and back ground never disappoint me ...smiling ...later bud ..
  29. would love to see some Butterfly's about now ...'-( but they don't like snow for some reason .. '-)) Nice find,..
  30. cool one,.. never would of guess Welz have a good day ..
  31. That's a nice one jenni .. like the color altho I never seen a peachy one till now ...smiling, have a nice day...
  32. come plow my yard when your done with yours will pic's ..
  33. @ BB2 it was I posted this for ya ....
  34. nice write up fort.....
  35. nice find ...
  36. post it would ya blunderbuss2 Did find where they had starters from 1914 and 6 yrs. hence
  37. watch out for Scott ...he'll feed them, then leave a trail home ....he's was just realest from bunny's Anonymous treatment farm nice collection
  38. mosaic well done ...
  39. I think the first starter for Harley came out for the panhead in 65 and ya Indian bought a Harley strip it down and made some blue prints Patten it as their own ... case Harley never applied for one ...
  40. you mean he doesn't have a dental plan ... to you can always make a replacement .tusk and show us how smart you are ..ya pic
  41. did that grow there ,,,? smiling ...lovely piece of glass for shure Lace ..have a nice day .
  42. g ... you got a ton of loves on this took me 10 minutes to get to the bottom of the page ..smiling ...nice post ...
  43. Hey Trey ,,I see your rolling with a younger crew …that’s cool so are the pic’s but ya have to be careful …under the child protection laws section 44-36667.2 you could be arrested as well for labor la...
  44. Hey Trey ,,I see your rolling with a younger crew …that’s cool so are the pic’s but ya have to be careful …under the child protection laws section 44-36667.2 you could be arrested as well for labor la...
  45. tis sweetttttt....
  46. Hell of a write up and the research alone is crazy rich , well done look forward to more ..
  47. I have one Mexico made ....
  48. well I hare ya .. good for you ....nice score.
  49. sleepers are nice to deal with ....smiling ... nice score..
  50. had one ...
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Pre 1934 Rosenthal china pattern cobalt blue gold encrusted Antique/Vintage Cast Iron Outdoor Lighting probably Barovier & Toso Old motorcycle At Renningers Mom the Iron is scaring me again Desotos in the derby... Clare Court on the Saratoga Backstretch three old "African-American hair" straightening irons Help Franklin 288 Stove MONOGRAM F3F-3 GRUMMAN NAVY FIGHTER “Sherman” by Heather Buchanan Charlie Chaplin photo. King's College, Wilkes-Barré, PA, Alumni Birthday  Greeting Recording.....


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