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El Paso

I am a navy veteran. I have a collection of oil on canvas paintings and vintage beer lighted clocks and one lighted beer sign. Vintage Coin Ops, and lighters and a 5I am a navy veteran. I have a collection of oil on canvas paintings and vintage beer lighted clocks and one lighted beer sign. Vintage Coin Ops, and lighters and a 50's Hoffman suitcase style stereo. (Read more)


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B&B Traffic Bar Light - Brewerianain Breweriana
Marx Model Target - Toysin Toys
Vintage Biker Bar Sign - Signsin Signs
Rosenthal Vintage Electric Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Lighted Advertisment Sign - Signsin Signs
Lithograph or Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Old Style Beer Poster - Brewerianain Breweriana
Grizzly Beer Lighted Sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Nylint Toys - Model Carsin Model Cars
Vat 69 Whiskey/Water Pitchers - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Newfld, Thank you very much!
  2. Dav2no1, Yes it shoots BB's the bb's load in front of the gun and shoots.
  3. Dr. Duke upon further inspection you called it right, it is a Bandag sticker and not part of Carling beer brand or advertisment. I will keep the sticker in its place.
  4. Dr. Duke thank you for this information, I will have closely inspect the Bandag sign on this piece to see if it's a sticker or not.
  5. Mp.kunst, thank you for this valuable information, and I will look up Eric Sloane to checkout his other works.
  6. That a good start, Thanks Daisy1000
  7. Thank you glassiegirl for the cool comment.
  8. Awesome display!
  9. Blunderbuss2, Thank you for your father service to our country.
  10. Newfld you are welcome and thank you to your uncle for his service, I also served I also served in the USN one of my proudest moments.
  11. Hi, I saw your post and you really got some nice model cars that are quite valuable. Dinkys model cars are quite scarce and I personally never seen one before except on your post.
  12. Lata, Thank you and the boat still works.
  13. Lata, Thank you for the information
  14. Funny blunderbuss2
  15. The sticker on the back is a caution sticker that saids use 7 watt only.
  16. Thank you for this valuable information keramikos and I will give it a whirl.
  17. What a great find, I just this vintage sign and all antique and vintage signs.
  18. Thank you very much racer4four for the information.
  19. I like this piece a lot, and in my humble opinion I believed there is some value here. Coca Cola collector would love to have this in there collection.
  20. Thanks for the comment, WideAwake0247 I am still researching on my items I just wished it had some kind of maker marks, but I will continue to investigate.
  21. I love this cool looking black cat, I also have a Asian guy chalkware from universal statuary corp. Chalkware from universal statuary corp are becoming collectable since the company was sold and don'...
  22. Beautiful piece and made in America!!
  23. I believed you are right scottvez, thank goodness I only paid a few bucks.
  24. No problem Manikin keep sharing.
  25. Wow I just love old cars and the old visable and globe gas station from yester years love it. Thanks for sharing and the memories.
  26. I love this wall plaque with the black enamel. Lucky friend to receive this beautiful gift.
  27. Hi I saw the post you sent about the letter opener, I like it especially with the Air Force emblem.
  28. I am beginning to believed that it is a amateur or a student artist, but never the less I like these pieces. Thanks for the input kwqd.
  29. I love this piece because of the unusual style and probably a one of a kind.
  30. I love it being a Navy man myself and a beautiful firearm.
  31. Cool advertisment!
  32. Wow I love this piece what a great find.
  33. Thank for sharing your awesome sign, I love petroleumana, and thanks for the luv of the US Navy which I was proud to serve. Merry Christmas!
  34. Wow Sweden and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  35. I stand corrected antique and still beautiful pieces.
  36. Love the sign, I used to drink this beer when I was stationed in Bremerton, WASHINGTON back in the mid 90's.
  37. Thanks for sharing a true piece of brewieana!
  38. Awesome find!
  39. This piece is very nice and you should displayed it and enjoy it.
  40. I love your beautiful pieces especially the color which I don't see everyday. This collection is difinataly vintage.
  41. Rniederman thanks for the information, I didn't know that you can still by the film for my camera.
  42. Looks real to me, but I am careful about antique and vintage stuff on eBay.
  43. Beautifully done!
  44. I am a big fan of old advertising and love looking at it and collecting it.
  45. I just your item and I am a big fan of vintage advertisment.
  46. So kool, I would to start a tobacco collection with this kool piece.
  47. I love anything military, especially weapons.
  48. Beautiful piece never hurt to ask.
  49. You need closeup pictures of the back of the painting because that is you can date the painting. I can't tell if the canvas or board is anchor by nails, the stretcher keys do look old but canvas is no...
  50. Blunderbuss2 I don't blame you what is beer without with alcohol and taste.
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Vintage Lighted Carling Black Label Beer Sign Art paintings