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I restore antique motorcycles for a living , I collect I wide variety of items , but mostly advertising items .


  1. Reminds me of an old liberator
  2. Screwdriver.
  3. Food chopper.
  4. Just solved this one myself, it is a tool for removing threaded backs from a watch case.
  5. This is also mown as a hand vise.
  6. This is an old valve lapping tool.
  7. Looks like an early Bowser curb pump of around 1903 - 1905. Look at the info tags, there should be a lot of information on them.
  8. Don't restore, please leave it as is. It looks better as it is. Very nice!
  9. Nice stuff, I too collect oilers but not as many as you have!
  10. I'm pretty sure this is for a acetylene flashlight. Acetylene cylinder fit in hoops and a large auto type gas lamp fits on top. One of my customers has one.
  11. He said he found it in a drawer! Did you mean the top drawer, or the bottom drawer, Bb2? Haha!
  12. Thanks for the comments and all of the loves!
  13. I am thinking the same thing.
  14. Mmmmmmmmm, asbestos!
  15. Linemans crimping tool for wire connectors.
  16. Thanks for all of the loves! I just picked a hippo made by the same company. It was in the scrap yard I pick ever Saturday morning!
  17. Thanks for all of the loves! Looking forward to Davenport 2016!
  18. Thanks for the loves and the info!
  19. Nothing at all, just looks like the back of all the other posters I have seen. Thanks for the interest, Trey!
  20. Thanks for all of the loves! Trey, any thoughts on originality?
  21. Beautiful pagoda, let's see more pictures!
  22. Google search Betty Lamp for more information!
  23. This iron in the photos is powered by gasoline/white gas. One such maker is Coleman, check it out.
  24. Google search gasoline clothes iron and the company name to learn more. An interesting piece!
  25. I agree.
  26. I am also thinking these are piston ring installers/expanders. Nice tool.
  27. Nice and rusty, just the way I like it!
  28. Most excellent!
  29. Oops! Remember I said adult beverages!
  30. Thanks for the loves!
  31. Coolest pedal car ever with great history!
  32. Thanks for all of the loves , comments and thoughts. I'm sure we are getting closer to the answer. The lack of serrations on the tips tell me the tool maker didn't want any markings on whatever was be...
  33. Rustytools, click on the word Rustfarm above to find my email address for further discussion.
  34. I think a cutter for making hook rugs out of cloth.
  35. Cooler than cool, this awesome!
  36. Are u from Australia, you know down under? Happy holidays!
  37. Wow! Thanks for all of the loves and the great responses! When I was taking the picture of license plate jewels, I also thought it would make a great Christmas card, I guess great minds think alike!
  38. Cool! Just picked one of these yesterday!
  39. Wow! Who have thunk ?
  40. What other cool stuff did we find in the barn?
  41. Is that some lettering under the horizontal red line? Scrub that sign with water and take some more pictures. This a pretty unusual find.
  42. If fhrjr2 means a proof bench or box, I agree. Very nice piece!
  43. If fhrjr2 means a proof bench or box, I agree. Very nice piece!
  44. This should be marked mystery solved, eh?
  45. Thanks for the recent loves!
  46. My neighbor and I were scrounging in a scrap yard today and he found the exact same pair as these. I agree with Slackjacks comment on these being sugar nippers or cutters. Very cool!
  47. It does look like a primitive keg/barrel auger, very nice!
  48. Love tools!
  49. Mmmmmmm, Duo Glide, yummmmmy! I also know where there is 1962 Duo, just wastin away in a barn. Owner says he's gonna fix it up some day!
  50. Do you have an uber cool car to put this on? If not. You might want to treat yourself!
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