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I collect: pocket watches, watch fobs, alarm clocks, books, anything that gets my attention


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  1. Very nice find. Dave
  2. AnythingObscure, If you send a email with photos, I bet they would give you the information you are looking for. Dave
  3. Here is an Elgin (American made) timer I have. Dave
  4. It is a stopwatch / timer. Look up ar & je stopwatch. Here is a sold one on a auction.
  5. Thanks valentino97 for the appreciation.
  6. Thanks Collectables59 for the appreciation.
  7. Bruce, thanks for the information. I don't have many clock books, but searching through mine, I didn't find anything. Now I have to see about getting it serviced. It works, but I'm sure it needs servi...
  8. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 officialfuel fortapache vetraio50 jscott0363 Bruce99
  9. Thanks MALKEY for the appreciation.
  10. Thanks bb2 for the appreciation.
  11. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 yougottahavestuff purvis
  12. When I was presented this item & told they knew I could have some fun with it, I immediately noticed, that the hands were created to hold a cell phone & a hammer. I went out into my shop and looked f...
  13. Thanks Bruce99 for the appreciation.
  14. Thanks for the appreciation: lisa Hunter
  15. It is an Ansonia, (trade mark above the 6). That is all I can tell you right now. I will look through some of my books when I get a chance. Dave
  16. Thanks for the appreciation: mickeysmagic officialfuel buckethead Cathyz Collectables59
  17. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: Watchsearcher Toyrebel fortapache yougottahavestuff jscott0363 EJW-54 purvis
  18. Thanks buckethead for the appreciation.
  19. Thanks buckethead for the appreciation.
  20. Interesting that the key doubles as the T-Bar. Dave
  21. Thanks Vynil33rpm for the appreciation.
  22. Thanks MarkFoltz for the appreciation.
  23. Thanks officialfuel for the appreciation.
  24. Thanks Watchsearcher for the appreciation.
  25. Elisabethan, yes I collect handcuffs that Smith & Wesson manufactured & designed for the Peerless Handcuff Company and all the handcuffs Smith & Wesson manufactured under their name & logo. Here is a...
  26. Thanks for the appreciation: Roycroftbooksfromme1 jscott0363
  27. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 fortapache AnythingObscure
  28. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: TreasureTex vetraio50 Newfld: Smith & Wesson began manufacturing handcuffs for the Peerless Handcuff Co. in 1914 & continued doing so until Nov. 15, 1940. In...
  29. Thanks for the appreciation: Pete99 plein-air-painter
  30. Pete, I'm not a European pocket watch collector although I do have a few. The movement appears to be a Swiss Keywind Bar Movement. It is very similar to the T. F. Cooper Keywind Bar Movement, circ...
  31. Thanks for the appreciation & comments: Ms.CrystalShip Radegunder
  32. hope, Nice watch & this is from the pocket watch database: Grade: P.S. Bartlett Manufacturer: Waltham Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts Movement Serial Number: 3607205 Grade: P.S. ...
  33. Thanks for the appreciation: Broochman officialfuel truthordare bb2 Ben valentino97 Roycroftbooksfromme1
  34. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 (thanks again) MALKEY
  35. Neil, I believe the <AT> is the makers mark, but I have been unable to find the A T in a diamond so far. I’ve checked most makers marks in most countries so far and have not found the exact mark. Dave
  36. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: Mrstyndall fortapache Watchsearcher vetraio50 Newfld racer4four jscott0363
  37. Neil, About 1/2 way down the page on this link: Once the new system was adopted in 1899, a uniform mark was used to hallmark Russia...
  38. Luanne, I'm not very familiar with Swiss movements, many not marked by maker. I have looked through some of my books to try and match the movement to a specific maker, but so far not successful. I ...
  39. Luanne, The only other watch I found with the same small sub-dial at the 12 o'clock position, is a wristwatch : The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935
  40. Luanne, I have not been able in my searching to find anything specific on your pocket watch as shown in your photos. A clear photo of the movement would be helpful' Here are a couple of things I obs...
  41. I was in the old ball park for the 1998 World Series against the San Diego Padres. I have not been in the new ball park yet, it's a long road trip for me. Dave
  42. Thanks for the appreciation: Roycroftbooksfromme1 TGambill81
  43. Thanks for the appreciation (kind-of fell behind here): TheGateKeeper yougottahavestuff tazaliendew69
  44. Thanks for the appreciation: vetraio50 Manikin clockerman yougottahavestuff
  45. 1st impression is a water wheel.
  46. Thanks for the appreciation: buckethead bobby725 bb2 fortapache
  47. Thanks for the comment & appreciation: jscott0363 Cathyz
  48. Thanks jscott0363 for the appreciation.
  49. Thanks for the appreciation: fortapache EJW-54
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Hermann Osterland Printers Cabinet Raleigh Transistorized Radio Watch


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