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Domingos Joaquim carved stone pencil holder - Fine Artin Fine Art
U.S.S. California, Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Pocket Watch Chains & Straps - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Bumper Car Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
1909 Battle Axe Shoe Co. Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
A Few Favorites - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
The L.E.A.D. 2.5 Word Processor - Officein Office
Flag Of Denmark Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ansonia Sun Watch - Clocksin Clocks
A Guide For True Pilgrims (1816) - Booksin Books


  1. Thanks for the comment & appreciation: TassieDevil Caperkid aura jscott0363 :I wonder if he had this on his drawing table sketching out his engravings mikelv85
  2. This shows some of his work: Thanks bucketed for the comment & appreciation.
  3. This is a great item. Thanks for sharing it. Dave
  4. Great car!! Nice Ice Cream truck also!! Dave
  5. Thanks TimeTraveller for the appreciation.
  6. Thanks for the appreciation: buckethead fortapache mikelv85 TassieDevil jscott0363 Caperkid aura
  7. very unique!!
  8. Thanks for the appreciation: lisa roddyq billretirecoll: I just remember seeing so many rusting away. rniederman officialfuel
  9. Hamish, I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for the appreciation Mrstyndall vetraio50
  10. Manikin & SpiritBear, thanks for stopping by & for the appreciation.
  11. Steptoe1, glad you like them, there are others, but I had a hard time fitting these in a photo. Thanks for the appreciation: fortapache TassieDevil Efesgirl mikelv85 jscott0363 Steptoe1 kyrata...
  12. jscott0363, that one came to my mind also. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: shareurpassion lizzycbw
  13. Thanks vetraio50 for the appreciation.
  14. SpiritBear, I will make a post for the Bear fob. I might have photos already of it. If not, I will take some tomorrow. Thanks for the appreciation: SpiritBear vetraio50 BB2
  15. Manikin, If I had your truck I wouldn't want to get out of it. Just wake up & start driving again showing it off.
  16. Steptoe 1, Not knowledgeable on wristwatches, so I can't tell you much except it is a Omega and they began in 1895. A photo of the movement and serial number on the movement might help date your watch...
  17. Manikin, Not as cool as your truck!!!! Thanks for the appreciation: shawnicus Manikin MacDaddyRico
  18. Steptoe1, I will post a few variations I have for a reference. Dave
  19. EJW-54, I have a couple different colors of one like yours, but this is one of my favorite travel clocks:
  20. Fort McDowell was on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay.
  21. I like the way you displayed these two buckles.
  22. SpiritBear, box has a UPC bar code, sometime around 1983. Thanks. Thanks lisa for the appreciation.
  23. I believe it is called the TROUBADOUR. 8-day Half-Hour Gong Strike Height: 16-1/4 inches Width: 21 inches Beveled glass Porcelain Dial Japanese Bronze Shows clocks on page circa 1880's - 1920...
  24. fhrjr2, mine could be from the 70's, I just know I have had it for a long time. Mine is just a clock / alarm and weighs 3/4 of a pound (without batteries) but including the dust. Thanks for the appre...
  25. Pocket Watch Chain. One of many styles. Dave
  26. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 roddyq fortapache TassieDevil buckethead jscott0363 mikelv85
  27. jscott0363, it reminds me of the little metropolitan cars:
  28. Thanks bobby725 for the appreciation.
  29. I don't know the history of this postcard message, but if he does not sober up quickly, someone is going to steal his pocket watch fob & watch out of his right pocket !!!
  30. Looking through INGRAHAM Clocks and Watches by Tran Duy Ly, I believe yours is a "ZENITH" circa 1915. Fancy 5" dial Height, 11 inches Length of base, 18-1/4 inches Marbleized moldings Imitatio...
  31. Thanks buckethead for the appreciation.
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  37. It is totally up to you. No rules that I know of pertaining to "thank you's".
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  42. Thanks for the appreciation: JFranca MacDaddyRico
  43. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: JFranca MacDaddyRico
  44. Thanks for the appreciation: JFranca MacDaddyRico
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  46. Thanks JFranca for the appreciation.
  47. Thanks JFranca for the appreciation.
  48. JFranca, Is this what you missed?
  49. JFranka, The dial is great and if you are from San Francisco I can understand the fondness of the private label. I have a nice car clock in my car clock collection, that has a private label of, Shrev...
  50. Wandlessfairy, in comment #18 you can click on the BBW and see the individual posting. Thanks for the appreciation: Wandlessfairy Fleamarkettammy
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