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The Philadelphia Bindery, Inc. - Booksin Books
Short-Timers Calendar - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Holt Bros. Manufacturing & Watch Fob - Advertisingin Advertising
Crater Lake Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Bathroom Art - Folk Artin Folk Art
1941 NEVR-DULL Tin - Advertisingin Advertising
Ingersoll 1940's Bakelite Alarm - Clocksin Clocks
Four Minute Essays by Dr. Frank Crane - Booksin Books
S&W Military Handcuffs - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Luther Burbank Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. If you look at the bottom of the dial, under the minute marks it tells you this clock was Made in the United States of America by Wm L. Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted, Conn. I will look in some of my book...
  2. Thanks for the appreciation: Broochman vetraio50 AnythingObscure karamikos fortapache Melo1968
  3. It is hard to read, but below the six o'clock position, it appears to say: Made by the E. Ingraham Company Bristol, Conn. U.S.A. In the book Ingraham Clocks & Watches by Tran Duy Ly, it is very simi...
  4. Similar markings & layout as on your Rotary watch movement.
  5. Not a collector of swiss watches, but this is what I found: Speedwell is a brand trade name that was registered by Fritz Kundert of Hefik Watch Company. The Hefik factory was in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Sw...
  6. You might be able to find some information here: Dave
  7. you can look up your serial number here and determine the date: Dave
  8. Here is some history on the Doxa Watch Co.
  9. In your 3rd photo, at bottom (center) the add for The Elgin shows a B.W. Raymond. The National Watch Co. (Elgin) was formed in August of 1864, the factory was completed in 1866, and the 1st movement ...
  10. Your new collection is looking pretty spiffy!! Dave
  11. Thanks Bruce99 for the appreciation.
  12. I would leave it as is. Dave
  13. Thanks Bruce99 for the appreciation.
  14. You realize that if you start collecting pocket watch keys, eventually you will have to collect the watches to match up to the keys. Here is a link to the NAWCC forum, discussing watch key sizes & wa...
  15. Great photo & story. Love the pedal car in the background also. Dave
  16. Very nice key to start your collection with. Dave
  17. Your watch is what is called a "Private Label" watch. The Le Land Watch Co. was probably a jeweler in Minneapolis, Minn. The watch is a Rockford movement from Rockford, Ill. It is a Model 3 Grade 56...
  18. Thanks for the appreciation: Mrstyndall Yougottahavestuff
  19. Thanks mikelv85 for the appreciation.
  20. Neil, yes they can command a sizable amount of funds for some. Thanks hunterglee for the appreciation.
  21. Reminds me of when I received my draft notice to report, I had to report to the local Greyhound Bus Depot at 6:45 a.m. I still have the notice. Dave
  22. Thanks for the appreciation: Watchsearcher Vynil33rpm hunterglee TreasureTex
  23. Thomas, I’ve been there many times, on tours taking friends that is. A fascinating place to tour. This is one of my favorite pocket watch fobs, although there was never an execution performed at Al...
  24. Neil (Collectables59), I'm not sure how much advice I can give you. If I see one I like and can afford, I buy it. The only one I specifically looked for, was the pinfire pistol. I like advertising o...
  25. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 fortapache yougottahavestuff
  26. Thanks for the appreciation: SEAN68 bobby725 Watchsearcher Vynil33rpm vetraio50
  27. Thanks for the appreciation: Brunswick Manikin
  28. Thanks Manikin for the appreciation.
  29. Thanks ttomtucker for the appreciation.
  30. The photo of the movement is not clear, but on the movement under the stamping U.S.A is a number, either 757, 758 or 761. Grade 1st year production last year sold total production...
  31. Thanks Ben for the appreciation.
  32. Thanks for the appreciation: truthordare vetraio50 Vynil33rpm
  33. This is what I found out about your watch movement: Size: 21/0 Grade: 761 Jewels: 22 1st year production: 1963 Last year Grade 761 sold: 1968 Total production: 410,00 Dave
  34. Truthordare, the edges are 1.3mm thick and not beveled to be used as a case opener. I don't believe it was intended for a bottle or jar opener. Thanks for the appreciation & comment.
  35. Thanks for the appreciation: fortapache Watchsearcher
  36. Thanks for the appreciation: AnythingObscure bb2 SEAN68 vynil33rpm vetraio50
  37. Thanks for the appreciation: aura iggy
  38. Thanks for the appreciation: ho2cultcha fortapache mikelv85 hunterglee valentino97 aura bb2
  39. While the Caterpillar Tractor Company was originally formed in 1925 as the result of a merger between the Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Company, the Caterpillar name originated yea...
  40. Crater Lake is a great place to visit. I've been there at every season of the year over the past 60+ years. I just posted a pocket watch fob & 1948 postcard of Crater Lake. Dave
  41. Thanks for the appreciation: Brunswick ( I'm glad you got a kick out of it) BB2 vetraio50 mikelv85 kyratango Toyrebel Trey (iPad, tablet, nook, kindle) vintagelamp Re-In-Vintage
  42. Thanks vintagelamp for the appreciation.
  43. Thanks vintagelamp for the appreciation.
  44. yougottahavestuff, the paper this "nut" is reading was published by the "Crap-Pee-On Press". Thanks for all the comments & appreciation: bobby725 yougottahavestuff fhrjr AnythingObscure fortapac...
  45. AnythingObscure, mine was a gift. One has to be a very deep sleeper if one wants to keep this one running, or put it in the basement recreation room.
  46. Thanks bobby725 for the appreciation & classification ID. Added Folk Art
  47. Thanks hunterglee for the appreciation.
  48. Thanks hunterglee for the appreciation.
  49. Thanks AnythingObscure for the appreciation. Allyson, I remember seeing someone recently manufacturing similar ones, just google Arrow Electric Ball Clock and check with them.
  50. Thanks mikelv85 for the appreciation.
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Hermann Osterland Printers Cabinet Raleigh Transistorized Radio Watch


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