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I collect: pocket watches, watch fobs, alarm clocks, books, anything that gets my attention


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  1. Not sure about yours, but this is one I have: Dave
  2. I believe your watch was manufactured by the New York Standard Watch Company, Jersey City, New Jersey 1885 - 1929. Dave
  3. DaRua, I received it as a gift from a friend & retired police officer in Massachusetts. Not a lot of information came with it. Dave
  4. In the booklet, Tiniest Guns by Bob Urso, you is described as a: Little Atom, Round Butt OAL 1-5/8", Nickel plate, Flower design with beaded background on grips. Markings: JAPAN on the side. This i...
  5. I should have stated, that yours appears to be the shorter barrel length, giving the overall length of 1-5/8" instead of 1-7/8" Dave
  6. Porfanella, What you have is a 2mm pinfire pistol. I can't see all the markings, but I believe in the second photo, on the frame under the barrel is the word JAPAN. If this has the barrel bored throu...
  7. Your welcome. If your satisfied with the information, mark your post as mystery solved. Dave
  8. Your watch is known as a "Private Label" watch. Jewelers, Retailers, Companies would sometimes have their names applied to the dials and movements. These "private label" watches are not rare. Your Il...
  9. I'm not an expert, but looking through some of my pocket watch books and trying to match the movement layout, the movement pictured here is very close to a Swiss watch, Huguenot & Co., chronograph, 3...
  10. CAD1949, I was searching through some old post and noticed this one from you 8 years ago. The one you pictured here is from Japan and Post WWII manufacture. It was sold on a small red & black blister...
  11. 1952791 is the movement serial number, not a model number. Here is the information on your watch movement from the Pocket Watch Database: Grade: P.S. Bartlett Manufacturer: Waltham Manufacturer...
  12. keramikos, Yes, in second photo, on rim above first screw left of crown and above screw left of A. Lincoln.
  13. The movement is not original to this case. You can see two other case screw marks where a different movement was held in place.
  14. Grade: A. Lincoln Manufacturer: Illinois Manufacturer Location: Springfield, Illinois Movement Serial Number: 2642792 Grade: A. Lincoln Model: 9 Estimated Production Year: 1914 Run Quanti...
  15. I'm not an expert, but I believe this baseball edition was introduced around 1978. This sports series also included tennis, basketball & football. Walt Disney & the Bradley Watch Co. were between 197...
  16. Your cartridge appears to be a Eley Brothers, London England 12mm cartridge. In the British Pinfire Cartridge Patents it list: W.T. Eley - Patent Number 916 of April 13, 1861: A means to prevent th...
  17. Very nice find. Dave
  18. AnythingObscure, If you send a email with photos, I bet they would give you the information you are looking for. Dave
  19. Here is an Elgin (American made) timer I have. Dave
  20. It is a stopwatch / timer. Look up ar & je stopwatch. Here is a sold one on a auction.
  21. Thanks valentino97 for the appreciation.
  22. Thanks Collectables59 for the appreciation.
  23. Bruce, thanks for the information. I don't have many clock books, but searching through mine, I didn't find anything. Now I have to see about getting it serviced. It works, but I'm sure it needs servi...
  24. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 officialfuel fortapache vetraio50 jscott0363 Bruce99
  25. Thanks MALKEY for the appreciation.
  26. Thanks bb2 for the appreciation.
  27. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 yougottahavestuff purvis
  28. When I was presented this item & told they knew I could have some fun with it, I immediately noticed, that the hands were created to hold a cell phone & a hammer. I went out into my shop and looked f...
  29. Thanks Bruce99 for the appreciation.
  30. Thanks for the appreciation: lisa Hunter
  31. It is an Ansonia, (trade mark above the 6). That is all I can tell you right now. I will look through some of my books when I get a chance. Dave
  32. Thanks for the appreciation: mickeysmagic officialfuel buckethead Cathyz Collectables59
  33. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: Watchsearcher Toyrebel fortapache yougottahavestuff jscott0363 EJW-54 purvis
  34. Thanks buckethead for the appreciation.
  35. Thanks buckethead for the appreciation.
  36. Interesting that the key doubles as the T-Bar. Dave
  37. Thanks Vynil33rpm for the appreciation.
  38. Thanks MarkFoltz for the appreciation.
  39. Thanks officialfuel for the appreciation.
  40. Thanks Watchsearcher for the appreciation.
  41. Elisabethan, yes I collect handcuffs that Smith & Wesson manufactured & designed for the Peerless Handcuff Company and all the handcuffs Smith & Wesson manufactured under their name & logo. Here is a...
  42. Thanks for the appreciation: Roycroftbooksfromme1 jscott0363
  43. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 fortapache AnythingObscure
  44. Thanks for the comments & appreciation: TreasureTex vetraio50 Newfld: Smith & Wesson began manufacturing handcuffs for the Peerless Handcuff Co. in 1914 & continued doing so until Nov. 15, 1940. In...
  45. Thanks for the appreciation: Pete99 plein-air-painter
  46. Pete, I'm not a European pocket watch collector although I do have a few. The movement appears to be a Swiss Keywind Bar Movement. It is very similar to the T. F. Cooper Keywind Bar Movement, circ...
  47. Thanks for the appreciation & comments: Ms.CrystalShip Radegunder
  48. hope, Nice watch & this is from the pocket watch database: Grade: P.S. Bartlett Manufacturer: Waltham Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts Movement Serial Number: 3607205 Grade: P.S. ...
  49. Thanks for the appreciation: Broochman officialfuel truthordare bb2 Ben valentino97 Roycroftbooksfromme1
  50. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 (thanks again) MALKEY
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Hermann Osterland Printers Cabinet Raleigh Transistorized Radio Watch


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