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I collect: pocket watches, watch fobs, alarm clocks, books, anything that gets my attention


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JASS RECORDS - Recordsin Records
Wards Airline Super Micro 8 Transistor Radio - Radiosin Radios
1898 Cancelled Check - Paperin Paper
Howdy Doody Time - Clocksin Clocks
Bluegrass “Time” - Clocksin Clocks
Small German 4-Column Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Small 1-Bell Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
The Chocolate Soldier 78 RPM - Recordsin Records
Kodak Colorburst 50 - Camerasin Cameras
Wheels Of Time, Vinyl LP - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. I have enjoyed my Shepherds Call print for many years. It hung in my grandparents home and for the last 30 years has been hanging in my home. It is still in the original frame and the back is printed:...
  2. Halloween Time Again Stay Safe Dave
  3. Gruen also made a semi-thin. One I posted a few years ago. Dave
  4. Manufactured by the Illinois Watch Co. Grade 107 Private Label Burlington Watch Co. Est. Year 1920 The link above will give you infor...
  5. Thanks to all of you for your comments and appreciation. Dave
  6. In my response to vinyl33, I should have been more clear. When stating, I don’t see any reference to Robert Crumb, I should have included, “on my album shown here”. On my album jacket, back, bottom ri...
  7. I don’t see any reference to Robert Crumb. Artwork: Milton Knight Jr. Design: Colin Kellogg
  8. Vynil33rpm, Changed last two photos to show back & inside. Instructions state: install two Mercury batteries such as Airline 62-134 long life batteries. Dave
  9. D. B. Wesson seated at right, the two on the left are unknown to me. Dave
  10. Trey, Maybe it was for his desk (see added photo). Dave Thanks to all who have commented & showed appreciation.
  12. Thanks to all for the comments & appreciation. Dave
  13. Thanks for the comment & to all that showed appreciation. Dave
  14. Thanks to all that showed appreciation. Dave
  15. Thanks for the comment & to all that showed appreciation. Dave
  16. Thanks for the comment & to all that showed appreciation. Dave
  17. Thanks for the comment & to all that showed appreciation. Dave
  18. Thanks for the comment & to all that showed appreciation. Dave
  19. Thanks for the comment & all who showed appreciation. Dave
  20. Trey, The last sentence in the above write up: “Polaroid film isn’t compatible with Kodak cameras.”
  21. I’m doing well, thank you. I found this in an old bookstore here.
  22. According to Ingraham Clocks & Watches by Tran Duy Ly, the Ingraham Straight Eight is a 1940 oversize pedestal 8-day alarm clock. Two-tone ivory with gold color dial. Colors offered: Ivory with gold t...
  23. jt65202 This chart might help you.
  24. Thank you to all who hit the love button. Dave
  25. AnythingObscure, In your link to the recorders, on the page with the advertisement showing 6 recorders, mine is the center one in the top row. In the 3rd photo above, the inside of the lid with the ...
  26. Here are the pinfire cartridges 2mm - 15mm.
  27. Vynil33rpm Vynil33rpm, 10 hours ago Pwcollector what is your Mr. peanut bank made of Plastic
  28. My Mr. Peanut bank & alarm clock have the monocle on the left eye and the wrist watch has the monocle on the right eye. The wristwatch is a 1970 promotional.
  29. My Mr. Peanut was a 1970 promotional.
  30. Happy 4th of July 2021 Just bringing this post back up to wish all of you a happy & safe 4th of July. Dave
  31. Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro. 1881 - 1922 The serial number puts the approximate year of manufacture 1911. Dave
  32. A clear photo of the back plate clearly showing the patent dates would help. From what I see, it is an Ingersoll manufactured around 1910.
  33. mrplatypus, The diagram is found on page 83 of the Complete Price Guide To Watches. NO.26 year 2006 by Richard Gilbert, Tom Engle & Cooksey Shugart.
  34. You need to unscrew the case back cover off to take a photo of the movement & showing clearly the movement serial number, then you can get some specific information.
  35. Here is the Hamilton 940 I have. Dave
  36. JacksonMZL, I’m far from being an expert, but your pocket watch movement is a Hamilton 940 and advertised as having the most phenomenally accurate time-keeping records, is more extensively used and i...
  37. This will explain it better than I can: Dave
  38. Watch movement serial number3313942 described here: The dial is a Bunn Special Montgomery Dial.
  39. Click on link for information:
  40. If you email this to Chris Gill at, you will receive a response as to when this pair was sold & to whom. 1. What is the model number or style of restraint? Chain Link (2-Links) 2...
  41. Not sure about yours, but this is one I have: Dave
  42. I believe your watch was manufactured by the New York Standard Watch Company, Jersey City, New Jersey 1885 - 1929. Dave
  43. DaRua, I received it as a gift from a friend & retired police officer in Massachusetts. Not a lot of information came with it. Dave
  44. In the booklet, Tiniest Guns by Bob Urso, you is described as a: Little Atom, Round Butt OAL 1-5/8", Nickel plate, Flower design with beaded background on grips. Markings: JAPAN on the side. This i...
  45. I should have stated, that yours appears to be the shorter barrel length, giving the overall length of 1-5/8" instead of 1-7/8" Dave
  46. Porfanella, What you have is a 2mm pinfire pistol. I can't see all the markings, but I believe in the second photo, on the frame under the barrel is the word JAPAN. If this has the barrel bored throu...
  47. Your welcome. If your satisfied with the information, mark your post as mystery solved. Dave
  48. Your watch is known as a "Private Label" watch. Jewelers, Retailers, Companies would sometimes have their names applied to the dials and movements. These "private label" watches are not rare. Your Il...
  49. I'm not an expert, but looking through some of my pocket watch books and trying to match the movement layout, the movement pictured here is very close to a Swiss watch, Huguenot & Co., chronograph, 3...
  50. CAD1949, I was searching through some old post and noticed this one from you 8 years ago. The one you pictured here is from Japan and Post WWII manufacture. It was sold on a small red & black blister...
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Hermann Osterland Printers Cabinet Raleigh Transistorized Radio Watch


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