I have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,aI have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,advertising , food items, WW2. I also am in collector car business and build cars in any stage. (Read more)


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1960s & 70s BAYARD DISNEY CLOCKS - Advertisingin Advertising
WW2  SAFTY MATCH BOOKS - Advertisingin Advertising
THE VICTORY MARCH - Advertisingin Advertising
1951 NASH HEALEY  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1930s BAYARD MICKEY MOUSE CLOCK - Clocksin Clocks
DISNEY DESIGNED INSIGNIA USS ATULE SS-403 - Advertisingin Advertising
WW2 DISNEY DESIGNED PATCHES - Advertisingin Advertising
A VIEW OF SO OF MY COLLECTION - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thank You everyone for all the loves and comments,very much appreciated!
  2. VERY COOL. I don't have one but I what one know, lol
  3. Great find and glad to see you posting again. Now you can start finding the rest of the Disney Bayard clocks. I need to find a 1937 one for the original box I got a couple of months ago .
  4. Thank You everyone for all the loves.
  5. Thank Y out everyone for all the loves and comments.
  6. Very Nice, I also have a couple of theses sets to.
  7. Very nice , I also have a couple of these set and 1 red Minnie
  8. Yes I have one of these but is missing a couple of the figures on the top.
  9. Love it. I don't have one yet but I do collect ww2 Disney and have quite a lot , some I have posted and hope to post more soon.
  10. WELCOME TO CW You have an Impressive collection. I to have been collecting for a long time, I am looking forward to seeing more.
  11. THANK YOU for the comment and loves Wandlessfairy
  12. THANK YOU everyone for all the loves and the nice comments. Yes Caperkid I did repaint and I use Wizard Products they have a compound called turbo that will take out 1200 sand scratches and brakes dow...
  13. THANK YOU Wandlessfairy and BadPenny for the comments and loves and roddyq for the loves they are very much appreciated and thanks for looking
  14. THANK YOU pw-collector, vetraio50, racer4four, and Caperkid for all the loves it's very much appreciated
  15. Great find and glad to see you posting again, missed you and GLAD to see Kerry posting hope you will be posting more I think we all missed you!
  16. Thank You vonsboy, The last time I talked to Kerry he said he doesn't much look at his mails. I have also emailed him with no reply either. Maybe some time he will like to come back and visit with tho...
  17. THANK YOU vonsboy for your nice comments. I have wanted to post more of my collection but have not had time and lost something when Kerry left, were pretty good friends and miss his knowledge. I have...
  18. Thank You everyone for all the LOVES. eye4beauty I hope you are right that he might be back but I still talk to him and he has found another source to share with people and seams to really enj...
  19. Thank You Wandlessfairy, mcheconi, & Tnccardz7282 for the nice comments and loves. And yes Wandlessfairy he was and still is brilliant and never ceased to amaze me with his knowledge. We still talk an...
  20. Thank you everyone for all the loves
  21. Thank you blunderbuss2 and fortapache for the loves and comments. To ad that there are people out there like that. Kerrys mistake was having his email listed, makes others not wanting to trust anyone.
  22. Kerry was attacked on his personal email about his knowledge.
  23. Thank you pw-collector , vetraio50 for the loves and great comments, and to roddyq it is a great loss to the site. I think a lot of members loved to hear from him it is a shame a few spoil it for the ...
  24. I talked to Kerry a couple of days ago and he thought that it might be a restoration of the dial and they forget the D. I don't think that we will be hearing from Kerry much anymore because he has bee...
  25. Very nice I also have one that I still use and it keeps great time . I do not know to much more about it yet but if you saw 1 on an auction site that is 3 that I know of so they could be some what rare.
  26. Just saw you were on if you look at my Donald that one is the one I think is a newer one and you will see the difference in the base and the back. Also my other Donald the case is pink
  27. Hey mcheconi I do not know as much as Kerry (have not heard from him in 3 months. I have 10 of these clock 7 different ones 4 nos in boxes. They all have the same cases except 1 a Donald witch has a...
  28. love to see what you buy when you can
  29. Thank You sansommichelle. Yes I do have a shop and no it's not for sale
  30. Welcome to CW, To quote Kerry 10456 on a previous post your watch is a 1971 Timex. These were the last run for Timex as they had the Disney contract up to Jan. 1972, then Bradley (Elgin) took over. I...
  31. Hey wf, I am doing ok with new cancer treatment. Thanks for asking.
  32. Very nice' I don't have any yet. Very good friend to get you them.
  33. Hey Jessica84, I did some research and found some shakers of the same design but with different graphic designs on them on E bay. 1 pair has the same printing on the bottom. they are newer I guess ma...
  34. Yes it was the same with the statue but did not show the warranty papers or price tag.
  35. Hey Ticoella1077, Did some research and found 2 for sale 1 on Disney Watch Outlet for 169.95 and 1 on piclick for 129.25. I have 100's of newer watches (1980's to 2016) and they do not go...
  36. Sorry Scottvez hit wrong letter on phone pad
  37. Thank You for the loves scottvezq
  38. THANK YOU Wandlessfairy
  39. THANK YOU for the loves, mcheconi
  40. THANK YOU for the loves, EJW-54, swampdogg, shareurpassion, vetriao50, and fortapache.And the comments. I never thought about it looking like the incredible mister limpet but it does remind you of it ...
  41. Good Morning roddyq, I just saw this and a really nice find . It is the 35th anniversary of Walt Disney Imagineering 1952 to 1987. According to Tomarts 2nd edition DISNEYANA guide to pin collecting t...
  42. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVES AND COMMENTS. Yes scottvez I know of the repos and I am pretty sure all of the ones I have are originals. I have 50 right now but am always looking for more when I...
  43. This is a good one in my opinion, according to Kerry's Post it was made by Swiss in 1937 for an English sales firm 2 year before the Ingersoll Donald 1939. Even though it is a little ruff still a rar...
  44. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVES AND COMMENTS. The Dwarfs are 2 complete sets of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can't see Snow White behind them. The ones on the third shelf are plastic Mick...
  45. Thank You for asking on how I am. I am doing good with the new cancer drugs I am taking now and have not yet had any bad side effects. looking forward to see what you post next. hope you are having a...
  46. nice collection of rare pieces
  47. Kerry is right on , this watch was or at least the dial was made by Pedre in the late 80s or early 90s. It was in a rectangle case the the sides came to a slight point where time stem is and the case ...
  48. Very cool I have never seen one like it. authorized or not you got to love it . I am envious, I don't have one Ha Ha.
  49. Great buy Kerry, I need another one to. I have one in the box and one with out a box and it feel a little naked by its self with no box. Ha Ha
  50. Very nice I have always loved the blue sets but have not got one yet. looks in great condition with the original box. Great find
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