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I have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,aI have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,advertising , food items, WW2. I also am in collector car business and build cars in any stage. (Read more)


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1935 MICKEY MOUSE XMAS LIGHTS BY NOMA - Christmasin Christmas
1935 NOMA LIGHTS CATALOG - Paperin Paper
1934 Big Bad Wolf clock and watches  - Advertisingin Advertising
My fisher price collection - Advertisingin Advertising
1947 SNOW WHITE and LOUIE WATCHES - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1947 DISNEY WATCHES - Advertisingin Advertising
Aluminum American Bald Eagle  - Animalsin Animals
ALUMINUM BALD EAGEL - Animalsin Animals
MICKEY MOUSE BOXED WATCH UK - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1960s & 70s BAYARD DISNEY CLOCKS - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thank you very much appreciated
  2. Thank you for your message yes the Pinocchio watch is rare I have seen a couple of them on eBay but no boxes or statues the one I have is complete and did payment up for it thanks for looking very m...
  3. nice I just saw this, good to see you posting again
  4. nice one I don't have that yet good to see you on CW again
  5. This is the 1937 38 Mickey Mouse lapel watch it would have had a black or red cord with a black button or a clear button with a Mickey in it hope this helps
  6. sorry to say but your watch is after fall of 1933 the worlds fair watch has a wire lug case and the 5 and 7 are the same size as the other #s and there is no pointer on the second hand dial hope this ...
  7. very nice buy this is from the late 60s early 70s and 17 jewel is a little more desirable there is also one with no tread on the bottom of Mickey's shoe. the one you saw for 950.00 is way over priced...
  8. Thank you for your kind comments Roycroftbooksfromme1 Yes I am done with chemo and am on a target therapy drug that is working very well just today they changed my lab tests to every 2 months ins...
  9. Very nice never seen it either Kerry might know if you can get ahold of him
  10. They might be McDonalds Happy Meal toys except the Pluto bank
  11. Nice collection looking forward to seeing more
  12. You are very welcome David glad I could help, looking forward to seeing more of your collection. Its a lot more fun when you can communicate with someone that is collecting in the same field and have ...
  13. Hello JenSaw79, Thank you for asking, the art that is posted is one of a kind and was supposed to be on the submarine it is listed in official price guide to Disney Collectables 2nd edition by Ted Ha...
  14. Hey David sorry about the book I know that Vintage Character Watches had one for sale last year maybe they still have one or can get one for you I have bought watches from them nice people. If not I c...
  15. Thanks for responding look forward to communicating more and seeing more of your collection. feel free to ask any question I would love to help if I can. Mickey
  16. Hello dhhirsch, 3 books that I have are Time to Rewind a guide to collecting Disneyana Ingersoll wrist watches 1933-1939 by R.H.Farber, Collecting comic character clocks and watches by Howard Brenner...
  17. Thank you everyone for the comments and all the loves very much appreciated
  18. Thanks everyone for all the loves very mush appreciated
  19. Thank you Newfld for the nice comment and everyone for all the loves
  20. Very nice I am still looking for one ! Hope to be able to afford it when I find one.
  21. very nice don't have that one but I am still looking.
  22. Thanks karamikos I tried on my iPad and it worked great. Proves you can learn something new everyday no matter how old you are!
  23. Thank you pw-collector for the nice comments and everyone for all the loves it's very much appreciated. Thank you keramikos for the info I will try when I have more time got a new computer and still ...
  24. This is a nice piece I looked at some of my collection and found the Mickey stepping out dancing with Minnie figurines where he is dressed in tuxedo. Also Seiko made watches with him in a tuxedo but ...
  25. Very cool poster looks like a lobby card size for the theaters here not sure for over season the size. Very nice gift.
  26. VERY cool Kerry, I just acquired a 1934 Big Bad Wolf clock with original box cost a load but now I have all the watches and clock with boxes will post when I receive it.
  27. Very cool never seen before. Check out the 1939 Donald Duck pocket watch box in pocket watches he contacted me on if I was interested in buying it what do you think it’s worth
  28. Ollie , I could use a Donald Duck pocket watch box if you are talking about the 1939 one. I might be interested depending one condition and price. Right now I am negotiating on another purchase and if...
  29. Glad to see you posting again hope you continue I saw that on ebay but didn't know what it was nice buy
  30. Thanks billretirecoll for the nice comments very much appreciated
  31. Thank you Manikin Newfld Toyrebel for the nice comments and everyone for all the loves it is very much appreciated
  32. Very nice with the history and a great treasure I to have my collection of watches with no one pass them on to I am on 800+ and still collecting
  33. Hey vonsboy I saw a lapel watch box on ebay is the right box but has no insert. Listed as Mickey Mouse pocket watch box - Ingersoll - box only. Listed for 299.95 has 3 days 23 hours at this time. It i...
  34. Thank you Manikin for the nice comment and thanks everyone for all the loves
  35. Thank you everyone for all of the loves it is very much appreciated.
  36. Thank you Manikin for the nice comment very much appreciated
  37. Thanks WARWAGON64 for the comments I have not seen any for sale for a long time but will keep an eye out for them I only have one and also like to have duplicates I really need to find a box or a phot...
  38. Thank you everyone for the loves and for the comments very much appreciated
  39. Hey pw-collector I did some research in my books and found one of my watches from 1937-38 and found that the 1937-38 mickey deluxe wristwatch has a dial like yours with a second wheel with 1 mickey on...
  40. Very nice find, yes it has some value it is done for the military for ww2. You would need to research the unit it was designed for . It looks to be for a building, repair or maintenance unit . There w...
  41. Very nice set , Looking at my watches I think your watch is a 1947 case with a 1938-39 dial. The 38-39 case had 5 fluted design on the sides of the case were as the 47 is smooth like yours. the dial o...
  42. Thanks vonsboy lam not really looking for them as l have both of them unless I get a killer deal Ican not refuse Only one has original band I do need the boxes inserts and papers for them thanks again...
  43. Thanks, will keep my eye out have seen a lot of boxes but no lapel box yet
  44. Very nice vonsboy I only have one with original band but still looking
  45. Your welcome glad to help
  46. Thank you DanteDreaming for the nice comment and loves. the talons and head are copied after taxidermy copies I bought of real bald eagle parts. thanks again very much appreciated
  47. Thank you OLECODY
  48. Thank you for the nice comments and loves . The eagle is life size about 36" tall and 7'5" wing span.
  49. Hello Nighthawkn, did some research and found Blue Ribbon Books, The Mel Brinkrant Collection. He has one of these sets and said it is the rarest of the rare. The sit says more about it if you would l...
  50. Thank you buckethead for the nice comment and loves very much appreciated.
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