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I've been a huge fan of Disney since I was a kid. I've been a serious collector since the early 1990's. I have vintage, etc. My I've been a huge fan of Disney since I was a kid. I've been a serious collector since the early 1990's. I have vintage, etc. My collection runs from 1930 - 1963. (Read more)


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"Pinocchio" Courvoisier Gallery Print - 1940 - Moviesin Movies
"Snow White" Model Sheet - 1936 - Fine Artin Fine Art
"Evil Queen" Model Sheet - 1937 - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Mickey Mouse Tin Lunch Box/Tin - circa 1934 - Advertisingin Advertising
Song of the South - 1946 - Moviesin Movies
Donald Duck Bank - 1938 - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - 1937 - Moviesin Movies
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - 1937 - Moviesin Movies
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - 1937 - Moviesin Movies
Lady and The Tramp - 1955 - Moviesin Movies


  1. You are very welcome, mickeysmagic!
  2. mickeysmagic, Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Hey, mickeysmagic, This is the epitome of a "Labor of Love!" It is just Fantastic!
  4. It's great to see a complete set. I have only a few pieces. It's on my list to complete!!
  5. Hi, mickeysmagic, Your shelves look like some of mine. Mine are in the buffet. The right is the "Mickey half, basically is in the center and top shelves. The left half has "Bambi" with Thumper, his...
  6. Hey, Mickeysmagic, You have a Fabulous Collection!!! I love all your WWII memorabilia. I love my insignias, too. And I'm very lucky to have found that drawing of DOC from the USS Piedmont. It was ...
  7. Hey, PCC. I agree with you: They are fun!! Always on the lookout for new ones!
  8. Hi, Postcard, Thanks for noticing, I have several Courvoisier cels, but this is my only Courvoisier prints! They are actually rarer than the cels. I was lucky to find this!
  9. I agree with you! This is my newest piece! It is Great!!!
  10. Thanks, Manikin. These pieces are historical artifacts and Jim and I are the caretakers of them. We will pass these on when it is time. Thanks for the kind words! We try!!
  11. Hi, PostCardCollector, I have a VHS copy, in fact, it's a boot-leg copy from England that my husband found for me on ebay. I am very fortunate to have what I do have from this rare and controversial...
  12. Hi, MDR, I had originally put this under "Coin Operated" Banks. Collectors Weekly have since re-categorized it as "Still Banks." Sorry, if I confused you...
  13. Hi, "share", All my artwork was used in the production of the films they are associated with, and came from the Disney Studios. Much of the artwork on the market was taken home by the original artist...
  14. Hi, MDR, He's made of wood composition. It has a metal "trap door" on the bottom, which would have been locked with a key, but I do not possess that. At one time he had a "nodder" head, but is statio...
  15. Thanks, artfoot, for the updated information!
  16. Hi, buckethead. Thanks for the heads-up. I did add it to the category on your advise. Talk about dating ourselves...most people don't even know what a "fountain pen" is! Ha!
  17. Thanks, Manikin! Glad you like it! It's rare to have both the glasses and the box! I'm very fortunate!
  18. Thanks, racer. The Vernon Kilns pottery is the best quality. They haven't faded, crazed, or cracked. Trying to maintain this quality, put them out of business after only 18 months!
  19. Thanks, artfoot, I'm glad you continued the history lesson with everyone. Thanks for the info!
  20. Hi, Bill, Just took a look at the cookie jar. It really does look like her! Unfortunately, the prices go down because no one is collecting them anymore. Thanks for the comment!
  21. You're welcome!
  22. Gillian, Too bad you don't live in the middle ages. They could place you on "the rack" and really straighten out your back! Of course, you'd be six inches taller, too! HA! Thanks for the post!
  23. Thanks, roddyq! We've been very lucky to have amassed such great collections!
  24. Thanks, PCC, I will be posting more original artwork from the 1930's soon. Hope you'll enjoy them as well.
  25. Hi, racer4, It technically is "wood" but composition means "sawdust" and glue! Whatever, they look great!
  26. You're right, artfoot. And I'm very happy to own one!
  27. Thanks, MacDaddyRico for the comment. Really appreciate it!
  28. Dear buckethead, Thanks for the complement. Hope you enjoy some of the other pieces that I've posted since.
  29. DearPostCardCollector, Sorry that you had to sell this piece for needed house repairs. But doesn't it give you some comfort knowing that you DO have something of value to fall back on?!
  30. Thank You, Efesgirl! I try!!
  31. Hi, racer4four, Thanks for the complement. I'll be posting more "stuff." Thanks for looking!
  32. Hi, Loumanal, Thanks for writing, good question. Vernon Kilns pieces have a "number" on the bottom of each piece. They were either printed on as part of the labeling or were hand-written by the fact...
  33. Hi, Efesgirl, Thanks for the comment. I have been extremely lucky in my pursuit of vintage Disneyana. I've been collecting since the early 1990's. I have about 80 pieces of artwork (used in the film...
  34. So do I! She's my favorite villain!!
  35. Thanks!
  36. Actually, I have about 80 pieces of artwork. It covers all four walls (two and three deep) in the living room and dining rooms! I've been very lucky to have amassed such a great collection!
  37. Thanks. Really appreciate your positive comments.
  38. You're welcome, Bill.
  39. Love the humor!! Thanks for the comments! LOL
  40. Thanks, MacDaddyRico. That's quite a complement!
  41. Thanks, mickeysmagic. I appreciate your kind words!
  42. Thanks. "Hyacinth" is adorable! "Ben Alligator" has eluded me so far! Always on the lookout for him!
  43. Thanks, Manikin and mickeysmagic! This set is one of my favorites!
  44. You haven't found a Mexican Mickey either, huh? We'll have to keep looking!
  45. Thanks, roddyq!
  46. Thanks, racer, It took forever to find one. I was ecstatic because she is my favorite villain!
  47. Hi, mickeysmagic, What you see is just a tip of the iceberg. I see you collect time pieces. I also have the first Mickey Mouse watch with the box in both bands: the metal one and the leather one. I...
  48. Hi, Manikin, I love the doll. As you can tell, I love all the vintage stuff!!
  49. Hey, Manikin, I'm glad you loves this...Me Too!...Lucky to find it in this condition!
  50. Hi, racer4four, Glad you liked it.
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