Hi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. ThHi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Invaders, The Time tunnel and many others. I received my first train set from my uncle and have been into trains ever since. (Read more)


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  1. Thank you Tanni, much appreciated:)
  2. Great to see everything together, the retailer's stamped guarentee certificate is super.
  3. You do choose very good quality watches.
  4. Really liking this one, bonus with the 5 adjusted positions.
  5. It will be great to see more of the early lego sets, good write up.
  6. buckethead, royoroy thanking you for sharing the loves.
  7. Thank you Lois always great to hear from you!!
  8. They will still display nicely as they are. I like to leave classics in their played with condition adds to their character. Enjoy them, Lionel is my favorite train!!
  9. Awesome collection!
  10. The #1690 called a pullman usually included an observation car and dining car or maybe a mail car. The wheels and coupling look like yours are from 1933 to 1940. O guage
  11. They are in such excellent condition!! Great to share good memories with your mother.
  12. Buckethead it will be good to build a permanent layout for my larger scale trains and put the sizzler train set close by with my grandson. Maybe you will find the Indy Eagle set one day in your trave...
  13. The Bugs Bunny is my favorite buckethead it reminds me of some of my days working construction, looney things happening all over the place!!!
  14. Thomas this Steely Dan song brings back memories from the 70's of when someone in our party house bought the LP brand new and I heard them for the first time. Thanks for sharing my friend.
  15. Wandlessfairy thank you very much:))
  16. This is a real gem Lois!!!
  17. Roy, nutsabotas6, Trey, iggy, Phil, Jlmam thanking you for stopping by and sharing the loves.
  18. Roy always much appreciated when you stop by.
  19. fortapache, Roy, vetraio50, Phil, Manikin, Judy, Thomas, Jlmam, MacDaddyRico, thanks for sharing the loves!!
  20. Thank you Phil and Thomas your comments are always much appreciated. Something so fine about a silk tie Phil!! Thomas it's been a looney week here. We had an earthquake here last night, was more inte...
  21. Pierre Berton really spreads his love of our wonderful Canada through a colorful history in words. I enjoy all his writings.
  22. Great band Thomas I saw them live in the 70's and had most of their albums in the 70's. I have a double cd of theirs now. My son has my record collection he likes the records more then cd's.
  23. Very nice condition!! Your 4th photo is awesome.
  24. Always good when you pass parts of a treasure on to others MacDaddy.
  25. Very nice and with John Glenn's autograph awesome!!
  26. vetraio50, Phil, racer4four, Jlmam, Thomas, always appreciate the loves.
  27. oroyoroy, Thomas, lisa, fortapache, always much appreciated you stopping by and sharing the loves.
  28. Trey, fortapache, iggy thanks for stopping by and sharing the loves.
  29. It sure does iggy. Thanks for your great comment always much appreciated.
  30. 3 little gems great piece of history on them.
  31. fortapache I did a lot of checking and word changing and this site turned up great piece of info on the minatures. Nice to finally know it's history.
  32. It surprised me when I found it nutsabotas6 nobody had bought it and it was very cheap. I scooped it right away!
  33. Thank you Roy it fits in well with the matchbox line.
  34. Very nice design the fins really add to it's classic look lots of good info.
  35. Thomas here's a man whose music has stood the test of time and continues to entertain people to this day. Great song one of my favorites!!
  36. Nothing better then watching Saturday morning cartoons Wandlessfairy. I always liked Yosemite Sam:))
  37. fortapache, Judy, racer4four, Jlmam, Vintagefran, Wandlessfairy, oroyoroy thanks for stopping by and sharing the loves
  38. Thomas the basketball player caught my eye, as I had never seen one before, and it said Japan which was interesting. I found a little more information on the figures at this link. http://www.dfw...
  39. vetraio50, Wandlessfairy, buckethead thanks for the loves and stopping by always much appreciated
  40. Hey thanks buckethead I'll keep checking online and look at the 2 on E-bay.
  41. Great looking van I like the look of the overall played with condition, good info. on the wheels.
  42. vintagelamp, Cbenn, Wandlessfairy, BlackWatch thanking you for stopping by and sharing the loves. Your ticket will always be a great memory for you Wandlessfairy!!
  43. Phil and Scotty your great comments are always appreciated. Vintagefran, buckethead, Phil and Scotty thanks for sharing the loves.
  44. I've always liked both sr. and jr's music. Had some of jr's records at one time. Have a great Labor day weekend Thomas and Allisa.
  45. Good morning Scotty, nothing was better on Saturday morning watching cartoons, I always got a good laugh from Foghorn Leghorn, "let go of my leg boy" with the little chicken hawk.
  46. You know buckethead it does sound like either:) Old Willie always ordering something new from the Acme company to catch the roadrunner never tired from watching these cartoons and later on with my c...
  47. Thanks Phil as soon as I saw it I scooped it up I want to frame it up for permanent display.
  48. Hi Phil, you are right there are some new collectors on here which adds to the variety. This Mexican card is 13 1/2" w by 16 1/2" long the USA cards are 11 by 14". I really like the art work on the Me...
  49. Thank you pw-collector & Manikin for sharing the loves always appreciated.
  50. This might help your mystery. The emblem of 20-30 International was an hourglass, symbolizing the passage of time and the need of young man to take advantage of his time and energy for useful activit...
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