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Hi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. ThHi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Invaders, The Time tunnel and many others. I received my first train set from my uncle and have been into trains ever since. (Read more)


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Apollo Moon Landing  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Matchbox Lesney regular wheels - Model Carsin Model Cars
Merry Christmas everyone - Advertisingin Advertising
CARTOON CHARACTER TIES - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
HOT WHEELS TRAIN 1970 - Model Trainsin Model Trains
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  1. It's like your first solo flight you got through it and picked up some experience along the way. Very nicely done!!
  2. 1100 cubic centimeter motor. I believe this is the only style lesney produced with no variations. Yours is in excellent condition!!
  3. Thank you Phil. much appreciated!!
  4. Thanks fortapache! I thought it was neat when I saw it and since it was a talking view master something I never had before and also the reels were space related I picked it up.
  5. Thomas I haven't seen the new documentary as of yet. I will search for it, will be good to see. Have a good day my friend!!
  6. Vynil33rpm thanks so much. I remember watching the moon landing on the TV with all the family gathered around a good memory!
  7. A labor of love from Rod Stewart a lot of respect for him doing pretty well everything himself and who could really do the work better then the builder and model railroader enthusiast!!
  8. You have 2 oil tankers which is a bonus. All the other 4 pieces seem to be from the original set with the exception of the orange colored Shell oil tanker. Many sets would get mixed up from being oper...
  9. I've seen the stretchers before this is a first for me seeing the removable blanket awesome!!
  10. Thanks iggy I hope that all is well out your way.
  11. Hey Toyrebel, thank you. I've been admiring your vehicles very nice collection!!
  12. Hi Ken, it's great to return and catch up with you and all the awesome collectors again. For sure the truck has been well preserved since the 1960's. I am trying to find them in the best condition tha...
  13. Hey Thomas my friend great to hear from you. It's good to be back and catch up with old friends!!
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  15. Thank you fortapache. I would like to find the black wheel one and if by luck the variation with the grey cement mixer.
  16. This is great that you have the stretchers for both ambulances!
  17. My dad used to play some of his albums and also Al Hirt.
  18. Great posters!!
  19. Always great to see an old model in any kind of condition
  20. Very informative!!
  21. Awesome autographs!
  22. Vynil33rpm, dlpetersen, pw-collector, thank you for stopping by always appreciated.
  23. Re-In-Vintage thanking you for dropping by your comment is much appreciated.
  24. Thank you Lata. You have posted some awesome trains!
  25. Thanks for stopping by Newfld much appreciated.
  26. Fantastic condition!!
  27. Same as I was thinking like mickeysmagic that it is lobby card size. Awesome condition a great keepsake.
  28. Cool 8 tracks!
  29. Thank you Re-in-Vintage and Vynil33rpm for dropping by much appreciated.
  30. Awesome for you walking, talking with Paul McCartney!!
  31. Malkey I must say that I never usually give vases much more then a glance. Your photos scream such beauty to the eye!!
  32. A really great set I'm always learning more about matchbox from your posts!!
  33. Your heart was in the right place helping out your friend.
  34. Wow never even knew there is a Shirley Temple watch!!
  35. Is that the Freak brothers beside the pencil? Very nice collection.
  36. Stunning!!
  37. Loving these!!
  38. Always enjoy reading your informative posts!
  39. Thank you so much subi450. Tremblay252, Re - In - Vintage for dropping by!
  40. Thanks for stopping by clockerman!
  41. Yes Izenglish Clyde dropped them like Dominos:)
  42. SEAN68, Thomas, Izenglish, Windwalker thanking you for stopping by much appreciated!
  43. Very nice diesel!!
  44. Great piece of your family history!
  45. Tanks for sharing this awesome piece!
  46. Thanks for dropping by Johnsmith, Re-In-Vintage, Scotty, vintagelamp, freon, buckethead, Rick55, gargoylecollector, SEAN68, officialfuel, thegatherer, EJW-54, TheGateKeeper, vetraio50, boysfarm, JIma...
  47. I've never seen any Disneykins before they really are something!
  48. Such a great piece of history Phil and the craftsmanship is fantastic!!
  49. Thanks for the loves Wandlessfairy, Manikin, Lata, kingshawn, SEAN68 much appreciated!!
  50. Thanks Lata.
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