Hi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. ThHi, I am Canadian now retired and living in Central Mexico. Growing up in the 1960's is where my collecting began from television series like Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Invaders, The Time tunnel and many others. I received my first train set from my uncle and have been into trains ever since. (Read more)


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  1. I miss enjoying a nice cold Canadian beer way down here in Mexico
  2. I meant to say iggy!! great post:))
  3. The engine # looks to be 20. The No. 9862 should be the number of the set you have and would be listed in the catalog as such.
  4. Nice one Roy!!
  5. Canadian eh!!! Great post fortapache
  6. Hi Scotty, I came across a 1949 complete Uncle Wiggly board game someone is selling on Face book. His name is Ken Kriete on the site Ephemera- Vintage paper buy sell trade A very good price includes ...
  7. Excellent styled ashtray and write up
  8. Always love Canadian made toys!
  9. Very nice condition Roy. Great scoop to pass on to your mother in law!!
  10. Thanks Phil always appreciate your comments:)
  11. This is very nice!!
  12. Excellent condition Phil.
  13. Hi nsn300z pw-collector added a great link, it may be worth the time to check with a watch repair store to restore it as it holds family memories. If you decide to restore it will be nice to see it ...
  14. Your watch is neat with the extra sweep hand it looks like a basic chronograph giving it added value. Are there some extra small buttons on the left side? Or maybe the stop watch is operated from push...
  15. Happens quite often bb2
  16. Thanks for sharing this link royoroy. Some very different opinions about Will Rogers. He was more in tune with the everyday working man.
  17. Loving these!!!
  18. Nicefice, Phil, fortapache, SEAN68, Radegunder, Katyep27, Thomas, pw-collector thank you all for dropping by always appreciated. Phil, bb2, and Scotty your comments are always great
  19. Thanking Time Traveller, valentino97, Roy, Kerry10456, Manikin, Celliene, racer4four, fortapache, Judy, lisa, tictocktime100, SEAN68, thegatherer. Phil, antiquerose, EJW-54, Dan121156, Andoo, ttomtuck...
  20. Excellent condition very nice addition to your collection!!
  21. A great find!!
  22. Thank you Tanni, much appreciated:)
  23. Great to see everything together, the retailer's stamped guarentee certificate is super.
  24. You do choose very good quality watches.
  25. Really liking this one, bonus with the 5 adjusted positions.
  26. It will be great to see more of the early lego sets, good write up.
  27. buckethead, royoroy thanking you for sharing the loves.
  28. Thank you Lois always great to hear from you!!
  29. They will still display nicely as they are. I like to leave classics in their played with condition adds to their character. Enjoy them, Lionel is my favorite train!!
  30. Awesome collection!
  31. The #1690 called a pullman usually included an observation car and dining car or maybe a mail car. The wheels and coupling look like yours are from 1933 to 1940. O guage
  32. They are in such excellent condition!! Great to share good memories with your mother.
  33. Buckethead it will be good to build a permanent layout for my larger scale trains and put the sizzler train set close by with my grandson. Maybe you will find the Indy Eagle set one day in your trave...
  34. The Bugs Bunny is my favorite buckethead it reminds me of some of my days working construction, looney things happening all over the place!!!
  35. Wandlessfairy thank you very much:))
  36. This is a real gem Lois!!!
  37. Roy, nutsabotas6, Trey, iggy, Phil, Jlmam thanking you for stopping by and sharing the loves.
  38. Roy always much appreciated when you stop by.
  39. fortapache, Roy, vetraio50, Phil, Manikin, Judy, Thomas, Jlmam, MacDaddyRico, thanks for sharing the loves!!
  40. Thank you Phil and Thomas your comments are always much appreciated. Something so fine about a silk tie Phil!! Thomas it's been a looney week here. We had an earthquake here last night, was more inte...
  41. Pierre Berton really spreads his love of our wonderful Canada through a colorful history in words. I enjoy all his writings.
  42. Very nice condition!! Your 4th photo is awesome.
  43. Always good when you pass parts of a treasure on to others MacDaddy.
  44. Very nice and with John Glenn's autograph awesome!!
  45. vetraio50, Phil, racer4four, Jlmam, Thomas, always appreciate the loves.
  46. oroyoroy, Thomas, lisa, fortapache, always much appreciated you stopping by and sharing the loves.
  47. Trey, fortapache, iggy thanks for stopping by and sharing the loves.
  48. It sure does iggy. Thanks for your great comment always much appreciated.
  49. 3 little gems great piece of history on them.
  50. fortapache I did a lot of checking and word changing and this site turned up great piece of info on the minatures. Nice to finally know it's history.
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