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I collect vintage radios and vintage clocks,,as well as coins, stamps. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love theI collect vintage radios and vintage clocks,,as well as coins, stamps. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love the stories and information shared by all. The images on my board cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly only. Thanks CW. (Read more)


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Wood Clock West Germany Quartz "PEARL" Brand Spinning Pendulum Haller W993 - Clocksin Clocks
Madonna 45 Record Commotion from Soundtrack of Who's That Girl Art Cover - Recordsin Records
8 Track Realistic Player/Copy     1979 Yard Sale save - Electronicsin Electronics
Carnival Bowl or Fenton glassware Yellow  - Glasswarein Glassware
Rotary Telephone Model 500 Mediterranean Blue Western Electric - Telephonesin Telephones
Ingraham Travel Alarm Clock  Originally Purchased on USS LATIMER  PX - Clocksin Clocks
Add on for Esco-Like Prelude Creations Chalkware ASHTRAY - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Christmas Ornaments Shiny Brite Poland - Christmasin Christmas
Vintage Vincent (e) Art  
Casino gift shop refugee-Prelude Creations Esco like Chalkware Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Just put up for sale. A cool 9 million . Easily worth it , if you are a millionaire
  2. Google. PMD. Post mint damage Probably got caught in a coin op machine or something like that. Thanks for sharing
  4. Nice FRANKLIN
  5. Stratego was a good one also.
  6. Great item for a divorce lawyers office
  7. Great find...Congrats
  8. Gorgeous tree... Merry Christmas
  9. Had a huge find of these a few years ago. I gave away a box to everyone in my family. They use them every year. Love those Shiny Brites.
  10. Could it be a crimper. We used a tool similar to this to crimp a lead seal. To secure items of value (jewelry) with an identifying number. Cool item anyways.
  11. Ty for the love Packratplace Buckethead
  12. Ty for the love blunderbrus
  13. Thanks for the love Mikelv Caperkid NevadaBlades
  14. I think it is either 1970s or 1980s
  15. I give the mechanism a flick of my finger and it starts again. I do not believe it is pine. It's very heavy, I think it may be oak or mahogany.
  16. Deep Purple was on my first 8 track. Good stuff
  17. AllieCecille. Ty for the love
  18. Thanks for the love Sean 68
  19. TY for the Love Rick55
  20. Never forget
  21. Ty for the love Sean MikeLv Iggy Caperkid Thanks for stopping by
  22. My expert son said that it is probably Mr Sinister And he may be the next villain in the upcoming x men movie
  23. Thanks for the love Bensallright Brunswick
  24. Yes I do remember that stuff,,,the cb radios were amazing. The 12 foot antennaes on some old jalopys.
  25. AntiqueRose I am happy you enjoyed the post, it surely brings back some fun times.
  26. Thanks for the loves Nevada Blades AntiqueRose Manikin pops52
  27. Some of the Power Ranger and He man figures from the 1980s can be worth decent money.
  28. Amber rose Where r u??
  29. Ty for the love Nevadablades Thomtucker
  30. Awesome
  31. Thanks for the love Nevada Blades Knock Wood
  32. Great discovery. I wish I knew more about glassware. Nice nice nice
  33. This is a beautiful insulator. I am guessing the color is quite common. I was at a yard sale today and had a chance to pick up about 10 of these at a buck each. Most were green but there was also ...
  34. Ty for the love Buckethead
  35. Ty Purple Kelly for the love
  36. Ty for the love Manikin Inky Anna B
  37. Ty for the nice comments brunswick
  38. Great pieces love those horse bookends.
  39. Thank u very much Flea Finder
  40. Martika many thanks for the love
  41. Wow. Stunning color.
  42. Thanks to Fortapache .
  43. Mikelv. Thanks for the love.
  44. Ty Gillian Tall cakes AdeleC It's a really nice colour. Yellow during the evening and the bluish/purplish color comes out in the sunlight.
  45. Wow. Stunning Nice nice nice
  46. Dad took us kids to Coney Island with that cooler in the early 60s. We knew we were going to the beach when he got the ice pick out and started chopping the big blocks of ice he made in the freezer w...
  47. Grew up with that exact phone. But in the city (NY) I never experienced party lines. Cool phone.
  48. The UnCola. Great find.
  49. Ty for the love Trey Aura Caperkid
  50. Anna B and Manikin Thank you so much for the love.
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Time Magazine - September 11, 2001 ( Collectible Edition 9/11 ) RECORD PAIRS - FOOTBALL Batting practice home run Schlitz beer globe and Pabst blue ribbon beer light Early 1900's Child's Car Seat Coke chest fridge Macabre Photography Trade Card - late 1890s / 1900s Help identifying this statue - please :-) Dime (200?) with Raised Copper Edges Some medieval armchair looks European I would think German or Austrian. Old, old utility meter Stratford on Avon Horse Brass