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Coney Island Polar Bear club

I am always looking vintage radios and vintage clocks,and anything older than me. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site I am always looking vintage radios and vintage clocks,and anything older than me. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love the stories and information shared by all. Thanks CW. (Read more)


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Christmas Greeting.  Merry Christmas - Christmasin Christmas
My favorite New Santa - Christmasin Christmas
Mickey Mouse Stuffed Doll  1960s  - Animalsin Animals
9/11 20 Years 1st Responder Ale - Brewerianain Breweriana
Vintage Essie Rose “Stockings in a Box” - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Merry Christmas Vintage Ornaments and Deer - Christmasin Christmas
Apollo 11 Moon Landing Tie Clip - Accessoriesin Accessories
Lighted Kool Cigarette sign w Digital Clock - Signsin Signs
Jet Magazine June 4 1964 Jayne Mansfield Cassius Clay Photos - Paperin Paper
Victorian Pump Organ  Found in A Bar on Staten Island NY - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments


  1. JScott You always have some of the best posts. I love finding your newest items. Always a blast! Thanks
  2. Very nice ! Whitman’s has been around for a long time.
  3. Great pick up.
  4. Happy New Year. J
  5. Happy New Year Vnyl
  6. Happy New Year I hope you win the lotto!
  7. Love these older chalk things! Lamps are great.
  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  9. Merry Christmas Jenni Very happy you love the tree and the Beagle. The dog was at a very nice friends house we visited this Christmas Eve. The dog was as calm and loving as could be.
  10. Thanks for the newest love. Jenni And VCal much appreciated for your searching love Merry Christmas
  11. Thanks for the love and stopping VCal Merry Christmas
  12. Thanks for the love V Cal
  13. Merriest and a Happy Christmas to you and your family!
  14. Merry Christmas Jenni
  15. Merry Christmas.
  16. Merry Christmas. I love this post !
  17. MerryChristmas
  18. Hahaha. Talking Dogs. Goliath Davey and Goliath Merry Christmas
  19. Groovy Merry Christmas
  20. Ahhh. I love the Seahorse
  21. Wow. Very nice ! I love it Merry Christmas
  22. Wow. Beautiful
  23. Thanks for the love Cisum and Vnyl33
  24. RIP Michael Nesmith
  25. Thanks for the vintage loves. Elton lives
  26. Thanks for the love VCal One of my favorite finds
  27. Thank you all. For the vintage loves
  28. That is such a great lil bunny. Love the color and the lil face! Beautiful
  29. Way way back in the 1960s , I vaguely remember a 2 cent return on bottles. I don’t remember the size bottles and only a few different brands had deposits on their bottles. Cool post.
  30. I had that w the poster. Lol. Great stuff
  31. Sparkys Hamburgers. Love it
  32. Thanks for the love and reUp of the Clock VCal. Much appreciated
  33. Happy Thanksgiving Jenni Beautiful
  34. Happy Thanksgiving Vnyil33RPM
  35. Darn Rinos. Been around 4 Eva Love it!
  36. Wow that is Lovely.
  37. Love it!
  38. Such a nice Santa! I love the pout on his face. His reindeer must have run off without him. ?? it.
  39. Quick comment: My dad brought me to the movies and I saw it 1st time circa 1972?? Loved it. OMG the memories. )
  40. Wow love this fantastic horse head! Apropo as I am watching The Godfather.
  41. Beautiful spider Beautiful Pumpkin
  42. Happy Halloween my lovely!
  43. Wow. Great piece Thanks for sharing.
  44. Well said FJ B Lets Go Brandon!
  45. Thanks for the love Vnyl
  46. There are a lot of these 1958 Lincoln cents in this exact condition out in the wild. It’s a beautiful coin, although I’d say it would be too costly to have this coin graded. Thanks for sharing
  47. Just went over the Verrazzano this week. Such a beautiful bridge. I think they charge both ways now. 6.75 each way with EZ Pass of course Thanks for sharing the photo.
  48. Great information. Been on that road many times myself. Thanks for sharing.
  49. Not an expert by any means but I think it could be Amish or something along those lines. What is the plaque made of? Chalkware, wood, plastic... Great looking item.
  50. Newfld Thanks for the kind and thoughtful words. Thanks to all for the love! Tunnel to Towers Foundation is something “good” that came about from that horrific event.
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