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Coney Island Brooklyn NY Polar Bear club

I am always looking vintage radios and vintage clocks,and anything older than me. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site I am always looking vintage radios and vintage clocks,and anything older than me. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love the stories and information shared by all. The images on my board cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form by ANYONE They are for the sole use of Collector's Weekly only. Thanks CW. (Read more)


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Apollo 11 Moon Landing Tie Clip - Accessoriesin Accessories
Lighted Kool Cigarette sign w Digital Clock - Signsin Signs
Jet Magazine June 4 1964 Jayne Mansfield Cassius Clay Photos - Paperin Paper
Victorian Pump Organ  Found in A Bar on Staten Island NY - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Christmasin Christmas
Segal Shackle Type Padlock Scandanavian - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Napco Spaghetti Santa Figurine Japan pottery - Christmasin Christmas
Yorkraft Primitive Wood Sign Dr advertising Chiropidist - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Elegant Blue Stemware. (Unk) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Vornado Electric Fan 16c2-1 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Ty for the Love vynill
  2. Great write up. Fantastic rifle. Worth a small fortune. Maybe?
  3. Beautiful piece. Happy holidays and Happiest New Year
  4. Wow very touching and informative! Love this so much. I'm sure you made your father very happy. Thanks for posting these items.
  5. Great , you are a hoarder. Put up shelves, Put up shelves. Words from the SO when I showed her the pics. I effing love it!!!
  6. I remember this game. Fun and informative. Nice post
  7. Maybe Westinghouse Electric Company? Does the motor have any markings? The motor appears painted over but maybe you can check for a name on the motor. Nice item!
  8. This was my official Off-Duty weapon which I purchased in 1986. As noted Colt Detective Special was a 6 shot snubbie revolver. The other choice we had was the Smith and Wesson Chief 5 shot revolver. ...
  9. met the top dude great group Fntastic
  10. Griffin weirdo. Love it
  11. Griffin weirdo. Love it
  12. Great color love it p
  13. Vetraio50. Thanks for the love
  14. Toyrebel thanks for commenting and it was in appreciation of the perseverance and will of all mankind, and in commemoration of the 50 th anniversary of the First Man on the moon. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the love and stopping by Sean68 Broochman
  16. Thanks for the love aura
  17. Anything obscure and kwqd and Fortapache. Thanks for the love and for stopping by. Much appeciated.!
  18. Thanks for the love Newfld. Much appreciated. Has a lot of sentimental meaning, my Uncle John was a man born before his time. He was the manager of the Brooklyn Techical High School radio tower whe...
  19. Leighannrn, Chevelleman, Ho2Cultcha much appreciated for stopping by and the love.
  20. Great knowledge to spot this prize. Love it
  21. Lucky sunofagun great save
  22. Appreciate the love Jptf
  23. Great find
  24. Great find
  25. Billretcoll I've read that the big tobacco corporations are going to be the major players when mary Jane becomes legal across the nation. So (Kools) May become cool again. Thanks for stopping by.
  26. Thanks for the love and for stopping by. EJW54 TedStraub Jptf BillRetColl Thanks for the comments. Both my parents smoked heavily but thankfully, I never smoked in my entire life. I am sur...
  27. Thanks for the love Trukn20 and RustyBoltz Much appreciated
  28. The Nazis stole many symbols which depicted goodness and decency, to obscure their evil intent.
  29. Ty for the love Manikin Much appreciated
  30. Thanks for the love Sean68 Danny M Roybal
  31. Thanks for the love Shareurpassion This is a poster sized Nagel. These are almost impossible to find anywhere. Thanks again
  32. Shareurpassion I have been interested in coins for many many years. Nowadays , it's so easy to find information with the internet. Back in the (old) days all we numismatists Had were old Red B...
  33. Anything Obscure Thanks for the love and the comment. The seller lowered it down to 10 bucks and I couldn't pass it up. I normally just give the asking price but he lowered the price when I appea...
  34. Brunswick and Shareurpassion Thanks for the love and I agree it's Kool
  35. Newfld Thanks for the love and the kind words.
  36. Thanks for the love and the kind comments. Blunderbuss2 Newfld Broochman Brunswick Bobby725 Anything Obscure Fortapache Official Fuel Shareurpassion
  37. Hi very nice cud you have there. Good stuff Website 'cuds on coins' good reference
  38. Hi very nice cud you have there. Good stuff
  39. Very cool bottle
  40. Very nice pick up and save. I'm jealous
  41. Predicte this book will go down and be historically significant as William Shaspeare Great Story L
  42. You know all the stuff is great!! But all I gotta say is that it is very Sexy
  43. Cool and very crafty.
  44. Great item. Actually was researching these cast iron lawn jockeys and saw a "Jocko" at my local flea market today. First one I ever saw in person. Almost bought it for 350 but it was very very in nee...
  45. My dad took us to Coney Island with one of these heavy beauties. Took the (Iron Horse) Sea Beach express Subway. Mom made PBandJ sandwiches wrapped in wax paper for us kids and dad had his couple of...
  46. Schaefer, is the,,,One beer to have, when you are having more than one. Great jingle. Decent beer. Great sign.
  47. Really fantastic bike. Never had one but my friends had them. The speedometer was the coolest thing. Back in the day we used these bikes to go really fast and jump a ramp made out of plywood laid ov...
  48. Ty for the love Mariecollecorholic Watcsearcher Vetraio50 Valentino97 Ty all John
  49. Very nice. I believe I saw these sets at an estate sale a few years ago. They were very interesting as almost pieces of art, alas I saw them as toys. They were much too expensive for my "toy" budget....
  50. FortApache Ty for the love
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Etching mystery Is this anything special???? Freemason penny from 1926 Time Magazine - September 11, 2001 ( Collectible Edition 9/11 ) RECORD PAIRS - FOOTBALL Batting practice home run Schlitz beer globe and Pabst blue ribbon beer light Early 1900's Child's Car Seat Coke chest fridge Macabre Photography Trade Card - late 1890s / 1900s Help identifying this statue - please :-) Dime (200?) with Raised Copper Edges