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Coney Island Polar Bear club

I am always looking vintage radios and vintage clocks,and anything older than me. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site I am always looking vintage radios and vintage clocks,and anything older than me. I love older items. Old photographs,,,glassware,,,toys,,. Fantastic web site and love the stories and information shared by all. Thanks CW. (Read more)


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Merry Christmas Vintage Ornaments and Deer - Christmasin Christmas
Apollo 11 Moon Landing Tie Clip - Accessoriesin Accessories
Lighted Kool Cigarette sign w Digital Clock - Signsin Signs
Jet Magazine June 4 1964 Jayne Mansfield Cassius Clay Photos - Paperin Paper
Victorian Pump Organ  Found in A Bar on Staten Island NY - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Christmasin Christmas
Segal Shackle Type Padlock Scandanavian - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Napco Spaghetti Santa Figurine Japan pottery - Christmasin Christmas
Yorkraft Primitive Wood Sign Dr advertising Chiropidist - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Elegant Blue Stemware. (Unk) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Very nice. Looks a little like the Winged Mercury Dime Circa 1930s-1945 I believe
  2. Beautiful coin! Maybe less than 5000 coins were produced. It's definitely a collectors piece.
  3. That is a very gorgeous piece. Love it!
  4. That’s a very sweet Pepsi Clock! Nice
  5. Wow at first I thought somehow, someone had photographed my garage. Lol. Love the post.
  6. Very very nice. I have a couple of horse sculptures. This is a great one. Actually have a vintage metal horse sculpture with a jockey. Not as big as this one. Thanks for sharing. !
  7. My friend Tony would come around the neighborhood with this car when we were young. Very cool. Great post!
  8. Very nice coin!
  9. Ahhh. Used those in Brooklyn Tech HS Good memories
  10. Very cool stuff!
  11. Very nice! I believe here in the North East US we are due for a Cicada display this summer. Great item.
  12. Shield. Not badge. As we say in the NYPD Love them
  13. Love the colors! Very nice
  14. I did a bing image search and can’t find one exactly Like yours. Still very nice .
  15. Can u post a picture of the back of the badge? Very cool piece!
  16. Great piece!
  17. Great Fox! I love Foxes!
  18. Very nice picture,! Pretty sure I’ve drank in bars that didn’t even look this good. Love it!
  19. Fun stuff!
  20. Oooh la la. Hubba Hubba Beautiful piece!
  21. Wow Very Nice. Sweet
  22. Gorgeous. Love it Happy New Year Jenni
  23. Stunning !!! Happy New Year Sean
  24. Very scary furnace. Nice pics
  25. Moy Thank you for the love
  26. Great decal.
  27. I took advantage this Holiday Covid season to see this fantastic classic at my local movie theater. They were showing it on the Big Screen for 2 bucks. Me and wifey were the only people in the movie ...
  28. Very pretty. Love it
  29. Very nice don't think I've ever seen that one before
  30. Great poster. I used to see this poster when I was a kid. We had a butcher shop around the corner from my childhood home. Jake the Butcher had a very similar advertising poster on a wall of his shop....
  31. Cokeman Happy New Year and thanks much for stopping by and the love.
  32. HNY. And many more
  33. Ms crystal ship: I recently moved to the Jersey Shore from my upstate NY mountains .(Hudson Valley). 10 minutes from West Point. I miss those Mountain View’s and going for long hikes. I love t...
  34. Thanks for the love Hoot 60 Anything obscure Brunswick Newfld Happy New Year
  35. Hoot60. Thanks for the love Happy New Year
  36. Very beautiful Aura Happy New Year!
  37. Very nice piece. Happy New Year Ho2Cultcha
  38. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  39. Thanks for stopping by and for the love Celiene And Official Fuel Happy New Year
  40. Excellent collection. I actually rescued the service station this summer from an anonymous death at my local flea market. Very cool.
  41. Johnny Lightning was always the best! Big Christmas present back in 1968 or roundabout. Those cars were fast.
  42. Love it! Happy New Year Fort Apache
  43. Love the mountains Happy New Year to you and Yours
  44. Ahhh Space Travel If only... Happy Knew Year
  45. Wow great stuff. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year I loved messing around with those chemistry kits. My brothers and I also shared a used erector set that was a gift from an Uncle. The set was in ...
  46. Thanks for stopping by and for the love Kwqd
  47. Great pick up. Good stuff u have there. Excellent
  48. Amazing and stunning color on this beautiful penguin. We had a guy at work we called “el penguino” because of the way he walked. It was done with love so he took it as a compliment. Stunning pi...
  49. Wow. Great stuff. Thanks for the info.
  50. Thanks for stopping by and for the love: RichmondLori six-0-one Watchsearcher Aura Brunswick Vetraiero50 Dav2no1 Thank you all for the love Happy New Year!
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