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New York

Antiques are nice to collect. So much adventure so much time.


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A New York button  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Umm ceramionial
  2. It's very interesting Scott. It's great lol
  3. Hmm interesting Scott that's good.
  4. My uncle identified it. He is very knowledgeable on famous people. Even my mother is knowing of this. How are ya Scott it's been awhile?
  5. It's Us it has the blue dye of a union uniform. New York regiment is where it comes from.
  6. So it is Union?
  7. Yep well it's a good find. I'm going to email about cabinet cards in a shop.
  8. Thank you it must be rare?
  9. Is it a good patch? Maybe us?
  10. ? What's a howitzer?
  11. Okay thank you
  12. What side is he on?
  13. Thanks Scott post more i have a few questions about cabinet cards. Could I ask for your email please?
  14. If anyone know information on the coats. Be happy to hear.
  15. It's difficult to find the uniform.
  16. How would I go about that? Scott
  17. So is he from the civil war? Or part of the ancient and honorable Massachusetts artillery company? Scott
  18. Your welcome Gilian
  19. More photos will be posted soon thank you. :)
  20. It Say grandmas father. Interesting as I find it good.
  21. I have the front of the picture. Could you tell me more?
  22. Thank you do you have a email?
  23. Where is the picture? And thank you. Could you send it to me? My email is boltandhammer@gmail.com
  24. That's fine , I can't find your contact. Their maybe be more photos.
  25. It was bought with it.
  26. His initials would be D.K I believe.
  27. I have no idea my friend. He talks of the army.
  28. Thank you Chrisnp very much.
  29. That's a laid back soldier. :)
  30. Yes I agree , looking apart does have a nice ring to it.
  31. No problem Scott , I will post more accordly.
  32. Cool very nice , the group photo is also nice.
  33. Thanks I think their cool too. Posting more photographs soon.
  34. Thank you Scott , I will post more photos shortly. I greatly appreciate any information on my photographs from anyone. :)
  35. Your welcome , thank you sir.
  36. Well thank you for the information. Very interesting so it's ww1. Good show old chap. :)
  37. Comrades from the Great War.
  38. Thanks buddy I will see to it. Many good things about the marines. I will post more photos in good time.
  39. Interesting thank you , I will post more as soon as possible.
  40. Thanks buddy , I love my history. I will post more photos soon.
  41. Cool thanks buddy , I will be posting more photos.
  42. That's cool man , thanks. I have a few more photos to show. :)
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First Boy Scouts troop in North America Monument 1971 the doors Two limited edition prints one of Zeppelin and one of the Doors 3D JFK Commemorative Coin Lindbergh Drawing & letter carried on Spirit of St. Louis Plane A ROUGH Football game Mickey Mantle yawns (circa 1964)


A Great Dane c. 1960 Great Grandfathers Boer War Photo Yard sale knife find! Heddon Surfussers My Grandad during the First World War Prussian Model 1915 Enlisted Issue Pickelhaube Thrift Shop Find > Publisher Specimen Book > Granville Sixth Reading Book Publishers Burns & Oates London Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Camera World War One Soldier 1st Edition Popeye Pocket Watch Blue Hobnail Rest In Peace, Sir! Great grandfather's Navy Uniform from WWI. 1914 Christmas Truce Centenial Regimental Balmoral


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