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Remember me my friends.


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My family of men  - Advertisingin Advertising
Happiness  - Photographsin Photographs
Merry Christmas and happy new year  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Merry Christmas and happy new year  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Uncle Robbie  - Photographsin Photographs
My wedding date was June 21 of 2022 and here’s a picture of Thomas franklyn and wife also - Photographsin Photographs
Ladies  - Photographsin Photographs
Ben franklin's five and dime knife  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ben franklin wedding  - Photographsin Photographs
Dear me old self  - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Yes the sepia picture is.
  2. Thank you honey bunny
  3. Ben franklin beefeater
  4. Ben franklin
  5. Yes I love the collection
  6. Rosa parks franklin
  7. Jeni freeland of blue bonnet butter 1942 too 1946. Standard brands Judy garland:)
  8. Firefighting in France and the hierarchy confessor to a war torn deployment to exchange between the two. Great grandpa
  9. Thank you still beautiful I see.
  10. Thanks girl
  11. I will not use them for sale or repurposing. Not too poke fun at my other friend he passed away.
  12. Do you have any photos that you would like to get rid of? We have been friends for along time. My email is superduperjoe378@gmail.com send me some pics of interesting stuff. I will do the same.
  13. Sir I mustache ask you question.
  14. Thanks too all
  15. hilas harrison day
  16. he served his time
  17. so it could be rev war
  18. that's William day naval captain fucking a lol
  19. his picture is the new post lol
  20. John ladue
  21. its great gran day look at my first photo i posted and his wife both smiles just can't see past the mustache and she is grinning. lol
  22. well i think they are ehan allen and fanny
  23. excelsior is what is says on the buttons maybe its from the 1600s if so it could be very very very old piece
  24. military i collect military and just about everything
  25. yes I'm trying too figure out who they are as people as with everybody i love people
  26. You my friend are a star
  27. Anne thackary er brown oldest granpa John brown 1783 and 1827
  28. Served in the rev war too
  29. Owen brown father of John brown 1771 too 1856 and his mother Ruth mills brown 1772 too 1808
  30. They are my great grandparents he was part of the whiskey rebellion John brown from London and molly Brown from London both served.
  31. It’s a paint on black glass
  32. He has seen some wars Robert day
  33. Little field parsons and company manufactures of daguerreotype cases l p co and the sole proprietors and only legal manufactures of union cases with the embracing rivet hinge patented October 14 1856 ...
  34. 1715 sailor uniform
  35. He lived till 1914 seeing massive amounts of war
  36. 1803 hilas Harrison day he liked the color brown I have a piece of his beard and his two eyes. Lol scary stuff I go through
  37. i think i have this in a book
  38. Yep thank you
  39. Thank you mam it was a honor
  40. april fools
  41. oh there there
  42. sessile oak from wales its increable
  43. yew wood i guess
  44. 17 all together
  45. 12 and 5 and half inches
  46. its a gun made of cherry
  47. oh the ram rods punt shooter
  48. if anyone has any notion of what it is what type of maqchinery thids is
  49. wow im charmed
  50. Do you happen to know the medal in the picture? It's a Berlin blue star.
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My family of men My wedding date was June 21 of 2022 and here’s a picture of Thomas franklyn and wife also Album collector of various nature Farm boys growing up with great great 1971 the doors Two limited edition prints one of Zeppelin and one of the Doors 3D JFK Commemorative Coin Lindbergh Drawing & letter carried on Spirit of St. Louis Plane A ROUGH Football game Mickey Mantle yawns (circa 1964)


A Great Dane c. 1960 Yard sale knife find! Heddon Surfussers My Grandad during the First World War Prussian Model 1915 Enlisted Issue Pickelhaube Thrift Shop Find > Publisher Specimen Book > Granville Sixth Reading Book Publishers Burns & Oates London Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Camera World War One Soldier 1st Edition Popeye Pocket Watch Blue Hobnail Rest In Peace, Sir! Great grandfather's Navy Uniform from WWI. 1914 Christmas Truce Centenial Regimental Balmoral


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