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  1. I would say Hubley.
  2. the weight looks like a pea for a steelyard scale, they come in different sizes.
  3. the word copy on them should tell you all you need to know.
  4. Thanks everyone for the love its!!!!!!
  5. Thanks dav2no1 for the leads--helps a lot!!
  6. Thanks Drake47 for the thumbs up!
  7. Thanks vcal for the love it!
  8. Thanks vetraio50 for stopping by!
  9. Thanks Jenni!! I had a hard time posting again after the BS I went through before. I miss my old posts, the things that I learned from them and the info that others got from them. So I will probably ...
  10. Thanks fortapache, WhenIsraelbelieves, and Thomas for the love it`s!!!
  11. Thanks kev123 for the translation! I see the Gneisenau was a battleship, I`m guessing this was part of the crew.?. Thanks dav2no1 for the love it!
  12. maybe this will help;
  13. check these out;
  14. solved? what is it?
  15. possibly something similar to this; just a guess.?.
  16. sorry mr. know-it-all. I was just giving my suggestion so he could keep it outside I guess I should have added that it would be better out of the weather but it seemed like that was not what the pos...
  17. vinyl, READ his original description-on his front porch! wow
  18. Exactly , the poster did not want to keep the thermometer inside so I gave my opinion, just to get told that he should put it inside--which is NOT what he was asking. Don`t like the oneupsmanship., I...
  19. that`s why I quit posting on here. To me it sounds like the poster wants to display the thermometer on his porch like his relatives did ( out of the weather) . I have numerous thermometers outside, (...
  20. check this out; might help.
  21. you could clear coat it but that might take away from the value, I would suggest a coat of car wax (front and back) to keep the moisture out.
  22. Jenni! you devil!! (I agree!!)
  23. why are the metal bands the same color, have the same grain markings as the bark and are not corroded? Any native American item would have rotted away long ago especially in the climate of the area wh...
  24. was it near a beaver dam?
  25. looks like a pipe reamer, you can post four pics, and dimensions would help.
  26. Hames-- they fit around a horse collar to attach to a harness.
  27. they are cast iron,-- here are some images;
  28. Glad to see that everything went well!!!
  29. My thoughts and prayers are with you Jenni!!
  30. the one is a civil defense helmet.
  31. possibly a PAW PAW wounded minnow. My book has it at 3 3/4" made in Mi. in 1941.
  32. If it`s 3" long it is possibly an SOS 140 like this one; hope this helps! Rob
  33. Bruce, would you be interested in clock parts? I have a friend whose husband repaired all sorts of clocks, he passed away a few years ago and she has a room in her basement full of clock parts. She li...
  34. this might help;
  35. weight scale card. Like this one;
  36. rope bed side rail
  37. possibly a Murray pedal car;
  38. try a magnet if it sticks it`s fake for sure. (if it doesn`t, it might still be fake.)
  39. This might help;
  40. looks exactly like the one on this link-background and all.?.
  41. kgirish34, I agree with you, on this site you will find a handful of snobs who like to spout their so called knowledge. If they don`t have anything nice to say, they say it anyway. That`s why I don`t ...
  42. check this out;
  44. Thanks Jenni! very sorry to involve you. I`ll probably stay off for a while. Great time for a two week vacation with my wife to see our son in Colorado Springs. Hopefully get a chance to see Rattle...
  45. Trey, I am back for a while, I got thrown off because someone posted a political item that I took offense to. When I objected they deleted all of my, (true, non-political- collectables) but the othe...
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