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  1. Bruce, would you be interested in clock parts? I have a friend whose husband repaired all sorts of clocks, he passed away a few years ago and she has a room in her basement full of clock parts. She li...
  2. this might help;
  3. can`t help but butt in, I too (bobby725) was kicked off for disagreeing with another poster but they got to stay on.?. So I lost all desire to post anything on here anymore, sad, this was a great si...
  4. HAPPY B-DAY Thomas!! (getting close to legal limit??) ;-)
  5. weight scale card. Like this one;
  6. sorry you don`t remember me Thomas
  7. Thomas, when I see a flag, I see a ......
  8. remember my poem?????
  9. rope bed side rail
  10. possibly a Murray pedal car;
  11. try a magnet if it sticks it`s fake for sure. (if it doesn`t, it might still be fake.)
  12. This might help;
  13. looks exactly like the one on this link-background and all.?.
  14. kgirish34, I agree with you, on this site you will find a handful of snobs who like to spout their so called knowledge. If they don`t have anything nice to say, they say it anyway. That`s why I don`t ...
  15. check this out;
  17. Thanks Jenni! very sorry to involve you. I`ll probably stay off for a while. Great time for a two week vacation with my wife to see our son in Colorado Springs. Hopefully get a chance to see Rattle...
  18. Trey, I am back for a while, I got thrown off because someone posted a political item that I took offense to. When I objected they deleted all of my, (true, non-political- collectables) but the othe...
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