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Redding, Ca.

I'm a retired navy and rental property owner of 59 years. My passion is rocks any and all types. My other interest's include , but are not limited to. Marbles, photI'm a retired navy and rental property owner of 59 years. My passion is rocks any and all types. My other interest's include , but are not limited to. Marbles, photo's, Folk art , Antique glass, bottles, coins, stamps, books, records, anything old and unique. (Read more)


  1. Don't do anything to it . it is great just the way it is. The cobalt blue colour is quite rare for a sulphide nice find.
  2. Now that's What you call a marble! Wow! Very nice.
  3. A very cool chair.
  4. Very nice collection!
  5. Wish I could help with the markings. Someone will know. Anyway it's very nice ! Thanks for sharing.
  6. I can make out the letters Eintaram . hope that helps. I don't see Japanese script either.
  7. Very nice! Love the helmet.
  8. I cansee that it say's from me and then the year 1930 or 9
  9. That definitely is an eye catcher ! Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Very nice, i like how the colors interact with each other. Local artist or well known ?
  11. Very beautiful indeed!
  12. They really are beautiful. I have one the same blue color with the inline bubbles incorporated into the design, bullicante Geodejem refered to, and might have solved my mystery of who , when wet and h...
  13. Thank you all very much for your love and approval. 1. Elizabethan 2. Fortapache 3. Budek 4. Caperkid 5. AnnaN 6. Whitman75 7. RohM 8. Nicefice 9. Bladerunner22 10. Officialfuel 11. Ho2cu...
  14. Thank you all for looking.Racer4four vetario50 Jscott0363 Kerry10556 Officialfuel Brunswick ...
  15. Thanks Vetraio50. In my hands yes. Anybody else's hands I don't know! Thanks for the look.
  16. Very beautiful!
  17. Thanks for your thoughts Collectomaniac. I am familiar with pointils and tool marks. I also collect marbles. But anyway these marks appear more deliberate. But I've been wrong before it may just be my...
  18. Thank you racer4four. Is it true that there's not alot of it out there?
  19. Thanks Nicefice, Elizabethan, Efesgirl, and racer4four. Thanks for looking.
  20. Thank you racer4four, Brunswick and aura.
  21. Thanks for the look racer4 four, Roxymay55, swfinluv, sean68, arua and vetraio50
  22. Thanks for the love sean68.
  23. Thanks Elizabethan. There is something about them that draws me to them if that makes sense.
  24. Thank you racer4 four.
  25. Thank you very much Brunswick. I agree with you , he is a very gifted musician in all aspthatects. That was back in the 80's he was in his prim then.. purple rain was his best at that time .hours
  26. Thank you aura and kerry10456 for the Look.
  27. Thank you caperkid , I think so too!
  28. Thank you racer4four . Pressed glass, I will have to look that up. Have a wonderful New Year.
  29. Thanks for your interest Celiene. Happy New Year.
  30. Thanks Kerry10456 that was pretty cool. Have a great New Year!
  31. My thanks and best wishes to all in the New Year! 1. Aura 2. Nicefice 3. Racer4four 4. Vetraio50 5. Brunswick
  32. Thanks again Tallcakes . It is kind of confusing trying to figure out what category ect. With limited knowledge and no markings to go by. Thanks for the help.
  33. Thanks kerry10456 , I really would not have known the difference. I always enjoy learning something New. I am guessing but I am 102256. Happy New Year.
  34. They almost look like crystal balls like used in fortune telling or to contact the dearly departed. Just a guess. Happy New Year!
  35. Very nice! Happy New Year!
  36. Thanks AzTom they sure are nice looking machines .
  37. Thanks for the love racer4four and. fortapache.
  38. Happy New Year too you also. Many happy returns Vetraio50 !
  39. Thanks Nicefice
  40. Very nice collection. Love the color.
  41. Thank you , and Happy Holidays to you as well.
  42. They almost look like glass insulators like you would find on the old telegraph lines. . if they are , they are of a style I have not seen before.
  43. Thanks racer4four. I agree the blue is fantastic. My favorite color.
  44. Thanks pspaws1, I haven't been able to find out anything about them when they were commissioned or any info. About the hall China co. Who made them. Any thoughts?
  45. Thanks racer4four appreciate the love.
  46. You are so right antiquerose a wonderful way to see into the past.
  47. Thanks for stopping by Vetraio50.
  48. No I've never seen one on craig's list either lol. Thank's antiquerose for the love.
  49. No scuttlebutt here Cpomedex. From one Co to another thanks for the love. 20 years I miss it as well.
  50. Thanks fortapache .glad you like the view!
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