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My main interests are belleek porcelain - both European and American and L. Hjorth pottery. I try to keep my belleek collection to pre-1950s since I only have so mucMy main interests are belleek porcelain - both European and American and L. Hjorth pottery. I try to keep my belleek collection to pre-1950s since I only have so much space in my house. Some limited edition and unique pieces from later eras make their way in as well. - Shay (Read more)


  1. I'm not sure if it's SS or LS but it looks like it could nearly fit in the Rathmore basket - not that I'd try :) It measures about 9" long, 5-1/2" tall, and 7" wide. Looking again at some images, I...
  2. This is my wife's favorite set. I just read that lemon thing in one of the early 1980s "The Belleek Collector" newsletters. I grew up in the late 70s/80s and remember my mom's friends in the 80s colle...
  3. Ah, awesome information on the "Neptune" piece. It's quite heavy compared to actual Belleek. The "Echinus" piece is very white especially when compared to a Belleek piece.
  4. @upscalebohemian I would not have thought to put these in a dishwasher :) Besides the fact I don't have a dishwasher, if I did, I wouldn't have thought of it. Seems the water pressure would damage the...
  5. @upscalebohemian - no, no marks on that piece and I don't think it's Irish Belleek either, but it looked so much like Echinus that I bought it anyway. There's also a piece 2 shelves up from there, far...
  6. @upscalebohemian $800.. nice - I picked this one up for $1000 at the same auction I got the Oval Covered and Rathmore baskets - I've been wanting an earlier period one, but have been unsuccessful in l...
  7. @upscalebohemian lol on the "Octagon" flower pot - always bugs me when I see it in my curio - I get over it by saying they counted the top and bottom (though technically there is no top) :)
  8. @upscalebohemian Awesome info thanks! I became a member a few months ago and have digital copies of most "The Belleek Collector" and the UK Collector newsletters - haven't gotten through all of them, ...
  9. @recer4four - my phone camera has been on the fritz (trouble focusing) so I haven't been able to take many pics - wanted to get a few up though. I'd buy a new phone, but it's a toss up of more Bell...
  10. Thank you. I can sit here and look at it for hours just thinking that each flower was crafted individually and affixed to the body. If you've never seen videos on how they make the baskets and flowers...
  11. @racer4four - Glad to hear; was a little worried since I wrote it at 4:30am - wasn't sure it made sense :)
  12. @racer4four - great question! I decided (again) to make a blog post about it since even the summary is pretty long. Here it is
  13. @vetraio50 - Probably can't tell from the pictures (and I know I didn't realize until I got it) - the bottom of the honey pot and stand are all one piece.
  14. @beyemvey Thanks for that - it made me laugh out loud :)
  15. All 1st period pieces I have were made between 1863 and 1890; 2nd period between 1891 and 1926; and 3rd period between 1926 and 1946. They make even grander pieces. I don't think Erin's been made f...
  16. @Mrstyndall Thanks! I just got her this last week from an auction in Canada. In a 2004 newsletter, the UK Belleek Collector's Society published a good article on her:
  17. @Manikin Thanks! I have a bunch more to post including more Mask pieces.
  18. @racer4four Thanks. I've been slacking a little in posting stuff as I acquire it. I probably have 200 more items to post. There doesn't seem to be much Belleek on the site - I want to correct that :)
  19. A nice second period Belleek Lotus Creamer. The mark on the bottom is interesting since it looks like there is the bottom part of the same mark left over above the actual mark.
  20. I know this is an old post, but wanted to comment that this is a Moor Vase and with the green mark (4th Belleek mark), dates it between 1946 and 1955. This is actually one of my favorite of the Bellee...
  21. I thought about using these for a second but they are in such pristine condition, I didn't dare :)
  22. Awesome, thanks Dizzydave for verifying.
  23. I got a better shot of the mark on the bottom - 4th pic.
  24. Thank you, and yes it is quite beautiful. My photos really don't do it justice. It looks great in my decanter cabinet though :) Thanks for the loves!
  25. Thank you :) Yes, it's hand painted. I've been on a Belleek spree these last few weeks to grow my collection.
  26. I have seen many pieces with color. Sometimes it's just a hint and other times very prominent. The non-color ones do seem more common. Here is one of my favorite Belleek pieces with lots of color -...
  27. Thanks :) I went on a sort of Belleek binge buy this weekend.
  28. 75 cents is a rocking deal! In about a year of going to local auctions in Phoenix, AZ I've purchased about 70 pieces (this one twice - 4th and 6th marks) and maybe seen 150 total pieces of Belleek (ex...
  29. Thank you racer4four. I absolutely love the set and had a hard time finding information online on what to bid on the lot so I just took a chance. I also scored a few 3rd black mark pieces I have ye...
  30. @antiquerose - I figured it might be some generic label. I know I've seen it on other glass pieces. I have yet to find any source that identifies it. Usually I see items with this label listed as "mur...
  31. @Manikin Me too :) @swfinluv1 Of the three I have, only one has a partial sticker but it's pretty generic. I've seen a few that look like this out of Mexico as well. @racer4four I know! I laugh ...
  32. That's correct Kydur. I found the schematics after I posted this. The 3rd knob is "shortwave" switch.
  33. I agree and definitely appreciate the help.
  34. @vetraio50 - Choshuzan 1267 looks a lot like this vase. I think the right side bottom 3 kanji characters is "Satsuma-yaki". I think the rest of the marks are names and I haven't been able to tra...
  35. In my search I found a few more helpful sites. They didn't help me figure out the rest of the characters, but they have lots of marks to look at.
  36. I still have no idea what the bottom marks mean, but I *think* (in the 3rd image) the top line, right to left is "dai nippon".
  37. @vetraio50 is the 3rd image how it's supposed to be? I really wish I could read Japanese/Chinese so I can at least get the orientation right :)
  38. Thanks vetraio50 for the leads. I did find that site, but evidently didn't pay close enough attention (it was around 4am in my defense). I also found this site:
  39. I think the F.O.K. stands for Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. - The National Museum of American History has a brief on them at It...
  40. I tried and failed to locate anyone who might have used that color. The closest I can find is Fenton, but as TallCakes said there were many glass makers and they all copied from each other. Not to men...
  41. Some good points made, especially if that is a pontil mark - I can't tell from the photo if it's just something stuck to the bottom or part of the piece. The piece is a conundrum. I have a Fenton S...
  42. You're welcome. If you come across a lot of Fenton, I highly recommend the Fenton Glass series of books: Fenton Glass: The First Twenty-five Years Fenton Glass the Second 25 Years Fenton Glass: T...
  43. Love it! I found one at auction a few weeks ago. Will have to find the photo and post it.
  44. I saw a few on Ruby Lane in my research, but not many. The one you posted reminds me of one I saw in a book I have called, "Made in Czechoslovakia" but that one has a twisted handle.
  45. I'm pretty sure it's Fenton and the color is Peach Blow, which was used in 1939 only. They did use it again in the early 50s but only on hobnail. My guess as to why is I think it's the same color used...
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