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Love collecting crystal, glass & pottery. I buy a lot and sell a lot but the few pieces I like best I definitely keep. I also sell vintage and antique items for peopLove collecting crystal, glass & pottery. I buy a lot and sell a lot but the few pieces I like best I definitely keep. I also sell vintage and antique items for people as well. One day I hope to acquire a Chihuly piece. (Read more)


  1. One good find... I am that idiot!!! loved your post <3
  2. Thanks for the share. Love that Chevy and would totally drive that "whip" if I could afford to buy one restored.
  3. LOL, Love it. You are awesome blunderbuss2 :)
  4. LOL, Do you need one blunderbuss2? Everyone around me already knows I am loopy already and it's ok! Thanks for the love Aura & Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse
  5. NOOO you are not crazy by any means :P
  6. You can's see them really because I took such crappy pic's in a hurry..
  7. Further back top right there are what appears to be infantry men which is why I think it is a cannon Barrel.
  8. Pretty sure it is a Cannon Barrel. The painting is really gorgeous, these pics are horrid :( Hellooooo Brunswick :) I an near O'Hare, have not been to Peoria yet :P Thank you for the love Blunderbus...
  9. LOL, this is not a mystery. just wondering if part of a series :P
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Thank you racer4four, I appreciate your input.
  12. Holy cow , that's amazing!
  13. Possibly Nippon Moriage?
  14. ADORABLE!!! Love your smile, very cute... T shirt's pretty cool too :P
  15. Wow, have never seen a plate quite like that, amazing! I am right there with you as far as those creepy barbies Spirit. Kind of made my stomach turn.
  16. CUTE!!!
  17. Really nice bags but it is really difficult to look at them when they are sideways :(
  18. Thanks for the love OneGoodFind <3
  19. Thank you Sean68 <3
  20. Absolutely gorgeous!
  21. Thank you for the love everyone :)
  22. Gorgeous piece, whatever it is. Fantastic purchase and welcome to CW :)
  23. <--- Just a teeny weeny bit "Jelly" They are very pretty :)
  24. Thank you fortapache :)
  25. Thank you dizzy & passion. There are only a few makers on the bottoms of them.
  26. Top picture/ right.
  27. I NEED that in my life :P
  28. Beautiful, love me some snuff bottles.
  29. Thanks for the love dizzydave <3
  30. You are very welcome <3
  31. Kyratango you ROCK!!! Thank you for the article, much appreciated. Thank you for the love <3 Aura, Bettyboo, katherinescollections, markita, nicefice, Gruff, Vetraio50, NevadaBlades, getthatmonkeyouto...
  32. I have one now I am researching. Here are some links that may help :) http://ww...
  33. Thank you bettyboo, Sean68, Jean123, Trey and everyone for the comments and love <3
  34. Thanks shawnicus :)
  35. Beautiful pieces, I would not leave them behind if I saw them either. For some reason I NEVER see art nouveau anything when I thrift. Some estate sales I have run have had some but they sold pretty qu...
  36. Thank you racer4four, Valentino97, Gruff, Vetraio50, Aura, MelanieJ& Martika for the love. Yes racer, variety is the spice of life!!!
  37. Thanks for the love NevdaBlades, Aura, Brunswick & Caperkid! I like that one a lot too NevadaBlades but I don't feel I could pull it off, I am not that fancy :P more of a plain jane.
  38. Thanks for the love nutsabotas6, wish these were mine :) Thank you for the love too kyratango!
  39. I love these things, found a set a couple years ago and use them often :)
  40. Thanks for the love brunswick.
  41. Thanks for the love Caperkid :)
  42. Wow, I would get these insured if you plan on keeping.
  43. Awesome & thank you, looking forward to finding out.
  44. Thank you one good find. I you could stick some paper towel down in them, then place the vase in water that is about 120 degrees to melt it, you would be able to wipe it out. Just use a wooden spoon t...
  45. Do you have a board as well that came with it?
  46. Are the characters made of bone or ivory? Very nice set.
  47. Boo, has a picture of these but no maker identified. Gorgeous set.
  48. Oh no hun, I mean make them into tie backs, sorry I was not specific.
  49. I love it when I hear stories like this, freaking fantastic!!!!
  50. That I would love to see Gruff! TY for the love.
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