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Beautiful Woman ambrotype - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War era fireman tintype - Firefightingin Firefighting
WW2 souvenir trench art aluminum bracelet - Folk Artin Folk Art
WW2 Trench Art ashtray with miniature artillery piece - Folk Artin Folk Art
Civil War soldier on horseback - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Civil War era Drummers - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Trench art cast B-29 ashtray WW2 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Civil War Sergeant Major ambrotype - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Famous Circus sideshow performers cdv - Advertisingin Advertising
Unusual image of Revolutionary War Veteran - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. I used to see these all the time-- getting harder to find a reasonable price! Looks like yours is in excellent condition as well. scott
  2. AMAZING-- love this one! Interesting take on an epergne-- something I haven't seen before. And Happy New Year to you! scott
  3. Appreciate you looking glenn. scott
  4. Thanks for looking glenn. scott
  5. Thanks much glenn. scott
  6. Looks to be 2nd quarter, 20th century. A photo of interior might help. scott
  7. Photographic enlargement— details lost in the enlarging process were enhanced. Most of these date from 1870s- 90s and the most often encountered size is 16 X 20. scott
  8. Poor photo quality— don’t see anything that suggests Confederate affiliation. The blob on the hat doesn’t resemble a patriotic or secesh cockade. Is the “Southern haircut” meant to be a joke? ...
  9. Oak chair. Made in huge quantities. Style first appeared in the 1890s with pressed backs that gave the appearance of carving. This is a cheaper alternative without the pressed back. Hard t...
  10. Modern decorator pieces. scott
  11. Sorry again-- if it was intentional it would have taken up a page or two! scott
  12. Sorry-- wasn't trying to double (or triple) post-- my mouse acts up regularly! But YES-- I love them! scott
  13. Thanks much buss and racer. scott
  14. Beautiful welz!! scott
  15. Beautiful welz!! scott
  16. Beautiful welz!! scott
  17. Beautiful welz!! scott
  18. Thanks again vetraio— appreciate your additional thoughts. I’ll be on the lookout for the painting! Scott
  19. Thanks racer, 33, rade, fort, watch, searching and Valentino! scott
  20. Thanks kiva— agree, she must have had some money. No gloves— just a little softer focus on the lower hand. scott
  21. Thanks much vetraio— appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
  22. I was looking at top left side— which looks like paper. Just looked at bottom and the right side and now see metal. Maybe the paper image was applied to a thin metal surface? scott
  23. The edges show chipping and holes— looks to be a paper image mounted to some sort of board or canvas. scott
  24. Ruby souvenir glass. Made in huge quantities from the late 19th century and into the 20th. Very common and most pieces don’t bring much. Check eBay for selling prices. scott
  25. I’d call it a settee. Need better/ more detailed photos to try and determine age. Photos of the back and bottom with any joints/ exposed frame detailed. scott
  26. Just noticed in write up— “flintlock”. This is not a flintlock. It is actually percussion. Big difference in appearance and dates of use (some cross over). Scott
  27. I understand lead samples of some items. I just haven’t seen or heard of a lead prototype weapon. I have seen/ own patent models— a kind of prototype and most that I have seen exhibit similar q...
  28. “Lead prototype gun”— never heard, handled, or seen a reference to that practice! Please link an example or two— born in Missouri, show me! scott
  29. Rough finish on the barrel/ bottom of trigger and poor braze to breach are indicators to me that it is not real. I have owned real weapons of this type (mid to late 1800s) and while crude, they are...
  30. Modern black powder reproduction. Hard to tell what model/ weapon it is supposed to be. My guess is Mississippi Rifle— two barrel bands? A full length photo would help in making that determ...
  31. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  32. Shape with flat portions (dented) is indicative of a rock crusher vice a cannon ball. scott
  33. Not sure what organization, but definitely not military. Searching online may tell you what group used similar hilts. Not what you want to hear.... but overall, I would call this a Frankensword-- ...
  34. Agree— probably fraternal. scott
  35. Who knows? But I wouldn’t consider scribble/ scratch engraving an indication of movie affiliation. scott
  36. Not authentic— modern creation. The $150 offer was great! scott
  37. Supposed to be Chief Joseph, Nez Perce — from a photograph. scott
  38. Agree that it appears to be decorative/ souvenir quality. A photo of it out of the sheath may confirm or show something different. scott
  39. US Air Force pin. Crest and shield from the seal. scott
  40. Beautiful!! scott
  41. Did a quick search online— called a banig. Traditionally used as a sleeping or sitting mat. If you search for “ww2 souvenir banig “ you will find similar examples. scott
  42. WW2 souvenir piece. “PI” is probably for Philippine Islands. Not sure what the weaving material but some searching online should identify. Purchased by a serviceman and mailed (heavy fold marks) ...
  43. Deactivation doesn't help it either. scott
  44. Agree with buss. Also — don’t know why a weapon (with serial #) would have full unit markings at all. scott
  45. Thanks much kiva and tom. scott
  46. Thanks tyndall and kiva. Scott
  47. Thanks for looking and commenting cultcha. scott
  48. Thanks obscure, phonoboy, 33rpm, and vetraio! scott
  49. Thanks obscure, phonoboy, 33rpm, and vetraio! scott
  50. Thanks much newfld-- Agree! Thanks for commenting. scott
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