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Civil War Indiana Zouave  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 trench art p- 38 airplane - Folk Artin Folk Art
Civil War veteran wearing his Medal of Honor - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Handsome Civil War soldier tintype  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Civil War Lieutenant tintype - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Policeman and Civil War veteran - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Civil War veteran GAR - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
10th Corps Civil War soldier - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Union soldier photographed in Charleston SC - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Tragic post mortem image - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks for looking tom and nobucks. scott
  2. All your bills are modern reproductions. scott
  3. West Point program is for “Founders Day” an annual event celebrated throughout the world by USMA graduates. scott
  4. Nice lamps. I like the bookends as well. scott
  5. The photo on the right is probably your best of the group. I find the woman's smirk appealing! scott
  6. All of your tintypes date from the 1880s- 90s time period. Pickett died in 1875. Here is some "food for thought" on photographic identifications based strictly on "looks like":
  7. “Cold” identifications are rare and usually the fact’s quickly dispel them.
  8. What is the date of your tintypes?
  9. Thanks artfoot. scott
  10. Why Pickett? What lead you to that? What date are these photos to support your attribution? scott
  11. Thanks racer. scott
  12. Thanks buss. scott
  13. Thanks kiva, fort and watch— appreciate you looking. scott
  14. The crossed rifle is an infantry branch insignia. Not sure on the other two. The attachment pins are typical of WW2 British made insignia. scott
  15. Thanks vetraio, inky, stuff and scott. scott
  16. Thanks kiva, Coleman and newfld. scott
  17. Thanks 33. scott
  18. Thanks vetraio, stuff, Paul, buss, fort and scott. scott
  19. Disagree— the top one is definitely a pet dog tag. The dog face on it clearly identifies its use. Suspect the bottom has the same use, but lack of a dog certainly could indicate other uses. Ins...
  20. AMAZING American Empire dresser! Looks to be cherry. Dates from about 1840s- 50s. These are undervalued now and not appreciated, but this piece would still attract attention. I have no room for ...
  21. These are decorator pieces. Sold in hobby lobby and similar places for about $20-$30. Not salesman pieces and worth little to those who know what they are. Lots of similar pieces were offered— ...
  22. Thanks scott— appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
  23. Thanks fort, stuff, vetraio, newfld and watch. scott
  24. Appears to be modern made piece. scott
  25. Thanks much vetraio. scott
  26. Online sites show the facility was operational from 1973- 1995. Additionally, military lighters like these saw their heyday in the mid 1960s- 1970s. Would suspect this is from that overlap time ...
  27. Nice WW2 Patriotic pin! The child would seem to represent France with the flag dress. The 1944 date and hands holding the child gives me the overall impression that this represents the Liberatio...
  28. Yes— that works. It shows the age of the wood. It is an original. scott
  29. Yep— looks to be an Eastlake original. Wouldn’t expect the veneer banding on a reproduction. A photo of the underside of the top/ joint with top should confirm its age. scott
  30. Amazing story! Woolson is a Minnesota guy— have owned photos of him. May have some posted on this site scott
  31. Thanks much vinyl and stuff. scott
  32. Thanks vinyl and stuff. scott
  33. Great image— really like it! The format (cdv) suggests 1860s. I have seen limited numbers of US albumen print cdvs that date from 1859, much more typical of the 1860s. Again, great view and tha...
  34. Looks like Aunt Mary to me— not a fan of cold identifications. Looks like images rarely are. As to your photo, it is a late 19th century copy image. Most likely an enlargement of a smaller view...
  35. Better pics might help. Crisp/ clear photos of a few joints and of the underside might help in dating. scott
  36. Glad to help out. scott
  37. The “dry sink” looks to be a modern made piece specifically made to display items. Need more details on chairs. scott
  38. Style and construction is typical of 2nd quarter, 20th century. Hole shown in your bottom photo is for the screw that is holding the top in place. scott
  39. Concur with stuff’s assessment. Chair is probably 2nd quarter, 20th century. Desk a little later and from the 50s. scott
  40. Loose tins (in album pages) are 1870s- 90s. The cased images are mid 1850s- 1870. The pair look to be tintypes but could be ambrotypes (on glass plates). Also, may want to do a new posting fo...
  41. Album itself is from the 1860s- 70s and is made for carte de visite photographs. There are various ways to date the photos-- but as a general rule, loose tintypes post- date the Civil War. My be...
  42. Congratulations on your acquisition of this interesting shape. Always room fore more welz!! scott
  43. Looks to be WW1 era trench art. Interesting piece— can you add some additional photos of the figure (dancer?)? I am a fervent trench art collector— nice to see postings on this site. scott
  44. Agree with canyonroad— this a modern decorative piece made from a resin material. scott
  45. Press photos (usually about 8X 10) worth more and originals taken by a participant worth more. These were copied and produced as a souvenir, so the values are low. scott
  46. Not a big ticket item but collectible. Made in large numbers as a souvenir item for US service members. I’d expect a complete set to bring about $15-$20. scott
  47. Beauties!! scott
  48. Suggest you read the rules— site is show and tell, not show and sell! scott
  49. Size is useful in determining what they are. IF they are 8 X 10, then most likely the are press photographs. Also would have markings on the back. IF smaller versions, then made as souvenir p...
  50. Thanks much hunt and searching! scott
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