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Identity bracelet for USS Texas veteran - Folk Artin Folk Art
Buzz bomb trench art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Another trench art P-38 on shell base WW2 - Folk Artin Folk Art
welz grouping with recent acquisitions - Art Glassin Art Glass
Damascus Trench Art grouping - Folk Artin Folk Art
The Civil War "Battle Shirt" - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Salesmen with large trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Educational/ research thoughts on Harrach attribution - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marble green art glass small pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Shoe collection - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks vetraio and searcher. scott
  2. For every time this type of knife is used as a plunging weapon, there are probably several million utility uses to cut. The style was popular in the Army-- more often plunged into an MRE or used to...
  3. No problems-- just wanted to post what I had seen. scott
  4. Doesn't look military related to me. scott
  5. I have seen them in kits-- the design is lightly printed on the cloth and then the crafter "embroiders" over it with the thread. Here is a modern example:
  6. Active link for the recent article on the USS Texas: scott
  7. Thanks gatekeeper and buss. scott
  8. Thanks rooster and finders. scott
  9. Nice guest room hanging. Agree with emclaire-- it is from a kit. Sort of like a "paint by numbers" set. scott
  10. Thanks kwqd and reeling. scott
  11. Agree. Modern and multitudes available. scott
  12. Should have said no originals were made, so no antique mirrors like this exist. scott
  13. Thanks for sharing your personal family story-- really illustrates the terror of these rockets on those living in England. scott
  14. Modern fantasy piece. No antique originals were made so not a reproduction. scott
  15. Thanks for looking old stuff. scott
  16. Thanks much vetraio-- appreciate you looking and taking the time to comment. scott
  17. Interesting conversation piece-- I don't see an animal or a worked piece. scott
  18. Thanks lata, kiva and gate! scott
  19. Beautiful glass-- glad to see you back! scott
  20. My first reaction is that it is modern. scott
  21. Thanks racer and kw. scott
  22. Thanks Lori-- if you have interest, take a look at my other postings on trench art. I have some other interesting planes and miniatures posted here. scott
  23. Thanks fort, racer, 33 and tools. scott
  24. Thanks much michael. scott
  25. Looks like it is post- mint deterioration. scott
  26. Nice quality-- really like the tinted photographs. The frames are nice too. These 20th century tinted images are really under appreciated in the market. I buy them whenever I see them. Thank...
  27. Thanks much kiva and rene. scott
  28. Thanks much peggy!! scott
  29. Don't see a lot of age to it. The mirrors on the front are indicative of a more modern piece. A photo of the back/ inside should help to confirm or change the assesment. scott
  30. Thanks much ivan-- I am not familiar with British units. Sounds like the Rgt had some travels. If you haven't already posted it, I'd like to see the Baghdad silk. scott
  31. Thanks kiva, artfoot, ironlace and aura. scott
  32. "merit" badges for some sort of "scouting" organization. scott
  33. The cap badge is a nice addition-- probably from the soldier who purchased. My arabic reading isn't that great, but believe the dating on the shell is some variation of "1918- 9" an indication of t...
  34. Thanks fort, larksel, vetraio, buss and ivonne! scott
  35. Thanks much jimtim. scott
  36. Thanks much lori. scott
  37. Agree-- Damascus is well known for this type of work. Here is a trench art example from the early 20th century: ...
  38. Hard to tell-- need better photos. Looks like it could just be a pre- printed signature and not hand signed. scott
  39. Interesting colors on that flower! Agree-- probably bohemian. scott
  40. I wouldn't paint it, but it isn't a big ticket item; so painting isn't going to hurt it much. Do whatever will get it used. The easiest way to tell on the hardware is to look on the inside of the ...
  41. Based on style and construction, I would think it is early 20th century. scott
  42. "scottvez kill, burning, robing ... has nothing to do with free speech... and if so I'm ready for what ever comes down the pike ..... the a wind bag is nothing to fear,. it's just someone running ther...
  43. Yes silverplate. You don't show the connection for the font and burner, so hard to say the original use. I haven't seen many silverplate lamps. I have seen silverplate in a myriad of shapes, ...
  44. Not sure where you are going with that one. voting-- yes, but you can still voice an opinion. Limited for those in the military to some extent. scott
  45. And protected for ALL Americans! scott
  46. Funny that "free speach mary" who complains of riots and violence would respond to others' free speach with threats of violence: "my S & W speaks just fine when it comes to wind bags like yoursel...
  47. Nice tiger oak piece. Believe you have a sideboard or buffet and not a dresser due to the size and two doors at the bottom. Looks great-- like it was well cared for. This type was popular fro...
  48. Thanks much for looking stuff. scott
  49. BLM's position is very well articulated on their website. Suggest you do some reading. scott
  50. Well said welzebub! To be clear, I did not "advocate for riots". BLM has not "advocated for riots"-- the organization supports non- violent protests and civil disobediance. scott
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