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Trench art Display #2 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Trench art Display - Folk Artin Folk Art
Civil War era CDV of child with her pet CAT - Animalsin Animals
Tintype of child with interesting rug/ blanket backdrop - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art P-38 - Folk Artin Folk Art
USS Indianapolis - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of cdv images - Photographsin Photographs
Railroad baggage handler with large trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early West VA photographer with Cameras - Camerasin Cameras
USN Civil War cdvs - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Great piece of history! "Born on the 4th of July" is actually the true story of Ron Kovic. scott
  2. Great artistic still life and beautiful camera! scott
  3. It is silverplate-- heavily worn, as is typical of these. scott
  4. Style usually referred to as a bombe (or bombay) chest. Some additional detailed photos would be helpful-- show the back and construction joints (drawers). scott
  5. You are correct-- this is second quarter, 20th century. scott
  6. Photo #3= Wally Hood, Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra. scott
  7. AMAZING painting!! scott
  8. Nice solid wood-- some close up photos will help to determine the wood type. It is not an antique yet-- looks to date from about the middle of the 20th century. scott
  9. "I have retracted part of my previous statement, and added new information on this post. I am quite comfortable doing so. CREDIBILITY IS ALWAYS BASED ON HOW YOU DEAL WITH PUBLIC STATEMENTS AND THEIR R...
  10. "The post [] does stick to the misguided claim that the Antonienhutte glass production facility was a...
  11. It is a modern decorator lamp. They are popular but have a limited value. scott
  12. GREAT "samples" of welz glass-- agree with bambus, the futurism pieces are extraordinary! scott
  13. Looks to be 20th century. Need some additional photos of the underside and the extension hardware to confirm. scott
  14. I collect Civil War items-- some great details are often found in letters. Do you have the original war era letter? scott
  15. Top two on the right (domed) are 1950s US Army insignia-- the castle is enlisted branch insignia and BOTH would go on the lapel of the uniform. The bottom two insignia are distinctive unit insignia...
  16. Looks like an enlargement that has the details enhanced through painting. Many studios offered this and it was popular. The process dates from the late 19th century-- your image looks to date from...
  17. Looks to be a more modern take-- probably mid to late 20th century. scott
  18. Thanks much nobucks-- appreciate you looking. I was able to add another unusual aircraft to the group this weekend. I picked up what looks like a C-75, sitting atop a Japanese shell base ashtray. ...
  19. Thanks gargoyle, artfoot, kwqd and kyra. scott
  20. Thanks gate, vetraio, watch and fort.
  21. Thanks gate and vetraio. scott
  22. Thanks mike-- appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  23. There is a great book by Jane Kimball that shows all sorts of folks (soldiers, sailor, local craftsmen...) producing trench art:
  24. Thanks for looking newfld, iggy and buss. scott
  25. Much of the WW2 trench art was made by SEABEES-- they had all sorts of equipment to produce some of the more exotic pieces. scott
  26. Features of your dresser that are classic American Empire: - Columns or pilasters on each side of the case (full column and carved is indicative of an early piece) - Extended top drawer (or drawers ...
  27. I think you've got it-- looks to be early American Empire. When you have the time some betters photos would be helpful. Also a photo of the drawer joint dovetails would be nice to confirm the age....
  28. Not WW2-- this is a modern distinctive unit insignia for the 153rd Military Police Company. Here is a wiki link: ...
  29. It goes on a lapel in a button hole-- the larger back will hold it in place once. This style dates from the end of the 19th century. Here is a photo that shows how they were worn (GAR lapel butt...
  30. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). It started in the late 19th century and continues today. Looks to be a lapel pin (through a button hole). A photo of the back and any manufacturer...
  31. The issue is with speculation/ opinion represented as fact. This site is used by sellers as a source for online sales. Often representations and attributions show up on other (sale) sites (ebay,...
  32. It is not Civil War era. Looks to be something from the mid to late 20th century. Not sure what it signifies. scott
  33. And provide a link to the facebook posting for those who use the site? scott
  34. How about posting the names of the 6 different producers found with Royal Art Glass labels here? Some of us don't facebook. scott
  35. Looks great! This style is typical of the 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  36. Rearranging cargo is a very different suggestion from unpacking/ marking and repacking. To me, what makes sense in the glass export business is the most cost effective method in terms of ease of ma...
  37. Concur with welz-- option #1 seems to make the most sense for a company that was actually producing glass with an eye on efficiency and PROFIT. scott
  38. Thanks for looking ofwhatiam. scott
  39. Filmnet-- good to see you back on here. Hope that you weathered the storm and all is well. scott
  40. Ward Manufacturing Co. (NOT related to Montgomery Ward) is a Durham, NC company that was established in 1948 and according to online sites still in business today. I would think that the numbers ar...
  41. Here is one on ebay with some of the photographs (tintypes) remaining:
  42. It is a photograph album, made to hold gem sized tintypes. These were very popular in the 1860s- 70s time period. scott
  43. Amazing how the group photo illustrates your point. Seems like the quick "looks like" attributions quickly drop off when true study/ analysis is done. Thanks welz. scott
  44. Amazing garden find! Seriously, I love this decor. scott
  45. Not particularly rare-- I have seen several of these. Agree with cokekid-- they were meant to be humerous/ joke purchases or give aways. Dates from the lat 70s- 80s when the drug culture was in fu...
  46. Nice set, looks well card for! I don't think that these are antique yet-- looks to be from the 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  47. Yes, boy scouts can wear/ carry a pocket knife-- they just have to be certified (safety). They also wear a sash that has their merit badges on it. scott
  48. Thanks much bobby and worthit. scott
  49. Thanks much 33rpm! scott
  50. It is a photograph-- you don't have the size listed, but based on the backmark it would appear to be a carte de visite ( approx. 4" X 2.5"). These were popular in the late 19th century. The photog...
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