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  1. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- the shape and decor varieties in your collection are AMAZING!! scott
  2. Thanks spirit and vetraio! scott
  3. Thanks roy, vetraio and sign! scott
  4. Thanks much valentino and bobby. scott
  5. Thanks much valentino. scott
  6. Thanks cultcha! scott
  7. Thanks cultcha and spirit! scott
  8. Thanks apache, vo, buss and racer. scott
  9. Thanks apache, vo, buss and rade. scott
  10. A steal on this image: Add a few photos of "outlaws"...
  11. These "board" advertising pieces are popular decorator items. A modern creation often made from old wood. They fall into the FANTASY genre. scott
  12. What is on the back? If possible add a photo of the back of one of these. scott
  13. Great find-- these state seal plates are hard to find! scott
  14. Thanks again gatekeeper and tassie. scott
  15. Thanks much gatekeeper and tassie. scott
  16. Called an entrenching tool or e- tool for short. It is a modern US military item-- hard to tell if yours is a genuine issue item or a knock off version. Take a look online for "e-tool" and you wil...
  17. I pulled up the DUIs again. You may want to start your search with 3rd Infantry Division units. The top portion with alternating white and blue "stripes" is found on many 3ID units and is indicative...
  18. The first two are distinctive unit insignia (DUI) or simply "unit crests". Every Regiment in the Army has a different or distinctive one. I am not familiar with this one-- but the torch suggests tha...
  19. Please post more-- GREAT glass! scott
  20. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- love your shape groupings!! scott
  21. Yes, it is Victorian. Mid to late 19th century. scott
  22. It is classic Eastlake, most popular from the 1870s- 90s. The reupholstery looks well done. Most originals are found in a dark color. scott
  23. Love these "Keystone State" insignia. I usually associate this style with the Span Am era. Photographic evidence shows them in use from the 1890s- very early 20th century. scott
  24. Looks like a useful late 20th century cabinet. Check at local second hand shops to get an idea on pricing for your area. scott
  25. A real BEAUTY!! scott
  26. Better jump on this one quickly!! For 1 million dollars you can buy a Billy the Kid image: ...
  27. Understand. Please share some of the other items-- it is an interesting unit! scott
  28. An interesting unit! Not sure if you found this-- lots of information out there: Your item has minimal value, far outweighed by the sentimental value of having something ...
  29. It is typical of the 1960s- 80s FANTASY pieces. The belt loop attachment on the back is indicative of modern production. Often seen with spurious tiffany markings on them. scott
  30. Looks like queen anne style front legs. The overall piece looks to be 20th century. The drawer construction/ joints may help to narrow the date. Also a photo of the pieces in the drawer and bac...
  31. Some features appear to be a art deco inspired, but the backing piece with staple attachment puts it later. I would think it is 1950s at the EARLIEST. Take a look at ebay for comparable pieces. ...
  32. AMAZING Badge!! scott
  33. Glad to help out. I'd encourage you to introduce collecting to your grand daughters at an early age. I am a father of five and all of my kids were around the stuff since birth. Supervised handlin...
  34. I love these mirrors! I have one with a Spanish American War motif (1898) and would think that yours is from the same time period. scott
  35. Beautiful vase and informative as well! Keep up the great work. scott
  36. Agree-- looks like a card holder to me as well. scott
  37. Not tiffany or in their style-- looks to be late 20th century. scott
  38. It is a Modern FANTASY piece. scott
  39. The process for these is photographic. The charcoal is an enlargement that has been enhanced due to lost details in the process. Most of these are 16 X 20. scott
  40. Looks great! Prices always seem so reasonable on these-- guess there are a heck of a lot of them out there? scott
  41. Looks to be classic Eastlake-- from the late 19th century. Take a look at ebay closed auctions to get an idea on what they are selling for. scott
  42. With that attitude, you are on your own-- or call the appraiser! scott
  43. Looks to be mid 19th century, one drawer stand. The drawer pull may be a replacement-- looks like a circular mark from a larger pull. Take a look at the drawer pull area from the back side-- it ma...
  44. Great work on the ID on these! scott
  45. This is not an appraisal site-- suggest you spend some $$ and hire an appraiser, if that is your need. scott
  46. "what gives you the impression that it's new?" - Block base with visible jagged cuts - Color of the base where paint is missing - Appearance of paint As mentioned earlier-- some additional ph...
  47. My initial impression is that it is a newer piece. Some high resolution photos would be helpful. I'd like to see the bottom and a close up of areas where the actual wood is exposed. scott
  48. Great watch fob-- love the GA peach shape! scott
  49. These are found all over the middle east in souks. A very popular tourist item. Many with the all wood inlay are from Syria. scott
  50. Modern FANTASY piece with no collector value. Does have a minimal decorator value. scott
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