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Early Trapper with coyote or wolf pelts - Native Americanin Native American
Identity bracelet for USS Texas veteran - Folk Artin Folk Art
Buzz bomb trench art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Another trench art P-38 on shell base WW2 - Folk Artin Folk Art
welz grouping with recent acquisitions - Art Glassin Art Glass
Damascus Trench Art grouping - Folk Artin Folk Art
The Civil War "Battle Shirt" - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Salesmen with large trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Educational/ research thoughts on Harrach attribution - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marble green art glass small pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'd put this in the 2nd quarter, 20th century. Ashame about the veneer damage. scott
  2. Some interesting items! scott
  3. modern decorative knife. scott
  4. It is authentic-- a lot of these out there (presidential land grants). Don't bring a lot of money unless they are earlier and actually signed by the president. scott
  5. Definitely not ww2 and I'd think post kw as well. Most of these that I have seen are late 50s- 60s time period. I'd research Vulcan and the address-- may help to narrow dating. scott
  6. Some photos of construction would help-- drawer joint, back etc... scott
  7. Good find! Made without the yellow or heavily worn? The yellow would have been helpful! scott
  8. You have a distinctive unit insignia (DUI) or simply called a unit crest by most soldiers. Hard to determine the unit as it doesn't have a unit motto on it. scott
  9. Love this welz decor!! scott
  10. Desirable image and case. Post mortem images are heavily collected. The patriotic thermoplastic case appears to be in very good condition. The image is actually a tintype or ambrotype-- can't t...
  11. AMAZING Collection of beautiful glass!! scott
  12. Beautiful welz!! A decor that I have many examples of as well. scott
  13. Another beauty! scott
  14. Love it! scott
  15. Typical souvenir stein. Markings of "western germany" puts this in the 1949- 1990 time period. I think that you are on the tail end of this era, based on your photographs. scott
  16. Yep-- these were popular flea market/ antique store items of the 80s and 90s. Many sold as original/ authentic and a lot of unsuspecting buyers (novice) paid too much for them. scott
  17. Great image! I am an image guy, but don't know the cameras. "rniederman" is a regular poster on here, who can probably help you out. If possible, can you post a photo of the entire image area ...
  18. Land grant. No land grant was actually presidentially signed after Jackson's second term in 1833. It was too burdensome and secreterial designees were assigned. The "By M. Mckean" is indicative o...
  19. Looks like an edge ding and not a mint error. I only dabble in coins so others may have other opinions. scott
  20. 2nd quarter, 20th century. Looks to be in great shape. Often see veneer issues with these, but yours appears to have withstood the test of time. scott
  21. BEAUTIFUL welz-- especially the grouping!! scott
  22. I am not familiar with the sites, but the revenue tax stamp information you posted is incorrect. I researched several years ago due to conflicting dates on the internet. I used the actual Cong...
  23. Also there are crooks who add tax stamps to much later photographs in order to increase interest in an otherwise worthless photograph. scott
  24. You got some bad info on the revenue stamps. They were required on ALL photographs-- tintypes/ ambrotypes/ cdvs and larger albumen prints. The tax was in effect from 1 AUG 1864- 31 JUL 1866. Phot...
  25. Thanks for looking maiden-- lots of bogus stuff with a great story out there! scott
  26. Agree fake with repro buckle. I have seen authentic projectile struck belt plates from the civil war. scott
  27. A real BEAUTY!! scott
  28. Glad to help out. The actual cdv itself is characteristic from about 1875- 1885. Earlier cdvs would be straight corners and later cdvs tend to be thicker cardstock with a more decorative back mark...
  29. Nice "Territory" image. Actual statehood year is 1889. During this era of photography a single photo doesn't denote high society. Additionally, the clothing is typical of the era and not especial...
  30. Better hurry on this one! Rare Billy the Kid. At $4.9 MILLION it won't last long:
  31. Should be able to look at the edge and tell if it is veneer. scott
  32. Love it!! scott
  33. Thanks tom-- appreciate you taking a look. scott
  34. A blue star pin falls under the sweetheart jewelry category. No blue star on it, so not a blue star pin. Your pin served the same function-- to recognize military service of a family member ...
  35. Not a coin-- it is a drop and had an eagle pinback above (hole at the top). Here is an example of a complete one from my collection:
  36. AMAZING cards!! Some real superstars and multiples. And worth a good chunk of money even though some are cut and glued onto pages. scott
  37. Nothing on this is indicative of a GAR piece. It is ww2 era. The construction is of that era-- especially the shield attachment (as seen on the back) and the pin latch on the eagle. This type o...
  38. modern fantasy piece -- produced in huge quantities, so minimal value. scott
  39. I suggest you get a stamp book or do some online investigating if you don't want to invest in a book. scott
  40. Nice lighters, though I wouldn't call them trench art as they don't show any visible war refuse used in construction. They are of the ww1 era. scott
  41. what is the mystery-- what help are you looking for? scott
  42. As identified it is modern. Believe it is a fantasy piece and not a reproduction as no original like this existed. scott
  43. Stereoviewer and original views. Looks to be in good shape! scott
  44. It is called a distinctive unit insignia (DUI). Typically referred to as a unit crest by soldiers. This crest does represent the 117th Infantry. scott
  45. Beautiful welz!! scott
  46. Glad to help. Good luck in researching. scott
  47. Agree, looks like a pipe stand and humidor. Most that I see are liftop boxes with about 6 pipe holders on the edges (3 each side), but the pipe holders are of the same configuration. The "Fami...
  48. Nice item. It is a period copy of the terms of surrender of the Army of Tennessee. Multiple copies of orders were produced by hand in this time period. Appears to be a Confederate copy as the n...
  49. DXII: 512 for the 512th Engineer Dump Truck Company. I did an online search under "512th Engineer company korea dump truck" and found many snippits of information about the unit. scott
  50. Don't want to burst your bubble, but EVERY US note has a unique serial number! The bill is interesting. Better find that person quick-- you only have about 5 months before you to find need the 6...
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