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Civil War era CDV of child with her pet CAT - Animalsin Animals
Tintype of child with interesting rug/ blanket backdrop - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art P-38 - Folk Artin Folk Art
USS Indianapolis - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of cdv images - Photographsin Photographs
Railroad baggage handler with large trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early West VA photographer with Cameras - Camerasin Cameras
USN Civil War cdvs - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Two African American Boot shiners from WW1 - Advertisingin Advertising
Nicely tinted ambrotype of child with hidden mother - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks nobucks. scott
  2. Thanks nobucks. scott
  3. I think you have a trio from three different sports (left to right): Baseball, track and football. scott
  4. Here is a link to the SIMILAR ones that I have seen:
  5. It has value as a functioning tape measure-- I have one of this style and use it. Much better than modern ones. I'd think about $25- $35, maybe a little higher with the box and since it looks unu...
  6. Glad to help out. Welcome to CW and good hunting! scott
  7. 2nd quarter, 20th century. Do you have all of the drawers? scott
  8. Thanks windwalker. scott
  9. Yep-- she certainly may have gone that route cultcha! scott
  10. Collect what you like. These don't appear to be big ticket items, but a a group they look great. I know of folks who collect early (50s- 60s cap guns), so there are probably other collectors out ...
  11. I don't believe it is an antique from the few blurry photos shown. Indicators that I see: drawer joint looks to be lapped/repro brasses/ size. I would think it is a 20th century piece If you'd l...
  12. It is a photograph. These are called charcoals by many collectors. It is actually an enlargement of another photograph. As part of the enlarging process, many details were lost. Those lost detai...
  13. Thanks for the suggestions on the blanket/ rug-- I will take a look soon. I don't see any sort of Native American look to the child. scott
  14. Thanks kiva. scott
  15. I don't know the unit, but that isn't the 97th FA Bn. What makes you think it is foreign made? I don't see anything that would suggest non US maker. scott
  16. Thanks passion. I agree she must have had bright eyes. The revenue stamp just aids in dating an image. Some of the stamps are collectible and will increase the value of an image. Here are a coup...
  17. Damn near everything has a collector out there-- the trick is finding THE person who really wants an item. Chair doesn't look like high quality nor does it look like it has a lot of age. A vinta...
  18. Not much in that style that I would even attribute to a windsor origin. Looks very uncomfortable to sit in or rest your arms on. scott
  19. Thanks tigra. Any thoughts on origin of the blanket/ rug still appreciated. scott
  20. Thanks much tigra. scott
  21. Thanks racer-- appreciate you taking the time to comment. scott
  22. Thanks racer and gate. scott
  23. Looks to be from a Knights of Pythias sword. They are a fraternal group. You say it is a dagger, so I am assuming it is cut down. Not USMC related; however, a previous owner COULD have been a...
  24. Sounds like you were a victim of "auction hype" (a kinder way of saying bs). I wouldn't put too much stock in anything coming from Churchill. Once one item is determined to have a bogus attributio...
  25. This is a WW1 enlisted collar insignia. It was worn by a member of the Ordnance Corps. scott
  26. Agree with bill's observations-- think the STORY just went up in smoke! scott
  27. Thanks gate and tassie. scott
  28. Thanks much cultcha. scott
  29. BEAUTIFUL glass! scott
  30. Thank again vo. scott
  31. Thanks vo. scott
  32. Thanks again spirit. scott
  33. Thanks alan-- appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
  34. Good luck spirit! scott
  35. I think that this is a vintage version of an Honorable Discharge button. Post dates WW2 and the "ruptured duck" version. I have seen similar lapel pins-- usually with "Honorable Discharge". sc...
  36. Glad to help out. scott
  37. Thanks much 64 and bucket. scott
  38. Great collection-- love these data plates. I have a few that are military related-- wish I had a large collection like you! scott
  39. "Please do not discuss pricing, cost etc. here. It is banned! If you want to post you email address, you can write to each 0ther." Not correct information, so no reason to apologize. The rules...
  40. They are US military meDals: Top row-- American Campaign Medal, flanked by Good Conduct Medals Middle row-- Army Occupation Medals (first two), Armed Forces Reserve Medal Bottom-- WW2 Victory Me...
  41. These are Trench Art and were made from WW1 German buckles. The square one is a match box holder, so both would fall into the tobacciana category as well. These are not unique items-- they were ...
  42. BEAUTIFUL Welz! scott
  43. Thanks malkey-- appreciate you looking and commenting. Best to you as well. scott
  44. It is a photographic pin or brooch. These were popular in the late 19th/ 20th century. They were another "add on" item that photographers hawked to those visiting their studio. I wouldn't consi...
  45. Thanks pw and tigra. scott
  46. BEAUTIFUL! scott
  47. It pays to listen to that little voice-- great pair of vases! scott
  48. Thanks vo and vetraio. scott
  49. Thanks spiritbear. scott
  50. Thanks malkey-- appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
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