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P-47 Thunderbolt Trench Art ashtray - Folk Artin Folk Art
Civil War era US Marine - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Spirit photograph of Mrs. Lincoln with Abe - Photographsin Photographs
carte de visite of Deadwood, Dakota Territory 1880s - Moviesin Movies
Great backmark on carte de visite - Camerasin Cameras
Early cdv of woman displaying her sewing kit - Photographsin Photographs
WW1 soldier holding trench art shell - Folk Artin Folk Art
Tintype of Cavalryman with Kerr Revolver - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Trench Art Heart from Japanese Aircraft - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Man with a small model-- patent model of some device?? - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Keep up the great work welzebub! Your research/ analysis has illuminated the production of Welz for many art glass collectors. Your work will stand the test of time! Again, enjoy seeing you her...
  2. The locket with tintype is late 19th century. So if the locket is original to the necklace, it is significantly earlier. scott
  3. As with any collecting field, knowledge expands and changes what is known/ generally accepted. Can't count the number of "early entrant" collector books that were the bible of the era and now are k...
  4. Not a Davenport desk. Looks to be a late 19th century piece and some elements of Eastlake. Some additional photos would be helpful. scott
  5. AMAZING decor on these! Love them!! scott
  6. Glad to help out. scott
  7. Yep it is a Japanese embroidery. 2nd flag is the Japanese flag as well. These were popular souvenir items for US Navy and merchant sailors of the very late 19th/ early 20th century. They have v...
  8. Yep it is a Japanese embroidery. 2nd flag is the Japanese flag as well. These were popular souvenir items for US Navy and merchant sailors of the very late 19th/ early 20th century. They have v...
  9. Great to see you again craig-- informative, well researched posting! scott
  10. The problem with "looks like" identifications is that the person making the ID, SEES WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE. Case in point-- your father saw the seated man as being in his 30s (Doc Holliday died at ...
  11. So these went from Holiday and crew to another famous grouping? Why must they be historical figures? Why not Bill Smith and his two buddies? Without provenance you face an impossible task unless ...
  12. What is the provenance? What lead to these three men out of all others in the world? What lead to the 1881 dating? Seated man doesn't appear to be that old to me. Mottled appearance on his fa...
  13. Nice construction. Probably some sort of dowry chest ("Gifte"-- married). You should be able to use an online translator-- appears to be Danish. Last few words "haand til haand" translates to h...
  14. Agree with others, I don't see any mint errors on these. scott
  15. Forgot to add it is a floral still life. Not impressionist. scott
  16. Concur with fhrjr. The barley twist legs are interesting. Not a windsor. scott
  17. Glad to help out. scott
  18. Style, construction and colors all indicate that this is from the very late 20th century. Probably new or close to new when purchased. scott
  19. These were a popular souvenir item for US forces in the Pacific. Interesting to see the practice continued for other "tourists" after the War. scott
  20. You are correct-- it is not a functioning weapon (frizzen spring is not functioning and cast as part of the lock, back of the hammer is flat, jaw screw to hold the flint doesn't appear to turn). ...
  21. Right you are-- love them all! scott
  22. Modern decorator art-- worth less than $50. scott
  23. BEAUTIFUL welz-- and thanks for the grouping!! scott
  24. Nice pc vetraio-- brings back great memories of my trips to Belgium. Have you been? Don't get me started on the BEER-- simply amazing!! scott
  25. These first appeared in the 1960s-- pure FANTASY items as no original exist. Yours looks to be a more cartoonish version and probably even later. scott
  26. Nice image-- missed it YEARS ago! scott
  27. Thanks fhrjr2 for your patent nugget-- started me into the rabbit hole that yielded the elastic chair! scott
  28. AMAZING Chairs-- you were lucky that one retained a label. Nothing patented in these chairs or any standard windsor. Gragg had a patented curvilinear "Elastic Chair": https://www.colonialso...
  29. It is a modern resin decorator piece. scott
  30. Two sided? Felt letters, numbers and rifles? How are they attached? Numbers, letters and rifles are all very amateurish. Looks more like someone's project than a military guidon. scott
  31. Thanks mike-- appreciate you looking! scott
  32. It is not military related. Looks like a bulk purchase award for some event participation. Who knows what it was used for-- sporting event, school event.... scott
  33. Here is an image of US Grant to ponder: scott
  34. "The only mystery is those that are unable to see what is empirical and objective." Your only evidence seems to be that you believe it looks like the couple-- what could be more SUBJECTIVE than a "...
  35. Not familiar with this type glass, but I do like it! scott
  36. Sorry but I don't see a resemblance. Is there anything written on the photomatics that give you a date/ name or is this just based on your observations? scott
  37. From your cited information and my searches, it appears the reprint was short around ten pages from the original paper. Front and back of the same sheet should be sequential. The back of the lead ...
  38. Looks to be late 20th century. A ton of these were made-- everyone had one. Lots of different makers. Take a look under the seat for markings/ label. scott
  39. Have you looked at the page numbers? Front and back sequence may reveal the answer. scott
  40. Have you looked at the page numbers? Should be an easy way to determine since yours appears short. scott
  41. Good information provided above to determine if it is a reprint. Quantity of reprints made doesn't bode well for it being an original. Additionally, the original has 22 pages-- not sure how many...
  42. Not sure what other information you are looking for? These are early 20th century postcards. Most appear to have cancellations and can be precisely dated to use. Some dating that I see extends in...
  43. Love the chest and the house!! scott
  44. It is a beauty-- love the maple. Especially like the solid maple vs. veneers. This style is typically called American Empire and dates from about 1830s- 70s. 1840s is certainly a reasonable d...
  45. Thanks scott-- read the article recently. Great collection and article! Thanks valentino-- you are too kind. Appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  46. I'd call it a settee. Appears to be modern-- late 20th century piece. A photo of the bottom may show some more details. scott
  47. I love these welz whimseys! I see you have both versions-- the shoe and the taller boot. I really like the green decor in this shape. scott
  48. Thanks -- thought he did a great job as well. Hopefully my photo in the lead doesn't scare anyone away! scott
  49. There are five surviving USS Indianapolis sailors. scott
  50. Watching the news on Friday night I was saddened to see that MR Harrell had died this past week. He was 96 and the last surviving Marine from the Indianapolis. scott
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