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Two African American Boot shiners from WW1 - Advertisingin Advertising
Nicely tinted ambrotype of child with hidden mother - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of girl holding her doll - Dollsin Dolls
Woman in mourning holds image of her deceased husband - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Beautiful Civil War era tintype of African American Couple - Photographsin Photographs
Great work on a simple portrait carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of girl with large doll - Dollsin Dolls
Woman holding her CAT - Animalsin Animals
WW2 P-38 Trench art airplane - Folk Artin Folk Art
WW2 Trench art airplane - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. Looks great-- no need to restore. Discoloration/ minute paint loss shows it is original. I see too much OVER- restoration these days. Value and character is loss when an item is restored to new c...
  2. Looks to be a modern, poorly cast/ poorly detailed version of a 19th century buckle. scott
  3. Agree with fhr on the upholstery not being original-- looks like a quick amateur job. scott
  4. Nice dresser. Looks to be American and some of the wood is cherry. Hand dovetails and dates to about 1850- 60s. scott
  5. What format is your photo-- can you show the back of it as well? scott
  6. BEAUTIFUL Vases! scott
  7. Funny that "possible" is the only word in the t...
  8. These were actual pressed into the wood and not carved-- for that reason they are called press back chairs. They come in a myriad of designs and patterns and most were sold very cheaply through cat...
  9. GREAT chair. In addition to the Maine, there are also the US and Cuban Flags. I would think that this chair was made in the immediate aftermath of the sinking/ cries for US intervention on behalf ...
  10. Trifari patriotic jewelry and sweetheart items from the WW2 era are fantastic. scott
  11. BEAUTIFUL-- love these! scott
  12. Interesting colors on these-- the black base had me thinking some sort of tango as well. The colors one on the left looks a lot like a welz decor we have seen in many shapes. scott
  13. Thanks much hunter and official. scott
  14. Thanks lens, vo and anna. scott
  15. Thanks lens and official. scott
  16. Thanks for looking tique. Agree-- probably most baby/ toddler images had mom somewhere nearby. Some of the best are where mom is hidden under a cloth and looks almost like a ghost holding the baby...
  17. Yes-- they were in segregated units. African American Regiments started with the Civil War (about 170,000 during that conflict). Segregated units was the standard through WW2. I recently acquired...
  18. Thanks kiva. Her dress and hair style are fairly typical for 1850s/ 60s in the US as well. scott
  19. Thanks much kiva and nobucks. scott
  20. BEAUTIFUL vase! scott
  21. Thanks much gatekeeper and nobucks. scott
  22. Beautiful pair-- I have one just just like these! scott
  23. Thanks again scott-- appreciate you taking the time to look at my recent image postings. scott
  24. Thanks for looking scott. It isn't a military profession-- these were civilians who shined boots on the camp for soldiers. scott
  25. Thanks much for looking spirit! scott
  26. Thanks spirit and gatekeeper. scott
  27. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  28. Thanks official and racer. scott
  29. Thanks much rockbat-- antique images reveal so much about the past! scott
  30. I am not a huge fan of green, but I really like these and of course WELZ adds to my interest! scott
  31. Thanks for looking and commenting lens. scott
  32. Thanks fort and valentino. scott
  33. Thanks again scott. I am not sure about her age either. scott
  34. Thanks for looking and commenting, scott! scott
  35. BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  36. The ribbon portion is typical of late 19th/ early 20th century. There were hundreds of societies and fraternal organizations that had these type ribbons and drops made to celebrate gatherings and eve...
  37. Ouch! Was it glued to the frame backing in that area? At a minimum you have determined that it is a book page-- pencil writing may provide an ID on the book that it came from. scott
  38. What size is it? A photo out of the frame to include the back would also be helpful. My impression from your one photo is that it is not 18th century. scott
  39. I love these Venetian figurines! scott
  40. Thanks for looking bucket. I have several other early m/c images posted on cw-- take a look when you have the time. scott
  41. A photo of the entire table would be helpful. Based on what I see (underside construction/ stencil), I'd think you have something from the 2nd quarter 20th century at the earliest. scott
  42. Love it! scott
  43. Wow is right! Were able to get all of the posters? Let's see some more. scott
  44. The myth on post mortem images continues: While a...
  45. Great planes! scott
  46. It is a football team (actual part of the team). I am not sure what the "F" represents, but like today there would have been a myriad of HS, college and semi professional teams throughout the nat...
  47. Could be silver plate-- some photos of the marks on the bottom will help. scott
  48. Nice, solid wood, quality made, modern furniture. Price depends on your area. Take a look at second hand stores in your area to get an idea on what they bring. In my area it would bring about $...
  49. Great tank! It is very well done. I collect trench art with intensity. For it to be trench art it must be made from war refuse-- "Swords into Plowshares". Since the small pins are boot tacks, I'...
  50. Thanks rick-- good point. There are a lot of misrepresented items on ebay ( a minefield for new or overly trusting buyers). BUT for the experienced collectors, there are significant bargains as we...
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