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Civil War cavalry drummer tintype - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pre/ Early WW2 aviator photograph - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Unusual tinted smiling boy cdv - Photographsin Photographs
Early photo of Al Capone - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
1st Cavalry Trooper in Arizona - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Trench Art Shells - Folk Artin Folk Art
General Edward Whitaker, 1st CT Cavalry and Custer's Chief of Staff - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Civil War Chaplain of the 1st CT Cavalry (Custer's Cavalry Division) - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
The CHAIN GANG road crew - Postcardsin Postcards
Soldier holding his pet cat rppc - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Thanks much tintyper-- appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  2. Enough visible to put this in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. Additional photos of the entire dresser would be nice. scott
  3. Looks to be a Victorian wishbone dresser-- the shape of the mirror base gives it the name. I wouldn't strip it-- it has a lot of thin veneer that will pull up with some types of stripping. I'd jus...
  4. GREAT image! He is an early war New York soldier-- the cuff trim and uniform are typical of NY. Also the photographers information confirms. His hat has a Company letter "B" and the Regiment #...
  5. Here is his entry from Historical Data Systems (HDS)-- may provide additional information not on the document: Henry C. Mace Residence Meriden NH; 19 years old. Enlisted on 8/23/1862 as a Priva...
  6. Thanks for looking farmlady. scott
  7. Thanks scott, spiritbear and nutfield. scott
  8. Thanks dlpetersen and oldstuff. scott
  9. Love them all! You need to send me the middle one in the second photo to give me a pair! scott
  10. RS Prussia is top quality bone china. Your piece was made and decorated by RSP and is an original. There are standard mold patterns and standard decoration patterns. Collectors often focus on a m...
  11. No problem! Funny, folks know nothing about an object until told it is modern/ fake/ repro-- and then suddenly their an expert. scott
  12. Looks like a modern tourist/ souvenir item. scott
  13. Most of it looks like modern created collectibles. When you have the chance post some of the better, antique coke items individually. scott
  14. Thanks verbatim and cultcha. scott
  15. Agree with others. Looks to be some modern creation from parts/ pieces with a great story. I have heard it often (and RE learned the lesson several times): Buy the item not the story! Hope i...
  16. Thanks lace, kera and craig. scott
  17. Thanks official and gargoyle. scott
  18. Classic Eastlake-- probably had a marble top. The four "7" shaped pieces (lighter brown wood) that go to the center piece look to be later additions. scott
  19. Thanks apache, newfld, tex and buss. scott
  20. BEAUTIFUL Welz! scott
  21. Great article!! The assertions of ownership of all images of an object once you purchase the object is laughable. Keep up the the great work. scott
  22. Looks like a WW1 era US soldier-- not certain as your photo isn't that clear. A few well focused photos of the front and back would be helpful. scott
  23. My first thought was WW2 era, but the corsair on the cover may help to date it as well. I know the corsair was used in a CAS role into the Korean War, so it may date into the 50s. I stayed a few n...
  24. Some additional photos would be helpful. Photos of the entire sword in scabbard and then one of the entire blade would be helpful. Also a close up of any markings. scott
  25. Thanks gatekeeper-- appreciate you taking a look. scott
  26. Thanks hunter and roy. scott
  27. Beautiful welz!!! An amazing collection you have there-- I'll send my address to help you with the over crowding! scott
  28. Timeless chairs! Both examples appear to be modern made, 20th century examples. Not huge ticket items but desirable. scott
  29. Tag looks to be a retailers tag. You won't find a makers tag unless it is a machined piece. Lots of books out there to reference. I used to be familiar with these when I lived in the middle east,...
  30. Beautiful welz!! scott
  31. I don't see a lot of age on this. I'd think mid to late 20th century. Some photos of the drawer joints would be helpful to confirm. scott
  32. Top looks like walnut. Overall look appears to be from the 2nd quarter, 20th century. Some additional photos of the drawer joint/ back of the piece and bottom may help to confirm the era. scott
  33. Thanks for looking eapgdepression. scott
  34. Looks original-- pretty easy to tell from the back/ stamp box. Nothing on the front is suggestive of a reprint. These aren't big ticket items. scott
  35. Most look like cartes de visite. Hard to see details, but I don't see soldiers. scott
  36. That is Teddy Roosevelt not Wilson: scott
  37. Construction is typical of late 20th century-- 1960s at the earliest. scott
  38. Left most photo-- man in the light coat is General Pershing. Center bottom photo-- man with hat in hand is President Wilson. scott
  39. Hang in there-- my thoughts are with you and your family. scott
  40. I'll defer to fhrjr2 on the wood. It doesn't appear to be one of the usual suspects (cherry, maple, pine...). scott
  41. Beautiful-- love it! Wish that my pitcher had a set of tumblers with it: scott
  42. This is a 20th century example. scott
  43. Thanks gargoyle. scott
  44. Nice small chest-- I'd think this was made about 1830s- 60s time period. It was refinished, which has taken the top layer of patina off in many areas. Best seen in the dark areas around the locks...
  45. Thanks much ironlace. scott
  46. Looks to be the projectile from a M1916 37mm Infantry gun: Pictures show the projectile and brass casing (missing from yours). scott
  47. Neat badge-- good luck with your search! Were they reissued randomly every year or did the holder retain the same number? scott
  48. Agree, from the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. They look like better quality than most examples. scott
  49. Thanks cultcha and 33rpm. scott
  50. Thanks again brunswick. scott
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