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Spirit photograph of Mrs. Lincoln with Abe - Photographsin Photographs
carte de visite of Deadwood, Dakota Territory 1880s - Moviesin Movies
Great backmark on carte de visite - Camerasin Cameras
Early cdv of woman displaying her sewing kit - Photographsin Photographs
WW1 soldier holding trench art shell - Folk Artin Folk Art
Tintype of Cavalryman with Kerr Revolver - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Trench Art Heart from Japanese Aircraft - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Man with a small model-- patent model of some device?? - Photographsin Photographs
Ambrotypes in thermoplastic case - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War soldier tintype - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Thanks kiva and maiden. scott
  2. Thanks obscure and kiva. scott
  3. Laughable attributions: Guy with chin beard= Lincoln, guy with moustache= Booth, woman with br...
  4. psst-- trying to keep my basket collecting quiet... scott
  5. BEAUTIFUL!! You have joined peggy and craig as a certified basket collector! scott
  6. A beauty-- probably a little pre- victorian. Would look great in a room with an empire half pilaster chest sitting near it! scott
  7. I love that large chamfered top board on the back! Nice to have a family piece. scott
  8. Nice that it has stayed in the family! I like the canvas bag that has been added inside. scott
  9. Thanks vo-- appreciate you taking the time to look and comment. These early Territory views are popular! scott
  10. Thanks much cultcha. scott
  11. Yep: "I have not seen the notation of "Son" before and don't know where he is supposed to be in the image." I am not sure where the SON is supposed to be in the image. scott
  12. Welcome to cw. Probably early 20th century. Some additional photos of the drawer joint and back would be helpful. Also, check out the tutorials on how to correctly orient your photos-- much e...
  13. Looks like an artillery shell. Near an old range? scott
  14. Looks like something from the 1960s- 70s time period. I agree looks to be a coffee table-- height is appropriate as well. scott
  15. Thanks again tintyper-- kind of wish that I had held on to this one. Bucktail images don't come along all that often. scott
  16. Thanks much ben, appreciate you taking a look. scott
  17. Thanks much kwqd. scott
  18. Amazing to see early 20th century advertising of babies associated with smoking-- glad times have progressed! Quick online searching shows Castle Hall cigars introduced a "twin" pack around the tur...
  19. Thanks buss, vo, 33, watch and scott. scott
  20. Looks like a cartoonish/ civilian version of the US Navy Petty Officer, 2nd Class insignia. Believe the eagle is facing the wrong direction. A photo of the back of the pin should help in identif...
  21. Thanks much vetraio-- as always, appreciate you taking the time to look and comment. scott
  22. Thanks again vetraio. Looks like the photographer got a lot of mileage with the etching! It was probably made from an original photograph based on the details and people in the etching. Appreci...
  23. Thanks much vetraio! scott
  24. Thanks scott and kwqd. scott
  25. Thanks much lori, appreciate you looking. scott
  26. Looks to be early 20th century. The joint looks like a later version of the Knapp joint without the central pin. Joint looks to be machine made and not hand cut. A photo of another drawer witho...
  27. Looks to be US Army Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI)-- most soldiers just call them unit crests. Here is one that sold/ Identified to the 265th Coast Artillery Regiment: https://www.flyingtigeran...
  28. Thanks much for looking 33rpm. scott
  29. Could be kiva-- thanks for looking and commenting. scott
  30. A photo of the back and bottom would be helpful. I agree with nan-- would think this is 20th century. Also the estimate of value is not accurate. scott
  31. Thanks kiva, ben and maiden. scott
  32. Thanks vo, scott, vetraio and 33! scott
  33. Thanks for looking and commenting newfld. scott
  34. Very wishful thinking as the photo cannot pre- date 1854. "altho they say the oldest is him (Lincoln) at 39,,, altho- not sure that I agree with that." Not sure who "they" are?? But I can tell yo...
  35. Agree M1850 from the War of Southern Insurrection. Condition really hurts this one. scott
  36. A photo of the back might be helpful in dating. From the front it does look to be late 20th century. scott
  37. "... you tell me the year" Mid 1860s- mid 187os. scott
  38. The writing on the back-- looks to be arabic numbers: Top to bottom, left to right: ??, 7, 2 1, 5, 9 8, 3 This item looks like the type of thing that would be sold in a middle east souk, r...
  39. Lincoln and Johnson images from this website: First and probably most obvious to everyone (ot...
  40. This is an ambrotype-- early form of photography that was popular in the US from about 1854- 1865. The image is on a plate of glass and a black background has been applied to turn the image into a ...
  41. Here is something else to look at: The poster is long time fairy lamp collector. Suggest some research prior to prono...
  42. Nope peggy has it correct. Do some searching on this site-- you'll find a few posts with documentation. scott
  43. It is very collectable! They look great framed and also look great rounding out a display as you can find almost anything on the cover. Some pieces bring good prices (Civil War, Black Americana,...
  44. Looks like some sort of souvenir shop knife. Not a lot of age or value, but more of a decorator piece. scott
  45. Not Lincoln or Johnson! scott
  46. Yep-- that was one of them! scott
  47. I am a huge fan of anything with applied flowers! scott
  48. Trying to hide that middle photo from me! LOVE your BEAUTIFUL WELZ displays!! scott
  49. Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Popular Germany souvenir for years and still so today. As fhrjr2 states these were also sold in US Exchanges overseas. A search on ebay showed one that would appear to ...
  50. Looks like a 1950s- 60s piece. The drawer pulls, bottom banding and scalloping are all in keeping with the 50s Western popularity. Popular Western tv shows (Bonanza, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke an...
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