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  1. BEAUTIFUL Venetian glass-- understand your inability to leave these. I am a huge fan of these and have many similar pieces! scott
  2. BEAUTIFUL American form. A photo of the interior and back would be great to see. From what I see, the wood appears to be cherry (grain looks correct on the leg). Yours would appear to be from abo...
  3. Thanks much for looking roy. scott
  4. It is a modern fantasy piece-- not by Tiffany. NO collector value but does have a minimal decorator value. scott
  5. Cheaper to do it yourself-- look for "book deodorizer". Should be able to buy enough for the album for less than $20. It comes in granules that absorb the moisture and odor in a sealed bag. s...
  6. Nice to have this from a family member. scott
  7. Great lapel pin-- I have never seen one with the prison warning on the back. Even more fantastic that it came from your father! scott
  8. Not an antique yet. This type of desk was an office standard (especially state and Fed workers) from the 1940s- 60s, when the metal desk replaced them. scott
  9. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  10. Agree-- I don't see a lot of age to it. A photo of the underside/ attachment might show some details. scott
  11. Nice transcription olofz. Letter of condolence on a battle death. The HMS Defence, a UK armored cruiser, sank in late MAY 1916 at the Battle of Jutland. scott
  12. Thanks blackwatch! scott
  13. Thanks for looking apache. scott
  14. It is usually fairly easy to bracket date antique images-- certain photographic formats and styles within those formats have definitive years of use. Of course clothing, backdrops and other objects s...
  15. Probably a little earlier-- these look to be 1890s. That is based on the format and the small ornamentation/ decorative edge of the card. scott
  16. Your photograph is an 1880s- 90s cabinet card. You may be able to narrow the date based on the photographer and searching for when they were in business. Both of the subjects are very much alive--...
  17. Thanks vo, blackwatch and spirit! scott
  18. Here is welzebub's posting (different decor shown in literature): scott
  19. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- believe this one (decor and shape) is in the production literature! scott
  20. Format would put this in the very early 20th century. You may find more specifics looking for the years in business of the photographer-- Lane of Ebensburg, PA. scott
  21. Thanks jlmam and tassie. scott
  22. While the pulls and visible leg give it a mid century modern look-- I agree with olofz and would like to see a photo of the entire piece. scott
  23. Thanks bobby and racer. scott
  24. Thanks buss-- this one was fairly easy, but is actually very desirable due to the location of the photographer. scott
  25. ebay listing for the soldier:
  26. Glad to help out. You may want to add a better photo. A photo of the front of the piece showing the entire settee, may attract more attention to your posting. scott
  27. It looks to be an Eastlake settee. It appears to be original and would date from the late 19th century (about 1870- 90s). These usually came in a set with chairs. This style is not in vogue now...
  28. Mine also shows fantastic details and would appear to be from an original negative, but it is cropped at the bottom and shows more of the rooftops and trees at the top. I guess the image transcende...
  29. Just got mine today-- it is by Liebich. I have also seen versions by Ryder. Odd to see other photographers take and sell the image that clearly advertised another studio. Is your image maker ma...
  30. Went to the link and now understand! scot
  31. On the left below "add to collection", click on "Edit this item" Then click on "Choose images" and add your photo. scott
  32. Thanks much ted! scott
  33. The belt buckle versions of these first appeared in the 1960s- 70s. The casting on this shows less details and lower quality than those, so it is probably later (newer). scott
  34. It is a modern fantasy piece. scott
  35. Interesting patch. Can you post a jpg of the back? Thanks and welcome to CW. scott
  36. GREAT posting with valuable information. Lots of garbage posted online and taken as fact by newer collectors. Unfortunately not all sites are created equally and some site creators have motivatio...
  37. Thank you-- you got me back on the hunt for one of these and I was able to pick one up at a reasonable price! scott
  38. Found some interesting information AND BAD NEWS about Nock's advertising boat. It is from a Standard Oil Publication from Ohio (SOHIOAN, August 1930). The publication has a column called "Then a...
  39. The original piece was EMPIRE. It looks to have been reworked. The numerous interior drawers look to be later additions. They don't seem to match the top drawer. Are they dovetailed in the sam...
  40. Nice-- same era as the others. The casual pose (last photo) is especially appealing! scott
  41. Glad to help out tanni! scott
  42. My spelling was off should be "OPPRESSION". scott
  43. These are all post Civil War (loose, odd sized images) and appear to be a little later. Based on the backdrops and clothing, I would put these in the 1880s- 90s. scott
  44. Doesn't resemble them in my opinion. scott
  45. Grand Army of the Republic Badge-- a fraternal organization of Civil War soldiers. Image dates from about the 1880s- 90s, post, Southern War of OPRESSION. Here is a link to an earlier post I mad...
  46. Thanks nobucks. scott
  47. Thanks nobucks. scott
  48. Thanks nobucks. scott
  49. Thanks much bobby! scott
  50. Thanks much nobucks. scott
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