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California man with a photo brooch - Photographsin Photographs
The Newlywed couple from 1864 - Photographsin Photographs
Memorial cabinet card and original sitting view - Photographsin Photographs
Sad Post- Mortem carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
Edsel Chamberlain with his machine?? - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of reader with a SKULL on the table - Photographsin Photographs
Yank Sergeant photographed in Nashville - Photographsin Photographs
African American Mammy/ Nanny cdv - Photographsin Photographs
The young teacher - Photographsin Photographs
Flamboyant Hunter cdv - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks passion-- I appreciate you chiming in on the CW tintype! scott
  2. Jesse James image: This one i...
  3. Johann-- I am an antique photograph dealer. "looks like" images have caused harm in the antique photograph market place. They are as bad as reproductions and fantasy pieces of other collectible aren...
  4. My comments were not rude. I highlited words that were apparently missed in my earlier posting. I am very opinionated on the subject. Your posting is a great illustration of the harm caused b...
  5. NO-- all of the photos on the right are NOT accepted images of James. Most are other "looks like" attributions. scott
  6. "... the man on left is holding a sawn offed double barreled shot gun under his left arm (if you look very close, you can just make out the two barrels and what appears to be a modified stock under hi...
  7. Nope. Look alikes seldom are. Most historians and collectors require provenance and documentation to authenticate an image. Interesting that some of your posted "accepted" images are NOT historic...
  8. Thanks rico-- sad view but gives insight into the 19th century. scott
  9. Thanks for looking rico! scott
  10. Great rppc-- love these early advertising pieces. Very collectible! scott
  11. Trying to attribute to someone is impossible unless you have provenance or find a photo from the same sitting with an accepted attribution. A jpg of the entire photo MAY provide clues about the sub...
  12. A great big NO! The photo itself is the best proof. The revenue tax on photographs was in effect from 1 AUG 1864 through 31 JUL 1866. A quick search for Tom Jones shows he wasn't born until 3 ...
  13. Looks nice and useful. I don't see much age and the construction visible (bottom of drawer in photo #2) are typical of the late 20th century. scott
  14. I'd call it a pedestal table. It is American Empire style, but much later. Based on the label and construction, I'd put it in the 1920s or 30s. It looks nice but this style is not that popular ...
  15. BEAUTIFUL-- and equally amazing that it is perfect! scott
  16. Yep craig-- I agree with the Welz assessment as well. My original posting is from several years ago and was based on an article on "cottage glass". I had forgotten about the posting on here (and n...
  17. GREAT Glass! Here is a large pitcher with a similar decor: scott
  18. I'd say that you got some accurate information from the dealer. I am not certain on the wood. scott
  19. Your three- drawer chest is Victorian and probably dates from about the 1850s- 70s. Marble tops were popular and the base wood looks to be walnut. Extended feet wouldn't look right with the bott...
  20. Thanks tammy and roy. scott
  21. I wouldn't call it junk, but with the condition issues (foot looks badly damaged) this won't bring a lot or have a lot of interest. scott
  22. Thanks much film. scott
  23. Thanks again film. scott
  24. Thanks for looking film and kyra! scott
  25. Mid to late 20th century. Check second hand stores in your area to get an idea of local pricing. From what I have seen these don't bring much. Chalk could be manufacturers numbers to identify t...
  26. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  27. I'd be surprised if they are antique. A photo of the bottom would be helpful. You can post up to four photos. scott
  28. Nice image. His double row shoulder boards are flashy and expensive! They probably cost him a good bit more than the standard. Expected of a QM guy! scott
  29. They are helpful-- I still see a very late 19th/ early 20th century piece. A photo or two of the drawer joints would also be good. You can do another posting, that way you can leave these photos i...
  30. An entire collection of "looks like images": I'll pick one of the easiest...
  31. Neat belt and buckle! scott
  32. The leather tack seat looks to be a replacement for a hand caned seat. I have seen this type of repair on other chairs. It is costly get these re- caned by hand and not many folks do it now. The ...
  33. Looks to be a late 19th century chair with some modern paint embellishments. It was made for a hand woven cane seat-- the holes along the edge were used to weave the cane. Chairs were also made ...
  34. Looks like something passed out by a Chaplain and not issued. Meant to be worn on the dogtag chain. I'd put a very minimal value on it, but an interesting item. scott
  35. Your work looks great-- do you do this for a living or just as a hobby? scott
  36. Nice repair. I'd love to see the entire chair! scott
  37. I'd call it an end table-- just unusual shape. Looks to be from the late 20th century. A photo of the bottom and drawer construction would be helpful to confirm. scott
  38. BEAUTIFUL in its simplicity! I really like the look of this camera-- love the wood patina with the brass. scott
  39. Love it! scott
  40. Good job stripping the paint-- looks like you had a lot of layers to deal with! It is not as early as you think it is. Some better focused photos and a photo of the back would be helpful to pinpoi...
  41. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  42. BEAUTIFUL Cameo Glass!! The colors on this are AMAZING. If you can, add a photo of the bottom. scott
  43. Agree reworked piece. Disagree: "Any item is only as old as the newest modification". My 1850s corner cupboard doesn't become a 1990s corner cupboard because the top molding was replaced! A ...
  44. Really bad pictures, but from your description and the two prominent mirrors on the front-- it gives every indication of being a 20th century piece. Add some detailed/ focused pictures and I'd be h...
  45. You can't beat the price! A little shy of being an antique-- looks to be from the second quarter, 20th century. scott
  46. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  47. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  48. WOW-- looks too good to go to the trash. Glad you were able to save it. Please update as you do more work on it! scott
  49. Nice to have the period documentation on it! scott
  50. Looks like a nice grouping of letters! scott
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