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Civil War Captain killed leading his company at Gettysburg - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Passau Glass Museum visit - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War cavalry drummer tintype - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pre/ Early WW2 aviator photograph - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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Early photo of Al Capone - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
1st Cavalry Trooper in Arizona - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Trench Art Shells - Folk Artin Folk Art
General Edward Whitaker, 1st CT Cavalry and Custer's Chief of Staff - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. The Army Air Corps had a large training center in Miami during WW2. scott
  2. A photo of the back would be helpful. scott
  3. Interesting desk-- I have seen similar ones in the past, but I don't have any links. Looks to be a dual purpose desk: top for standing and doing work and bottom portion with pull out shelf for sea...
  4. Thanks much malkey and peggy! scott
  5. Looks to be US Navy related. The rope border and color are similar to the WW2 PT boat insignia. The signal flags and bolts look like a communications related item. Back looks like it is a moder...
  6. Modern tourist trinket-- not everything in antique shops has age. scott
  7. One of several with attributions that don't pass muster. scott
  8. History of photography makes the attributions posted impossible. scott
  9. Certainly compares favorably with known examples. Cobb's autograph is worth a good bit, so it would be worthwhile getting it evaluated. scott
  10. These style buttons are mid to late 19th century at the earliest. I see nothing in the jacket or buttons to suggest anything earlier. scott
  11. Some nice patches-- the theater made CBI looks especially nice! scott
  12. Not sure what you are saying. I am trying to help-- thought you had an interest in the history?
  13. These photos date from the 1880s and while the folks look old, I would think that both were born in the 19th century. Often I find photos with attributions that don't make sense with what can be se...
  14. ambrotype-- made from about 1854 to 1865 in the US. scott
  15. US Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s in PA? What was your g-grandfather's birth/ death years? scott
  16. Typical of the 1890s- 1920. scott
  17. I was there on a rainy Saturday, but came upon it during a lull in the rains. It was a lot like our (US) flea markets-- lots of junk and reproductions, but some nice stuff with high prices. scott
  18. Thanks gate, aura, buss and ironlace. scott
  19. Good point fhrjr2! May want to consider some of the advice-- you can always strip it down if you don't like the results from a less destructive refinish. scott
  20. I'd call it "depression era" furniture. It is fairly distinctive in look. Often found with contrasting veneers, decorative pieces that simulate carving, and feet like yours. Early pieces can be s...
  21. A photo of the back and information on markings and size would be helpful. He isn't a MLB player-- can see "Wood" as part of the team logo. scott
  22. see comment-- "2nd quarter, 20th century". scott
  23. Agree with fhjr2 on the age-- the modern paint and pin stripe give it the appearance of an earlier piece. scott
  24. Dates from the 2nd quarter, 20th century. While it may overlap with time of "mid century modern", it is closer in style to earlier pieces. scott
  25. Looks like a modern decorator piece. scott
  26. Agree with welz-- looks to be eastlake and dates from the late 19th century. I don't see an indication of the legs being cut-- height looks right. Thanks for sharing. scott
  27. It is typical of pieces from the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. Lots of makers out there, so without markings it is going to be a hard search to find the maker. scott
  28. It is specific down to the company. He was in B Company, 28th Infantry Regiment. The 28th Infantry is called the "Black Lions"-- the lion symbol. I was in the 28th Infantry when I was active duty...
  29. Looks like a 20th century piece. scott
  30. Look to be mid to late 20th century, so not antique. Dovetails look to be machined and not hand cut. scott
  31. I would think this was mid to late 20th century. A photo of the stencil and bottom would be helpful. scott
  32. Modern decorator piece with minimal value. scott
  33. Looks to be a pressed back, not carved. 20th century. scott
  34. Deco pieces-- 1930s- 40s. scott
  35. I used to see similar pieces in the souks in the middle east-- made in large numbers. scott
  36. Don't believe it is trench art. It wouldn't make sense to cut off the shell bases-- thickness/ weight from holding it would make the determination easier. scott
  37. Great images-- 19th century baseball images are hard to find, especially hard images. Great info on the camera rob. The size of image is also indicative of a post Civil War product (taller and thi...
  38. Photo #1: crossed rifles are an enlisted infantry branch insignia, the "US" is also an enlisted collar insignia. Photo #2: Blue bordered ribbon is the US Army Presidential Unit Citation (PUC), en...
  39. Nope! Some thoughts on "looks like" identifications: scott
  40. Looks to be an ambrotype or tintype in a nice thermoplastic case. It is very unusual to see a revolutionary war soldier in this format. I cannot discern his facial features very well, but he doesn...
  41. Not that unusual to find the pants-- they are readily available. During the Civil War era, the pants were often used after muster out/ post war, so there are few surviving examples and they do bring ...
  42. Looks to be a WW1 Captains uniform jacket from the US Army as others have said. scott
  43. Some additional photos would be helpful to date the table. A photo of the bottom and a close up of the area where the leg is attached would be a good start. scott
  44. I don't know about the "enhanced print" assessment. I have heard of the process but thought it was a late 20th century creation. The Giclee print is what I am familiar with. I guess the artist coul...
  45. I don't know about that assessment. I have heard of the process but thought it was a late 20th century creation. The Giclee print is what I am familiar with. I guess the artist could have produce...
  46. Thanks much tom. scott
  47. Not a poster-- mine and linked one appear to both be oil on canvas in correct period frames. scott
  48. Advertising match strike. With the hole looks like it was made to be put on a wall. Maybe a barroom or restaurant item. Looks to be from the early 20th century-- searches on the company adverti...
  49. Certainly looks to be by the same hand! There are some differences-- face shading (light/ dark) and the rank insignia are two things that jumped out to me. It is interesting that another showed ...
  50. Post some photos-- I'd like to see what you have. scott
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