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Passau Glass Museum visit - Art Glassin Art Glass
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  1. FANTASY buckle. These were made in the late 1960s- 70s, so now they show enough aging to fool folks. No originals exists. They were made with many different designs-- Wells Fargo, HD, Colt, W...
  2. looks like a gelatin print. Is it mounted to a board? Anything on the back? A photo of the back would be helpful. scott
  3. Biplane and dress would make me think 1920s. Doesn't appear to be military related. Looks to be a modern reprint photograph. scott
  4. Looks to be typical of pieces from the 2nd quarter, 20th century. So it is not an antique yet, but getting close. scott
  5. Thanks much peggy-- appreciate you looking and posting. scott
  6. Thanks much adele and duda. scott
  7. Thanks much valentino and wow. scott
  8. Thanks aura and jimtim. scott
  9. Thanks welz and ivonne. scott
  10. Links to groupings:
  11. Love it!! scott
  12. These officer hat badges have been around since the early 20th century-- not sure of the exact date, but I know they were used in WW1. The KREW company is a post WW2 company (and still in business ...
  13. It is an Army Officers hat badge. The clutch back with grommets would seem to indicate that it is post WW2. Early ones would have one central screw. A photo of the back showing the manufacturer...
  14. This style is typical of the 2nd quarter, 20th century, so not antique yet. Looks to have been well cared for and in very good condition. scott
  15. It is a distinctive unit insignia (DUI) for the 112th Field Artillery Regiment. The Regiment was a NJ National Guard unit and still has active units. These are often called unit crests by soldiers...
  16. I can't tell age from photos. Some photos of drawer joints, back and hardware should answer the question. scott
  17. I can't see many details in the photos. Looks to have a missing drawer pull. I can't tell the age from your photos, but interior looks new (bottom open door view). $100 for used solid wood furn...
  18. Yep-- it is a modern piece. scott
  19. William Edward Johns. May 1905. scott
  20. Army distinctive unit insignia (DUI) or simply called a unit crest by soldiers. I don't know the unit-- will be a harder one to find without any unit motto included. scott
  21. Thanks much ironlace. scott
  22. Thanks nafssalg. scott
  23. GREAT posting rob! Thanks for taking the time to add the information/ photos. scott
  24. Sorry for the posting hijack rob-- pls delete comments, if desired. scott
  25. I don't have that much interest. All I found on the site were explainable with image format. scott
  26. Glad to help out. scott
  27. Here is a link for others with interest: My initial look of what I could find shows those with correct (non- mirrored gear) are paper i...
  28. Go to the image and highlite/ copy the internet address from your browser-- just paste it into a posting and it will create an active link to the page. scott
  29. Post links to a few-- maybe I can shed some light on the actual images. scott
  30. Knapp joint or pin and cove. Dates the piece from about 1870- 90s time period as the overall style suggests. Also the pulls are replacements as an older center hole is seen on the drawer front (ba...
  31. Post some links to the images you are talking about. I have owned a significant number of CS images-- don't recall owning any with non mirrored belt plates. In fact three of the best (CS plate, ...
  32. Significant damage to it. Need additional photos of the drawer joint, inside of drawer where hardware attached and back to confirm age. Hardware may be replaced-- photos will tell. scott
  33. Rob, Do you have an example of a reversing mirror/ prism in your collection or a diagram that shows how they were used/ positioned? scott
  34. Tintypes and daguerreotypes are mirror images (ambrotypes CAN be displayed with a true image, but often are not), so the lettering on belt plates will not read correctly. Often photographers had ...
  35. Great analysis welzebub of what appears to be guess work attributions with contradictory postings on the website. Far from being "negative reflections"-- the observations reflect basic analysis/ co...
  36. GREAT to see an original camera that made these images! Thanks for sharing rob. scott
  37. Need to add some clear photos. Include the blade and markings. Based on the flowered hilt and fittings, it may be Japanese. scott
  38. These were very short exposure images-- much easier to capture animals at this point (1890s) in photography. scott
  39. Great image-- 19th century cat images are hard to find and command a high price tag. This example is one of the better examples! scott
  40. Yes-- just wish I could assemble a few of your AMAZING GROUPINGS. The groups really make a great display. scott
  41. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- one of my favorite decors! One of my first art glass postings on cw was this decor (with the cornucopia shape). scott
  42. Concur-- these are decorator pieces. While they look nice, they have no collector value. scott
  43. Great Welz. And nice try with the research bit-- you are official a basket collector! scott
  44. Looks good. I'd think it was from the first quarter, 20th century. Slight nouveau influenced look about it. scott
  45. Love them! scott
  46. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! And thanks for your work in researching and documenting much of their production. scott
  47. I wasn't looking for a stamp or manufacturer mark-- I was looking to see the attachment device and construction, to aid in dating. scott
  48. From your one photo, I suspect that they are modern decorative pieces. Additional photos may help to confirm. scott
  49. Really interesting glass-- like this one a lot! scott
  50. It is not a military badge. It is patriotic-- could be WW2, but need to post a photo of the back in order to confirm. scott
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