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Marble green art glass small pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Shoe collection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War cdv pair of Frederick Brown - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Identified Civil War cdv of Henry Freeman - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Welz decor in a new shape - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cabinet card of 6th Cavalry Trooper by F. Jay Haynes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Two cavalry troopers on horses - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Tango vases in Vienna - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War Captain killed leading his company at Gettysburg - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Passau Glass Museum visit - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- especially the baskets! scott
  2. Unusual scene-- I think you did well on it, especially with current interests. scott
  3. Neat image! Saw that one-- a very recent acquisition. scott
  4. Agree Korean War era. The drips looks like water staining. A photo of the back may confirm. scott
  5. WOW-- Beautiful colors on this one! scott
  6. Thanks for looking craig. scott
  7. Thanks much stuff. scott
  8. Forgot about peggy's hex vase. Love it! scott
  9. Not sure-- take a look online. scott
  10. Beautiful Welz!! scott
  11. Beautiful Welz!! scott
  12. Looks to be 1890s-- a photo of the drawer joint would be helpful. Hardware is replaced. scott
  13. Nice veneers on this one! Style would put it in the 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  14. Could be... His autograph brings good $, so worthwhile to invest in an authentication on it. scott
  15. Looks to be a ballpark give away item-- maybe part of a 1979 promotion to recognize the pennant from the 78 Season. Any stamping from this would be mirrored, so doubt that was an intended purpose. ...
  16. Knapp joint, also known as the pin and cove-- it is machine made. The process was patented in 1867 and saw considerable use from about 1870- 1900. scott
  17. THANK YOU. Keep up the good work... and keep those BASKETS coming! scott
  18. Thanks much 33rpm. scott
  19. Based off of the clothing and format-- I'd think it was 1880s- 90s time period. scott
  20. Thanks crazyguy-- appreciate you taking the time to look and post. scott
  21. From TOD (post #22): "As we all know, the site is now on the back burner, no longer a priority for you. You spend more time and effort here and on other sites than you do meeting your obligations."...
  22. I don't see the same decor in the linked item (post 17) and this fan vase. scott
  23. Thanks peggy, ironlace, malkey and crazyguy. scott
  24. Thanks malkey and crazyguy. scott
  25. Thanks malkey and crazyguy. scott
  26. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! I love these groupings-- don't forget bring craig in with some basket groups! scott
  27. Thanks for showing the 31 Welz examples! scott
  28. AMAZING BEAUTY!! scott
  29. Looks to be an 1880s- 90s period tintype. Don't waste your time trying to ID-- without some sort of documented provenance or name on the back, you are wasting your time. Additionally, "looks like"...
  30. Beautiful Welz!! scott
  31. Not sure how to read that response. I am just trying to post accurate information. Some of what you posted is correct-- "it is an infantry insignia". Some is not correct: "the "F" is for ...
  32. Do you mean the 88th DIVISION (MG Commander)? The 339th Artillery BATTALION (LTC commander) was a subordinate unit to the 338th Infantry REGIMENT (COL commander) in WW2. At any rate, this collar...
  33. Link please. "elements of..."? scott
  34. Beautiful Welz!! scott
  35. Nope. This is WW1 era. The "F" is for a company within the 338th Regiment (not BN). Crossed Rifles represent Infantry. Additionally, Infantry battalions do not "support" Field Artillery unit...
  36. Thanks much trey-- appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
  37. ""production literature' implies a document that has an originally identified provenance in some way.... I don't consider a pile of old papers from a relative would fit that criteria." FAMILY docum...
  38. Thanks much for looking lori. scott
  39. Look to be modern tourist items. scott
  40. WW1 era collar disc for the US Army. Insignia is for the 338th Infantry-- it was part of the 85th Division. scott
  41. Thanks much malkey. scott
  42. Thank aura. scott
  43. Probably 1880- 90s based on the back drop and it being a loose tintype. Looks like the photographer needed to do some maintenance on his studio props! scott
  44. Here is an example of an epergne with baskets: scott
  45. Welcome to CW. Love these beauties-- suggest you take additional photos and do a posting on each one! You have a great eye and got some quality art glass. You are also correct these are not fen...
  46. Could be fhrjr2-- does look like pine! scott
  47. I wouldn't call this one mid- century. The overall style fits more with an earlier 20th century piece. Additionally the construction, oxidation and stamping on the back would make me think 1910s- 20...
  48. Nice tinted image-- these tinted photos saw their heyday in the 1940s with military related images, but could date from the 1930s- 50s. I don't know the uniform. scott
  49. A picture (and your analysis) is worth a thousand words-- good job! scott
  50. Hard to tell the date on this-- certainly could be 19th century. If it is early, the brasses look like later additions. A photo of the drawer joints would be good and maybe later a photo of th...
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