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Armed Union soldier tintype - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Trench art Display #2 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Trench art Display - Folk Artin Folk Art
Civil War era CDV of child with her pet CAT - Animalsin Animals
Tintype of child with interesting rug/ blanket backdrop - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art P-38 - Folk Artin Folk Art
USS Indianapolis - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of cdv images - Photographsin Photographs
Railroad baggage handler with large trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early West VA photographer with Cameras - Camerasin Cameras


  1. Actually there were several professional photographers (on both US and Canadian side) whose business was Niagara Falls background views like these. They must have had some wealthy customers as most i...
  2. Looked at your shell base photo-- would think "2-6-18" is the date of production, so this looks to be WW1 (the shell at least). scott
  3. A photo of underneath the top, showing the leg connections may be helpful. scott
  4. Looks to be an ambrotype as I can see the weave of the cloth it is sitting on. Ambrotypes are photo negatives (on glass) that can be made to appear as a positive image with a black background. A...
  5. Photos look like three of the same. Add photos of the bottom and the inside with lid off. Lots of brass items are modern made in India. scott
  6. Nice trench art-- unusual decoration for a WW2 piece. If you like trench art, take a look at my items. I have about 100 pieces posted on this site. scott
  7. Looks real-- just heavily worn and therefore minimal value. scott
  8. Don't look antique to me. scott
  9. Looks like a modern creation to me-- late 20th century. A photo of the back of the wood might be helpful. scott
  10. Didn't know you could test and date paper and ink to a specific decade. Is the service readily available/ is it costly? scott
  11. Thanks tintyper and mrstyndall. scott
  12. Might be Victorian Eastlake or maybe a later piece. A photo of the underside should show the age. scott
  13. American Empire-- probably about 1850- 60s. I have several similar dressers. They are not in vogue right now and can be bought for the price of firewood! Rest assured they will make a comeback....
  14. GREAT plate toppers, but.... GO Army, BEAT Navy AGAIN!! scott
  15. GO Army, BEAT Navy AGAIN!! scott
  16. GO Army, BEAT Navy AGAIN!! scott
  17. GO Army, BEAT Navy AGAIN!! scott
  18. GO Army, BEAT Navy AGAIN!! scott
  19. GO Army, BEAT Navy AGAIN!! scott
  20. I don't think the pulls look out of place or that they are replacements. I would think that they are plated pulls-- regular polish will take off the plating over time and leave nothing left to po...
  21. Don't waste your money on an appraisal. Search ebay completed items to get an idea. Here is some recent feedback on the "service" offered here:
  22. One on the left is a distinctive unit insignia (dui) or simply called a "unit crest". It is for the 206th Coast Artillery (later Field Artillery). They were Federalized prior to WW2 and sent to the ...
  23. I wish I had some shoes, so I could provide feedback. Something to study and continue to gather information. I do find them much more whimsical as an individual shoe! scott
  24. I'd be surprised if it was antique. Some photos of the joints on the small drawers and the back of it might give us a better idea of the age. scott
  25. Great Welz-- I didn't realize that they actually came in pairs! scott
  26. Thanks rick! scott
  27. Ability to authenticate comes with experience of dealing with items. Many folks on here (and other sites) have zero experience and can get some valuable information through an appraisal. While t...
  28. Based on what you have written, the only way to rectify would be to refund your $17 payment and issue an apology. Sounds like this item may have been out of their scope of expertise, in which case ...
  29. Good to know since it is often plugged on the site by their folks! scott
  30. Looks to be aged silver plate. I'd think it is late 19th century-- the heyday of this type of item. scott
  31. Looks like they promise three things with an appraisal: authentication, market value and insurance value. Sounds like they didn't deliver on two of the three! I'd dispute the charge as well. ...
  32. I agree that this example is post- Civil War. scott
  33. The "Carnecie" family is found in the greatest numbers in Scotland in 1891 (about the time of this photograph): scott
  34. Glad to help and Happy Holidays to you as well! scott
  35. Seems as though speculation and google have led to a "looks like" ID. I'd go with what is on the photograph: -Looks very clearly to be a "C" and "Carnecie"-- google search will often auto co...
  36. The album itself dates from about the late 19th century-- about 1880- 90s. The photos shown are actually carte de visites-- cabinet cards are larger. These albums were very popular in the late 1...
  37. No one famous here. The last view is an interesting fraternal subject. scott
  38. Don't see anyone famous in these views either. Not sure if you are familiar with photographic formats-- the larger images are called cabinet cards and the smaller ones shown here are carte de visit...
  39. First two images are 1880s- 90s and are occupational. Not sure what the exact occupation is-- others can probably help. The last page shows early 20th century images-- not that unusual to find the...
  40. Nice photo-- love the house! The frame is neither trench art (war residue) nor tramp art (re-purposed wood from crates, cigar boxes, etc...). The frame is actually a fairly common production fra...
  41. Everything about it screams fake to me. Here is a reference source to contact for additional information: scott
  42. I have my doubts on this being 19th century. Looks a lot like a decoupage piece from the late 20th century. scott
  43. Nice set. Not an antique yet, looks to be 2nd quarter of the 20th century. scott
  44. First two are collar disks: USNA is US National Army and the other is for Infantry branch. They are for US soldiers in WW1 and not German. scott
  45. Glad to help out. Here is a posting that I did on "looks like" images that may be of interest: scott
  46. The 68th ADA pins are actually distinctive unit insignia (DUI) or simply called unit crests by most soldiers. The other similar pair looks to be a pair of DUI as well. The US and crossed cannon ...
  47. Thanks peggy! scott
  48. Branch insignia for infantry. The "D" is for the company and the "3" is the regiment. Agree that it look to be post WW1. scott
  49. Without family history or provenance or some sort of identification on the image itself, it is impossible to identify. The mat information simply identifies the maker of the mat. These were sold a...
  50. The circular portion is also found on WW2 Chinese and AVG pilot wings. So I am certain that it is Chinese--not sure about the specific badge, but that should help in your search. scott
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