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P-38 Trench Art - Folk Artin Folk Art
WW1 propeller trench art - Folk Artin Folk Art
1920s US Passport - Paperin Paper
Another P-38 Trench Art Ashtray - Folk Artin Folk Art
Aircraft Plexiglass decorative scene Trench Art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Another trench art plane - Folk Artin Folk Art
Another P-38 Trench Art Ashtray - Folk Artin Folk Art
Early Trapper with coyote or wolf pelts - Native Americanin Native American
Identity bracelet for USS Texas veteran - Folk Artin Folk Art
Buzz bomb trench art - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. Definitely a football team. My first guess would be Yale as well due to the "Y"-- online searching for "yale football team" and different years may pull up the same photo or prominent players. ...
  2. Nice image as well! Welcome to CW-- you will find a few other antique image folks on here. scott
  3. Very nice and desirable image! scott
  4. I like the Bannerman's Catalogs from the 1940s and 50s. Amazing what they had in surplus and the prices. I saw Civil War 4- button sack coats priced at less than $5 and bummers caps for about $.50...
  5. You should have bought one years ago. Probably about $15- $20 in the late 50s! scott
  6. That is 6% PER YEAR or 850% return over the entire 38 years. Agree collecting is more about the history. scott
  7. Thanks much racer and ben. scott
  8. Thanks much vetraio and dave. scott
  9. Thanks loumanal, buss, vetraio, kwqd and dave. scott
  10. Nope-- I just did the math. Annual return of just under 6% over the 38 years (on the artillery shell jacket) and over 6% for the buckle. Not bad for something bought as a collectible to enjoy ...
  11. Actually fairly large returns when inflation is considered: $6.50 in 1961 equates to $56 in 2020 $325 in 1982 equates to $872 in 2020 Here is the inflation calculator that I used: https://ww...
  12. Preference of the digger? I have seen larger "dug" displays with many buckles and all carried the type of buckle-- "CS buckle", "Virginia Buckle", "Georgia Buckle"... some were not that obvious, b...
  13. AMAZING-- the grouping is one of your BEST!! scott
  14. Nice plate. I like the markings. The old collector/ digger white painted information is a favorite of mine. It almost looks like early sign artwork. You're right about the prices! I rememb...
  15. You are correct-- these are not authentic. scott
  16. Love it! scott
  17. Signature or lack isn't driving the identification of "not a real Tiffany product". This simply doesn't have the quality of construction and glass expected of Tiffany. It is a stark difference. ...
  18. It is late 20th century. Two year dating is suspect unless the manufacturer/ specific model # is identified. No such thing as an antique coffee table-- they have only existed since the mid 20th ...
  19. Thanks kiva and clockman. scott
  20. Hardly a whopper of a mistake. We all have paid to learn. Welcome to CW-- ignore PDAM. scott
  21. That one is bogus as well! A second one of the same style and originating from the tourist trade doesn't bode well for either. The worthpoint fake just has a different type of fake aging/ patina...
  22. Give it some time for others to add their 2 cents, but I am confident. scott
  23. Looks to be decorative with artificial aging. scott
  24. Looks to be oak veneers. Terrible photos-- need to add some in focus with details. From what I can see, I'd say first half of the 20th century. Can narrow that with additional photos of constru...
  25. Thanks fort, watch, vo, 33 and vetraio. scott
  26. Thank you for posting and Happy New Year! scott
  27. Thanks for looking scott! scott
  28. Love it!! scott
  29. Tiles are often marked, but understand your reluctance to remove the backing board. scott
  30. Doesn't appear to have a lot of age. Some additional photos-- back, interior, panels would be helpful. Also it is easier to view if you orient the photos. scott
  31. It is actually known as the Great Seal (better English sentence this time)! scott
  32. It is actually the known as the Great Seal. scott
  33. It is a Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI)-- typically just called unit crest by soldiers. This unit crest is for the 110th Infantry Regiment, part of the 28th Division during WW2. scott
  34. Thought I posted on here-- guess not?? I don't see a lot of age to it. A photo of the back may tell a different story. Some additional photos would be helpful-- tiles may be marked on the bac...
  35. Enlisted Infantry branch insignia-- worn on the lapel, other side with have a similar disk with "US" on it. It is Korean War era based on the dome. WW2 era is flat. scott
  36. Don't believe it is real. Would have been press printed and you should be able to feel and see the impressions of the letters on the paper. Paper doesn't look correct either. scott
  37. Late 20th century. scott
  38. Happy New Year! Great image and card-- what a gift! scott
  39. Glad to help out! scott
  40. Not certain who made it. Did several searches on "antique bat 1725" and found several others out there. Appear to be vintage and circa 1930s- 50s. Also found a Ted Williams model designated as a ...
  41. Some additional photos would be great! Show different angles/ what it does/ how it moves. scott
  42. The bullet looks authentic. I don't buy the story nor do I see "splotches of blood". Don't know how blood would remain on a bullet. As far as the letter of authenticity-- depends on WHAT it wa...
  43. Pickens was the First Lady of South Carolina at the start of the Civil War. Varina Davis was the First Lady of the Confederacy. I have seen Pickens referred to as the Queen of the Confederacy. ...
  44. Looks to be an authentic CS note. It is late war (1864) inflation note and in rough condition. To find more information use "T-65" in your searches-- that is the collector designation for the ...
  45. Looks like a souvenir cigarette case. Most date from around the middle of the 20th century. scott
  46. Nice! At least you know the maker of the marble and a region of the maker. Maybe some research on the marble maker and who they worked with, along with the inset top, will yield some possibles. ...
  47. A photo of the underside may be helpful-- that is also where I would expect it to be marked, if it was originally. scott
  48. There were a lot of companies producing this type of furniture in the 1870s- 90s. Your piece shows a lot of quality. The inset top is very unusual and may lead to some possible makers. scott
  49. Beautiful Eastlake table! Eastlake (one word) is a style and not a particular company. It is named after the English designer, Charles Eastlake, who designed but did not make furniture. scott
  50. Thanks much eza. scott
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