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Civil War era CDV of child with her pet CAT - Animalsin Animals
Tintype of child with interesting rug/ blanket backdrop - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art P-38 - Folk Artin Folk Art
USS Indianapolis - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of cdv images - Photographsin Photographs
Railroad baggage handler with large trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early West VA photographer with Cameras - Camerasin Cameras
USN Civil War cdvs - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Two African American Boot shiners from WW1 - Advertisingin Advertising
Nicely tinted ambrotype of child with hidden mother - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Production of these continued for many years (still probably made today). These were a mainstay in US antique malls in the 1980s- 90s. They were retailed in the US through several antique reprod...
  2. Great chair-- love the painted back! Looks to be a modern made example. If you haven't looked already, the underside of the seat might have some maker information. scott
  3. It is a Grand Army of the Republic badge. Here is a posting to show you the standard membership badge and some basic information on the organization:
  4. Thanks for looking bracken3. scott
  5. Nice oak rocker-- I really like the curved back. Looks to date from the early 20th century with an updated (and now outdated) seat. I wouldn't pay for an appraisal-- an ebay search will provide ...
  6. Thanks malkey, as always I appreciate you taking a look/ commenting. scott
  7. Great hats! I love the stitched name in the Yankee cap. He is not a guy I was familiar with and had to look him up. No slouch with the bat-- only played 10 years, but hit over .300 four times. I...
  8. Don't believe it is that old. Buckle back would make me think more modern-- 1980s? scott
  9. Thanks much mrstyndall. scott
  10. It is Empire style and looks to date from the 20th century. A photo of the drawer joint and the underside would be helpful to more precisely date it. scott
  11. Here is mine: Wish it had feet! scott
  12. The feet are an usual addition! Love it. scott
  13. Nice figural silver plate. I used to collect the stuff-- lots out there and they don't break the bank! scott
  14. Looks like a 20th century decorative button based on the back (shank). scott
  15. Looks like some sort of decorative civilian button-- the back of it may hold additional clues. scott
  16. It wouldn't surprise me. Later in life, Wallace admitted that his racist stances were wrong and apologized/ asked for forgiveness. scott
  17. Citing facts hardly makes me a revisionist. I would add that Wallace had many irrational moments-- if that is how you are going to characterize his racist rhetoric. scott
  18. He didn't keep all of them-- "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever"! I am not a fan-- although he changed a lot in his later years. scott
  19. Looks like a decorator piece-- looks nice from a distance and when seen up close, it isn't even a functioning weapon. I used to see similar items sold in Middle East souks. scott
  20. The Chinese wings look to be modern made to me. My opinion is based on the wing style, clutch back, style of writing, and dark color on back. Nothing suggests an older wing. scott
  21. Top is a Chinese pilot wing. The other looks to be a Russian navy wing-- but I am not certain. Both look to be more modern pieces. scott
  22. While I prefer fact based publications, these look like an interesting grouping of books. The cover artwork was probably a big part of the sales on these! One correction on Belle Boyd and the S...
  23. Concur with fort and your own assessment of these. scott
  24. Thanks for looking collectables. scott
  25. Spanish American War veterans watch fob. I am not familiar with the Reunions for this group, but I suspect they had a reunion in New Orleans in 1931 and this was a souvenir item. scott
  26. Here are some examples of military artwork from my collection:
  27. Militaria collectors would have an interest in things such as these. Content of letters/ artwork drives the value and desirability. The original artwork is great. I have a collection of militar...
  28. Agree, these were very popular. While the vast majority found are from about 1910 or earlier, I have seen them dated into the 1930s and 1940s. scott
  29. I think it is all original. I have seen many similar examples where the front legs are turned and the back legs are not. The chair is typical of the type of chair that was produced in large number...
  30. Back to quick attributions that don't really pass close scrutiny. I wouldn't even consider the decor in #2, to be similar to the decor of #1 and #3. To me it isn't a close call. scott
  31. Great sweetheart jewelry. scott
  32. Style looks like something from the 1950s, so not an antique yet. Additional photos of the drawer joints and the back should confirm. scott
  33. Drawers look to be machine dovetailed. The chest looks to be early 20th century. scott
  34. Lots of odd ornamentation on this one, which sends up a warning to me. Can you add some photos of the drawer joint, inside where the pulls are, and the back of the item. scott
  35. Dovetailing looks early, but the large inlay on the top would make me think later. Can you add a photo of the back of the mirror and a drawer dovetail? I don't think you are going to do any valu...
  36. Nice look to it. I always thought that style base was indicative of a modern piece-- I am interested in seeing what others say. I don't have any documentation to cite, so not 100% certain. sc...
  37. Modern "created collectible" with very little decorator value. These are made with reprint photos and are churned out in large numbers. scott
  38. It is the US Steamer Nipsic. There is a lot of information online about the ship. She was part of the Union blockade force along the Carolina coast during much of the Civil War. The photos loo...
  39. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  40. Thanks much wind. scott
  41. Thanks much wind. scott
  42. A great example of a measured, scientific approach to attributions! scott
  43. The point is similar doesn't equate to same, and shouldn't be the basis of an attribution: "We have been discussing these decors for several years without coming to any firm conclusions..." (post ...
  44. Thanks again newfld. scott
  45. Thanks for looking newfld. scott
  46. Agree some detailed pictures would be helpful. I don't see a lot of age based on your one, poor focus pic. scott
  47. my search was on ebay. scott
  48. I looked under "brass statue hindu" and found over 4,000 listing. Looked at first page and was able to identify some of your pieces. The bases on yours all look similar, so these were probably m...
  49. They also appear to be modern pieces made for the tourist market. Any marks on the bottom? scott
  50. I think they are Hindu deities. scott
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