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Marble green art glass small pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Shoe collection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War cdv pair of Frederick Brown - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Identified Civil War cdv of Henry Freeman - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Welz decor in a new shape - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cabinet card of 6th Cavalry Trooper by F. Jay Haynes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Two cavalry troopers on horses - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Tango vases in Vienna - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War Captain killed leading his company at Gettysburg - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Passau Glass Museum visit - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Could be Welz. Welz made similar life lights and cranberry glass was used on other documented shapes. The small curls of glass under the shell are not something that I have seen before. Other...
  2. Thanks much peggy! I'll see what I can do and post some results in the next few weeks. scott
  3. Thanks peggy! scott
  4. Nice grouping! scott
  5. BEAUTIFUL Welz, beautifully photographed-- I need some photography lessons from you! scott
  6. Thanks for looking ironlace and ivonne. scott
  7. Thanks petersen and artfoot. scott
  8. Thanks wow-- hope they don't toe- tap in unison as I am a light sleeper! scott
  9. I won't get to the shoe until tomorrow-- but will send you some jpgs. scott
  10. Thanks again phil and michelle. scott
  11. Thanks phil and michelle-- appreciate you both taking the time to look and comment. scott
  12. Yes, craig have at it! Do you need a better pic of the shoe in the same decor? I can do better with the single pieces. Groupings elude my photo skill! scott
  13. Please post some links-- appreciate it jericho! scott
  14. Here you go craig (already on CW): I think the shoe with same decor confirms what was only a hunch when first posted!...
  15. Thanks vinyl and aura. If you like trench art and have the inclination, be sure to take a look at my other postings. I have some unusual trench art pieces posted-- airplanes, chairs and other ...
  16. All look to be souvenir/ tourist type. scott
  17. Thanks mantis. scott
  18. I know how that goes. I just purchased a grouping of 9 welz whimsy shoes! Don't know why, but I think it was all of peggy's groupings that caused me to buy them all. I will post photos in the n...
  19. Beautiful Welz!! Branching out from the baskets, huh! scott
  20. Thanks much for looking tom. scott
  21. Thanks for looking mrstyndall. scott
  22. Thanks for looking kwqd. scott
  23. Thanks again watch. scott
  24. Thanks watch-- you found some of my trench art favorites! scott
  25. Thanks again stuff. scott
  26. Thanks much stuff. scott
  27. Thanks for looking stuff. scott
  28. Thanks buss, fort, verbatim and watch. scott
  29. Thanks vinyl, fort, buss and watch.
  30. Thanks for looking kinkiplz. Take a look at my other photo postings-- lots of odd and unusual. scott
  31. Thanks kwqd, rade, vetraio and highlander
  32. Thanks kwqd and vetraio! scott
  33. Beautiful Welz!! It must be gratifying to the descendants to see the interest in their family work. It is great that you were able to connect and bring the story of this amazing glass house and ...
  34. Beautiful W!! scott
  35. Glad to help. This old posting of a Civil War era carte de visite image of a base ball team may be of interest to you:
  36. I would research the bat to try and get a "no earlier than" dating. The tapered end with no knob and the dark striping may be distinctive enough to identify the era of the bat. scott
  37. Nice image-- I like early sports image as well! scott
  38. Linked piece is listed as bohemian-- just in US museum. scott
  39. Glad to help out, suzie. scott
  40. Agree with bb-- I don't see a lot of age on this. These are still made today and have appeal to crafters and hobbyist. scott
  41. Looks to be an English grouping. I don't see a daguerreotype on the grouping-- all look to be tintypes (on a sheet of iron) or ambrotypes (on glass). Based on the wear pattern, the boy is an ambro...
  42. He did well-- usually a missing leg or portion stands out in this era. I can't tell from the images that he has any issues! Nice grouping. scott
  43. Interesting images. HDS shows him with his right leg being amputated: Valentine LaPoint Residence was not listed; 22 years old. Enlisted on 12/7/1861 at Oswego, NY as a Private. On 12/7/1861 ...
  44. Searc...
  45. WW2 ration stamps applied to an earlier photo (1890s- 1910s). Don't know what they are manufacturing. Don't have any idea what bb is going for with slavery comments-- don't see any relevance to th...
  46. I wouldn't associate the style with victorian/ repro. These heavy type legs are very typical of the second quarter, 20th century, so your dating is close. scott
  47. Great bar photograph! Format is typical of the late 1890s. Some great beer advertising in the image-- one I'd love to have as would many other! scott
  48. Looks to be a modern piece (resin??)-- don't see any age on it at all. scott
  49. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  50. It is a photographic enlargement. These were very popular in the 1870s- about 1920. When the photograph was enlarged, details were often lost and colored in by a studio artist. Among photo collec...
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