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  1. Hi Equarius, so glad you got some information on your box, because I was clueless. It is a really beautiful box, enjoy it.
  2. This is really lovely. Nice find
  3. Beautiful chest and amazing piece of history
  4. Love the interior
  5. Your collection is really lovely
  6. Love, love, love this. Gorgeous!
  7. Looking forward to seeing some more
  8. Love these cards and the history you give with them.
  9. Very nice. Is the top fabric?
  10. Wow, beautiful!
  11. This is bizarre and fascinating. Love it Old medical theories and devices fascinate me
  12. Beautiful pocket watch, love it. Is that your ragdoll cat in your profile pic? I have two ragdolls.
  13. I will, thank you
  14. Love the interior
  15. Your collection is beautiful. I love these trunks. I understand why this is your favourite, I collect puzzle boxes and my favourite is an old broken one because of its history.
  16. I love your trunk collection and this one is my favourite, it's fabulous.
  17. Beautiful
  18. Does all chalet glass glow, or just selected pieces?
  19. Stunning piece
  20. Gorgeous piece
  21. Lovely collection. Some really stunning pieces
  22. Your photo collection is beautiful. I particularly love this one with the booklet in it because it's like a piece of history within a piece of history.
  23. Hahaha, fingers crossed for the lotto win
  24. 7.32" in a 6 sun ( pronounced soo-n) which is considered a large box. There are slight variations, hence yours being slightly bigger.
  25. If you open it, I want to know what's inside. I'm curious
  26. Great pics, beautiful
  27. Awesome. It sort of looks like a brain. Burls make amazing artwork
  28. There would be two reasons it doesn't open. One, it's broken. If the slides move more or less than they obviously should, something within the wooden mechanism is broken. What you hear rattling could ...
  29. I just sent you some suggestions on your other post. Hope you can get it open
  30. There are a lot of these on Etsy. Yours looks in really good condition
  31. Do you still have the box? Did you manage to open the box?
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