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Sand Springs Okla.

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Im a second generation gas & oil enthusiast/family buisiness member. Initially collecting old tools, but seemed to bring anything old home. Our family also has a faiIm a second generation gas & oil enthusiast/family buisiness member. Initially collecting old tools, but seemed to bring anything old home. Our family also has a fairly large home rental buisiness, so as i would fill up a house, i would lock it up & move into anouther! That is until my second marriage, she likes to collect to! We bought a nice sized home with alot of land & i started building storage buildings. One bigger than the house. I had collected railroad collectibles since 95 & enjoyed them for over 12 yrs. when i decided to focus on gas & oil, specifically gas pump plate signs. And i thought R.R. collectibles where expensive! (Read more)


  1. Kevin, thank you, im glad now i did'nt make some "slick" comment about the Okla. University football team, they looked pretty shakey against El-Paso!!!
  2. thanks petey for your luv.
  3. thank you Michael for the luvin!
  4. well the third post on this series was deleted, some thought it was in bad taste, so i did'nt wnt to offend anyone (REALLY!) But the short story was, mrmajestic1 located a web-site that had the EXACT ...
  5. thank you Kevin!
  6. thanks petey !
  7. thanks Michael !
  8. Sean, thank you & sorry for the delay, viral computor problems.
  9. we dont mess with those fancy words up here in the sticks, we usually just call Kevin when there's more than a couple of letters in a word.
  10. LOVE photo#1!!
  11. It's the "hunt", is'nt it Amber? Thats why E-Bay is so, ah, "unrewarding" (if thats the word im looking for) how about, "a lesser high".
  12. nice trunk, i actually saw your name & had to check it out.
  13. VERY nice jesture walksoftly, i remember Mani's post of the grain elev., overall appearance's seems like the entire area has been LONG abandond, (except for the white sillo in the background on pict.#3)
  14. stillwater is'nt where you live, is it? just curious.
  15. "where to busy singin, to put anybody down" (even u sign)
  16. Sean, mrmajestic1 "busted" the case wide open! Seems like alot of trouble to go threw to appear to be something your not! go back to the third posting & get a good laugh!
  17. jbcollector, thanks for the luvin!
  18. thanks again Kevin!
  19. pw-collector, thank you for lookin!
  20. gargoyle, im feeling hurt, what, no "slick" comment on this one? check out the LAST post i had, ill wait for your iconic responce.
  21. Phil, thanks again, hope your good too! Is there a "fancy" mascot for a 1929 Durant?
  22. thanks pw-collector, you ok tonight?
  23. what u talkin about Willis? i LUV spackle! hope Indiana's been kind to you lately gargoyle.
  24. thanks gargoyle, he even had some "Mobil" awards, thought about you when bidding but they just kept going up. (figured you were "clicking") LOL JJ!
  25. thank you Phil, looked at some more mascots on e-bay but thought about what you said, think ill hold back (for now)
  26. thanks pw-collector, glad you came by!
  27. hello again vetraio, one left on this series.
  28. thanks lisa, see you at #3!
  29. thanks walksoftly, #3 is the real shocker.
  30. thank you again Crisnp, you'll love #3!
  31. vetraio, good to here from you again!
  32. glad you came lisa, see you soon.
  33. thanks Hunter, glad you enjoyed!
  34. thank you wlksoftly for the luvin!
  35. thank you Crisnp, post #3 may explain how this occured.
  36. thank you thehorologist, thanks for the input, hope to see you on the other two posts!
  37. again, thanks mrmajestic1, hope all's good with you.
  38. glad you saw this PhilDavis, have a good one!
  39. thanks blunderbuss!
  40. thought you might like this one mrmajestic1.
  41. thank you PhilDavis for the luvin
  42. thanks blunderbuss for checkin it out!
  43. thank you Michael, hope you liked.
  44. thank you kerry, hope your doin good.
  45. thank you Mani for the love
  46. thank you Michael, glad you liked!
  47. thank you kerry for the luvin!
  48. thank you Mani, hope alls well with you!
  49. thank you adirondackantique for the luvin!
  50. thank you kerry!
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