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More Coke paper. - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coke paper items.  Any ideas on worth? - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
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  1. Wow!!! That is beautiful.
  2. I agree with macca. The maker could be Robert Klaas, also known as "Kissing Crane" knives. Made in Germany.
  3. Orange tips were required to be put on toy guns since 1992, so this toy was probably produced in the last 20 years. Good luck with your research.
  4. I don't think these are stirrups. The mfg. mark is from the International Harvester Company. They are still producing farm equipment. I agree with you that these have a great look. Good luck with ...
  5. I've been carrying a stingray wallet for over 15 years now. It shows some wear now, but I hope to get many more years of usage from it.
  6. That is a gorgeous watch.
  7. Beautiful watch. Rotary has been in business since 1895. There are quite a few vintage Rotary watches for sale on Ebay. Maybe you can find some useful information there. Good luck!
  8. WOW! They are all beautiful, but the first one, (Flame), is breathtaking!
  9. It looks to be a machinests tool chest.
  10. I can't help with the identification, but I think it's beautiful.
  11. I have one of these that belonged to my grandfather. It's a corn shelling tool.
  12. Nice!!!
  13. Some Swiss crests have a white cross on a red background. Good luck.
  14. chevy59 is absolutely correct. I never restore any of my signs, no matter how poor the condition. I just look at the damage as character marks and story lines.
  15. It looks like petrified palm tree that I've seen in Texas.
  16. This machine was made in the late sixties thru the early seventies. Coca-Cola did not start using the white swoosh under their name until the early seventies. Hope this helps you.
  17. I haven't been there in a few years, but they used to sell these bottles and cans from other countries at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta as souvenirs. They were not very expensive.
  18. It's called a ball peen hammer. It is used in metal working. It may not be that old. This style hammer is very common and still in use today.
  19. There should be a serial number on the front edge of the bottom of the receiver. Winchester records will tell you what year this rifle was produced.
  20. I've seen tables similar to this. The bag was used to store yarn or material for knitting or sewing.
  21. Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  22. I think it's the top half of a cue rack.
  23. I have this exact set. I tried to sell them on a large online auction that begins with "E", but they stopped the auction and I received an email saying that they were a copyright infringement because...
  24. It looks like an insert from a sixties era vending machine.
  25. I think Dennis is right.
  26. It looks like a cider press to me.
  27. Fenwick was a fishing tackle manufacturer. It's probably a rod case.
  28. Ron, contact SoldUSA in Matthews, NC and ask to speak with David. He is a fountain of information about German wartime collectibles.
  29. If everything is correct about this watch, it's probably worth somewhere in the $1000.00 to $3000.00 range. I realize that's quite a spread, but model, condition, and originality come into play. I'd...
  30. I agree with Scott. I've seen several of these in the past. They seem to be recently produced decorator pieces that are found at flea markets.
  31. Looks like a boot jack to me.
  32. Coca Cola didn't use the swoosh logo until the early 1970's. I think you may have a fantasy piece.
  33. I've seen something similar to this before. It was a farm-built device made to pull stumps from the ground. You would chain the stump to the hook near the wheels and then use the mule team hooked to...
  34. Thank you.
  35. Thanks for the help.
  36. The first pic is a bottling company tour guide. The next three are writing tablets that are full and unused. Thanks again.
  37. The most common reason for the cylinder not to rotate when the hammer is cocked is a broken hand-spring. It's not a terribly expensive repair, but it will slightly lower the value of the gun.
  38. I thought I was the only person around with a drawer full of Queen Steel knives. My dad collected them when I was a kid in the sixties and I've got all of his plus the ones that I've added over the y...
  39. You post some interesting stuff, Toyman. Are you in NC? If so, I'm a Carolina boy, too, and share some of the same likes.
  40. I have the same sickness as you. That's a great looking Breitling.
  41. I was guessing from the styling that it was from the thirties.
  42. I had the exact same pencil, minus the chain. Same box with ribbon. I put it on Ebay a few months ago, and was disappointed with the results. It sold for less than ten dollars. I hope you have bet...
  43. Nehi was around when I was a kid, (I'm 50). I remember them being grape and orange flavored, and yes, they were good. Thanks for sharing.
  44. Coca cola didn't use that swirly line under their logo until 1973, so they could be early to mid seventies. Good luck.
  45. There is a lot of interest in old ammunition, especially the boxes. Full boxes, in good condition, depending on rarity, are very desireable. I don't know much about the prices but there is an online...
  46. The serial numbers and date codes for Bulova watches are online. Dave is correct. You need to pop the back and check the movement. Good luck. It's a great looking ladies watch.
  47. I agree with Dave. I've seen these sell in the $100.00 range.
  48. Thanks for the information. I guess I'll have to rely on something else for retirement. lol
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