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I'm 19 years old and heavily into collecting gas&oil signs, cans, and different items. I also collect all signs made in Coshocton Ohio. Also collect early pressed stI'm 19 years old and heavily into collecting gas&oil signs, cans, and different items. I also collect all signs made in Coshocton Ohio. Also collect early pressed steel cars and trucks. (Read more)


  1. Heres a restored one of the same version offered for sale in 2009 http://www.oldgas.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=72396
  2. Real sign, 3 different versions of this sign made, I've had two of them. These signs were single sided and mounted back to back in the frame, whoever got it got a steal, easily a 5k sign.
  3. What a beautiful sign, condition is top notch. And its a Coshocton sign to boot. Great find Michael.
  4. Very clean sign! Nice find. You have better luck than me, all I've ever gotten from my craigslist ad is spam emails lol.
  5. No, just made some wise investments lately and have had some good opportunities to add to the collection,
  6. Trey, Thanks for the comment. I believe this one is dates 1961, I have another vertical version that is dated 1950.
  7. Trey, Thanks for the comment. They seem to come up every once in while at a local auction, When I first started buying them there they were reasonable but prices seem to be going up. If I come across ...
  8. Thanks for the loves to the following, trukn20 Trey Petey Chevelleman officialfuel signaholic Thanks guys!
  9. Hey Trey, The miller was originally a flange. Cut off at some point in time.
  10. Looking awesome!
  11. Thanks for the loves to the following, mustangtony, pickr4life, Trey, Chevy59, officialfuel, Signaholic, truckn20, ttomtucker, Longings, mtg75, Designer, and EJW-54. And thank you for the nice com...
  12. I have to agree, i wouldn't worry about having it insured. If you like it then hang it up and enjoy it! If you email me i would give you the value of it.
  13. I have a friend who has one thats in mint condition. Email me at brickles420@aol.com and I'll get some information or give you his email and he can tell you all about it. Thanks, Robert
  14. Very nice!
  15. Great sign! Glad i bought a nice one a while back. They seem to be getting more expensive every day. Robert
  16. Almost positive its a Turner. Nice truck! I have a few variations of this truck.
  17. Good looking sign! Nice find there.
  18. Too late for me brains not working LOL *Definitely
  19. Defiantly an older one. You can convert it back. Great Find!
  20. Will do so in the morning, also gonna get better pics of the signs. Thanks, Robert
  21. Scott, thanks for the info and the link. Even if they were worthless I'm still gonna have them framed for preservation as i really enjoy the artwork and they will look great in my room. Thanks, Ro...
  22. Wow that's great to hear i have already planned on going to have them professionally framed this weekend. They are all in great condition. Thanks much, Robert
  23. Thanks for the comments and compliments. No not much time but i like being active, didn't realize all the work but its going good. I i get in the area i'll get a hold of you. I did see the post and th...
  24. Had a bunch of info typed out to explain this sign but my computer erased it. I'll re type it in the morning.
  25. The small ones were used on a oil can rack.
  26. I have had a bunch of these signs. I still have about 15 of them in storage back in ohio. I usually got between $75 and $140 for them as they dont have the best subject matter and they are pretty larg...
  27. If you want to see some like yours just search through this page, i know there are a few in there. http://www.matthewsauctions.com/listings.php
  28. Trey, The Texaco filling station sign pennegar posted is the earliest and most sought after of all 42" Texaco's. The one you have is the rarer version of the regular texaco gasoline/motor oil sign. I ...
  29. The back tells all the story. As you said the conoco that came from the bulk plant is real. The one with the gray back is a repop.
  30. Love the condition of the conoco. I like the earlier plastic signs like the pure firebird pump plate. I pick them up when ever i can as the value of them are only going to go up.
  31. Well as much as i hate to be the one to tell you.. This sign is a reproduction. If it wasnt a sign like this would be worth thousands of dollars. Champlin NEVER made this sign. If i were you i would t...
  32. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&hash=item3a7260e46d&item=251027055725&nma=true&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&rt=nc&si=af7bcM1yG4u%252FgO5jooxYWscVK7s%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=n...
  33. As you said this sign is a reproduction. Any sign made by the AAA sign co. is fake.
  34. Looks GREAT!
  35. Nice to see you posting again. Great sign!
  36. I would say more 1930's-40's. Being an advertising collector i would personally say closer to $500-$550 or more.
  37. You defiantly didn't over pay on the globe.. You got an awesome deal! Nice stuff.
  38. I sold it to a motorcycle collector in Cali. He knew what it was as soon as it came out of the shipping box. Its now sitting on a 1911 Indian.
  39. I reccomend Bj summers "Value Guide to Advertising Memorabilia" Its got over 1,000 color pictures of signs, thermometers, clocks, ect. The prices on some items are off but the book values do give a de...
  40. i paid $70 for this one which i think was very fair, I see them go over $100 so if its nice thats probably a good deal.
  41. Your sign is from the Barnsdall oil co.
  42. Nice photo. Some rural areas were still using visibles into the early 60's at small mom&pop style stations.
  43. Yeah i would email Dan Matthews hes a nice guy and will be able to help a lot. Your sign was mad by the american art works in Coshocton ohio.
  44. Vizo,was made by the Boyle Dayton Pump Co. and was bought out by Wayne so they would have a west coast plant. So this is simply a vizo made by boyle daton. However it is identical to the wayne 615 and...
  45. All the sinclair ethyl lenses in a hull body I've seen were 13 1/2" but to me it looks correct. And like EWJ-14 said i dont think they are making reproductions of a hull body. IMO its original.
  46. Thanks to the following people for showing some love sannhardin,egreeley1976,BELLIN68,garrybeair, MooreAntique,shughs, Chevelleman69,mtg75,EJW-54,MMM,leighannr,aycockonxion,chevy59,trukn20,thriftfan...
  47. They also had cardboard charts with a tin or porcelain frame around them
  48. I've seen a few of them for sale at the gas&oil shows. Someone on oldgas bought one recently i'll get the link to the pic for you.
  49. The charts were tin. Are you a member of Oldgas.com shop talk? If not i reccomend you to join. If you post this on there someone will be able to tell you all about it. The best gas&oil site out there ...
  50. Thank you very much for the compliment toolate2! And thanks for the love Hedgewalker!
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