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I shop the local flea markets and antique stores looking for unique items to collect.I keep my favorites and sell the rest.It's a fun hobby and it can be time consumI shop the local flea markets and antique stores looking for unique items to collect.I keep my favorites and sell the rest.It's a fun hobby and it can be time consuming but I love it. (Read more)


  1. Hi Michael, It'a nice to hear from you also,I hope you are doing well. Everything is good here,just a little too busy sometime. I still receive emails from CW every now and then so I thought I would ...
  2. Thank you Impaden for the love and thanks for stopping by.
  3. Thank you for showing some love for the Dragonware Rozann.
  4. The beautiful yellow house on Green St,it's just as I pictured it to look.I can see why you love it there.It must have been so much fun fixing it up and hunting for your antiques. And...It will soon ...
  5. When I saw this on the front page,I knew it could only belong to you Ms.Agram,it is exquisite
  6. That is a great photo,so touching.It's so sad that we lost both of them so young.
  7. Good Morning Ms.Agram.m, I see you have posted more gorgeous gems for us to admire,I especially love the Mourning jewels
  8. Love the ballerina design with the blue rhinestones,gorgeous!
  9. Sweet little tin toy Michael, what a great find!
  10. I love this in yellow!
  11. Thank you Hedgewalker,BELLIN68 and BluVamp for taking a peek and for all the loves! BR, Dottie
  12. Thank you so much Hedgewalker and BELLIN68,so nice of you to stop by to love my garnet ring! Dottie
  13. WOW,thanks for all the loves BELLIN68.
  14. Thank you mark and BELLIN68,so glad you like my lambs.
  15. Thank s for the love BELLIN68,Have a great week ahead,hopefully with no more snow.
  16. Thanks for stopping by to love the Dragonware BELLIN68.
  17. Hedgewalker you are so right,nothing can beat Made n the USA.Thanks for the love and the comment.Have a great evening!!
  18. Thank you for the love BELLIN68,Have a great evening! Thank you for the love and the comment walksoftly,yes,my Grandmother kept all the goodies in this cabinet.My job was to measure the flour from ...
  19. Sorry for the belated thank you ChePibe and trgrubaugh,but thanks a bunch for the love!
  20. Thank you BELLIN68 but not nearly as much as all of you guy collectors on this site,you are all awesome and thanks for loving my freebie machine.
  21. Thank you for the love AmberRose!
  22. Thank you for the love BELLIN68,I just added new info to the description of this set.It's older than I first thought Ha!
  23. Thanks for stopping by Hedgewalker and thanks so much for loving my Sapphire
  24. Thank you for stopping by dmouse8 and thanks for the love too!
  25. Many thanks to Deanteaks,BELLIN68,and tubber for the love.And wingletts,thanks so much for the comment and info,I lost my Mom recently so this ring means more to me than it ever did before. I hope yo...
  26. Thank you for the like ThriftStoreAddict,have a great day!
  27. Thanks so much for the love MooreAntique,thanks for stopping by
  28. Thank you for the holiday wishes Michael and I hope your Christmas was sprinkled with love,laughter and lots of joy.Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!!!
  29. I loved these lamps long ago and finally found a set of my own.Unfortunately I had to pay quite a bit more than $10 and they are well worth it,but I'am not as lucky as you when it comes to finding the...
  30. Hi Roxanne, We use this Cream Cheese pound cake recipe,it makes a much firmer cake and it is so delicious.You can test if it's done by placing a wooden skewer (the thin type used for shish kebobs) th...
  31. I love your beautiful new finds officialfuel,yes it's been awhile.My Mom has been very ill so I have been back and forth to see her, she lives 500 miles away near Nashville so It has not been easy.Oth...
  32. Thank you for the info on lithophanes JonesFamily,it's interesting to see how many different ones were created.I also want to thank you for your stopping by to comment,enjoy your day!
  33. nice machine but it's really cute how the dogs got into the photo LOL I love it
  34. just lovely mswhite
  35. Thank you for stopping by Stonie,thanks for the love too!
  36. Mahisha,although the glass beads are very pretty I don't think they are so valuable to warrant insurance,save your money.
  37. Thank you for stopping by toolate2,have a great week!
  38. thank you for the likes officialfuel and woman34,also thanks so much for stopping by
  39. Thank you for loving my Moms ring marcobabe13
  40. Thank you for the love on my cabinet Maltamary and jamieb,have a wonderful week!
  41. Thank you for the likes and loves mark and officialfuel,looks like I'am late again,so sorry.
  42. Thanks everyone for all the likes and loves,I'am guilty of posting and running again,so sorry..
  43. Yes Agram.m.I would love to visit Holland and go hunting for jewelry with you since you seem to find the best and prettiest jewels,have a wonderful week!
  44. Thank you for lovin this Mark,have a great week!
  45. Thank you Esther110,it's so nice of you to help Julie out since I missed this question entirely.You are correct, that's the way my Mom does it.
  46. Thank you for the nice compliment scandinavian_pieces,it's so nice to meet you!
  47. Thank you for lovin my tea cupLisa,have a great week!
  48. Cool,Sounds like you and your Harley boy had a fun night.
  49. An exceptionally beautiful piece of furniture officialfuel,love it!
  50. My Mom loved these dolls,she still has the one I gave her many years ago.On occasion she would allow the grandchildren to play with it but Ralph has spent most of his life in her curio cabinet.
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THANKSGIVING KISSING BOY & GIRL TURKEY SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS Bug pin/broach Embossed Soda Bottles...Pat'd. Nov.23, 1923...CocaCola Grandma's High School Graduation Class of 1909 Sewing Thimbles And Two Wooden Needles Cases Vintage 1950's blue velvet cocktail dress.


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