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Schaumburg, Illinois

I have always liked history, and started collecting when I was a teenager. I began collecting baseball memorabilia since Wrigley Field was a short bike ride away, anI have always liked history, and started collecting when I was a teenager. I began collecting baseball memorabilia since Wrigley Field was a short bike ride away, and broken bats were readily available. Through the years I branched off to early Christmas and Halloween, militaria, advertising, and painted primitive furniture and smalls. Every piece has a history of it's own. Who made it?, who owned it?, how was it used?, how did it end up at the antique store? (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Brunswick. For me that would be awesome to live so close. I could watch them every day. I remember my first show at the lakefront in Chicago about 1963. I was hooked and try to attend every yea...
  2. Thanks Toyrebel. You are correct. The plane of choice at the time was the Grumman F-11 A Tiger.
  3. Even though he is not a drummer, it looks like guitarist Chuck Berry, who recently passed away. He had many variations with his signature and this looks exactly like his signature, especially the lett...
  4. Sorry, but the Louis Marx toy company is no longer in bisiness.
  5. Number three is a WW II german canteen. It is a tropical model, developed for the Afrika Korps. It is made of a treated wood,has a wool cover for insulation, and the strap is canvas instead of leather...
  6. What you have is a WWII german kriegsmarine disc to aid in calculating a torpedos run should the automatic calculator fail. These are very rare. I have one in my collection, and have only seen one oth...
  7. Hi, what you have is a WW II german kriegsmarine anemometer, used to measure wind speed. The acceptance stamp for the german navy was an eagle clutching a swastika over the letter M, the M standing fo...
  8. I believe it to be a repro, because the reverse side does not show a quality finish as it should. It is a nice looking badge though.
  9. Genuine Vietnam wartime pith helmets did not have labels in the dome, nor were the liners plastic.Original liners were of a green canvas material,and with age curl up and become hard.An original naval...
  10. Hi swomek, it just might be that ours are the only ones around. They are quite rare. I have never seen another one. Where did you find yours, and can you post a picture? Thanks, Mike
  11. Hi, you have a Luftwaffe enlisted man's buckle. Based on the construction I would say it is original.
  12. Sorry to say, you have a repro. The giveaway is the way the tank is attached to the badge. An original would be attached with small domed rivits.
  13. Nice late war bayonet.
  14. Just curious, what type of Babe Ruth items do you have? Authentic period pieces or newer pieces made for the collectables market?
  15. You are probably correct. The paint pattern with the broad black lines is the same pattern the Germans used for camouflage purposes, painted on their helmets. The colors are different though.
  16. Very nice bat!
  17. Beautiful house!
  18. Great collection. You don't see many 36" dolls.
  19. Very nice sign Dave!
  20. It looks like an original disk to me, except for the 5 cents being there. It looks like someone painted it on the sign.
  21. Very nice rifle with mum intact.
  22. It is a standard Japanese bayonet, and for some reason this phrase meant enough to the soldier that he carved it into the wooden grip. It is always more desireable to have something that is personaliz...
  23. The roughness gives it character. Nice.
  24. Cash is right, I thought the same thing when I first posted a response, but didn't mention this fact. I think Helen and Bob got duped, or maybe they never existed.
  25. I love the knights, very cool.
  26. In todays market $150.00 seems a little high for an ordinary paybook, even with the letter. The exceptions are if the soldier was a member of an elite division such as Grossdeutschland, or an SS Divi...
  27. Growing up in the 60's I knew where all of the fallout shelters were in my neighborhood. Even today some of the buildings still have the signs up.
  28. Rosemont, Illinois.
  29. I got the drumhead at a downtown Chicago store which sells ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek artifacts, coins, and autographs. I got the piece of stick after a Grand Funk Railroad reunion show in a s...
  30. I'm not a Civil War collector, but it looks like a ground dug North Carolina officers belt buckle.
  31. Thanks everyone for the loves, likes, and the help.
  32. While your pantry boxes are old with a painted surface, they are not Shaker made. They lack the quality workmanship, as well as the typical finger jointed characteristic of Shaker pantry boxes. Possib...
  33. I had the same one as a kid. Brought back many memories. Thanks
  34. Very nice sign!
  35. Very nice primitive dresser. I would guess that it dates to the 1870's, possibly earlier. The dovetails on the drawers are hand done, and the top seems to be one piece of wood, maybe about 18". You ca...
  36. Dr_Rambow I got the jacket by itself. The IC ribbon was sewn on, as well as loops for two badges and one ribbon bar. Thanks
  37. Are there any numbers, codes, or manufacturers name on the belt? This would be on the reverse side of the belt. A name, number , or code would be near the hook end, and a number for the size, such as ...
  38. From what I see, it looks good because of the RZM marking in the double circle, as well as the SS marking. It should be made of aluminum. It doesn't show much wear though. Once again, some fakes are m...
  39. Hello, it would be best if you could post pictures of the reverse side.
  40. What a find you have! Ring Lardner was working for the Chicago Tribune in 1919, and covered the Black Sox Scandal, where the White Sox were accused of throwing the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds....
  41. WW II German SS EM/NCO belt buckle. There are many fakes around. Can you post pictures of the back of the buckle? Are there any RZM marks or any other markings or codes on the back? Are there any mark...
  42. Scott, about half of the VN pieces have notes from the vets. It is nice to know the history of each piece if possible.
  43. Hey Scott, thanks for the loves. The helmet was not his, just used as a prop. Mike
  44. I thought of that, because of the chip carving, but I have never seen tramp art boxes with strap hindges, and hand forged iron. Almost all of the tramp art boxes I have seen have lift off tops. You ma...
  45. Yes, enlarge the center portion of the picture, with the officer and men around him.
  46. Hello, The solders in question are actuall Japanese soldiers. This is evident by the officer of the group holding his Shin-Gunto sword. The other troops wear Japanese tunics with early shoulder boards...
  47. What a great find, a few panes of glass itself are worth $5.00. On occasion I will find a victorian stained glass window with the center motif painted on the glass. Subjects vary from birds to flowers...
  48. Hello, I think the emblem came off a seat. In some stadiums,mostly the older ones such as Croslsey Field, the first and last seats of each row on the aisles had a team emblem. I hope this helps.
  49. Nice clock. Do the hands and numbers still glow in the dark?
  50. Nice grouping, and even nicer that there is a name to link the items to as well. It is great that you can research names now thanks to the internet. Mike
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