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I'm Dan. I'm 19 years old I'm a WWII collector. I have a interest in German items as well. I'm not a neo nazi, or racist, Nor do I support the Nazi believes.I'm Dan. I'm 19 years old I'm a WWII collector. I have a interest in German items as well. I'm not a neo nazi, or racist, Nor do I support the Nazi believes. (Read more)


  1. Very nice K98K bayonet! A beautiful example!
  2. This is AWESOME!! I would love to go relic hunting..
  3. Awesome!! I might be getting a PASGT helmet that my buddy took back from Iraq. He found it in a Humvee on base haha
  4. What a well thought out, mature intelligent comment. We are all history buffs here. I think we should not refer to history as 'crap'
  5. These ones offer more protection than the newer ones. My Buddy who served 27 years Army. Has one he took out of a humvee in Iraq. They have been known to stop AK47 rounds according to him. I also know...
  6. It looks like a WWII German bayonet, It would fit a K98k Mauser
  7. I called him tonight, He doesn't remember where he got the flag, He said most likely in Japan from a shop. The coins he has from Hiroshima, They are fused together, From the blast. What a piece of his...
  8. Oh! Its genuine WWII Era, I think he got in while in the Japanese mainland. This is probly something a family would have hanging in there house, or window. I'll ask him.
  9. Whats that?
  10. It has a decorative dressing around the edges of the flag, Seems to be a souvenir item purchased from a shop or something in Japan.
  11. This is most definately a WWII (US) Civil defense helmet, I have one in my collection. I can tell by the rivits in the helmet, and the liner, They are not worth much, But they are a cool item, Don't l...
  12. Awesome!! Thanks for the Additional information Jason!
  13. Good point there!
  14. Yes sir, It is strange really, The man was also Korean, and sounds like he was in before the war broke out. Very interesting story. But Im sure Divisions were took from the eastern front to the west. ...
  15. They are definitely WWI, Probably 15-20 dollars. I wouldn't want to loose them though. I think they are very cool. Just think where they were, 90 some years ago. The original owner is long gone. There...
  16. I bought this from a friend, He got it from a family member for the veteran. Those black wound, Ostfront medal, and the NCO gas defense badge, and now this Kuban shield Were all brought back from the ...
  17. Well, the Kuban region I believe was in the Ukraine If I remember correctly. It was issued to Military personnel that protected the bridge heads in that region. Wikipedia says something about them bei...
  18. True! I did not know that about the Phillips screw. This helmet, was probably brought back by a WWII Veteran as a souvenir. Someone monkeyd with it, Broke or lost the pin, so they put a screw in there...
  19. Very nice collection! I spot some nice German medals in there!
  20. This is AWESOME!
  21. Oh really? More power in the shell? I would love to find a original MG belt and get some rounds on the belt.
  22. The screw is post war. The germans used split pins to hold in the liner. What shell size is the helmet?
  23. Thanks Bellin68 :)
  24. Alot of Museum's use reproduction items, As originals are extremely expensive. Or Original restored helmets.
  25. I will agree, its history is has been washed away, but its a real shell, and is better then a reproduction. Its still a very cool item to hold.
  26. Nice Jacket! Never seen one of these before. What did you have to give for it?
  27. Those are some Beautiful bonoculars! I have some WWII Navy binoculars. Dated 1943. Mine I think are higher powered though. Those things are near mint. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  28. This is definitely a Navy honorable discharge. Nice patch!
  29. Impressive collection! Is that Japanese tunic original?
  30. This is super cool!!
  31. http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/530580_3492865211217_1371454879_a.jpg Here is a original photo. I love this photo. The boy is about 12 or 13 years old. I loved Der Untergang! It was...
  32. I also have his USN issue sweater, The white uniform needs to be cleaned.
  33. Great find! Awesome piece of American history! Super cool find. how far down was it? Its all about soil condition, Sand doesn't hold much moisture. I'v seen some items dug up in Europe from WWI...
  34. The Camera I used is on its way out. The MP letters are yellow.
  35. Cool Item Chris! Thanks for sharing, have not came across too many of these before! Did your father bring back any other items? I would love to see them! Thats a good question. I don't know for sur...
  36. I'm not sure what grain I'm shooting, I have some Yugo military ammo on stripper clips dated 1956. Then I shoot some Greek ammo, Dated 1940. Dan
  37. True, Seems like most of the photo's I have seen of like battle of the bulge . Most troops were poorly clothed. Freezing to death. Seems like some soldiers put patches and insignia and some did not...
  38. Nice collection Chris! You have some nice Pickelhaubes helmets there! What kind of swords and bayonets are in there?
  39. Thanks! I froget what its velocity, I would like to say 2900fts I could be wrong. Alot of these old military rifles are pretty powerful!
  40. No Chris, I only paid 110 for the helmet. I figured it was fake. Its a fair price. This is a pretty solid relic helmet. (Not full of holes) Yeah, I have learned alot since this I will say that...
  41. Yes Chris I didnt know what plant, My gun guy told me when I bought it. All I remembered was Czechoslovakia haha Its a mis matched rifle, But is definitely my favorite to shoot! Thanks Chris!
  42. Cool! Where did you get it?
  43. Great Find!!
  44. This looks like a pretty old helmet, Can you get some inside shots? Is it leather or metal?
  45. Wow! That must be a pretty nice item! You should upload! Mrj303. I picked mine up for $80. depending what type of arm band they can get pretty spendy. Most WWII German items are hard to find.I don'...
  46. Stepback, There is something similar at a local store. It belonged to a German Soilder, I believe Wehrmacht. It has his military idenifcation book, With a date of 1942, A picture of him, his girlfrien...
  47. Cool!! There is a few signs still around here. Must have been a scary time to be around worrying about fall outs.
  48. I would say this one is authentic. Sure looks like it is old and was used. Reproductions do not come with a used or aged look. There is another way to tell about the insignia on the grip. I do not rem...
  49. Where did you get this!!? :o Wow!
  50. These seriously don't have any value? Was it us that used these?
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