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San Antonio Tx

Back in Nov 1934 an old military plane crashed about a quarter mile from our house . The plane flying lost.? The pilot accidentally fired a flare but he set the planBack in Nov 1934 an old military plane crashed about a quarter mile from our house . The plane flying lost.? The pilot accidentally fired a flare but he set the plane on fire. In 1956 I went to the site and dug at the pit and dug up many pieces of the engine. Since then I have purchased metal detectors and search areas around San Antonio. Many areas are good to find items due to the many battles have been fought here. Not just the Alamo. So I have found many items on land that belongs to friends or relatives. (Read more)


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  1. Thank you all for the information. A good place to get information.
  2. I had one of similiar construction that I used when I worked on tube type TVs in the 50's. Called a tv tube caddy with space for test instruments in the bottom.About 24"x12"x 16 " high.If I remember c...
  3. I have one like yours mfg by Detecto Scales, New York, NY .It is a #4, 4lbs max. with a tin plated scoop and 3 weights. An old hardware store went out of business and they were selling everything.It ...
  4. I have done some research and found similar one made by The Sargant Co. dates to 1800's approximately.it is a distiller used in a lab .It was connected to a condenser that was cooled with water.
  5. I recently saw one similar to the picture you posted at an antique shop nearby. I will go look at it closely and let you know. It appeared to be a small cap and ball pistol.
  6. I sure thank you for the information on this lamp .I went to the site you gave and compared the one I have. The one I have measures exactly 8 1/8 inches high. by 4 3/4 inches across the base. It is i...
  7. It could be a brooder heater. Used in brooders to keep baby chicks warm . Usually were covered with a protective shield to block out the light and produce heat in cold weather.
  8. It is an alcohol lamp used in early scientific labs as a source of heat for heating beakers, test tubes, glassware, or a blowpipe to produce a torch like hot flame that produced no soot, before the ...
  9. It looks like an alcohol lamp/burner. Produced a smokless flame using grain alcohol. Used by chemists, science labs. druggists, as a smokeless heat source instead of a Bunsen burner ,,,,or in the hom...
  10. I believe that you have an alcohol lamp . It produced a smokeless flame. Used by druggists. science lab, or as a heat source for a chafing dish heater. Could also be used to vaporize something medici...
  11. What you have is an alcohol lamp. It was used to produce a torch like flame to melt glass. Not made to provide light. A rubber tube was connected to the tube and you would blow air using your mouth. ...
  12. It looks like it could be an early lamp used on a horseless carriage. My grandfather had on his small wagon . Smaller with a metal box type metal enclosure with 2 lenses. The inside of the font was ...
  13. A nice example of a portable clock-transistor in luggage brown. I have one just like it an it does have a good sound and keeps good time Thanks
  14. You are right she did not like to use it for some reason
  15. I have one that looks similar except it is a veternian's hypodermic syring. The one I have has a glass sleeve that is contained in a metal tube and has a Lewer loc fitting for some very large needles....
  16. The upper set of tongs with the 5 claws is plainly marked "STERLING" Th Martthingsen, NORWAY the pattern is #324. The 2 below Forked tongs and spoon marked Nls Johan are marked EPNS which indicat...
  17. Thanks for the info Scott: I did know that , but he was very active in Europe.
  18. I first saw these in the third or 4th grade early 40's. kids had them and they were viewed over and over by every kid in the school. I never owned one. Tilly the Toiler, Dagwood, Mutt and Jeff, Jig...
  19. OH...It can be used for viewing biological items that are too large for a medical microscope.
  20. Great Find. I also have been lucky at GOODWILL stores. Purchased a Amer. Optical trinocular with power supply for $ 5.99. Excellent condition 3rd port can be used to mount a camera. Also Purchased a W...
  21. Have one that looks like yours. same scaler mfg. by Imperial ,Prov R.I.
  22. Hi. There are many dolls that look like this on ebay. Not very expensive You probably can find the mate on ebay.
  23. Thanks for the information, I did not think it was of much value.
  24. Yep I know what you mean. Never piloted a plane with glass. If it sees bad weather does it say "make a U turn"?
  25. While serving in the navy An exercise was going on at the Fantail (rear of ship)of the destroyer I served on. (DD780)...A radioman went back there for some reason. He picked up one of the grenades a...
  26. Thank You PW-COLLECTOR: I have received so much good information on the items I posted. Really good info. I appreciate that very much. Am still digging out more stored away stuff. Ben
  27. Greetings Blunderbuss Well I declare I have had these since 1966. I never thought much of them as collectable. I sure do appreciate all the information you have given me. I guess I should not clean ...
  28. Hi Scott Excellent reply and information.Thank You VERY Much. I visited both sites and am convinced . I will make a favorite of Worthpoint site as it covers so much. This info is good to know. Be...
  29. Hi scott I have searched thru the internet sites and have not found one like mine Except on EBAY where a person is advertising "Solid Brass Civil War Belt Buckle REPRODUCTION U.S. Military 2 Pc Bras...
  30. I have found Lenox ,Wedgewood, in excellent condition, also Sterling items, Nikon cameras and Lenses all so very cheap. I usually sell it on EBAY. I think the managers who price the stuff or their...
  31. I am surprised as I have found much at the Goodwills here in my hometown and in Denver when I visit there. Some very valuable items. I always find nice things and there are about 10 stores.
  32. Well that figures. Probably could date back to the Mexican-American war. There was a lot of military in this area in those days. Thanks for the update. Happy Hunting.
  33. Thanks for the kind comments, Val and Athena. Found these at the local Goodwill stores. Happy Hunting B
  34. I have some similar pieces as yours. I checked them with a Geiger counter and they are radioactive. Not dangerous. The green comes from the green substance used to color the glass. If it is not radioa...
  35. THAT *sigh* speaks a thousand words
  36. Hi Tom I have never heard of that term. My dad could only Bull Durham. I think I have a couple of bags some where that I will place on the site. Thanks for the note. Remember when You would go to...
  37. Thanks Blunderbuss2 I will take your advice.
  38. I found a similiar set. It is contained in a case marked Penguin Marine flares. It launches red or green flares or a smoke marker . Another set had tear gas capsules and was made by the same company.
  39. I have some items similiar to yours. 1 is a double walled sterilizer marked E.H. Sargent & Co. est 1892. Chicago Ill. 8"x8"x10" age unknown also a copper distiller woth a balltop and a long tapered sp...
  40. Thanks Inky: I know how you feel . Same here. I saw a dual bank 18 cyl on youtube running. Best Regards
  41. Thanks Dr. no stamps other than the projrctile id.
  42. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS Driewer and Dr Rambow I have added pictures of iron crosses .
  43. A very nice item . no damae from bbs I found one while clearing a lot where a house was going to be removed or moved. Sold it for $60. It was about 38 inches dia had chips in the porcelain.
  44. 1985 Marilyn $3800.00 in pristine condition. www.marilynwines.com.
  45. 1987 marilyn merlot sells for about $2500.00 unopened in pristine condition and stored properly.
  46. I had a USAAF kahki cloth helmet wuth red rubber ear cuos,no earphones. very clean. red rubber ear pieces were getting hard. Went on EBAY for $435. A great syrprise to me. Buyer explained that they we...
  47. Thank You for your comment Flanker. I still have the engines I bought in the 50's My First was a Mc Coy 19 rear intake flown in a home built model and hand assembled radio control. plane was rudde...
  48. I have a cup like to yours. It is aluminum and I purchased with a an aluminum mess kit marked U.S. JWB Co. 1918 at a garage sale. No divided dish was with it. Yard sale item.
  49. Yes I do.
  50. I have one . I was told that it was a waterproof match holder . Should have a striker strip on the bottom.
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