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  1. The letter is probably written by the Commander of HMS Iron Duke, who survived the battle. Robert Arbuthnot died as his ship HMS Defence was sunk during the battle on May 31st 1916.
  2. So Robert Arbuthnot died in the Jutland battle and the letter is to express sympathy to his widow, dated a week after the battle. That's why the map is attached, to show his final battle. https://e...
  3. Neat! Standard LP. The Capitol edition was released in Canada, 1966 https://www.discogs.com/Band-Of-The-Irish-Guards-Marching-With-The-Beatles/release/2914073
  4. Fantastic map, what a treasure for WWI historians! Quickly reading the letter: my Dear Lady Arbuthnot I know well that nothing that I can say will be of comfort to you at this time, but I must with ...
  5. I did my homework and read up a little: Aarhus in Denmark was indeed occupied by German-Preussia (Austria) during the Second Schleswig war from Apr 28 to Nov. 20, 1864.
  6. Saw now his proper spelling at the top, Dieter Breslauer, born 1840 or 1841. Infantery soldier.
  7. It's a patient record from Fieldlazareth Aarhus, the field hospital at Aarhus, Denmark. Germany and Denmark fought a famous war 1864. The record is signed at Viborg, Denmark. The Danes were crushed by...
  8. Maybe a Mah Jongg game box? Just a guess... https://www.pinterest.se/pin/100697741643538970/
  9. Yours could be from the 60's but a closer look on pic 3 from the left differs from the Arne Jacobsen chair, which is made in one piece. Anyway, it was The Egg that inspired so many to make these chair...
  10. At least the original chair was made by the Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen. It's called "The Egg" and was designed by Arne Jacobsen 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen to be placed in th...
  11. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/ukEAAOxyHIlTYNaM/s-l300.jpg
  12. Yes, quite common in Europe: https://www.skistar.com/sv/Shop/Utrustning/Cykel/cykeltillbehor/xpress-970-black-269970/?articleId=S-269971
  13. For hanging bikes on the back of a car. to be mounted on the tow ball or what you call it.
  14. Unless someone made a replica of an existing marble relief by a famous stone carver like James Tassie, e.g. Or made the relief after a painting, mimicking marble.
  15. Probably diatonic, i.e. one key pulling and another key drawing, e.g. C/G. Doesn't seem to have any bass buttons for the left hand?
  16. Sweet. Well, a google search on Topnotcher Accordeon says it was sold by Paling in Newcastle and Brisbane in the late 1920's, but you've probably seen that.
  17. Be very gentle with the cleaning and NO touch up!
  18. Great find! Well, the fashion looks more like a hundred years older. Wig with a pigtail queue, would be much dated already in the 1880's. Like these typical late 1700's wigs: https://www.pinterest.se/...
  19. Reminds me of a puzzle toy. Logic puzzle or brain teaser or whatever you call them: e.g. https://www.pinterest.se/pin/390898442633136412/
  20. Nice, French at least. Sûreté means safety (lock). Deposé means deposit.
  21. Beautiful! The devil is in the detail as they say... A close up on the drawer, handles, lock, and the hinges e.g. would be helpful.
  22. Gold? Looks more like rust to me. :)
  23. They are nice indeed but my gut feeling says 1980's replica. I used to sell British replicas that were so much in fashion in the 80's and the finish really reminds me of those. A little too smooth on ...
  24. Cool find, I hope you can find out more details how it's used. Looks quite sinister! :)
  25. Here's a patent drawing: http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/USD207870.png
  26. Not an expert so I really don't know the details how it works. Frank Holister Co. "16" probably stands for its 16 claws.
  27. It's an anchor for holding the tendons when prestressing concrete. It's made of aluminum to withstand the corrosion.
  28. Nice! Made by M.Z. Berger. They registered the Trademark LA Express 1992. They seem to have equipped quite a few watches with the PC21 movement.
  29. Nice! Patented 1984. The company filing the patent was called Alltrade Inc. http://www.google.fr/patents/US4465113
  30. Yep, agree with you, Irishcollector. It's a pitch pipe, for setting the standard pitch or for use when starting a choir. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_pipe Here is an identical at a museu...
  31. Seems the same. Do yours have this label?
  32. http://www.ebay.com/itm/BOOK-SET-11-12-034-78s-BRUNSWICK-90020-Beethoven-Missa-Solemnis-Op-123-Bruno-Kittel-/201270394379
  33. Apparently, the wooden tool is not home made, it was sold together as a kit: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/ANTIQUE-1874-EXCELSIOR-CARPET-STRETCHER-w-ORIGINAL-BOX-DIRECTIONS-COMPLETE-SET-/232368862161?hash=i...
  34. I think you attach the hook on the hammer to the wire pull on the wooden stretcher.
  35. It's a carpet stretcher and tack hammer, combined. The home made wooden tool is probably for stretching carpets as well somehow.
  36. Any Christmas trees around? Only thing that comes to mind is for wrapping Xmas trees. Like this: https://www.gunnarsgranar.se/thumbs/450x450c/2016-07/1467981266_img-2583.jpg http://www.skogma.se/b2c/...
  37. Here's another description http://catalogue.wellcomelibrary.org/record=b1180053 Jesus turns towards Balthazar, the African, who holds a bottle of myrrh (which can have the symbolic function of an em...
  38. This came up on googling: The Adoration of the Magi. The Holy Family outside a stable at right, St Joseph leaning on a walking stick, three kings at left, other figures beyond, three putti in top cent...
  39. Maybe spikes for a seeding machine or some other farming equipment? Just an idea...
  40. A better photo of the signature could help.
  41. You have the print there. The Drypoint or aquatint would have the signature outside the picture. In your print it's embedded in the actual picture. Easiest is just to google 0501-1378 and "la belle ro...
  42. These were popular reproductions in the 80's. Look at the the screws underneath the feet. If they're phillips type, it's definitely not antique. My guess is still an 80's reproduction. I think it's ca...
  43. Sorry Efesgirl, maybe I was stating the obvious? I guess "snuffing a candle" indeed means trimming the wick while "snuffing out a candle" means extinguishing it. English is difficult... Not my mother ...
  44. Or rather for trimming the wick while it's still burning, without snuffing the candle. The burning end gets trapped in the little compartment on the scissors.
  45. Thanks for sharing!
  46. N.Y. Park Ranger? Just a thought...
  47. Beautiful! Made by the Danish artist Hjalmar (Oluf Kristian) Bachmann 1880-1940. "Eget Tryk" means "own print" in Danish. So it's the first print he's happy with before starting the series of prints. ...
  48. WW2 and Korean War
  49. Ridentes Venimus (Smiling We Come)
  50. It's US 33rd Infantry Regiment. Nice find! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/33rd_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States)
  51. See more